Independent from Long Beach, California on May 17, 1957 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
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Friday, May 17, 1957
Page 25
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Tt'1 HARRY PULTON TALK HKKE the oilier da, ' «bout embalmers prompted on i reader to send along his favor,, He story. ; He's not sire of the author ,It appeared In an Indlanapoll paper some 10 years ago. am "the local man has been carry 'Ing a clipping ot It with him · ever since. ;» This story, too, deals with embalming, and you'll have t i admit H'« a · 'tis: real gem. Her* ; . . « I ' S U P P O S E a ' f e l l o w .' shouldn't try to write a gay little piece about someone ·'dying. But a daffy story TM popped up on my desk thli t.- morning, and I think I oughi ' ^ to share It, with you. The per ' ,: son who died was a Miss Helen T-.".i Simpson, better known as , Aunt Helen to the good folks . *.- In the village In which she » · lived. Aunt Heler was a perky ; · old bachelor lady, 'j . "As Bachelor ladle* go, ,';' Aunt Helen tin* normal enough. When thr doctor ..'',' tapped her Unri with tb,e ,1 · little · rubber hammer, her f ''- I'C Jerked up. when the op. ' t «clan man fl uJird a light In ; - her eyes, the pupils dilated nicely. There wn» only one I,'- thing wrong with Aunt j'l' Helcni SHE HATED SOL- .».' DIEHS. *- "Hated them ail from Gen .'· ,'j Marshall to the one-day ,prl« * : ' vale up the street. She even .'··· had been known to refuse a v ^ data of water to a Boy Scout. »/ And you. couldn't blame the '··'''.. old gal. Back In 1918 when she .',-· still had roses In her cheeks "··· and real teeth In her mouth, *·",! Aunt Helen was engaged to a . ' sergeant In the 69th Division. ' i On the way to the wedding f the sergeant stopped oft (or a i','l quick snort and changed his .* mind. Aunt Helen waited at J"-'. the church for two hours and '· %'lhen declared war on · the United States Army, · . , "IT \VAS TOTAL war. She'd cross the street rather than risk brushing up against a .soldier. Every fall 3he rooted for Noire Dame to beat the bejabbers out of West Point. Then In 1941 the war reached Aunt Helen's neighborhood. She woke \ip one morning and : found they were constructing a soldier camp within a mile of her house. Since a straight line between the camp en trance and the nearest bar ran Aunt Helen's front porch, the old biddy never had a ·chance, · "Sim lowered the vrantUn ' Mlndt and tacked them to the window' sill, but she 1 could still heir the soldiers · hollering and singing, When . , she tried to drown them out with the. ndlo, she got sol« dler program*. The lines In ', Aunt Helen'* face began developing. · · . · "Her worried klnfold held a conference. 'How about sending her to Cousin Clifford's farm for a while?' one of them suggested. 'She doesn't figure to meet any soldiers there.' When the notion w«» put to Aunt Helen, she said nothing doing. No bunch of boys play- Ing soldier were going to run her out of town. ' "That night a ' got a uron0 telephone num- ' her, colled her Tools' oiirt tried to date her up. Aunt Helen wos packed and rairfv (o leai'p /or Cousin Cll//ord's 'place the next morning. ·*...-.* · * ·TWO WEEKS later Cousin Clifford telephoned the news that the old gal had died. "Helen's sister told Cousin Clifford to have the body embalmed and shipped home. Clifford told her the local undertaker was swamped with work, but he'd use his best Influence to have him give Aunt Helen's body preference. , "Two weeks later, the ens- bet arrived and was placed In the parlor of Aunt Helen's hnuw. Her relative* and be*t friend* were all pnwent. . Holemnly the minister drew bark the lid of the raiket. He did a double-take and looked again. · "Initefed of Aunt Helen, the casket contained the uniformed corpse of a two-star general. . A telephone 'call was put 1 through to the undertaker In Csusln Clifford's town, The man was properly apologetic. " 'Whim a fellow gtt» ru»hr(t.' he said, 'mlttakr* ' are hound to happen. Vou .. might as uwlf go ahead and . fiwry the general. Yo»r Aunt ' Helen «vo« lowered into Arlington Cemetery tM» morn,, (no with a tl-gun salute. It ,l would take an act of Con* ' greit (o get her out." AVOIDING WRITER'S CRAMP ' City Clerk Margaret L. Heartwell makes use of multiple pen to sign 510,200,000 worth of city bonds Thursday. With each stroke of the "copy cat pen," she signed 20 bonds. Multiple signing job was performed in Los Angeles.