Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 19, 1973 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 19, 1973
Page 9
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Ervin To Open New Hearings On The Rights Of Newsmen '. WASHINGTON (AP) -- Sam . J. Ervin, the Senate's second oldest man, tells down-home · stories with n flourish of his I eyebrows, attracts controversy 1 like a lightning rod and holds · the Constitution In .'almost bib- · lical reverence. ·. ·'· ' Passing but pocket-size copies T of the 184-year-old document, J the Democratic senator and · former North Carolina Supreme · Court Judge, how 76, com- · manrJs nearly every strategic 7 point in this year's battles be; tween Capitol] Hill a n d Presl- . dent Nixon's IVhite House. ' S t a if t i rig 1 Tuesday, Ervin ·- opens a new' set of hearings on " proposals to ; protect · the 1st · Amendment rights of newsmen "i and shield them from, court o'r- · ders to disclose confidential ·ources. .. ; ; · Just; concluded are severa heated sessions of Ervin's sepa ' ration-of-powers subcommittee · on ah Ervin bill to limit the ! president's' ability to impound · funds authorized by Congress, · ^11V THE MIDDLE ; He has been in the center o ; moves; to restrict.the doctrine . of executive privilege as a de , vice to prevent Congress from .·questioning key . .presidentia ', aides. The 1 'Senate has approved, . to 13, an Ervin hill requiring '. Senftl^ confirmation Of Roy· L · Ash and all his successors a ; director of the Office of Budge ' · and, lytanagemeht,.a post Ervi ;' calls the second-most-importan ; job in ttie reder'ql government. As he has since he took offic · in June of 1954, Ervin is ap · preaching his assignments wit · ' the Constitution as both rule · book and guidebook. '· "The Constitution is the fines ·; thing to come out of the tnin · of man and the experience i rnah," he said during a civi ; rights filibuster in the 1960s. ' ; , am going to do the best I ca see that this Constitution is »ndod down to my grand- hlldren in as good a shape as was when I orld." came into this Charles Mott, Auto Pioneer, Dies In Flint Detroit Draft Counseling Center Closing Its Doors FLINT, portunity Mich, is (AP) not - "Op- closed," the world's world's fifth foundation. In the 1970s he is using much he same wprds In telling offi- ials of the Nixon adminis- r a t i o n ' t h e Constitution won't How them to take some of the ctions they are taking. ''I challenge the President to Now me « syllable in the Con- titution that gives him the ower'to impound funds," Erin told Ash at a hearing ear- ier this month. Then, in virtually the next reath, he said he agrees with ««= world's Mbcon that some current pro 1 - organization rams should be stopped or cut lack and said he would even r ote against overriding a presi- lential veto orrsome of them. THE ISSUE But the issue, he said, is 'whether the current trend toward executive usurpation of egislative; power is to continue unabated until we have arrived at a presidential form of government." In the hearing that followed, deputy Atty, Gen. Joseph T. Jneed contended the president las an inierent, implied; Tight in the Constitution to'impound iinds if that is needed to stem inflation and to "faithfully execute" conflicting laws. Ervin said he could find no such language in his copy of the Constitution and told Sneed: make the best possible defense--for a guilty client." The constitutional quotes and the offhand remarks are made with a twist of the bushy, white eyebrows that sometimes seem to lead an independent life of their own at the lop of Ervin's Jowled and fleshy red-cheeked face. And when the story is f u n n y or if he likes the line, he laughs as long and as hard a s anyone. Charles Stewart Mott once said. 'There's etill a premium on brains and energy--but not for every Tom, Dick and Harry looking for a coffee break." Molt, the aulo industry pioneer and philanthropist who died Sunday at 97, exemplified his philosophy on work and opportunity. The son of a cider and vinegar manufacturer, he Kelpec mold General Motors Corp. into DETROIT (AP) -- Scores of anxious young men used to crowd into an office in Central Methodist Church every Sunday night, hoping they'd find a way out of fighting in a distant, unpopular war. With U.S. involvement in Vietnam ending and the draft calls'cancelled, there were only seven counselors left Sunday night to shut down the Detroit Draft Counseling Center. "It's kind of like Dick Grego ry's joke that all the people employed by the NAACP wan civil rights---but not too fasl.' vho wanlcd out of the draft so hey could continue their jobs at Chrysler's tank plant." The people coming in recently were those who didn't want to be inconvenienced for wo years." Counselor Sue Green said the last person she counselled wanted to know if there Ls any way a person who fled to Cana da to escape the draft could be helped. "The answer was no,' she said. largest induslria and founded the largest charitable said head counselor Lee During his life he gave away more than $130 million and was said to have been worth $1 billion at one