Independent from Long Beach, California on February 20, 1964 · Page 42
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 42

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1964
Page 42
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j WHAT YOUNG PEOPLE THINK r . ? Folk Music Remains TODS It Unt ll«X OM., TWV. r*. Si. W4 INDEPENDENT--P« 9 . D-l R E L Y on'problem!. To seU. rent, bty, Classified ads to solve daily'find, hire--dial HE 2-5959. By EUGENE GILBERT «ob«rt left* - . . Folk music bat cone into Its own ·vrith American teen- It was their favorite at the end of 1963 and an indications are that it win continue in popularity in' 1964. , Twenty-eight , per cent jHootenanys s p r i n g i n g up liking to folk music. Jill Ero- throojhout the country. dy, 17. of Washington. D.C. Barney P^V 19, of Washington. D.C, echoes this sentiment, saying "I play guitar joy and enjoy group singing with it," ' · ,,. , .' ' , ,, ' ' The disiaff tide, represented by Roberta Solomon, sic "is the 1184 teens questioned in our annual popular musk pqU name folk songs »s their favorite music, leaving rock and rofl and popular tunes far behind. : -. i ' This is at variance somewhat with predictions by the teens last year. They' aidi- cated that slower, more conservative music would be the major record trend for 1963, although a small group did say there would be more folk music. : ". FOLK S I N G E R S also sweep the field aj the most p o p u l a r v o c a l groups, with almost half the young people MTning one folk group or another as their favorite. Peter, Paul and Mary take the No.-1 spot, moving up from last year's fourth place. with the votes of 26 per cent of the teens. Runners-up include · the Kingston Trio, which also took second place last year, the Christy Minstrels and the Chad Mitchell Trio. Connie Francis reigns this year as the most popular female singer, displacing Erenda Lee who dropped to third place. Folk singer Joan Baez mates her first appearance on the list, taking the n ber two spot. Connie Stevens slipped from third to fourth place, followed by newcomer Leslie Gore. T H E FAVORITE MALE singer is Johnny Mathis. who took second place behind Elvis Presley last year. Elvis moves down to fourth this year, with only 56 votes. Frank Sinatra, who wasn't in the polls last year, follows Johnny Mathis. Others named include Bobby Rydell. Rickey Nelson, Bobby Vee. Ray Charles and Andy Williams. None of the young men picked last year as the most promising singers made the list this year. Predictions forj the most promising male singer of 1964 list Frank Sinatra Jr. as the favorite. Jack Jones and Brian Hyland are also destined for fame in the criming year, according to the teens. Richard Chamberlain, television's "Dr. Kildire." takes fourth place in the "most promising" list, moving up from eighth in list year's p° !L GAZING IVTO their crystal balls, the young people select Leslie Gore as the number one star of tomorrow. Peggy March and Barbara Streisland a r e runners-upJ Shelly Fabres takes fourth place, the same rank she had a year ago. The Singing Nun, cf "Dominque" fame, ties for ninth place with Little _Eva and Dee Dee Sharp. Peter, Paul and Mary take honors as the most promising vocal group of the future, despite the fact that they are named this year's favorites as well. Following close behind are the Christy Min strels. The Beatles appear on the list in sixth place, following behind the Ronettes. the' Beach Boys and the Smother's Brothers. One reason for the popularity of folk music seems to be - that anyone can sing along, as shown in the many of of Glencoe. lit, says folk mu- ' I Op** T»u'fki fa i »V TTV J ; : " :' . ·" ., U ,,, stANNIVERSARY DO YOU WORRY; ABOUT TAKING ! LAXATIVES? ' You BUT tut worried about tilmf luuthmbecuac *omt were loo strocf lipped your bocy I ttrengA. Vett. BOW thCT*l * BCW tJBd M UiStTH that CA eEimaate these worrio. lt* caCed, Cokmaid. Coloaaid · trm^f »a4 dependable ·-nil cffectJvtJy relieves fT*n** T f* t * y * vithcmt %'eaLeoioi yoor tyttcca. h jrva yo« the kind or relief you vaev . . Cotonaid b so yyM k. OA rvca b» fh»en to voaxa in their txtc stife* of prrpuncr. Aztd Cbteuui caa*t interfere wits the *bwrptioa of «U- or your doctor uyi ukc a laxttivi-- tilt Ct4on»id Lutivt TiWett. They are nfld» grade and dependable. said this group was her favorite because "I like and en- clum- pajne music maker,'* takes the place of honor u the Lawrence WeDc, the teen-agers' f a v o r i t e band. Charles, Duane Eddy and the Rebels and the Ventures. The Brubeck Quartet Peter. Paul and Mary as their f o u r t h place, representing PETER, MARY, PAUL . us* nciric tour an favorite vocil group link this those who favor jazz. BRACK'S Candies ICE CREAM Topping SMuom Ckiti'rti tmnl -- Inarlil Ciittn · hints · Stan · Milbl ttl falls · · lrU|tHu«huitClnttri CtKilitiSjnf tv»tl«Mt«intik uiurBIODses Onset ef stevtfaj or nl-tp slav* k sou olcrs»teacaJirirtl IssX toJarstyts. * EQUIPMENT INSTANT COFFEE J l L l J T ._ C1 5 finger films IfKUXt · HOUSEHOLD PLASTIC ACCESSORIES SANI-FLUSH PUREX.UACH · In brim ·Riaifttti fielder's Gloves hSHUIXC tof in tax it.t »2i E-Z Flu taje. 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