Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 4, 1929 · Page 16
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Altoona, Pennsylvania
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Monday, November 4, 1929
Page 16
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16 j*. ALTOONA BEATS WINDBER TO WIN SEVENTH STRAIGHT Maroon and White, Making Bid for Conference Cham- f • pionship, Hands Out Worst Licking of Season to Blue and White towners, From Coal- Altoona football fans got soaked. Windber High grid players were socked. But Altoona High scholastic players minded neither the rain or the Cricket field mud, maroons of Coach Snaps Bmanuel plowing through a fighting Windber High eleven on .Saturday to score one of the most notable victories in Altoona High football history. Altoona High swamped the blue, and white from the coal mining town and 'when the final whistle tooted Altoona was happed with a 47-0 final score. The win was Altoona's seventh straight victory of ttic season. All arc western Interscholastlc conference Wins. The win total Is the highest for any Altoona High team since the gri'l game was resumed back In 1017. Prior to this season six wins was the most any Altoona High team gained In onu year. Despite the one-sided score the game was Interesting, Windber refused to quit and the team put up a real reslst- 1 ance, battling against a second and a 'third squad of Altoona High players. Altoona's third team gained a first • down and threatened a score, the Iliuil gun halting the inarch of the hustling reserves. One of the biggest crowds of the • season jammed the Cricket Held and ' braved the weather. The game opened with a threat of rain. It sprinkled a little during each of the first two periods. Between halves the weather was nlco while the newly uniformed Altoona High band paraded. Then came the wet stuff In abundance. The entire second half was played In a steady rain. The crowd didn't mind. ''How completely superior to Windber 'Altoona really was is shown In the first downs of the game. Altoona moved tho sideline posts 25 times. Windber got but 0 first downs. Forward passes accounted for three • : Windber first downs. Gates got a 'A2 •yard run for another and a n-yurcl Altoona penalty made tho other one pos- •slble. One of the downs came against ''the reserve lineup: • '"'''An Intercepted pass paved the way for Altoona's first score. Wlndbe'r elected to receive the klckofC and alter a lino play failed ti forward was tried but Tommy Thompson got the ' ball of the 45 yard line. In just eight plays Altoona High went across for a , touchdown, Ty Rush going 10 yards for tho last sprint. Thompson got a 50-yard run from scrimmage for the final score of the "game. Gates, Wlndber\got a 32 yard E ' 'un while Edwards, substitute Wlnd- er end went 00 yards after taking a forward pass. . Tho Windber touchdown was odd, being more In the nature of a donation. Windber had the ball on her 40 yard l|no when Gates hurled tho pass to Edwards.. As the hall was In the air, Head linesman Mike Harlriett tooted his horn. He detected Altoona off- aide. Edwards caught the ball and v stopped. So did all Altoona players. Then Edwards was told to travel goal- r -ward. He did being unmolested. ' Ayindber took tho gain Instead of the penalty and It. was a touchdown. Tho ball was still in play despite the linesman's horn, only tho referees whistle ending play. How the game was waged In detail: I'Mrst ({mirier. Thompson, Altoona, kicked off with Windber defending east side of tho field, receiving tho ball on the diamond mud. Reay took the ball and was downed on his 38 yard mark. Maroon lost a, yard at right end. Thompson Intercepted a forward paws on Wlnd- ber's 45 yard lino and It was Altoona's ball. Thompson got 2 yards. Weld shot through for 7. Clifford got 2 at center and a first down on Wlndbur's 34- yard line. Milton made (! at right guard. Thompson got 4 and first down on the 21 yard line. Milton got 4 off tackle. A triple pass, Weld to Thomp• son to Captain Hush sent Rush around right end for 20 yards and a score. Milton rushed tho ball over for the extra point. Altoona 7. Windber 0. Thompson kicked off to Marron who was downed on his 30 yard line. Ream got 1 yard. Reay got two. Marron was held. Gates punted to Clifford on Altoona'H 48 yard lino. Clifford got 1 yard, Weld made 40. Milton eased through for 8 and a first down on the 40 yard mark. Weld made 4. Milton was held. Weld got 2. On a fourth down, needing 4 yards, Weld forward passed to Calderwood who was downed on Windbor'ii 20 yard line. Calderwood went around end for 2 yards. Thompson got 2. Clifford took ,7 and got ono more for a first down on the 10 yard line. Weld made 4. Milton picked