Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 5, 1962 · Page 5
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 5

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1962
Page 5
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Strike Talk Spurred By Food Shortages S A N ' F R A N C I S C O (UPI) --Severe food shortages in Hawaii and financial losses in the Wesl Coast area today spurred federal officials' efforts to end the three- week West Coast maritime strike. . A three-man panel appointed by Secretary of Labor Arthur J. Goldberg has failed to report progress between representatives of the Pacific Maritime Association and striking seamen, firemen, cooks and stewards. The strike has idled abput half of the 120 ships operated by PMA members. Only a' few vessels have been released to carry essential military 1 cargo, including equipment for the nuclear test preparations at Christmas Island. . Gov. William F. Quinn has declared a state of emergency in Hawaii because of dwindling food supplies. The island state filed suit in federal court Wednesday an y island. Rohner Park Fund Campaign Pushed FORTUNA - A Park Fund drive is being launched here this week, planned as a crash program lo raise immediate money for park improvements that wi! be pul in use during the comini summer months. The drive, lo be conducted during April and May, will seek donations from individuals and orga - nizations totaling. $3,000 that will aid the city in making much-needed park improvements. p Donalions may be mailed lo Park Fund, Box 606, Fortuna. The Rohner park, donated many years ago by the Rohner family, serves as a play area for many · g r o u p s during the summer months, as well as for . little league activities and the planned recrealion program for Forluna youngsters. Among the needed expenditures is a Lillle League fence costing ?1,000 plus additions and improvements to the playground and eating areas. to gel cargo unloaded from strikebound vessels tied up in Honolulu harbor. Quinn also has made four requests to President Kennedy requesting that he authorize use of military transportation to rush emergency food supplies to the In addition, Quinn asked the president to release surplus military supplies 'already in the islands. To date, the president has taken no action on Quinn's requests. The governor said there was less than a two-week supply on hand of more than 20 basic com modities including rice, butter, flour, frozen meats and other gro eery items. Several small businesses in Ha- ivaii have been forced to close their doors and the state's pineapple and sugar industries have 3een crippled. In California, the California and Hawaiian sugar refining corporation shut down its Crockett, Calif, refinery March 24 idling 1,100 of the plant's 1,500 employes. Biggest impact of the strike on the West Coast area was the loss of wages of those involved in the walkout. It was estimated sink ers lost in excess of $100,000 a day or more than 52.1 million to date. Goldberg has instructed the hree-man federal team to report Jieir progress to him by Saturday. The team includes Undersecretary of Labor Willard Wirtz, Assistant Director of the Federal Mediation Service Robert Moore and Harvard Prof. James Healy, an economist and experienced mediator. WASHINGTON (UPI) - The AFL-CIO told the Senate Judiciary Commillee today that a pro- Dosed bill to allow law officers to lap wires with court permission would be putting "law enforcement ahead of individual rights." By Phil Dean Is'modern art worth while? Mrs. Marvin Miller Nil5 Gwin ltd., McKinleyvilie Housewife "I haven't seen enough of it x) judge. People should be able to express what they want in art.' Willard Nelson 2S« Lowell St., Eureka Electrician "I think so. It is descriptive of our time. It is a means of expression for some people." Ray Miranda (i382 Long View KiKld, EurL'ka Apartment House Owner "I think so. It gives some people a chance to express themselves. Now everything is modern. ' Mrs. Christine Matthews 4601 Union St., Eureka Housewife "I don't see anything in it. I paint myself but I wouldn't want modern art in my house." Slave Trader In Africa Sentenced IBADAN, Nigeria (UPI)-Slave trader Aminu Amoo has been sentenced to 12 years in jail for sell- ing a 30-year-old woman for $700, the Ghana News Agency here reported today. Grim World Of CBR Both U.I, Russia Working On Secret Weapons To Immobilize Without Injury \HUMBOLDT STVlATD/lflD Thursday. April 5.' 1962, P. THE FAMILY CIRCUS, by Bil Keune EDITORS NOTE: Tile United States is engaged in a grim race with Russia to develop silent secret weapons thai could immobilize entire cities but leave them undamaged. The following dispatch describes what American officials arc doing to develop such capability -- and more important, devise means of protecting the nation against such an attack. By DARRELL GARWOOD United Press International WASHINGTON ( U P I ) -- It's a war of the future, and the enemy --anxious to make slaves of th population -- has just spread strange gas over a large, unsu: peeling city. In the streets, people wande dazed and stare vacantly as a nvading army rumbles in to tak over. There is no resistance. No on dies. No buildings are destroyet and the population is easily ove whelmed before the gas loses il effect. The U.S. government lias an o ficial name for something