time.' Mott, whose Flint wheel and axle plant was a cornerstone of General Motors when it Was formed early in the century, served oh the hoard of directors until his death.. "The contribution of Charles Stewart Mott to the corporation spanned.virtually its entire history," said GM Board Chairman Richard C. Gerstenherg. "Few men deserve the title of pioneer more than he." Despite his generosity, Mott Podgorny Honored MOSCOW (AP -- President Nikolai V. Podgorny has been awarded the Order of Lenin, ne Soviet Union's highest civil- an honor, on the occasion of his 70th birthday, t.ti e official news agency Tass has announced. Tass said Sunday Ihr award vas made for Podgorny's 'great .service to the Commu- Gay Liberation Movement Fighting For Acceptance was frugal in personal dealings. He bought his suits off the rack and drove low-priced GM cars. At .his death, his Mott Foundation was worth about $400 million. In 1963 he endowed it with nearly two million .shares of GM stock. Funeral services will he held Wednesday al St. Paul's Episcopal Church, with burial in the Mott family mausoleum. Survivors include his widow Ruth Rawlings Mott; a son Stewart Rawlings Mott; and four daughters, Aimee Butler of it. Paul, Minn.. Maryanne Turnbull Meynet of Santa Barlara, Calif.. Elsa Beatrice Ives of New York City and Susan Elizabeth Wehb of Birmingham, Ala. Abisch, expressing regret abou the center's closing. "We all said we were work ing to end the need for our ex istence," he said. "All along we would have been delighted t see the draft ended, and 1 fee the same way now." At the height of the war in 1970, as many as 50 counselors Would meet with more than 100 men at the church every week, as draft counseling c e n t e r s spfang Up around the country. The church donated space and counselors worked as volunteers. Although the counselors al' - ulti- they served, Abisch believes more tban a thousand men got out of the draft because of the center--"people who otherwise would have had to go to the Army, to jail or to Canada." RIGHTS The Idea was to tell people their rights and use every Northwest Arkansas TIMB, M«m., F*b. 19, 197* · 9 FAvrrrtviLn, ARKANSAS nist party and the Soviet state." Podgorny h a s been a member of the party's ruling Politburo since 1960 and president since 1965. It was at least the third time Podgorny has received the honor, a standard way of marking blrthdsy anniversaries of Soviet leaders. Drowns In Lake CAM DEN, Ark. (AP) -- Herman V. Belt, .16. o[ near Camden drowned Sunday afternoon In Half Moon Lake about 10 miles east of here. State Police .laid Belt drowned when his boat ovar- turned while he was checking « trbtline. most never learned the mate fate of the people Bumpers Budoet To Be Presented To Legislature LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Gov. Dale Bumpers is to appear before a Joint session of the Arkansas General Assembly today to present his total recommendations for over-all operating budgets ot state agencies. Bumpers also revealed Fri day that he would outline his proposal for a- road improvement program during his appearance. Bumpers told a news confer ence that he would present a "balanced' budget" for consideration by the legislators. The governor want an said the legislators over-all view and art By PEGGY SIMPSON WASHINGTON (AP) -- ' L e d ; by women who admit to being ' lesbians, the. gay-liberation .' movement is fighting for ac', ceptance by "straight" femin- · Ists at the convention of the Na', tional Organization for Women. · The homosexuals' won rhetor- ' ic in the NOW bylaws at a · meeting 18 months ago. Now · they have organized to get ac- · tion in support of their particu- and other issues . On the whole, however, said gay-liberationist Ms. Sidney Abbott, most NOW members realize homosexuals suffer double discriminations and favor NOW acting in their behalf. RESOLUTION She predicted resolutions expected to be approved at this convention will clear the way for future cooperation between NOW and gay-lib chapters on legislation concerning women's rights; Expensive Kazoo KINGMAN, Ariz. (AP) _ Michael Burke, 29, walked into the Sportsman's Tavern and accidentally dropped his kazoo down one of the pockets ot a coin-operated pool table. He reached in for the kazoo and found that his hand had stuck. The fire siren in this community of 7,200 screamed, bringing out in force the town's volun- ters, known as the Fire Laddies. ; Armed with axes, firemen ; lar causes. The strong l o b b y i n g , b y lea-. i bians has taken the convention have . reacted has · by surprise. '- Some women ' with annoyance. There ' been more than a little vousness from feminists who voice fears 'that the lesbians Will spoil NOW's public image or dilute' its drives for the equal-rights amendment, equal pay for equal work, child care gay lib into NOW," Ms. Abbott, who prefers that form of address, said in ah interview, "but NOW will he free to work with gay-lib forces from now i. ..