off 3. Thompson went over standing up. Weld carried tho ball for tho extra point. Score Altoona 14, Windber 0. Thompson kicked off to Marron on his own 20 yard line. Wimlber tried a pass, Gates to Marron fur 12 yards and first down. Gates fumbled and recovered, losing B yards. Altoona lost 5 yards for offside. Gates passed to Marron who was downed .im his 44 yard line, first down. Kuay lost. Windber lost 5 yurda for offsides. Ream was slopped. Gates punted out of bounds on tho Allouna 41) yard mark. Weld made 6 yards. Thompson got 8 and a first down. Milton got 9. Clifford added 1 for u first down as thu period ended with Altoona on Wiiul- ber's 38 yard lino, first down. Hueuud IJuurti'r. Thompson got 0 yards. Weld inadi 1 3. Milton took one and a first clown. Rush went around end for 5 and Windber roughed the runner, drawing a 15- yard penalty. Altoonu's ball un the 10-yard line. Weld got 4 yards. Milton made 1. Thompson stepped through for a touchdown. Rush booted u placement for the point. Score Altoona 21, Windber 0. Thompson kicked off to Gates who was downed on his 15 yard line. A forward was grounded. Gates lost 2 yards. Gates kicked out of bounds on Windber's 47 yard line. Weld made 3. Milton got 2. Weld added 4 more. Calderwood got 5 and Altoona's 'irst down on the 35 yard line. Thompson made 3. Milton lost 2 as Windber came across. A forward failed, being grounded. Weld punted out of bounds on Windber's 3 yard line, a beauty oi a punt. Gates passed but the play was called back. Altoona lost 5 for offsides. Windber passed, Marron to Gates for a first down on the 20 yard line. Ream got 1 yard. Marron got 2. A forward was ground• ed. Gates punted and the kick was partly blocked. Weld took the ball on the run and went 10 yards, fumbling as he was tackled. Lleb fell on the ball and it was Altoona's first down on Windber's 25 yard line. Thompson got 8 yards. Weld made first down on the 10 yard line. Milton got 8 yards. He ran over on the next play. Bush tried a'kick, the ball being wide. Score Altoona 27, Windber 0. Thompson kicked off to Ream and he ran to his 25 yard line. A forward, Gates to I.,angley was good for 5 yards, Thompson smearing the end. Gates stepped through a hole for 27 yards being halted from the rear on Altoona's 30 yard line. Reay got ,3 yards. Marron made 2. Gates got 4. Needing 1 yard for first down, Gates hit McClellan and he was thrown without a gain. Altoona took the ball on her own 20 yard line. Thompson got 2 yards and the gun ended the half. Altoona 27, Windber 0. Third Quarter. Thompson kicked off with Windb'er defending the high west end. Gates got the ball and was downed on his 82 yard line. Marron got 5 yards. Fagan got 2. Windber lost H for offsides. Clifford took Gates punt and ran back to Windber's 45 yard line. Weld made 3, Thompson 0 and Clifford a first down on the 33 yard lino Milton got 9 and Clifford a first down on the 23 yard mark. Rush got ti around end. Milton made 7 more and first down on tho 30 yard mark. Weld got 2. Rush got 6 more. Milton made 1. Needing 1 yard Milton rolled over the line for a touchdown. Rush's placement attempt was wide. Score Altoona 33, Windber 0. Thompson kicked off to Reay who was downed on bis 32 yard line. Gates got 2 yards. Fagan got 2. Gates threw a pass on his 40 yard line to Edwards, the latter halting as linesman's Hnrtnett's horn looted for a penalty. Altoona players made no effort to tackle a down Edwards, who stopped. Players urged him lo run and he did, going unmolesled to the goal line. The penalty was for an Altoona off-side and Windber took tho gain, a touchdown. The ball was not dead until the referees' whistle tooted. A forward pass by Gates was blocked In an effort to add the point. Score Altoona 33, Windber 0. Thompson kicked off to Marron on Windber's 30 yard line. Gales got 2 yards. Weld Intercepted a forward on Windber's 40 yard line. Weld 11 yards on the 'line, going to Windber's 29 yard stripe. Thompson got 9. Milton made 2 and first down on the 15 yard mark. Clifford got 3. Milton made 5. Weld got 2 and first down on the 5 yard line. Altoona fumbled but recovered for no gain. Milton gol 2 yards. Clifford made 1 as Ihe gun banged. Score, Alloona 33, Windber 6. Fourth Quarter. Altoona's ball, fourth down and 1 yard to go, with goal line to make. Weld went over with ease for a touchdown. Milton rushed for the extra point. Score Altoona 40, Windber 6. Thompson again kicked off to Ream, who was downed on his 34 yard line. Maijron got a yard. A forward was grounded. Gates punted to Clifford on Altoona's 30 .lard line. Thompson tore through the line and wllh wonderful Interference passed the secondary defense lo reach Gates, safety. Score Altoona 47, Windber (1. An