like th --CRB. In initial-happy Washing ton this stands for chemical, bio logical and radiological warfare n the grim world of CBR, the.r a possibility that gases an even germs may be employed spare lives and property lha otherwise would be destroyed in nuclear war. Both the United States and Ru, sia know this. Spurs Efforts' The potentialities are such tha the U.S. government is making a intensive and rapidly growing e fort to find out what it is about. It is a two-way street: develop the weapons, then fin ways to defend against them. The responsibility for the U.l program now is in the hands Maj. Gen. Marshall Slubbs, th white-haired, 55-year-old chief the Army Chemical Corps. His o fice is in charge of CBR. Stubbs currently is engaged in some that CBR poses a greater putting through a vast reorganiza- threat to the human race than tion and expansion of the chemical service. Intelligence sources have indicated Uiat Russia may be two 'years ahead in gas and germ research, and Stubbs' budget is doubling compared with- a year ago. Even so, at a level of about $200 million for the year beginning July 1, the CBR budget wi achieved by chemical and biological weapons can be selective. They need not kill or even cause permanent injury." Spoils Of War This raised the possibility thai ruthless aggressor might want be a mere drop in the bucket to save a country's population- compared to the billions spent on nuclear forces. But the subject Stubhs ith could be as deadly on a mass cale as a nuclear attack. It also as advantages -- if a field so rim can have "advantages"-- ver nuclear weaponry. Disables Populace For example, the Army has told ongress that considerable prog, ess has been made on a gas that ould disable the population of a ty like New York for severa . . . DOWN WHERE THE THE TRADE WINDS BLOW' .te THE HOT PINEAPPLE SANDWICH IS IN VOGUE It's a tasty fid-bit for lunch or brunch! Spread toasted slices of Master's Cracked Wheat Bread lavishly with deviled ham . . . then top each slice with about one and a half teaspoons of drained crushed pineapple. Sprinkle with shredded cheddar cheese . . .and broil 'til the cheese bubbles and browns lightly. "*" WONDERFUL WITH MASTER'S CRACKED WHEAT BREAD This has been described as ' Tcctive gas xvhich disorientates person, makes a person incap- ble of realizing what he is doing ndcr the influence of the gas." It was Stubbs who advanced the lew that CBR warfare possibly ould be used to spare lives and roperty, whereas a nuclear bomb ould destroy both. He discussed ie subject in an interview at his eadquarters in a wartime lem- orary building across from Wash- ngton National Airport. He does not share the belief of nuclear weapons. "It should be remembered," he said, "that the effect to be as well ;is its industry--for work aftt'i If so, Stubbs said. the enemy might be enabled ti l scientific advances in the so-culled incapacitants. These are military derivatives of ordinary tranquil izcrs. "Complete recovery without treatment is one of the requirements for an agent to be considered an incapacitant." the general said. He described a CBR compound .j -- ._. which causes asccndrng paralysis, ours - time enough for an army n n a fiy | eav ing breathing as" the o march in and take over. , inltf milKmi)a .. a n ( ivii w rnmnloin only muscular activity. Complete recovery occurs within a matter of hours. Other compounds induce sleep. HI- cause confusion, irrationality or even hilarity. Program Expands Finn J. Larsen, civilian head of the Army research and development program, told the Senate Armed Services Committee recently: "This year we have a significant increase in the chemical and .biological warfare program. _ | "Iri view of the advances in "What kind of fertilizer did he use to make the beanstalk grow so fast?" this field made by some of our potential enemeies, I think that our program must continue to increase in the future if we are to develop adequate protection for our forces against the possible use of these weapons," It was shortly after hearing Larscn's remark that Sen. Richard B. Russell, D-Ga., commented, "If we get down to a war extermination, I hope the few people left will be living in the United States rather than somewhere else." Johann Sebastian Bach one of 20 children. Army Buries Tons Of Egoless (Hoodies ATLANTA (UPI) -- Army bulldozers Wednesday buried 26 tons of egg noodles condemned by the Pure Food and Drag Adrmnistra- ion because they; contained no Is. The noodles 'nad been scheduled for shipmc at la military 33SCS. of egg: Tiic sweet almond is one of the 'oriel's best-knowin and best-liked nuts, according l:o the Encyclo- edia Brilannica. NOW, FOR FATHER AND SON ... THAT "WEEKEND FEELING" EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK WEARING CROSBY SQUARE SHOES FOR MEN CROSBY SQUARE JUNIORS SHOES FOR BOYS father and son, constant companions in quality, fit, comfort and styling w e a r i n g their Crosby Squares. trim deck welt moccasin for men The season's smartest new style, born of almost 100 years of careful shoemaking by Crosby Square. Select from snug-top slip-ons or 3 eye lace style in supple veal leather. Slip on a pair today. Black or Burnt brown 16 "THE CREW" STURDY SLIP-ONS FOR BOYS The rare combination a c h i e v e d by Crosby Square Juniors. 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