--(Staff) SheSignsSlO Times, $70,200,000 A ward City Clerk Margaret L. Heartwell signed her name 510 times Thursday and received 510,200,000 for the task. Not bad pay for a two-hour Job. . If It were pay. , , , - -. , " ''It wasn't. · - Mrs, Heartwell turned the multlmllllon dollar check Into the city coffers for use on bond-approved projects. Her work was made easier for her by a "copy eat pen." The multiple pen, property of the Jeffries Bank Note Co., I.os Angeles, enabled her to sign 20 bonds At one time. 1 Without It. she would have had to sign 10,200 times, since each of the bonds Is worth $1,000. And there's nothing In her employment contract that provide* for offsetting writer's cramp. The multlslcnature affixing took place at the Jeffries Co; The bonds later were sold to the Bank of America. A breakdown on where the money will be used follows: Public Safety Building, $3,660.000; hospital Improvements, $3,240,000; parks and recreation. $1,640,000; Ireeway terminus, $1,500,000, and branch libraries, $160,000. Sees Vote as Labor Defense Voting power Is the best weapon unions can use to battle reactionaries" who again are lamorlng for anti-labor legls- atlon, the AFL-CIO's political duration chief said Thursday In Beach. The get-out-thc-vote ' appeal 'as sounded by Jamts L. Me- )cvltt, director of the national Committee for Political Edu- atlon, at the 37th biennial con- entlon of the Operative Plast- rei-s and Cement Masons In- ernatlonal Assn. at the Wilton Ho'el. . · · · # ' ' 1;K POINTED out 36 per cent I the 74,000 members of the lasterers union was not reels- ered to vote, McDevItt also Is vice president of the union. He recalled the controversla Taft-Hartley Act was passed In 946 us the result of "anti-labor collngs Induced by a couple of ·artlme strikes," Recent labor racketeer hear- ngs have made It "1946 all over gain," he said, · · · · , WITHOUT referring by name o Teamsters Boss Dave Beck, ho has been accused of mis, pproprtatlng union funds, Me- cvltt said: "When a banker walks out 1th somebody else's money. It oesn't reflect on ths profession banking. But when one or wo labor leaders get a black all labor takes the beat- B." At the fnd of his talk; the 10 delegates contributed a tal ot $1,222 to the AFL- CIO's political education fund. The five-day convention ends xl«y. ' Air Force Reservists Will Show Off Might ' The winged might of the Air force Reserve will be on display Saturday and Sunday at Armed Forces dayi open house at Long Beach Air Force Ban*. . . . . Last year, Long Beach AFB --center of-AIr Reserve flying activities for all'of Southern California -- played host to 30,000 visitors on Armed Forces Days. ; Open house will begin at 9 a. m. and continue until 4 p. m. both days, . Models of the Air Force's . F-94C fighter will be given to the first 130 youngsters to visit the base. One -thousand color photo« of the Jl-57 bomber also will be given away. Among the craft which will be on display are a F-100 Super Sabre jet, F-89 Scorpion, C-124 Clobcmastcr transport, B-66 bomber and the SA-16 Albatross rescue plahc. Missiles also will be ihown, Including the . Army's Nike, the . Corporal and N o r t h . American Aviation'* Natlv, The base fire department will civ crash, rescue demonstrations at 3 p. m, both days on the ramp In front of the operations b u i l d i n g . Old planes