enlire new learn was substituted for Altoona. The veterans, mud covered but smiling, were roundly cheered. Dillon kicked off for Altoona to Wfndbor'H 35 yard line. Dillon Intercepted a Windber forward. The play was called back. Alloona lost 5 yards for offsides. Marron got 7 yards and first down. Marron got 4 around end. A forward was grounded. Lobro Intercepted a forward pass in mldfleld and went 45 yards to Windber's 45 yard lino before ho was tackled out of bounds by Gates. Tho reserves had the ball on the 15-yard line, first down. Dinges got 3 yards. Sipcs fumbled and Windber recovered on lite 10 yard mark, saving a score. Gales fumbled a center pass In the end zone, but recovered and ran back to his 0 yard line. Gales punled and DeStefano took the punt on tho 40 yard line, going back to the 25 before being downed. Eight more subs went In. Dillon got 3 yards. Dinges made 3. Dinges got. •! more and it was first down on the 14 yard line. The thirds made a first down. Kerlln got > t yards. Dinges failed to gain. Tho gun ended the game here. Altoona 47, Windber 0. l-,ineups: Windber— Altuuna— Worley ??.'... MS Rush (c) Dalbert L,T ....... Hoenstine Murphy LG IJeb Honadle (C) C Albright Keenan RG Adams JSar.n HT McClellan DePaolo RE Calderwod Gales QB Clifford J. Marron LI1B Weld Hiiiiy RHB Thompson Ream FB Mlllon Touchdowns, Thompson 3, Milton 2, Hush 1, Weld 1, Edwards (substitute) 1. Points after touchdowns, Milton 3, (rushes) Weld 1 (rush), Rush 1 (placement.) Period score: Windber 0 0 6 0—0 Altuona 14 13 0 14—47 Refereii, Duncan McClallum, Leechburg. Umpire, O. J. Vogel, Penn Stata Altuona. Head linesman, M. ,1. Hurt- null. Pitt, Hollidaysburg. Periods, 12 mlnutus. Windber subsllluleH — Langley for Worley, Geddes for Dalbert, Pearson for J-,angluy, Edwards for DePaolo, Fagan for Ream, Geddes for Murphy, Anthony for Dalbert, Smith for Ream. Altoona substitutes — Winegardner for Adams, DeStefano fur Clifford, Fouss for Albright, Dillon for Milton, Slpes for Wold, Lobru for lloenstlno, Dinges for Thompson, Shively for 1-iiub, Houzer for McClellan, Durchiiml for Rush, Kennedy for Wlnegardnur, Pittman for Kennedy, Fusi'o for Rouzer, Galnt'S for liurclilnal, Kerlln for De- SU'fano, Cumpunarn for Shively, Cip- rluno for Fouss, Sharbaugh for Fusco, Watson for Pitman, Nuugebuuer for Gaines, Hamilton for Dillon. HUNTINGDON HIGH WINS FROM LORETTO RESERVES Huntingdon High won the sixth straight game of the season Saturday Couch Evurhart's buys winning from tliu classy St. Francis college reserves 7 to 0. Huntingdon has won every game this season and UK- varsity team hasn't as yel been scored un. The Saturday battle wus hard fought all the way with tho Luretto students pulling up a fight. Tin: game wus booked because Huntingdon was unable lo arrange with a High team, the date being originally ullbteU to the Altuona Apprentice team. Neither team could do much ground gaining and In the final quarter Huntingdon went the entire length of the Held, scoring with four minutes lefl to pluy. Huntingdon was outweighed 16 pounds to a man. U13 JS bl'JUEEI USE EIGHTY PLAYS TO DEFEAT WINDBER A statistical record of the doings at the Cricket field Saturday when Al- toona-Wlndber High rivals played their fifteenth game, follows: KIckoffH. Thompson, AltooAa, 9. Dillon, Altoona, 1. FunU. Gates, Windber, 7. Weld, Altoona, 1. Ground (Mined. Altoona, 370 yards on 80 plays. Windber, 174 yards on 20 plays. Fumbles. , Altoona, 3; recovered 2; one recovered by Windber. Windber, 1; recovered without loss. 1'ennltles. Windber, 3; one of 15 yards for roughness; two of 5 yards for offsides. Altoona, 3; all of 5 yards for off-side offenses. Forward Passes. Windber, 11; compleling 5 for gains, 3 being grounded and 3 intercepted. Altoonn, 3; compleling 1 for gain with 2 being grounded. First Downs. Altoona, 25, including by quarters 9-5-7-4; total, 25. Windber, 6, including by quarters 2-1-1; total, 6. Gains by J'IIHSCS. Windbers, gains of 12, 10, 12, 0 and CO yards; tolal of 09 yards. Alloona, gain of 20 yards. Gains by Hushes. Altoona, 350 yards. Windber, 75 yards. 