The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 3, 1906 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, September 3, 1906
Page 3
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CHILUCOTHE CONSTITUTION SEPT. 3 1906 INJURIES PROVE FATAL Clarence, the sixteen-year-old eon of Mr. and MrsT'Charles Rus- .sell, died Sunday afternoon at his home north of Chula from injuries he received last Friday evening by a horse falling on him. The boy was rendered unconscious by the fall and remained in that condition until his death. Jasper Wilson and son, John, of this city, went to the Russell home Monday where they attended tho funeral. Burial was made in the May cemetery. Will Hunt of St. Louis spent Sunday in the city with his mother, Mrs. J. P. Hunt. LAST OF SERIES PERSONAL AND LOCAL Vern E. Killinger of Belton,Mo., is in the city, the guest of Dolph Roberts and family. Mr. and M-s. E. M. Crellin spent R ry rr-rTrnm r nDf. APUCn AT Sunday in Kansas City the guests j "£*• 'tN tKULr HKtAlHhU Al Sont _ ' .X.-.usi-.-i. ;n:,l all oilier <UKCojnforls of imJigeptir.!! .im! '.lyr.iKjpsia. S«c:ir- coatcd tablet^. Ilk-. or 2-it:. UrntKists or by umil. Give iusUint relief in i N.isn! Oiilarrli- allay nllainnintion, lioal • mnf«ms membram:, sivt^-tisi hrrnlh. l.^l (jnrsltj- 8om throat, "fli.-. '.'. !. Hoc-! (.'".. I,oiv<:ll, Muss. If Made by Hood It's Gmnl. THE 4 CHOCOLATE MINT CRAPE KOLA ORANCE-ADE COCA-COLA F AT ARRINGTON'S OUNTAIN Not always the .Cheapest, but always the Best, you will find the Photos at \ TBeWATTON STUDIO WHEN YOU ME GETTING GLASSES Get them right. Absolute satisfaction in the relief of Headache and Eyestrain. A. B. MACDONALD EAST SIDE OPTICIAN AND JEWELER. of Mr. and Mrs. W, E, Crellin. Mrs. A. W. Warinner left Monday for Turney where she will spend several days with friends. Mrs. Peter Lake has returned from an extended visit with her son, Anthony Dahl, at Chicago. William Conrad returned Sunday from a three weeks' visit with relatives and friends in Indiana. Miss Fannie Boyle of Jamesport arrived Saturday night and is the guestat the home of James Hutchison! Your step has lost elasticity bo- cause your blood has lost vitality, which Hood's Sarsaparilla will restore. Mrs. Emma Slack returned Saturday from Eudora, Kas. where she has been visiting for the past month. Lincoln Nichols of South Walnut street returned Saturday evening from a two months' visic near Sedalia Mo. Mrs. Louis Chapman and father, W. H. George, of Liberty are in the city, the guests of relatives and friends. ; Thomas McNally of St. Louis arrived Saturday and spent Sunday with his mother, Mrs. Thomas McNally. Mrs. Bertha Oliver has accepted a position in the Farmers store and assumed charge of her duties Monday morning. Miss Cook, who has been the guest of the MissesKnapp for several weeks, returned to her home in St. Joseph, Saturday. Miss Florence Asper, who has been the guest of friends in Chicago for several weeks, returned home Monday morning. Guy Manaur of St. Louis is in the pity the guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mansur. Ho will visit here two weeks. W. H. Taylor of Dubuque, la., and Thomas Taylor of St. Louis, came here to attend the funeral of their brother, Arthur J. Taylor. Mrs. William Mowdy, who has been the guest of her brother, Dr. James Bennett, wih return" to her home in St. Louis tonight. Mrs. A. J. Potter of the South Side drug store has returned from a trip to St. Joseph, where she has been buying goods. Miss Ggwdy, who has been in the city attending Miss Mary Allen for the past month, returned to her home in Kansas City Monday. Misses Martha and Emma Broaddus and nephew, Frank Broaddus, Jr., of Kansas City arrived Sunday on a visit to relatives. ~" J. E. Herriford returned Sunday from Little Rock, Ark., where he attended the national convention of the International Order • of Twelve. Miss Leta Bishop will leave UNION SERVICE Sermon on Christian Character Heard by Large Audience —Meetings Beneficial MISSOURIAN NOT READY TO INDORSE RAILROAD IDEA The last of the union meetings was hold last night at tho El in Street Methodist church. In the absence of the pastor, Rev. T. W, Alton, Mr. Crutcher was designated by the 'alliance to preside. He declared that nothing had happened to mar tho-pleasure and the unity of the brethern during the series of union meetings, that the preachers were closer in the bonds of friendship and brotherly love than ever before, and that he hoped there would be a repetition of the meetings next summer. H.? paid a tribute to the absent pastor of the church, and said, "If the bishop does not send Brother Alton back to Elm Street church, wo preachers should see him and insist upon his return." Rev. J. P. Smith read tho lesson from the Bible, and Rev. Sturges led in prayer. Dr. J. Franklin Fetterolf, who has just returned from his vacation, preached the sermon. He. took lor the text, "To whom shall we go? Thou aione hast tho words of eternal life."