will be set afire for the demonstrations, At 2 p. m. Sunday, the drill team from California Insti- tute of Technology will give a demonstration pf precision marching. A Civil Air Patrol drill team also will perform at 2 p. m..both days. The Air Torce base li the home of five air reserve units --lh» 432nd Troop Carrier Wing, the 8499th Navigation Training Squadron, the'303rd Air Rescue Squadron, the 8161st Personnel Processing Group and the 616th Reserve Hospital, With a permanent staff of 450, the base serves 2,500 reservists from through* out Southern California, Col, John M. Price Is commander of the base's 2347th Air Reserve Flying Center. Fines! Morning Newspaper LONG BEACH 12, CALIF., FRIDAY, MAY 17, 1957 GIANT KILLER The -Army's Firestone Corporal surface to. surface guided missile, , capable of mounting a . conventional or atomic warhead, will be a fea- · lured display Saturday and Sunday during' open house at the Long Beach Air Force Base. ' Danish Woman Reunited Here He Wins With Brother After 45 Years Stray Collie Found .- A large'tan and white collie as been found In the Signal 111 area by Edna Johnson of 38 E. 59th St., North Long each. Miss Johnson said the dog Is ss than 2 years old and has a ack mark n b o v e Its n o s e , here was no collar on the anl- al. She said It was In poor ndltlon when she f o u n d It onday. Paraplegic Admits Role · as Bookie at Vet Hospital A paraplegic, arrested April 16 for taking horse race bets in Long Beach Veterans Hospital, Thursday lost his bid for dismissal of the charges, then pleaded guilty to bookmaking. George Eugene Ray, 35, of 1760 Redondo Ave,, will be sen* tenced June 17. Ray's attorney. Emanuel Gyler, contended Ray should be freed because the offenses took $573,000 USN Ship-Repair Jobs Let Here Five local, private shipyards place on federal property and Ray was cited to state rather than federal court. Superior Judge Joseph M. Maltby, however, cited a gnv- crnment code section that the state reserves administration of criminal law In such places. After 43 years a sister and a irother were r e u n i t e d here Thursday. The- sister, Ols»- Weltz, 52, lew over the top of the world n an SAS airliner from Copen- cn, Denmark, to visit F, C. Well/, 61, of 3237 Chestnut Avc. "Believe me," remarked Weltz, we have plenty to talk about, hive six o t h e r sisters and rothers back In Denmark, and hey all have families. Olga's rying to bring me up to date n them all.' · · · · WELTZ, WHO came to the United States when he was 16 years old, said he Is "having to brush up* on my Danish," "Olga speaks only a very few words of English," he explained. The visitor from Denmark already has made one special request. She wants to tour nn American Can Co. plant, 'She's worked for 21 years In an American Can Co. plant In Denmark," Wcltz snld, "and shej wants to see how they operate over here." Weltz said he had no trouble recognizing his sister when »he departed from the plane at Los Angeles Internatlonnl Airport. OLGA AND F. C. WELTfy .. jPli-nty to talk about. 'HHK H A D WRITTEN what she would be wearing,' he said, "but, anyway, I recognized tier resemblance to another sifter, Mrs, Hclga Hanscn of Cedar Falls, Iowa," Miss Weltz Is amazed at the ilze of the Southland's urbanization as well as at U. S, customs officials. "I had some Danish salome and rye bread," she told brother. "Tho customs men t Ihe salome but handed back bread." Police Nab Hit-Run Suspect; Two Injured A hit-run suspect was arrested by police Thursday, five hours after a man and a woman pedestrian were injured--the man critically--at Pacific Coast Hwy. and Judgment of $1,782 A «34'ycar-old bakery truck driver, sacked by his employer for -- among other things -selling eggs, cigarettes, potato chips and gum along with company products, won a 51,783 judgment from the firm Thursday. A four-man, eight-woman panel In Municipal Judge Mar. tin DeVrles' court