1'luys and Gains. Windber— Plays Yards Marron 11 46 iales 6 50 Edwards 1 60 Ream 3 4 Reay 2 5 Littngley 1 5 Fa gan 2 4 Tolals 20 174 Alloona— Plays Yards Thompson 13 Milton 19 Weld 17 Rush 5 Clifford 8 lalderwood 2 Sipes 3 Dillon 1 Dinges 1 Kerlin 1 Tolals 80 119 77 76 36 24 22 6 3 3 4 370 GRIDIRON BRIEFS. To Muse and Amuse By SPORTS EDITOR Seven Conference Gnmes Seven more Important western interscholastic conference football teams are on the card for the coming weekend. But the games will be divided over two days, all because of the Armistice day holiday. Three games are booked Saturday, Nov. 9. And on Monday, Nov. 11 four more pairings are announced. ; The Saturday games, Altoona at Johnstown, Clearfleld at State College and Jersey Shore at Lock Haven, am three big games. They're annual pair- Ings of many years' standing. On Armistice day Tyrone-Hollidaysburg resume their annual war, this game formerly being a Turkey day scrap. And on the same holiday Lewistown is at Bellefonte, Mount Union at Portage and Cresson at Huntingdon. Altoona fans will be Interested in seeing just what Clearfleld, Lock Haven, Bellefonte, Hollidaysburg can do in these games. Happy at Hertford There is a football team down Bed-, ford way that is worthy of plenty of real praise. It is the Bedford High team, In charge of Coach Hubicsak, a Gettysburg product. Bedford has six straight victories for the season and not a single opponent has scored on the team. Four more games remain, with the team looking forward to hard games against Windber and Tyrone. Both are conference battles. Bedford now has three conference victories and two more will just about put the team on the top rung, provided Altoona does some tobogganing. EVen If Bedford doesn't get the championship cup, the team wants that second place trophy. And all Bedford town and county Is lending a hand to support the team. Says the Bedford Hi-Lites, the newspaper of the school: "In previous years our football team was backed by very few people other than the school. But this year tho spirit seems to be running high, everybody taking an interest. "Many of our town people are anx- ious to see and know how our boys are being trained and visit the athletiu field every afternoon to find out. This shows that the town Is interested In what tho High school Is actually doing. Let's keep it up! "We're in second place now. Are we going to keep it like this? Nay! We are going to pass Altoona." Those Comparative Scores Here's one of those peculiar things in football, and It doesn't take much figuring to prove that comparative scores in the grid game are very deceiving: Reploglo High of New Enterprise met Roosevelt Junior High, winning 7-0. This same Replogle team went to Bedford and lost only 12-0. Next in order came Wllliamsburg " High, and the Papertown lost 18-0. And Replogle High lost 19-6 to Hollidaysburg, a team that Bedford beat 6-0. Now according to the dope Bedford High is only 19 points better than Roosevelt Junior High of Altoona. But that's impossible, because Bedford is a senior High and an undefeated one, and Roosevelt is just a junior High, and not even in Bedford's class. The "funny stuff" in the scoring comes about due to Bedford's sending a second team against New Enterprise. That explains everything. Snaps Is Praised Snaps Emanuel, and his success with the 1929 football material at Altoona High, Is worth a page line in the Harrisburg Telegraph, edited by Wellington Jones, the grand old man of sport in central Pennsylvania. In an issue last week Emanuel's fine showing with Altoona -High is commented upon under the head "Former Tech Star Is Making Good as Athletic Coach." The article In part follows: "If John Harris High school comes through and Altoona Is conference leader in the western end of the P. 1. A. A., it is going to be an interesting battle. "Snaps" Emanuel is back at Altoona. He is a former Tech and Gettysburg star. In and about Altoona Coach Emanuel is getting much credit for the good work to date. Altoona High has a bunch of good coaches. (By United Press.) NEW HAVEN, Conn., Nov. 4.— Yale's football squad was given a vacation today as a reward for Saturday's victory over Dartmoulh. Except for Linehan, subslltule guard, the team came through tho Dartmouth game without injury. Linehan will be unable to play u gainst Maryland Saturday, a wrenched knee putting him out of action until the Harvard game. NEW YORK, Nov. 4.—New York university today alarled work lor Saturday's intersectional clash with Georgia minus the services of Charley Marshall, varsity end. Marshall fractured his ankle in the Georgetown game Saturday and will be out for the remainder of-the season. WASHINGTON, Pa., Nov. 4.—Irvln L. Newby, substilule W. & J. lineman, is In Washington hospital today as a result of a fractured vertebrae sustained in Saturday's game with Lafay- clle. The balance of the squad came through tho game in good shape and today Hturtcd pracllco for this week's clash with Pitt. NEW YORK, Nov. 4.—A secret signal practice today will complete Ford- harn's practice for tomo.rrow's game with West Virginia at the Polo grounds. Ray Hurley, who starced at tackle last season, will make his debut at end tomorrow. PRINCETON, N. .1., Nov. 4.