Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 6
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A-6--INDEPENDENT (AM) * PRESS-TEIEGRAM (PM) Law s«icti, ciiii., Timri., M»rcti it, im Probe of rulings by CAB favoring Callaway planned By MICHAEL PUr/EI, WASHINGTON (AP)Tho C i v i l Aeronautics Board plans to conduct a "preliminary inquiry" into rulings that bcne/itted former Army Secretary Howard "Bo" Callaway's Color a d o s k i r e s o r t , C A B officials said Wednesday night. A Senate subcommittee and the FBI already arc investigating allegations t h a t Callaway, recently suspended as President F o r d ' s c a m p a i g n m a n a g e r , s o u g h t favorable treatment of his resort from the Agriculture Department while he was Army secretary.. The CAB's involvement in the case was discovered Wednesday when it was learned that the board for y e a r s has granted Callaway's Crested Bulte ski a r e a exemptions f r o m CAB charier flight regulations. ' CALI.AWAVS o f f i c e released this statement by Callaway following initial disclosure of HIE CAB rulings by the Knight News Service: . "1 told the CAB Ihnl I deeded to run those charters because it was Ihc rmly way 1 could get people to my resort. .Without them, it would have taken someone two days to get from a southern city to Crested Buttc. "And please note that I w a s n ' t e v e n i n g o v e r n - ment at the time," Callaway added. "All I was doing was running a ski resort, and I got no more consideration f r o m t h e CAB than any ski area operator should have." The favorable CAB rulings apparently came between the time Callaway headed Richard Nixon's Southern c a m p a i g n f o r president in 1968 and his appointment, by Nixon to be Army secretary in 1973. C a l l a w a y r e s i g n e d a s Army secretary to head the Ford campaign last July. CAB OFFICIALS told the Associated Press that t h e special waivers permitted Callaway's resorl ilnd three airlines to run cjiarlor flights from the Southeast into Gunnison, Colo., without having to ijieet the CAB's standard . rcstriclions on charters. . Until recently, the officials said, t h e charters would have had to meet at least one of three qualifications thai distinguish those eligible to fly the low-cost c h a r t e r s f r o m those who buy tickets on scheduled airlines. The regulations required t h a t charter flights carry passengers who are established members of an "a'finity group," that they go to more than one overnight point with ground arrangements made (or the passengers at each stop or t h a t t h e y carry travel groups. THE CHARTERS to Gunnison, which is about 30 m i l e s f r o m Crested Buttc, m e t none of the standard conditions, o f f i - cials said, but both the ski resort and the air carriers t h a i f l e w the charters were granted waivers lo p e r m i t t h e flights a n y way. O n e o f f i c i a l familiar with the waivers said Ihe latest waiver expires on A p r i l 30 and probably won't be renewed because Ihe flights could qualify under current regulations. The rationale b e h i n d granting the waivers, one official said, was that Ihc reslrictive charier regulations were designed to protect the scheduled airlines f r o m undue compelilion by Ihc l e s s - e x p e n s i v e charters. Since there was no regularly scheduled air service f r o m Ihc Southeast to Gunnison and since there was litlle likelihood that any s u c h service could succeed, the CAB found the reslriclions were unnecessary in the Created Buttc c a s e , the official said. AN OFFICIAL of United Air Linos, the largest ski lour carrier in the country, (old the AI he had "never heard of waivers of the affinity charter" re- slriclions. The official, who asked not lo be klentified, said some airlines had found ways lo break or'circum- vent Ihc rules bul had not sought CAB approval because (hey assumed it was impossible. A CAB attorney said the board's inquiry "does not constitute an i n v e s t i g a - tion. We are taking a look al the siluation to see if an investigation is warranted. We're just going lo find onl what this thing's all about." Arms-bill addition a boon for Navy 'Sure they steal your heart away' . C h i c a g o ' s S t . Patrick's D a y p a r a d e Wednesday was double celebration for