gave that amount to William Walker, 17821 Roseton Avc., Artesla and t was every cent Walker's attorney, Patrick B. Phclan, sought In a breach of contract suit. The verdict was aglnst Kltch- n Fresh' Bakery, doing busl. ness as Peter Wheat Bread -- · Walker's boss for 18 months ending last June 5. Walker claimed the firm ailed to repay a $200 cash bond le posted when employed, neg. ected to pay him {or two weeks' work, Ignored a $397 bonus he earned, omitted $393 representing his share of uncol- jlectcd credit sales and forgot | two-week severance pay." The company admitted It owed him $156 for one week's- work, but denied the other allegations. Its representatives said Walker owed them $500 from credit sales, which they her took out of money he had corn- didn't qualify for a Raymond Ave. Kenneth C. Forcade, 50, of. Ing, and 1440 E. Anaheim St., was booked bonus. for Investigation of felony hlt-l They charged Walker with run driving *nd later released Violating several company rules, on $1,000 ball. Deluding sale of items not bear. Critically Injured was John F. Ing the Peter Wheat label. Phe. Gamier who was taken to Com- Ian countered with testimony munlty Hospital and transferred such extra sales were common Three Jailed on Dope Rap at Air Base . . to Harbor General Hospital In practice and that some drivers Three men were arrested on ,,,, unconsc|ous condltlon , Po ]| cc even sold competitors' product, to · ascertain his when they ran out of Peter Auto Overturns A car driven by Ira D, Skinner, 54, overturned Thursday, when a hit-and-run v e h i c l e crashed Into It at 1st St. and Sim Ave. Skinner, who lives at 134 Corona Ave,, escaped In- lave been awarded $573,000 lnjj ur j el . ]{ e told police the south ship repair contracts, the Navy's Industrial manager for he llth N a v a l District an nounced Thursday, Harbor Boat B u U d i n g Co., Terminal Island, won the high' award -- $493,961, for regular overhaul of the nonmagnetic ocean mine'sweepers USS Lead er, Excel and Lucid. Other contracts: Todd Shipyards, San Pedro, $56,230; Long leach M a r i n e R e p a i r Co., $3,616; Bethlehem Pacific Coast Steel Corp,, Terminal Island, $14,300, and Fellows and Stew, art, Wilmington, $326. Elected Head f Seaside Hospital Board L. V. Cassaday, gasoline com ny executive, Thursday was ected president of the Seaside cmorlal Hospital board of rectdrs. . . . . . - . - ' He succeeds Insurance man are D. Hamman, who has ·acted the board since 1954. Other officers chosen at the jard's annual meeting were J. onald Locke, vice president, id Bill Barbee, treasurer. Dr. Milton Van Dyke and Dr. Irllng G. Plllnbury were re- ected secretary and assistant ·crctary, respectively. . , · · · · . · ' THE SESSION was preceded th« annual meeting ot the spltal board of trustees. At the earlier session, Cassa day, Dr. Van Dyki', Elmer L. Decker and Earl B, Miller were re-elected to the board of directors. Dr. William S. Cheney also was named a director, sue cecdlng Dr. F. B. Settle who, with Drs. Burns S. Chaffee and Frank E, Stanton Sr., were elected directors emeritus. Henry Clock and Marshall Stone were chosen to fill two v a c a n c i e s on the board of directors, Re-elected tn the board of trustees were Hamman, Locke, Irv(nK Dumm, Jay L. Reed, George P, Taubmsn Jr. and Drs. Ralph Eusden, H. J, Prlchard and Thomai'Rogers, bound car ran the stop sign and struck his westbound vehicle. Bijr Ore Vessel i ^^ Unloads Gypsum Force Base, Two of them also were booked for Investigation In the robbery of Park Pharmacy, 4726 E. 2nd St., on April 26, The pair with the dual JUANITA 1429 E, 2011 and pelvic Injurii ribs. She Walker, the father of six chll- LOGUNA. 