—Princeton's football squad rested today as Coach Koper sought a successor for Trix Bennett, hard running halfback who was injured in tho Chicago game Saturday. Bennett's leg was so badly twlsled that he may be out lor the balance of the season. Lehigh, whlcn has one of Its strongesl learns in years, will he Ihe Tigers' opponents this week. HANOVER, N, H., Nov. 4,—Dartmouth's football squad is so exhausted from its game with Yale Saturday that no practice will bo held until Wednesday, Coach Jack Cannell said today. Marsters, Andres, Henry and Johnson were Injured severely but Maralers and Andres are expected to be able to start ugainsl Brown Saturday. MARSTERS IN LEAD AS BEST COLLEGE SCORER TYRONE DROPS 13-0 TO BELLEFONTE HI Counting touchdowns in the first and second periods, Bellefonte High handed out a conference defeat to the Tyrone High team at Bellefonte on Saturday, the home team winning from the Blair town for the first time in eight seasons. Tyrone found trouble handling the rushes of Captain Confer and Halfback Kelly. Shope occasionally turned In a long run to worry the Tyroners. The Coach Walter Mentch team was without the service of Hildebrand at quarter, with Wike out of the line. Both players were missed. Bellefonte marched almost the length of the first for the first score, making live straight first downs. Kelly took the ball across. In. the second period Bellefonte scored again after a steady march, Shope carrying the ball. Tyrone played a fine game in the last half but was unable to score. A Tyrone rush ended on the 8-yard line when a forward pass was intercepted. Tyrone and Hollidaysburg clash on Nov. 11 at Dysart park in the next game. Lineups: Bollcfonto High Tyrone High Harg left end Eckert MONEY TO LOAN Oil Ulumoiidtt, Wuti'lictf, Musical Instrument* GUNS—RIFLES TuuU and everything of vulue LOW KATES ANU I.AHGK DIAMOND LOANS COHEN'S 1117-19 ELEVKNT1I STBEKT Open Evenings Altouiiu'n Oldest I.imn Office NEW YORK, Nov. 4.—Al Maraters of Dartmouth with 108 points, is still the big boy amunn the individual foot- hall scorers of tho east. He made one touchdown against Yale on Saturday. ]-,ehljjh's great back, • Davidowitz, movud up from fourth place to second. He made two touchdowns and three points after touchdown in Saturday's Muhlenberg game. His total is 65. Alblo Booth of Yule was third one week ago but dropped to fourth on Saturday when he made one field goal and one point after touchdown in the Dartmouth game. He has 56 points. Standings of the three leaders, with positions, number of games, touchdowns, field goals, points after touchdowns and totals follow: P. G. Td. Fg. Ft. TI. Marsters, Dart.. QB. 0 10 0 12 108 Davidowitz, Leh. QB 0 9 0 11 65 Hlnkle, liuck.... FB 6 10 0 0 60 Fecaro.. Spangler Dray.... Fisher... Keller... Gettlg... Hbverly. Shope... . left tackle .. .Barr, Capt. . left guard Aurand ... center .... right guard . right tackle ., .. right end . . quarterback . left halfback , Kelley..... right halfback Confer, Capt... fullback ... Scoz'e by periods: Bellefonte Higli a 7 0 0—13 Touchdowns, Shope, Kolloy. Point after touchdown, Confer (forward pass). Substitutions—Bellefonte: Brickett for Fisher, Kolleher rbr Gettig, Mavis for Brickett; Tyrone: Woodrlng for B.lowers, Crawford for Woodring. .. ..Gates . .Snyder .Rodgers ....Irvin Derr .Blowers .Albright .. Friday PENNSY STAR WINS X-COUNTRY EVENT Roger Fouracre, former Penn State track athlete, won the first of the three modified marathon or cross- country races sponsored by the Altoona Y, Middle Division, and Altoona High school on Saturday, fifteen short trunked athletes pounding the paving from Ivyside park to the Cricket field. Fouracre completed the two and one half mile run in 10 minutes 53.5 seconds. Anderson, Altoona High runner, was second, being a few hundred yards back of the star college athlete. Eleven runners finished. Two failed to star and two dropped out during the event. William T. Canan, city controller, started the entries. Checkers were located at all turns along the highway. The final standing of the entries follows: First Fouracre, Middle Division; second, Anderson, Altoona High; third Gardner, Altoona High; fourth, Seel, Altoona Works; fifth, Lantz, Altoona Tigh; sixth, Acker, Altoona High, seventh, Fish Trout Middle Division; eighth, Conrad, Altoona High;! ninth, Guyer, Altoona High; tenth, Shoemaker, Altoona High; eleventh, Sherwin, Altoona High. The runners entered the Cricket field just prior to the start of the Altoona- Wlndber football game. The second race will be on Saturday Nox. 9 from the Driving park, the runners to enter the field prior to the Catholic High game. The third race is on Nov. 18 from the Eldorado trolley terminus. MOUNT UNION WINS. Tho Mount Union High school football team coached by Shorty Gasull defeated State College High 20 to 0 on the Mount Union field on Saturday. Captain Holesa and Wagner scored the touchdowns with Wilson added two points on kicks. The game was played on a muddy field. Lineups: State College 0— Mount Union—20 Fortney LE Montgomery Balson LT Minnick Dlppery LG Neason Wolfe C Sarra Lamerolo UG Cornelius Herman I.. RT Snow Packard RE Balwin Mason QB Holesa Kulfuaa .,..