-· "Our big beef is with the NOW tional legal-defense-and-educa fund," she. said, "be available legal means to get the men out of the draft. These included winning disability and conscientious deferments, playing on technical mistakes made by the Selective Service System and loopholes In the law, and employing a variety of. stalling tactics. Counselor Ronnie Siek said she joined the center two years ago when "the war was still going on but demonstrations were already out of it. This was something constructive," "We had an impact in shaping people's attitude toward the war," she said. "Year by year the number of conscientious objector applications increased, 'so, obviously, -people's consciousness was raised." The draft counseling business died as low death. First the lottery eliminated the fears of the young men who drew high nurnbers. Vietnam troop withdrawals and cuts in the size of the Army did the rest. explanation Of how the administration arrived at its recommendations. "We have what we think is a final budget prepared," Bumpers said. Bumpers has refused to say what he has in mind to finance a highway program. The governor said he had waited until now to present a highway program to obtain B better.look at what revenues can be expected. He also mentioned that the issue, of how much slate aid should be allocated .to cities and counties had captured the attention of legislators for the past few weeks. GET A USED SEWING MACHINE FOR "I don't see any absorption of took just a few minutes to break open part of the pool table and free Burke's by-then swollen hand and the kazoo.; Burke was happy, but Ihe tavern s owner wasn't. He said he would charge Burke for the pool table cost--$750 Recently, Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird announced an end to all draft calls except for doctors -and dentists, although the machinery of the draft system will be maintained on a standby basis. CHANGED Draft counseling started as a radical activity but changed as the draft slowed, Abisch said "People who came in three years ago were very politically radical. You didn't find people Lamar Spends Time With His Family SAN ANTONIO. Tex. (AP) -Air Force Col. James L. Lamar of Little Rock spent the weekend with his family, the first imc they have been together in almost seven years. Lamar, held captive in North Vietnam since May 1966, was Flown, here Thursday. His moth er, Mrs. M. 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The Border ' Star, about half the size of the · Delta Queen, took advantage of ; Its maneuverability to win. : The captains of the two ves- Xsels agreed that the Delta . Queen would get it % mile head : start this year. Jack Trotter. · captain of the Border Star, said ; ' he planned to take advantage '· of a quicker start to make up · the deficit. The Delta Queen, I however, still held its advan- ; tage throughout the race. · The race started about four Smiles down the river from 'tittle Rock and the two boats · raced upstream. ' Temperatures near freezing ' didn't appear to bother the pas- · gengers on the two vessels or i t h e onlookers that gathered on · the banks of the river. cause they,will not take a lesbian mother's case. They are clearly gunshy about us." She said lesbians don't want to scuttle or Crimp NOW's drives for the equal-rights amendment or any other women's-rights measures. "We want our issues to be considered important alongside others," she said. "I think the fear of us is inflated." Ms. Abbott estimated that 10 per cent of the estimated 2,000 NOW members attending the convention are lesbians. For the first time, there was a lesbian caucus and a sexuality -and -. lesbianism workshop and lesbians workshops to tiohs were worded the way they wanted, infiltrated other see that resolu- Open Mon. Thurs. Til 9 P.M. AT YOUR STERLING Vbshm EVELYN HILLS SHOPPING CENTER Woldhcim Returns ' NEW YORK (AP) - U.S. Secretary-General Kurt Wald. heim has returned from a 214- i week trip to Asia. He said the \ highlight of his:trip was a dis- ; cusslfln of ih^ India-Pakistan ; . iitoatlon, which he termed : "o0en-ended. : "'' Waldheim arrived on Sunday via, San Francisco from his fi- · tial stop abroad, a conference ' in Tokyo with Japanese officials. He visited heads Ot state and other officials in alx cnun: Irles. ,-:· : : ' · ' · · '. .Waldheim «aid he WM "cau- · Mbusly opllmlslle" about a fes '· olutidn or the problems between -'India and Pakistan and Added, '· Trri sute «"y visit hsa helped · lift Improve the political itmoa phere, and this is very itnpor Grit." BJEGoodrich SAIE ENDS FEB. 10! SHOCKS Handling and steering problems? Get peak performance again with raw shock) from BFQ BONUS BUY! Jumbo Roll Kitchen Paper Towels White, Colors, Prints Reg. 39 Roll 4 ROLLS FOR SALE PRICED limit 4 Pleasa SALE PRICED! $7.88 l ^ CH INSTALLED PUT A STOP TO StUQG/SH BRAKES DRUM BRAKE RELINE · Replace all brake lining* · Turn «nd true all drums · Arc lining* to match drams · Repack out»r front wtvwl arid refill braW ayatom $41.95 Mcwt America! dtr* 4 WAYS TO CHANOC Mwtw CMff* · HmMtif CMcf* B. F. GOODRICH STORI Open Dally I l.m.-SiM ».m. 1U W. MonnUIn 44S-4M1 Ark, Bonus Buy! PUFF'S FACIAL iiSSUE Whit* 200 Ct, Box, Print* 195 Ct. 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