Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 42
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 42

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 42
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SANTA ANITA RACE RESULTS CWrtWI \Hi 1,1 TrUnglt publlMHwj, Inc. Dllly r---'-- · RKlng Form . Club, Inc., Santi Anlla irU div ol 5SUr Winter pfcotocbart camera. Arcidit, Cllll., Wednelda, ·- Hnlibei all rccei * lurl « 11 "- «-V««r-tldl lad Purj. HSW. T«p CUlmlru Wti= Owner i=l Have You, P L Grwrn in . J!2J)*lcin RoaJ, Gem Slale rlD, You, P L . a , Gem »»;iBte GrlD, X MurptlY 111 S -,278»Ahora. R M Bufroush! 117 7 ' I'M All-) Rainbow, H Rlnktr 11710 (HJOJCaen Cllv, GarlbaWI , xl09 » -·37« Dlsarco, Hatchl ' 120 12 ,i«i Wlnolc.g ChaSce, L C Hwrd 117 I "SZ Cheery Warricr, Sunny Side IK 3 Glamour Bill. Sellier 117 6 Morlaco, A Fellows 117 I 117 11 Sir. Flo. Joclcty W 21 . --- Morlaco, A Fel Mil Wjralalloo, A J Leonard .Time^-- V,, .4KS. .S7«, 1.10VS. Clear, . . ' n C MUTUELi PAID 0 '"*' I Have You U4.4I V34.40 Slf.M llg 6ri» __I~:~~L~_~~. ll '**_ I'll v . Start pood from gate, won driving. '- . MuWel pool H4/.74S. ^; . WHAT HAVE YO 11 - Jht*: polllkMi and . !,, : I i! I 41 f ( , o l : I 101 ' IHi I. 12 I? Harm ate 41.' liar tack II.: Hall 10.1 Pineda . IJ Chacmn Mahrnev .. Medina 4.1 Bait 49.1 3$ iff lally tm iLCAN ... mEdtfeslrelch then under _ . ride received the final nod. ALCAN the " ' vigorous rit/a N ROAD au CC , malri E»y* Irom Ihe oul- 'dr'lve. K^I^PrVlr,,^?: 1101 " T "« ! ' LBCC Freshmen Threat for Metro Golf Championship By JOHN CASH For a coach the prospect of a rebuilding year presents a challenge. It is gratifying his progresses ahead log of schedule and becomes Tcara /jo most rewarding if he should M viniia n'.* be fortunate enough to pro Coming off a 6-6 Metro- sel and held on determinedly. BIG GRIP ke.iniirwe.iositainttje^ieM^i was po ]i tari Conference record ·'l ail--SECOND RACE. ,\ · crlle $li,500. _ ·"·: Index HWM Owni ( hrloms. J.yew-cld illlin. Pur» HSOO. Ton claiming Wt. P.P.. St. jo^rraii^^vii ? «07Ad^.C,rner,G N J if J,trn,xj«| Hmmr.o Bros 115 8 '2754 Cha'rminB'AlTbi, Ranco Tclte 113 3 2480 Imbros Heiress, HD chstln 115 7 27M Great Shot, J Gheen 117 19 2721 McCovlcn, A R Hendlln '116 4 V ZBU/ Aaieus LOrner, u . /J 2«7 Lin's Babe, L I N * 2W7 YOU'r* A Doll, Hm .V.-MnMalcriNeiirco, J I Vi Sir. Fin. JcOev odos M v3 itj pjneda" 4.99 II 2 2 Mahrney 7,60 !l SI 3't Chapmn 3.30 It 3-J 41 Alvarez 5.40 'I 5 51 Blum 20.50 ! ·' 61 Lamberl 4.» » 11 7" Hall 33.40 '.. '.' !! PI*TM !5T -- ·K* fast. MUM Da ngtrout ll.u iSSS -._,., * is \\ rt ^fart good from eafe, won drivtf.ff. . Mutuel pool --' -v" Dallv Double -' LIVING DANGEROUS broke well, set-, tied qulcktv lo be on Ihe heels of Ihe '; early leaders, was eased to the oulslde ^^\Vs. Clcarjcnlerlno the stretch and under J o^J^raccd CA^f I? win ffoinu down tired horses. NO SCRATCHES. _Da1ly DauDle--l-Wfcat Havt You t Mtwing Danqgrous--Paid -THIRD RACE. K furlongs. Maiden J-year-elch bred In call). Purse Owner Wt. P.P. L 3333 