- LHB .. Hockenberry Knowl RHB Wagner Osman FB Wilson Substilullons — Mount Union, Johnson for Neason, Baldwin for Snow, Huston for Hockenberry, Lynn for Baldwin. State College — Dreggy for Herman. Touchdowns, Holesa 2, Wagner. Goals from touchdowns, Wilson 2. Referee, Miller, Pitt. Umpire Engle Juniata. Head linesman, Suder. Time of quarters 12 mln. Easy Christinas Money! $300 in Cash Prizes Altoona Leather Store "Outfitters to the Sportsmen" 1509 Eleventh Ave. Christmas Treasure Hunt Contest STATE SOCCEUMEN WIN. The Penn State soceer football team, coached by Bill Jeffrey licked tho Western Maryland eleven Saturday at State College 5 to 1. Debonis, inside left forward scored 4 of the 5 State goals. The game was played in a steady rain. Lineups: Tenn State W. Maryland— McKune G Landis Allen LFB Smith Harvey RFB George MacLaren LHB Trice Veveberg .' CHB Willis Edgerton RHB Marlin Meisleman OSL Taylor Debonis ISL Townserid Maslers C Noble Lulz ISR Chandler Tyson OSR Elzler Penn State 0 2 Western Maryland 0 0 Goals—Debonis 4, Grammer, Etzler. Substitutions—Penn State, Travis for Meisleman, Hutchinson for Harvey,' Skinnell for Debonis, Grammer for Maslers. Western Maryland—Wooley for Noble. Referee — Robert Brown, Pittsburgh. Time of quarters—22 minutes. 1—5 0—1 That Chicago-Princeton battle decided something or other, which the anxious scribes are still trying to find out. FINE WELCOME GIVEN ALTOONA HIGH'S BAND Altoona residents, gathered at the Cricket field on Saturday for tho Altoona-Wlndber football game, paid a most remarkable tribute to the Altoona High school band, no Altoona musicians organization ever being a'ccorded a more lusty greeting. The Altoona High band, always present for the football games, stepped out on Saturday in the new uniforms. The suits are'of maroon, coats, trousers, hats and capes. The lining of the capes Is white with a maroon "AHS." As the band entered the Cricket field gates the mammoth crowd stood up and a roar of approval swept over the field. The musicians made a fine appearance marching around the bowl, being greeted on every side. The new stilts more than make the band. Arid Altoona grid fans are proud of the band. 0. SATURDAY SCORES. Scholastic. Altoona, 47; Windber, 6. Johnstown, 15; Indians, 6. Beliefonte, 13; Tyrone, 0. Mount Union, 20; State College, 0. Huntingdon, 7; St. Francis Res., 0. Clearfleld, 47; Philipsburg, 0. Jersey Shore, 36; Cresson, 0. Portage, 6; Lock Haven, 0. Lewistown, 13; Milton, 0. Altoona J. V.'s 41, Lilly High 0. Everett, 12; Roaring Spring, 0. Ebensburg, 13; Spangler, 0. Westniont, 7; Blalrsville. 0. South Fork, 7; Conemaugh, 0. Williamsport, 28; Lancaster, 7. John Harris, 40; Pottsville, 0. William Penn, 7; Reading.,7. Martinsburg, 18; Cumberland, 12. Carrolltbwn, 13; Johnstown C. H. S., College. Pitt, 18; Ohio State, 2. Carnegie Tech, 19; Washington U., 0. Car. Tech Plebes, 0; W. Va., Fresh. 0. W. & J., 20; Lafayette, 0. Waynesburg, 12; Grove City, 7. Allegheny, 0; Thiel, 0. •"• Westminster, 7; Bethany, 0. Penn State, 6; Syracuse, 4. Drexel, 7; Washington, 0. Bucknell, 13; Temple, 0. * Cornell, 12; Columbia, 6. Georgetown, 14; New York U., 0. Slip. Rock Teach., 6; Indiana Teach., 0. California Teach., 13; Shippensburg, 0. Boston cpllege, 20; Duke, 12. Penn, 7; Navy, 2. Bellefonte, 0; Penn Fresh., 0. Rutgers Fresh., 18; Lafayette Fresh;, 6. Yale, 16; Dartmouth, 12. Villa Nova, 17; Oglethorpe, 7. Rutgers, 19; Ursinus, 13. .Harvard, 14; Florida, 0. Tufts, 14; Boston university, 0. Amherst, 13; Mass. Aggies, 0. Williams Fresh, 10; Keene Normal, 7. Chicago, 15; Princeton, 7. Bates, 26; Bowdoin, 0. Mt. St. Marys, 0; Lebanon Valley, 0. Norwich, 20; Worcester 1'ech, 6. Brown, 15; Holy Cross, 14. Wesleyan, 19; Trinity, 13. N. Hampshire, 52; Lowell, Tex., 7. Colgate, 60; Hampden-Sydney, 0. Conn. A.ggies, 34; Vermont, 0. Providence, 33; Middlebury, 0. Springfield, 7; Rochester, 7. Juniata, 12; Susquehanna, 0. C. C., N. Y., 38; Rensselaer, 7. Buffalo, 13; Long Island Unl., 0. Montclair, 7; Wagner, 6. Brooklyn C. C., 33; N. Y. Aggies, 0. F. & M., 14; Penn M. A., 7. . -Niagara Uni., 53; Clarkson, 0. Williams, 7; Union, 7. St. Thomas, 25; St. Francis, 12. Albright, 26; St. Joseph, 0. Haverford, 32; Johns Hopkins, 8. Swarthmore, 19; Delaware, 6. Hamilton, 19; Hobart, 6. W. Chester, 14; E. Stroudsburg, 7. Lehigh, 28; Muhlenberg, 7. Gettysburg, 6; Dickinson, 0. Catholic Uni., 