—John (3:67. Nevertheless, Ho Declar .« Himself Heartily in Favor of Bryun for President Governor folk's opinion of William J. Bryan's speech at New- York and i is altitude toward tho Nebraska!! have I 01:11 tho subject of much oommetit bv custom newspapers and conc.-pondents. Along with tho fad Missou- Dr. Fetterolf used many incidents of his recent trip to Colorado to illustrate his sermon. "I saw a man grow angry and heard him use insulting language because two women took a car seat that he desired to hold. I saw another, well-dressed young man pick up a couple of grips, and help an old woman on tho train, and heard her say, 'Thank ye, sor.' And here is the difference between tho man of sin and the man of God. The one devotes his life to selfish ends, laboring for the things that perish, while the other is anxious to serve others in the name of Him who 'came not to be ministered unto but to minister.' The one seeks comfort and peace in the tho things that he makes, the things that he can see, while the other seeks those things that are above; where glory and majesty await him. Jesus meets the needs- of eyery human heart. He is the sum total of all earthly hopes and is the 'desire of all ages.' " The service closed with "Blest be -the tie that binds." The oat- tors will all preach in their own pu'pits Sunday oveninjs, b3- ginning next Sunday. ri's Governor shuied honors the prospective pri-si.len!iiil candidate in th(5 oyHtion at Madisou Square garden, it has been noted that he stood closer to Mr. Bryan than others who have made much display of-their friendship ioi- him, and that his opinions have been eagerly sought and quoted When asked to say what hi thought of the dociar.itiou of Mr Bryan in favor of governmental o\Miorhhip of railroads, Go-oniur. Folk said: "I am a great admirer of Mr. Bryan, aiid I have tho highest respect for his opinions. Whatever ho says of auy government prob- lei:> is e. titled to^iui consideration. Tho matter n!' government ownership of railroads i* of tremendous i:nportaut.e and isa matter tlat cannot be uonsidnr-.-.d oi'i- | at once to the Hotel Victoria, where ho saw many friends from Missouri and other parts of the Union. The result was a small impromptu reception, in which Mr. Folk was the central figure. When, a few minutes later, the Governor and the Republic correspondent rode in a cab to the Grand Central atation, the former entered somewhat into detail in discussing the leader from Nebraska. "I have just heard Mr. Bryan inalro his finest speech," said Governor Folk-. '-It was not a studied il'iort, it was cot long, and the r.udiencn was a proup of fiiiud- at tho club. Iu thid epi-euh Mi Bryan u.ld his ln-an-rs tliat tho current co uhiiuts of a few puli- with ticiitns in no way concerned or annoyed him. '•' u 'l prefer the plaudits (.f the people to ihu-io ot the professional its politics,' " Mr. Bryan sal.I, in effect. Tin u ho m.icie wha 1 1 consider a gruKi (•pitcrrtiu. 'Wh:it tho pi-.oplu wi.-h today,' said ho, 'is tho cry of ih .: politici-in tomorrow.' " These expressions from Govcr- uer Polk arts repeated tonight in all hotel corridors by the friends and supporters of Bryan. OUR CLOTHES TALK! hand. The great trouble is, THE TEXA.S WONDER Cures all Kidney, Bladder and Rheumatic troubles. Sold by all druggists or two months' treatment by mail for $1. Dr. E. W. Hall. 2926 Olive street, St. Louis, Mo. Send for Mo. testimonials. Dr. ilrthur J. Simpson, SURGEON AND OCULIST Eye Ear Nose x Throat Practice devoted to Surgery and Diseases of the Eye, Ear Nose, Throat. Special attention given to surgery of the, Nose and Throat. GLASSES FITTED Office in Herman Bldg. North Side Sq.. Plioncs SS and 212 STILL 5T THE OLD STAND E. M, GRELLIN HAS BEEN FITTING SPECTACLES IN C3ILLICOTHE FOR SO YEARS Thursday for Kansas City where she will visit for several days. While