Jeolre, Rothschild 115 4 i i2737 Hcnev Bern, J K HousselJ 114 7 . ,2773 Indian Temper, T A Miller 115 1 Vl .2710 Tempest Tempo.'HerlequIn 118 . i -272S Khal Ettdie, Elobee Fm 115 11 * (2709 Meandros, vrtiv Worrv 115 6 . - . . _ Horlcn 111 2 - - ' " 114 9 115 «i» 21 91 and a third-place finish in the l e a g u e tournament, · Long Beach City College golf coach Dale Andreason looked forward to overhauling his fairway machine that lost half its parts due to graduation. Judging from early season results, Andreason .has handled this problem more than adequately. The Vikings have bowled over Metro opponents with little trouble. In the league opener LBCC manhandled 1 East L.A., 45-0. Then, An- reason's team surprised El sir. Fm. JEOIV dads Camino, 31-23, on the War- iii Han K.4o riors' home course at Palos Lamberl 1.60 Oth Masters Championship vas a huge success. A sizable ;allery witnessed the action ill four rounds. Those deserving the credit are c l u b professionals Don Wallace (El Dorado), Jim Ire- and ( L a k e w o o d ) , Monty Blodgett (Virginia) and Frank Newell (Skylinks). Tournament chairman Virgil 'ylant once again performed lis duties flawlessly. * * » · AS IF FURTHER proof were leeded to support the facl that Bill McCormick can drill the tee ball with the best of the long-hitting professionals IP on the rail midway atono .j be on 1he pace, saved could not si: backstrelch to be on 1he pace, id but could not slay wllh Ihe vrln- n the lale staoes. ADIEUS CORNER was wide earlv, bore out on Ihe turn then when slralDhtcned for the drive wore he Skylinks Slammer left lit. le doubt with an incredible lole-in-one recently. The Los Angeles S t a t e senior perhaps recorded the longest unofficial ace in his tory, according to eye-witness Dick Botendahl, Skylinks pro shop assistant. McCormick, practicing 01 the Skylinks driving range the Friday prior to the opening o the Masters Championship was confronted by Botendah who wanted Bill to test Dick's new driver. Bill stepped onlo the firs tee and screamed two rifle ihots toward the green some :58 yards beyond. Tho first tall landed pin high about 20 ·ards right of the green. The econd rolled into the cup! In lli« Irvlni University AIM ake Clever Road sfl the San Diego Freeway, list South ol Santa Ana. IS Championship H o l e s . . . Bar ind Restaurant Coll for fteitrvcitioni 833-1253 Should you lease or buy your 1966 car? \Vilh our compliments anJ'ilignmcnt, lubrications, tite ro- congntulations, «-c offer loUl!y|'*i°ns, front wh«r bearings, , · . , An r\nn't"ke replacement, fuel filter f r e e numtcrunce for ^.OOOi ' miles on all 1966 M e r c u r y At* About Men--Women's Clubs I.K., cam., Tnun, MK. ii, iw INDEPENDENT--Pagt C-S {Adv«rtlsem«M1 .cases, and 2f,000 miles on all 1966 Lincoln loses. cleaner replacement, and so on. Even such things as burned ,-' ,out headlamps and fan bells By miintcmncc, we d o n ' t arc covered, mcin grease jobs. Lincoln-Mcr- of 'c OU [ ic we lease ill makes airy full maintenance includes] - m \ : wc S cll terminating just about everything