20; Manhattan, 7. U. S. Marines, 19; U. S*. C. G., 0. Mercersburg, 9; Gettysburg Fresh., 0. Wittenberg, 13; Cincinnati, 7. Army, 33; South Dakota, 6. Michigan State, 33; Case, 0. Cornell, 13; Carleton, 0. California, 12; Southern Calif., 7. Stanford, 38; Calif. Tech., 0. Notre Dame, 26; Georgia Tech, 6. Western Maryland, 20; St. John's, 6. Maryland, 13; Virginia, 13. Centre, 7; W. L. State Teachers, 6. LOCK HAVEN LOSES. Portage High handed out a 6-0 defeat Saturday to the Lock Haven High team at Lock Haven, The only score came in the second period after Sasal went 40 yards on a forward pass, placing the ball on the 5 yard line, Portage kept the ball in Lock Haven territory throughout. Lineups: Portage— Lock Haven— Bice RE Meyers Bowser RT Reeder Kunsman RG Welsham McGough C McCloskey Brisinl LG Laird Shewenak LT ....'....'S. Smith Trombly LE Shuey Cookis QB Oberhime Kolwalski RHB ........ McGee Fleck LHB Davies Basal FB H. Smith Score by periods: Portage High 0 6 0 0—6 CALL VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS^ Notice is hereby given by Coach'F. P. Mack for volleyball candidates, who desire t'ryouts for the Y. M. C. A. varsity. Practice is held every Wednesday evening at the "Y" from 7 to 10 o'clock. Last week a good turnout was on hand and a large group is expected for this coming Wednesday, SOBO is a big cigar, made according to prewar proves beyond doubt that a good cigar vaii still be bought for a nickel. FULL SIZED €1D TIMER, JUNIOR VARSITY ELEVEN WINS 41-0 FROM LILLY HIGH TEAM Counting a touchdown In every period the Altoona Junior Varsity the J. V's of the maroon and white on Saturday morning wade'd the mud at the Cricket field'to pile up a .41-0 vie- totry over the Lilly High school eleven. Two Complete backfields were introduced by Coach Benny Weinstein and both combinations wbrked to perfection. The Jay Veea gained ground With ease. Lilly failed to do any threatening and the visitors got as far as the 25 yard line only once. In the final period after a bad center pass, Altoona lost ground and a punt, attempted by Gates, was blocked, Lilly taking the ball on the 25 yard mark. The team lost after four downs, despite an Altoona 5-yard off side penalty. In the third period a forward pass by Lilly was good for 45 yards, Eddie Rush taking the ball to'ter after a long run. ' . Altoona Jay Vees scored early in the game the team starting a march that ended when Shock, big fullback, ELIMINATION FOR FLYWEIGHT CHAMP By FAIR PLAY. (Copyright, 1929, by Altoona Mirror.) NEW YORK, Nov. 4.—A bushel fulj of mites of the ring will be dumped on the canvassed ring floor of Madison Square Garden Monday evening and after the fuss of unscrambling the mess in completed the outstanding contender for the flyweight title will be produced to view. Tom McArdle has gathered together eight of the best -flyweights in the world and if Frankle Genaro, Willlie La Morte, Phil Tobias and speedy Dado enter the lists later-.on the winner -of the tourney -cannot help but gain recognition as the world's champion. Genaro Is in England, Tobias was not considered and Dado is ou.t with a trick shoulder. La Morte Is confined to performing in his home state, New Jersey. La Morte is credited with a decision over Izzy Schwartz, the title holder In this state. If Eugene Huat, the European champion, whips Izzy more decisively than Willie did, the latter's claims to the title will not be worth much, Willie Davies, a real good boxer, would be selected to beat the field. But Willie is an In and outer and cannot be depended upon to perform as well as he can with any degree of consistency. He faces Black bill and should win if he has one of his good nights. The dark horse of the field Is Midget Wolgast. The Philadelphian is some scrapper and has been unfortunately paired with the veteran Johnny McCoy. The latter is one of, the real veterans of the ring and knows every trick there is. Wolgast may have his trouble scoring over the wily bald old. stager of the ring game. Ruby dark cloud Bradley meets a busy little battler in Ernie Peters. Bradley has had his day and does not work as smoothly as he used to. Not so long ago dark cloud was Ipoked upon as New England flyweight champion but was beaten off by some youngsters so that his stock has taken a big drop. Peters is In just about the same boat with Bradley. For this reason a lively scrap Is in order. NOTRE DAME LOOMS AS NATIONAL CHAMPIONS NEW YORK, Nov. 4.