there she will hear the Bands. Rossa. "* Joe E. Herriford, Jr., will leave Saturday for Hampton, Virginia, where he will enter the Hampton colored institute. He will be absent two years. Hon. Benton Gabbert, of Dearborn, Mo., one of the speakers on the Good Roads Convention program, is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. James N. Crutcher. "Springhill," SOc per quart at the "Star Saloon." Sladtf Miss Jennie Baker, who has bean the guest of relatives and friends in the city for several days, returned to her home in Indianapolis, Ind., Monday. The ladies of the Christian church will servo dinner and supper Tuesday and Wednesday in t le Corwin building, east of the Crisis office on West Jackson. L. T. Alberts' and grandchildren, Ralph and Helen- Morton, of Cape Girardeau, are in the city the I guests of Mr. ana Mrs S. R. Nel' son. They will visit here for several weeks. Mrs. S. A. Walden of Hale arrived Saturday and will be the guest of her son, Jesse Walden, for several days. Mrs. Walden is in her 81st year and is well and hearty for a lady of that age. Misses Mable Grace, Lulu Blanchard and Carrie Yancey have I issued invitations for a canvas dance to be given at the Yancey home, East Calhoun 'street, on Tuesday evening Sept. 4. Owing to a misunderstanding in the wording of an ad readii g j The whiskey and blackberry 50e per' " " quart, meaning half [ftniij half, ' as IBB PU^HO supposed It io be §{jg straight we will let it go that way. Come and help wreck the place by taking advantage of the low prices. Any bottle of w-hiskey in the house at 50c per quart. "Star Saloon." 3sdtf Captain Clark, Mr. and Mr?. E. R. Bullens and Major and Mrs. Beach wish to express their thanks and appreciation to the many friends, who were so thoughtful and sympathetic in their sorrow, dlt Chas. W.. Warstell of Logansport, Ind., one of the principal musicians in-the leading baud of Carl Hagenbeck's great show, which exhibited here Saturday, last, had a good visit with his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. J. Y. Powell. The leader of the band, with three other members, were also from Loganaport. Mr. War- etell'is also the postmaster for the show, handling all the mail matter for tlTe entire 800 people. The children are staying at grandpa's. Mamma has gone down to the sea: Papa is at home working, Keeping well with Rocky Mountain Tea. Swetland drug company. us Mr. Bryan says, when tho people try to rcgulnts tho railroads the railroads got into politics and tho politicians are likely lo elect the regulators. "Tho only experience tho stale of Missouri over hud with railroad ownership was not altogether pleasant or profitable. Wo have facts, not theories, iu our st-ite. Tho state practically owned all the railroads iu it forty year*- ago, and the people have just liuishcc! paying the debt incurred. Tho state at that time issued bonds to aid in £he construction of certain roads, including the Wabash, the Missouri Pacific, the Iron Mountain, the Burlington and tho 'Hannibal & St. Joseph. To fortify itself ngaiust loss the state took a lien on the railroad linos. "All tho railroads defaulted in their paymon's except the Hannibal & St. Joseph. Tho Iion-i wore foreclosed and tho roads were bought in by tho state. Commissioners were appointed- and authorized to sell the roads. The result of the transactions- \ as that the state cime out about §25,000,000 behind. It must bo ever, that much of this WHS accomplished by shameful fr.ui and corruption. Conditions may bo different today, bat it is a matter that must bo studied moo thoroughly before any decision is reachod. I do uot caro to say anything moro than that about what Mr. Bryan said in his speech. "As to tho general effect of the disclosures of corporate management in tbo last yoar or two, I have no hesitancy in declaring that they are evidences of a moral regeneration rather than a moral degeneration of the pe^jp'e. The world is growing better all the time «nd higher standards in public and private business life are obtaining." Governor Folk was askod if he regarded Mr. Bryan's speech as practically a party platform? for the Democrats and if ho thought Mr. Bryan would refuse to run unless its provisions were incorporated in the national platform. Governor Folk said: •'What Mr. Bryan said must bo regarded as his views upon the questions of the day. I presume he would like to have them incorporated in the platform. I do not suppose he would decline to run fo» the presidency if the national convention did not adopt all of them. I do not think we can regard them as a full party declaration of principles as yet." - Miss Ruth Francis polled the t vote in tho CONSTITUTION gift contest and is now only a little more ih;in JOOO votes behind Miss Vornie Grouse. The standing today : Vuruir; Grfjun.