ihal can | CiSC ,,,, , t wholesale prices, ra wronc with a except! _ . ·,,.,, r- smashing it into A lamp poll.' . Or ' "9 " n . '" sc a 19 ^ C ? n ,- h ' ' tinental lor $100 a month. Ask Oil changes, filter changes, us to mail you a 12-page free sp.irk plugs, points, front cnd:booklcl explaining our program. Tell H} n here lo teiiil Ihe jree boukltt. MURPHY LEASIHG CO. 19^0 Lakcwrxkl Blvd. at the Traffic Circle Phone 43-1-9911. From Orange County: 827-8970 2773 A Bold 81 3U Jennlnos 43.10 na 511 ^y campas ~ " l . 71 51 Boze 3' 3« t\ MVInzla 9.10 10i( 9' 71 Robrtsn 23.10 4 V/lntas, Star Fllte . .4m, 1.12. l.ini. Clear, . . . _ . . 4.20 ·.; Jnirt \ Money Bern .. V.FMIIM Temaer I ~5tart oood from gale, won driving. -M'Jlutl pool S22B.HI6. JEG1RE, In light earlv, was taken hand, went to lh= outside and w h e n j-jlrjlol^lened lor Ihe drive rallied to y RACE^ t lurlorMl. Maiden 3-yearxiia filliei. Purie JSOM. ' Owner Wl. P.P. |L L 1371-Turn True Blue. Amld-Cass 115 6 1814 Joycus Mood, H S McCrtny 115 S 27Ai-Sonlsvllle, X C : V e l a . 11511 2737DebY-Deby-Do, Rasnivssen 115 12 5742 Joy of Waters, C M Ring 115 9 2711 Free! Ella, Johnston 115 5 J7«"Sllver Fork. Glanarkos T15 2719 Jet Dana, W E Britt 115 .*· All's Sassy Miss, F A Spncr US : Final Warning, SwllUure 115 Tlfr.» -- .2ZV, .4HS. 58, .1.10%. Clear, Oil Pcrtrall I.M Turn True Blue i.a Start good Irom gale, won driving. Muluel Pool S573.542. EMPTY CL05KT huslled to Ihe front EMPTY CL trly,- raced en 23i5^FIFTH RACE. l.V mlks. 3-year-olds. Purie : Indtx Htrsi Owner ·'" Wl. P.P. St. v SPECIAL OFFER GOOD THROUGH MARCH 19 th ONLY! -..£ Check Bve, J Valpredo CE25JScaee Suoply, E O Slice 114 2754 Perfect Zip,-The Pam Sta lir 2744-Plaver's Choice, Jamenli IK 2833 Surceon General, Rulherlord 113 7 ?SM Fal Fal, sixteen Ton 114 6 Clear.'lraci last.' RomtM s Day E ta |, Action _ heck lye MOruefcSlI S291.9M. _ROMAN'S DAY, wllh good early speed. 27S2-Kave Fallh. ·sffsr'- Li )!0 Mai .BISK Ifrl'fe-Bifi,.- gy .v v on's Delight, Circl idens Love, Sellier Cowrted-- Mr. Time-- .22«, .V. Start Mulu NATI prl Index Horse Stsrf pood MONDAY, the Vikings dis- c o - c h a m p i o n , Pasadena CC, 30-24 at Lakewood and 29-25 .on the Bull- With a 5-3 record to date, LBCC's setbacks came at the hands of powerful Santa Frosh, 36-18, at Hillcrest. The M vim" "40 Santa home course shortcoming for better than team this year, Andreason, "but three other junior teams this season -- Fullerton Smev 5» Santa Ana ' Lambirl Blum Yaka Rberlsn ItaLI , . , , · ,. IT 7.9o to v/m the league title, con- come so far and who we've, beaten great' effort. They were rated the team to beat." SIZE BLACKWALL TUBELESS "THE STRONG thing abou this team," Andreason said is - our terrific depth. . W ' of them has a chance to mak fact abou Andreason's team is that .a' six current players are fresh Nine of the first 11 ar Steve Lockyer ( W i l s o n holds the No. 1 spot at pres ' ent with Russ Osbom (Mill Huston (Lake Singleton (Wi! S:o?son), John Vestermark (Wi' son) and Dan Hartung (Mill: kan) currently the other