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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, April 13, 1976
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Nerthwert Arkcmjoj'TIMES, Tu«r!oy, April 13, 1974 Commission Approves Rezonings Two Petitions Up For Board Final Action The Fjyetleville Cormnisiai Monday Planning afternoon approved two rezonings and detcaled a Ihird al its regularly scheduled meeting al City Hall. Commissioners recommended approval (lo Ihe Board of Directors) of rezoning petitions submitted by Enterprises and Freda Reddell. Holley.Ogden Jewell while and they denied -- by virtue of a 4-4 lie vote -- a petition submitted by the First National Bank, acting as executor lor Ihe estate of · Mrs. Ethel B. Smith. The two approved petitions will now go to Ihe Board for f i n a l action. The bank may. at it? option, appeal the Commission's decision to the Donrd. The Holley-Ogden Enterprises pelition seeks to rezone the 20.88 acre tract on land on which the current Villa Mobile Home Park is Commissioners petition by an located. approved 8-0 vote. petitioners are asking - t h a t Ihe Iract be rczoned from asricul- ural (A-l) lo 'medium rteiisily residential (R-S). . Marines Probe Death Of Youth Killed In Training '" WASHINGTON (AP) - The | Marine Corps says it has tele-: phone records .tbwl prove ,a re'- cruiter made required chocks 1 with law enforcement author' ities Lo clear the way for in; duclion of a Texas youth who ·- later was killed in a training ''. mishap. The records show lhat liie rc- - cruiter made calls from his -Austin. Tex., office to the police 'department and t h e Angelina County district attorney's office in Lutkin. Tex., on Nov. 12, 1975. The Marines also say third call was made lo the county sheriff's office but there is no telephone receipt to prove Local officials in Lufkin have disputed the Marines 1 claim lhat the Inquiries were made fcbout Lyn McClure, 20. saying they have no records and no recollection of any "such calls. But they concede that it is possible Members of McClu're's family and others have said the youth vas retarded and ot doubtful itness for the Marines and lhat e had a record of menial illness nnd several minor brushes vilh Ihe law thai would have disqualified him for rccruil- ment u n d e r Marine regulations The Marines claim the local aulhorilies misled them about McClure's hislorj' and currently are conducting two investigations -- one into his death «nd the other to find out how he came to be accepted for service a f t e r having tailed the enlistment lesl on a previous try. In addition, the case has spurred demands in Congress for invest!gallons of Marine recruitment and training policies. Ihe program in which McClnre the calls were received. Controversy over Ihe Marines' pre-enlislment screening of McClure arose after he s u f - fered head injuries in a close- combat training exercise al San Diego in December nnd died March 13 without, regaining consciousness. ' Tlie second petition involves . 2.2 acre tract Q[ land, iilso toned A-l. The Reddell couple s seeking to have the property zoned low density resident ia (H-l) in order to construct E home. Tlie bank's pell t ten wai denied when tlie coainiissioti.ori dcU'rmincd that a study of the entire central area of the cil should be marie by planning consultant Larry Wood. At th« completion of the study. Woo(o present the Cornmissio w i t h a proposed land use nlm for the area. Attorney Marshall Carlisle representing the bank, ex plained that when Mrs. Smit! died, she requested in her wil that all her properly be sol and her estate divided in cast' Carlisle said the last lol contacting only 5.329 srniar f e e t , is smalt and not of "miicl nse, as is." He said lhal potential buyer, Roger Scrra had agreed lo purchase th property lo use as a parking lot provided that the propcrt could be reconed f r o m residenia office (R-O) lo thoroughfar commercial (C-2). After more discussion, th Commission voted 4-4, donyin £ petition. In other action, the Con mission: --Approved a condition! use request submitted by Pli Mcdcah' to locale a duplex ' was injured pended, and has been · sus- ^ --- his family has filed a 53.5 million claim againsl Ihe U.S. government. Marine spokesmen here saii: the telephone receipts were turned up in the corps' investigation of McClure's recruitment.- That .inquiry is complete and now "under evaluation" by senior olfiecrs at Marine head quarters here, they said. Fear Covers Lawton Area Where Child Found Dead NEW YORK STOCKS Opening PrtcM MjrntiMtf *x II A. O. kdwim · ~« I . 7% . 