Michael Howlett, left, and Mayor Richard Daley. Howlett, who was Daley's hand- picked candidate, defeated Gov. Daniel Walker by more than 100,000 votes for D e m o c r a t i c gubernatorial nomination. Walker has been in office one term. -APWr«ho HHH may enter if no 'frontrunner' By AL EISELE From Our Slale Ilurrau W A S H I N G T O N - S e n . Hubert Humphrey's top aide Wednesday reiterated Humphrey's d e t e r m i n a - tion lo slay on Ihe sidelines during the 1976 presi- d e n t i a l primaries, b u t indicated that Humphrey may become a candidate at the Democratic National Convention if no "clear fronlrunncr" e m e r g e s from the primaries. D a v i d Gartner, H u m - phrey's administrative assistant, insisted that his c o m m e n t s r e f l e c t no change in Humphrey's fre- q u e n t l y s l a t e d declarations of noncandidacy, but he a c k n o w l e d g e d t h a t Humphrey is keeping a close eye on the primaries lo determine whether he should b e c o m e a c a n d i date al the convention. "If Sen. Humphrey authorizes any effort on his behalf, it would not be until after the California primary (June 8) and Ihcn only if in his view there is no clear--and I underline t h e w o r d 'clear'-- f r o n - tnmner at t h a t lime," Garlner explained. G a r t n e r d e f i n e d a " c l e a r frontrunner" as "anyone in the race who has more than 900 delegates" p l e d g e d 'to him after the primaries. "If that's the situation a f t e r t h e California p r i - m a r y , all other things being equal, I would anticipate t h a t Sen. H u m Ford dislikes price-fix bills WASHINGTON (AP) P r e s i d e n t Ford said Wednesday he has "serious reservations" about legislation which would e n a b l e s l a t e attorneys general to sue price-fixing companies on behalf of consumers. In a tetter lo House Republican leader John Rhodes of Arizona, an opponent o( the bill, Ford cited a variety of objections. phrey would then authorize an effort in his behalf primarily for the purpose of making contact w i t h uncommitted d e l e g a t e s and (or logistical planning purposes al the convention," Garlner added. WASHINGTON (AP) The House Armed Services Committee W e d n e s day approved a $33.4-billion authorization for mili- t a r y weapons and equipment, $698.6 million more t h a n President Ford requested. In the authorization tor the fiscal year starling Ocl. 1, the committee added an e,xtra $1.1 billion for building a net total of 20 new ships, rather lhan Ihe 16 asked for by Ford. It also added $125 million for Navy ABE jet fighters. BUT THE a d d i t i o n s were offset by committee cuts, which included 1498 m i l l i o n in equipment research and $17 million in Navy missiles. At the same time, the committee a p p r o v e d a $3.3-billion m i l i t a r y cons t r u c t i o n authorization bill, including $437 million for a sophisticated wind- lunnel complex in Tennessee. The c o m m i t t e e approved both bills 34 to I. Chairman Melvin Price, D-I11., said he expects full House action in about two weeks. Rep. Les Aspin, D-Wis., voted againsl the military w e a p o n s authorization m e a s u r e , w h i l e R e p . Floyd H i c k s , D-Wash., was the lone dissenter on the military construction bill. T h e c o m m i t t e e h a d added $2.2 billion to Ford's $6.3-billion request for ship construction, but $1.1 bil- . lion in inflation and cost growth was deferred to fut u r e bills for a net increase of $!'.! billion in this bill. ' After rejecting several of the President's ship re- q u e s t s , the committee voted lo spend the extra $1.1 billion in the following ways: -- $728.8 million to build two long-range, missile- firing Trident submarines instead of one. -- $350 million to build a nuclear aircraft carrier that Ford had said should be put off until next year. -- $940 million for four additional Spruance-ctass DD 963 anti-submarine w a r f a r e destroyers. - $357 million for four instead of three attack nuclear submarines. TALL MEN I LET US SOLVE YOUR CLOTHING PR03LEMS SLOMANN'S LTD. FOR MEN B U E N A PARK SHOPPING CENTER Tr* one kind of itwt ttul w«lillm In fashionable clothing lor Big 8.- Till men -- Sec in lor the hjrd -to-llnd sliK from Ji ifxnl lo JS Ions. 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