to men. In addition, Andreason ca *1 DEAL ON THE *1 ECONOMY TRUCK TIRE! call upon sophomores Bute freshman Dick Mitchell (Wi Rich Harris (Lakewood and Rich Jameson (Millikan Rib Hi-Miler with Tufsyn Rubber and 3-T Nylon Cord nd 2 recappable) tires. Other 6.00x16 iube-typs with 6-p!y rating, plus tax sizes at comparable low prices, tool . GOODYEAR BRAKE SPECIAL! FROM*AI,t indications, th 2811 -Joylul Return. Schlltt 2749-Above Ihe Cl ' " v _lo. J .._ C W Worlev 117 ssey Jo, . . . . . llle Bllot. 2769 Condominium, Tlnie--.23%, .IMV, l.ll Ceao track fast. Have Faitn 7.23 1.00 111 Pegw l 1.00 2.K DewB-s Oelishl : 3 Start .good from gate, won driving. Mlrtuel pool $302.749. HAVE FAITH, sent to the early, saved cro-jnd. turned bach PEGGY L. re- 2S57-S EVE NTH RACE. 1 cap. Purse S25.0CO ac^ HIM, laurlK S2SM. -miltl. 3-year-«( d. Orols Sl7,a«.. 27» a-Nallve Diver, L K Shapiro 1» 5 2813 Real Good Deal, EB Jhnstn Hi 3 2791 Pralrre Schooner, High Tide 114 1 2fll3.Hoist Bar, B cooler 117 2 Mlj'a-Mr. Pavra. The Kllosteln 114 4 . Payne S. Native Diver. . .XW, 1.0«i. I.3I». I.I (eovals track record.] clear, track la. Natffe Diver ________ 3.00 l.» Oot Red/Good Deal 2.40 Oul Pralrt* Schooner oul No show wagerino.l ' ' ^afe, won ridden oul. gocd l poo . -------- -------- . seprlntcd lo a clear lead beFcre Ihe lirst turnTsaved ground Inlo Ihe bacxslrotch, ven hi tactic turn. PRAIRI ---- Owner Wl. P.P. St. 27(7 HI Raled, Krati 111 1 [2!02)Ardell C., D O Crone 120 2 283F.SculDturcd, Kerr St.i 111 II 2821-Countess Car^ly, G DePlsno 120 5 2821 Gala Host, May Slk Fm 120 7 2i21.|slria, P L Grhsom 120 t 9730'Be A Queen, Dble Crescent 113 9 2157. Paisley Print, D Waddcil xlW 3 ?S6*'Decl I calcd A., J K Houssels 113 6 2777 Taffy Tall, Bryan Ranch 113 1 2795 Inavale, J Grossman 113 10 61 5'I 4 t 31 II II 8J 61 51 7*1 Ht T i i T II «M 9" 11 II 101 101 2^ ' 5tr. Fin. JocVey H Ycaia ?|( Baie 3** Blum 3.M 4i I Pineda 5.60 S'» -Mahrnev 11.30 «·« Harmatc 15." 71 Lamberl 3... 11 G Brnsn 21.10 .9'! Yanez 101 Hall " i.n s.40 ScuStured -..-- 4.00 Sl»rt good trom pate, won driving. MutucH__pool S300.022. HI/ F _.. r £D brake back In the pack, movetl up vrhen lhc_riejd Ihktned out afjer narrcwti DELL I early t - - ' 'hen n after 10-a II Alvarez 18JO Ihe AR- orsw to force the pace when roused for the sfrelcJi run v;ai a wllllno cootcnrfcr. SCULPTURED hroVe In stride; wai taken In hand while forcing Ihe pace but lacked a raltv In 1he drive. SCRATCHED-- Hoit«i Rulh. nlng price $£,251. Purse Owner , Blrtnirer 120 9 Gofden Tan 170 1 3 ivj LOVSMI Kim/ f nenson 5 !32)Tyro Lad, P Val.nte ]» 4 Wt. P.P. St. l Vi Knte , Faclix feen Ton 280S Prince 'L'eo',"Falteaiteln ' i sir. Fin. Jocfcey CXIds Mil Perfect Song, 2829 Fair Dell, Six 2765 MaEor Malic. ! ' · 1-* Jcnnlwi 2.30 " "· Lamberl 730 Blum 3.00 Alvarez 14.30 Campas 11.PO Gusllnes H.OO Chapman 5.50 Ydnei H.4C Shmahcr 4.K fA.'E. Millcfkk trained cnlry. Time--:2S'5, :47Vi, 1:11^, l:37^j Clear*.track fast. MarltCover 6.M i l:50'/j. » ?·» Honeymoon -. -. 