-, Chillico. . Kulh Francis, Chilli Inez C<ix, Grand R Louiwu Jntflin, Chilli .. lluth Thompson,CroamR. Euicrpi- Ciub -Sadio Bradford, Chilil .. lino Coberly, Chilli Nola- Thompson, Chilli... Ona C. Lowoy, Chilli Eva Flonnil<on,Mooresy.. Mary Grace Seay, Chilli.. Gs<rnett Thompson,Sou. p Laura Bird, Wheeling... Lucilo Yenable, Jackson . Pearl Venard, Fairview... May Brookshier, Chilli... Oora Carey, Blue M. ... Joseph Iberg, Medicine... Hazel Estep, Chilli Eva Toner, Monroe Ethel G'inn. Sftmpsel Loyal Knights, Chilli. ... Banna Kerr, Groen Gladys Mo wry, Samp ... Len-i Morris , Chillico... Hessio Pro volt, Cilillico... Mrs. S. H. Price,So.pre AlenM Busline!!,Blue M. Clara Parker, Chilli . . . Ethel Gilhnartiu, Chilli .. Xaothia Duwoli, Chilli .. Anna Sumtnerville; So. p. Mary Lamb Myrtle, Chilli ... Ethel Garr ., Gladys Hosniao, Chilli... Laura Hudson Bernard Salloe Ruth Page, Chilli Cora Clark, city Maude Hughes, Chilli.... Flora Hudson, city * .... Maude Lee. Chilli Louise Krouse, . Lucile Thompson 29,290 28, ISO 23.110 22.250 11,990 IO,(i!»iJ 9! ."20 •1(3 ;0 •119'J 2710 2730 2060 1910 1600 . 1730 1310 1320 1100 1100 820 $00 SOO 800 740 700 660 500 •ISO 460 110 -110 360 310 310 320 2SO 2-10 160 100 SO 80 40 40 20 20 20 Say NEO CHLOSS BROS.&CO, s Makers -Ve» York Sounds rather strange, 'tis true—but it's a fact,nevertheless. Our kind of Clothes always speak n-ell of the Man who wears them. The appearance of a Man, dressed in one of our Suits will create a fjood impression anywhere. We olTer our trade garments that have passed with highest honors the most critical inspection of Clothing Experts. Men who know every detail that contributes towards artistic cutting and tailoring. It is for this reason. Sir, that we say "Our Clothes Talk." If you have not tested the high character and superiority of our Clorliins,', wo trust that you will not fail to do so the present season. LJoth your pride and your purse will iind it proiitahie, if you come here for your 'Jiolhes. 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CANDIDATES' QARDS p' flats Tho St. Lpuis Reoublic Sunday published a telegram from a staff correspondent in Ne-,v York which said: Governor Folk toll the Republic correspondent this evening that he denounced as false anyjin- timation that he was not heart and soul for Mr. Bryan for the presidency. "Mr. Bryan is, in my judgment, the greatest man produced in America in many decades, and, in A STUDENT BUILDING. There is now being erected e Columbia on a lot adjoining the campus of the State University, $50,000.00 stone building which id to be the headquarters for all student activities in that great institution of learning. The money has been raised during the last two years by the Young Men's Christian Association, the contributors being students, members of the faculty, and friends of the University. In this building will be offices for the Y. M. C. A., the various students publications, the literary and debating societies, and other student organizations. There will be reading rooms, hot and cold baths, a swimming pool, a bowling alley, a small auditorium, and a restaurant and cafe. MATINEE 2:30. NIGHT 8:20 SATURDAY. SEPT. SAMUEL COMPANY present tho Ix'.-iiirirul uonu-ily clnimn Complete Scenic Production; A Metropolitan Caste; A Play of Western Life, Replete with Stirring Situations of Heart Interest.. Kt-afe on sjih.' nt Owl Drui? .stoiv, PRICES: Mat. 15-25c. Might 25-35-50-75. Boxes $1, my judgment, the movement sup- nm, ana a »*»««» ana caie. _/J,_ A,-™ ' ,11 »™ w ™HI ™r£_ The general supervision o?_ the datfjs! eafda jn v any " \lVf," f rioes rei*!&aafctej% ? ;''k;fh l 9 i to attend tho club' jjifl, *^H . < )s< | Mr. Bryan, Upon l porting him will grow until nothing can keep him out of. the executive chair." The Governor went this evening <juan-. j to the National Democratic Club S regflpUoB to ne went building will be in the hands of the Young Men's Christian Association. . 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