42, of d r c n - now '* an Independent S T.Tuf^ed head contractor - with his own bak. uries and possibly ,'" TM « · « « TM « TM '° ' '' Is ^\lo at' RI " many CECS ' c| C Hrcttr ' I 50 '"'" ,,'.,,, .chips'and gum as he wishes. Harbor Thursday night after unloading 18,000 long tons of gypsum ore at the Kaiser Gyp- St. The third man Is John E. VII- dosola, 19, of 1639 Walnut Ave. ALL WERE arrested at 1:30 sum plant on Channel 3. The 525-foot Vessel Is auto- matlcally unloaded at the rate a.m. at Spring St. and Redon of 1,400 long tons per hour by do Ave, * means of .belt conveyors. | A pound-can filled with marl- Ship captain Is Eugene N.'juana was found In the car of Bnbb, Owner Is Gypsum Car-! the three suspects, officers said. i r | enl j nc . 'Jlanley was driving the car. 10 ; ,4 Mlra Mar Ave.. , the hit-run car and at 'one point In the chase pulled · 1 alongside and y e l l e d , "Pull JT f^* 1 lover." The hit-run driver picked IlOlirS T 1XCG . 'up speed and made a right turn ! on Cherry Ave. for Hospital HKMLKV AND! ANOTHER NcW( lonj , cr vUltlnB hour , witness, Nolan W, Buckner. 1331 w m K(I ln , 0 cffcct Monday at E. 23rd St.. gave police the II- Scfls |,) c Memorial Hospital, thn cense number of the car. Of- ho ar( | n [ directors announced ficcri found the car outside Thursday at Its annual meeting, Forcodo's residence. He told of. -j^e |, cw hours will allow fleers ho had not driven the car visiting from 1 to 8 p.m. daily since 10 p.m, Wednesday. ||n most of the hospital, except In another Thursday after- maternity and pediatrics wards, noon accident, Samuel Fcngel.j j n the maternity ward, visit. 56, of Los Angeles, suffered a ing hours will be 2 to 5 p.m. possible fracture of the left visitors will be allowed In the forearm when the car In which; pediatrics ward from 10 to It he WHS riding with four other, a.m., 2 to 3 p. m, and 6:30 to persons went over a loading 7:30 p. m. platform and overturned on Pleri Former general visiting hours A near Berth 4. ^None of the for the hospital were 2 to 3 p.m. others was Injured" police said, land 7 to 8 p.m. ^^ Heart Specialists Meet in San Diego By BEN 7JNHEB , Staff Writer . . . ' · ' · . , SAN DIBJCO -- Leaders of 30 Raymond, executive director of heart associations assemble In the Long Beach organization. San Diego today for the annual five-day meeting of the Call- THESE LADS KNOW THEIR SCIENCE -. Winners of this year's Awards for Achievement In Science . Post 816 of the American Legion, are (front row. ,cft to right): Dick Honn. ·17. of 1015 E. 70th St, Jordan High School senior:'BerateDannov. 17, of 472* ' Lorelei Ave., Mllllkan High School senior, and Fred Nicholas, 18, of 1844 Shipway Ave., St Anthony's High School senior. The two other winners, at rear, are Oliver Seely, 18, of 340 Argonne Ave., Wilson High School senior (left) and G l Walker; 16, of 3931 Walnut Ave., a Poly High School Junior. The medals were presented to the boys at a Legion meeting Thursday night In Veterans 'Memorial Hall.--(Staff Photo.) . - . ornla Heart Assn. Progress In medical research and in community service pro- PANEL DISCUSSIONS and committee meetings occupy to' oth medical and non-medical. Long Beach delegates will In. jlude Dr. William II. Todd; sec. rotary of the Long Beach Heart day's agenda In San Diego's Lafayette Hotel, The annual scl ---------------grams will be reported to about entitle session Is slated for Sat. iOO Heart Assn. representatives, --- ·-- urday. Dr. Edgar V. Allen, president of the American Heart Ann., will be the speaker at the annual dinner Saturday night. Dr. iClflry OI llle 1-«UI1L; (iiTfluu J i i . n i i. mint v t i i i t i t i U U I M I U » ^ , , , -- . . -- -- - · Assn.; Dr. Donald II. Root, Allen Is a senior medical eon- chairman of the local research committee; Dr. Frederick Kcl- oge and R, A. Reid, directors on »th local and state Heart Assn. oards; Dr. Leslie Irwln, a local board member; and Leslie R, sultant at the Mayo Clinic, Ro. Chester, Minn. State directors will meet Sunday. A staff conference program will be conducted Monday and Tuesday. , , . . - . , ; . · ·

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