—Dartmouth, Southern California and Illinois were missing from the list of sectional football leaders today as a result of the outstanding upsets of . the week-end. Notre Dame loomed as a likely national champion, ) The Rockne coached Irish are the one team In the country which tias met outstanding opponents on every Saturday of the present season and is still undefeated. If they continue unbeaten and' add Drake, Southern California, Northwestern and the Army to their list of victims—already Including Indiana, Navy, Wisconsin, Carnegie Tech and Georgia Tech—it will be unnecessary to look further for a national, champion. Dartmouth's defeat by Yale established the Elis as the outstanding eastern team of the season, despite an early 'season defeat at the hands of Georgia. Two undefeated teams, Pitt and Cornell, dispute Yale's honors, but Pitt has played no strong sectional opponent, having scored its only important victories against .West Virginia, Nebraska and Ohio. Cornell's only two hard games were with Princeton and Columbia and in both cases the Ithacans were pressed to win. DEFEAT COSTLY. PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 4.—Temple university's 13 to 0 defeat at the hands of Bucknell here Saturday was costly for the Owl eleven, '"Swede" Hansen, one of Coach Heinle Miller's star backs, was rendered hors-de- combat for at least two weeks. Hansen injured' his shoulder in 'the St. Bonaventure game three weeks ago. The injury was aggravated in the Western Maryland and W. and J. contests and he had to be removed from the field in the Bucknell game. rolled over the line. Shock rushed the extra point. The secdhd Score came on a long end run by Kutoski the ball carrier going 20 yards without a hand being laid on him. Shock rushed the point. In the second period Collella trotted across", and Shock made the extra point. Eddie Rush grabbed the fourth touchdown late in the period when he dashed off his left guard for 8 yards. Lafferty went over for the extra point. The half ended 28-0. Lilly kicked off to start the third period and Altoona lost the ball due to bad passes at center. Lilly went 40 yards on a forward pass but lost the ball in midfield. Shoch hit tho line and found lots of opportunity for sidestepping as he sailed 30 yards to score. Shock went over for the point. With plenty of reserves in action the J. Via got the ball on the 5 yard line when the period ended. Marshall tobk the ball on the first play of the fourth quarter to score. Shock went .over for the extra point, but fumbled and the point was lost. Lilly, later got the ball after a blocked kick by Gates but the visitor* were unable to turn the break to advantage. Play ended In midfield. Shock's fullback play was sensational the player tearing off many gains. Curly Edgar, Whitey Marshall and Lafferty also starred in carrying the ball. On the line Wedol and Leich- tenstine featured. Lineups: Lilly—0 Alt. J. V.—41 Yingling ..' LE .......... Collella Rodgers LT Troxell K. Leap LG Dixon Constantino C. Shute Sweeney RG- ;.......... Yavasll T. Leap RT Watson Carothers RE .., ; ..... Kutoski G. Brady QB ...'.."... E. Rush C. Brady LHB Marshall Eckenrode ... \,.. RHB Edgar Bradley .'. FB Shock Touchdowns Shook 2, Kutoski 1, Collella 1, E. Rush 1, Marshall 1. Points after touchdowns, Shock 4 (rushes), Lafferty 1, (rush.) , Period score: Altoona J. V. ...14 14 7 6—41 Referee, Hymie Colbua, Penn State. Umpire Dr. Tippery. Head linesman, Zip Milburn. Periods, 10 minutes. Substitutes, Lilly. Hite for K. Leap. Altoona J. V's. Feight for Collella, Weidol for Troxell, Leichtenstine for Dixon. Ryan for Shute, Wilson for Kutoski, Glunt for Rush, Paretti for Marshall, Lafferty for Edgar, Gates for Shoch. A village parson's daughter eloped In her father's clothes. And the next day the village Blatter came out with an account of the elopement, headed: "Flees in Father's Pants." : Our lumber is solid and. we sure give you service. Jas. S. Fleck's Sons. Phone 7427.—Adv. We will be glad to demonstrate to you the Pilot Ray Driving Light This light turns automatically with your steering and puts the light where you need it. American Garage 800-806 Green Ave. TON TRUCKS AT LOW RAXES ALTOONA DRIVE YOURSELF COMPANY 1020 Green Ave. Phone 2-3200 i Trade Your Old Tirei In On New;? V. S. PEERLESS & ROYAL CORDS SIGEL MQTORs CO. The Super Service Station 838-39 24th St. Dial 5118 —Slip "Seat Cover Sale"— Coach and Sedan $2.98 Coupe $1.98 Victor's ATJTO AND 1011 llth Ave. RADIO STOKE 1003 8th Ave. • Auto Accessory and Radio Supply Sale ZIP AUTO & RADIO SUPPLY CO. 1514 llth Ave. Altoona, 1'a. Open Every Evening OUR MOTTO ••Service that la service, and then some." WISUTZHKRGEU'S Service StaUjin Cherry Ave. & Tjn tit. Dial 3-0014 pn «*3716 GLOVES You will be agreeably surprised at the quality of our gloves this season. Good looking gloves are just as necessary a part of a gentleman's dress as hat or other accessories. $2.95 ISO* ELEVENTH AVE.

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