3.W Starf pood from gale. V/on-driving. Alfendance 25,793. MARKS-COVER and DARK SILVER came from far back to pass Ihe early oa :«ri aktrs arvd draw HONEYMOON went lo (H NO SCRATCHES. Orchid Won by Chalina WXLLANDALE, Fla. (UP1) ·£ --Mrs. Moody Jolley's Chalina withstood a withering stretch dnvb by Lady Pitt Wednesday, to score a head victory in^he $16,700 Orchid Stakes at$3ulfslream Park. xlfrialina, a 3-year-old daugh- te^of Seaneen with only one prSVius major victory to her credit, took the lead at the] hat-mile pole in the 1 1/16J mile distaff test and held it loathe wire although hard] pressed by Lady Pitt, the sec-1 on?I choice in the field of six.] jn winning her third race of( 4 'the year and second in succession, , C h a I i n a paid $27.60, $8.00 and $3.60. Lady Pitt returned $3.40 and $2.40 while N a t i v e Street, lengths off the pace, $2.40. two paic BRAND NEW '66 CHRYSLER NEWPORT $ Uniedlafe Delivery or Order CHRYSLER/PLYSfOUTH 4919 Candleuiood St. LAKEWOOP CENTER. 634-7530 CAR BURHIHQ OIL? GAR HARD TO START? GEHING POOR MILEAGE? ROUGH IDLING? WE HAVE THE CURE1 RING and VALVE $69 50 Most 6's Most 8's $99.50 Rebuilt Short Blocks Instilled CHEV.-DODGE.PLYM. S1TO ·46 - '42 Si«M · ' * FALCON-COMET ·40-'« Si«« FORD-MERCURY ·5-'«2; 272,292, 312.. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION Rtplocc Front Scot $4400 and Ad|«t ^» REIUILO LIKE NEW (labor) NO DOWN 24 months lo pay; free service cor; fr«* towing. We honor all major credit cardf. JUST 20 MINUTES FROM GARDEN GROVE ANAHEIM Cherry Anaheim ENGINE REBUILDERS PHONE 434-8431 Open Daily 8-7: Sunday 10-4 2015 E. ANAHEIM ST. LON 1EACH GO GOOD/YEAR T H E S A F E T Y M I N D E D C O M P A N Y NO MONEY DOWN! FREE MOUNTINGl "NO LIMIT' GUARANTEE! SOOOYEAR N»TION-WIDE "HO LIMIT" GlMR»NTEE-No limit on monltis · No limit on milej · Ho limit is to roads · Ho limit is lo soetd · For Ihe entire life ol Ihe tread · ALLNEWGOOOYEAR AUTO T^RES ARE GUARANTEED against defects in workmanship and materials and normal road hazards, except repairable punctures · IF A GOODYEAR TIRE FAILS UNDER THJSTGUARANTE any ol more, than 80,000 Goodyear dealers In the United Stales and Canada will makt allowance on a nf:# tire based on original tread depth remaining and Goodyear's printed "Exchange Price" current at the lime of adjustment, not on the higher "No Trade-In Price." GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES LONG BEACH 444 t. AM* tin St. n. HE 2-0903 er SP 5-1IB1 TORRANGE 2026 Torrance Vii. n. FA l-«*5 and SP 5-2915 SAN PEDRO 425 S. Pacific Are. fh. SP 5-433» ar TE 1-2301 LONG BEACH lL»s Allot CMttr) 2Uf lellflower l\ii. Ph. GE 4-34(1 BELLFLOWER 17141 Wlflower llri. n. SP 3-6473 TO 7-2744 ARTESIA IS702 Pioneer Blvd. NORWALK 14024 n. UN 3-J741 ,SP 3-2*H Goodyear Tires at Competitive Prices Art Also Available at These Goodyear Dealers PEDERSEN TIRE CO. BARNES 2735 E. ARTCSIA PfcoM GA 2-541* -- ME 3-7444 DELANEY PdoM GA 4-UOI -- ME (-17IS ATLANTIC and WILLOW ALSO AVAtLAILf AT MOST HICHFtfLO, TtXACO AMD iHSLL STATIONS DISHAYIH6 THE GOOOTfAX DIAMOND

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