55% 25 101k 25% 18'W 25','s 22',i Ballot Spots Drawn 35^8 Soli '281S R-l property located at 3017 O Fnrmiiiglon Road. -Approved a conditional us^ request submitted by Bill Graue to locate a landem lot of properly located on Mission Boulevard, iiorlh of North Street. . . G r a u e had originally requested permission to locale .rk Best Corp .incr Tel $· Tel ,vk La Gas .. nldvvin umpbcll Soup Central fc S W )el Monle Jillards G Kdwnrds .inerson 'rentier Air Gen Growth Gordon Jewelry nil I l a r v -T-E Imperial ..evi Strauss -- \larcor :'cnneys Pizza Hut Ralston Purina ... laylhcon Sambo's Scott Paper .ears .hakcspeare Union Carbide ... Victor Wal-Mart ..-. Ark West Gas Kearney Nail Minute Man Pioneer Foods H K Porter Sid Reg Tyson Foods Averages Ms up 4.80 Trans Utils Volume Commodity Openings: May corn 2.65!i Ma£ soybeans Apr eggs May pork bellies 78.90 May \vlieal (CONTINUE!) FflO« I'XGF. ONE) Magulre explainc. Al the Mny 25 primary. voters will foe asked which primary tlioy will vote iu u n d j their voter registrations will b e j design-ulcd. They will be! to Hit machine. Republican primary, | itrige al the voting! zcll and Claud Prcwill: Districl Bight -- Ginger Parker, Jim I I . Hoyd. Bob MclirWc. and Larry 1C. Phillips; District NNinc - Peter Ihirk- ius, 'William Isaacs. Jack Ray. Ron liunipass. ami Gary Car- and Loyd K. Swopc; Dist Government Puts $2 Into Supply Area News] Briefs [ WASIl'iNGTON (AP) -- When c'.ishiirs a check or receiving clmngc today, it might be n Choir Receive! .The jiKlgfl will (hen lock in either the Democratic or Republican section of Ihe ballot f o r t h e voter..Tbe voter w i l l then close the cnrlain and mark his ballot. If llE has chosen to vote in the Democratic primary, Hie Republican portion of the ballot will be locked out and vice versa. Asked what lo do if someone and Hobcrl L. Wlullock; anit Districl 13 -- D.V. (Jack) Collins. Kenneth Harmon, Thclma Sue Elvins. Mark Corley, John and Charles II. listed (J.C.) Sell. Phillips, Constables - - for each district in Hie order in which they will appear on the ballot: District One -- Richard L. (Dick) Hoyt and Everett Davis: District Three (Dob) '.. 20!! :.. 73','. 91i 68H 5^3 . . . - . : lli :. 19',4-20 6«;7W }i-l'/s 514-6 37-38 16W-17V4 ... 1514-16 .. down .C up .1 2.820.000 4.86W says lie is an independent and-Bailey and Robert John Hillon: wants to vote in Hie. ' parly District Four -- Glairy P,. Beitel primary. Maguire said (his and Curtis E- Boyd Sr.: District wants to vote primary. Maguire said icrson "has to be (old in good idea to count your money with extra care. In commemoration of Thomas Jefferson's birthday, tlie government is introducing $2 bills into Ihe nation's money supply. Banks have been holding the new bills 'or a couple of days now with directions to keep them in their vaults until.toduy. By year-end, 400 million ol the new bills will have been rtis- Tibuled, including 225 million today. , President Ford received tbe first 52 bill Monday from Treasury Secretary William K. Sinion in a brief While Hoiise ceremony. It cost the President two $1 bills. The new bills come despite n Harvard University study lhal very nice, lair way lhal Ibis is iust not bis parly." Ballot drawing began with t b e j Gordon names of the tour Presidential! c o n s t . . - . candidates who have entered unopposed in their districts. Seven -- Kay B. Drownc and Warren J.-McDonald: and IMs- trlcf 13 -- Virgil Jackson and L. Hudson. Olhcr b 1 c candidates are inclicMicd the public Arkansas' first preferential primary. Since none of tiie candidates nor their representatives At Monday night's meeting, ballot positions for county convention delegates and for w e r e present. Committee Democratic Central Commilfee members Hrow [or ,thcm. Presidential candidates appear on the ballot in -the following order: George C. ^al- lac£, Morris Uclall. Henry Jackson and Jimmy Carter. As a- result of the' ' d r a w i n g for liallot positions in the gover- ' ' members were also drawn. nor's race, names will the candidates' appear in the UA (CONTINUED ETICiM PARE ONE) l\vo tandem property, but lots on the tlie Commission agreed lo allow Ihe localion o[ onlv one 5uch lot. -'Approved a conditional use request submitted hy William N . Meadows to locate property located at 3800 Crossover Road. -Agreed to hold a public hearing in the Eutnre lo discuss Ihe possibility Unit 23 of placing conditional Usi LAWTON, Okla. (API -Fear is sinking Ihe South Law- Ion area where twin sEslers, one of them dead, were found sluffed in an abandoned refrigerator last Saturday. "We're not just stunned -we're terrified," Mrs. Ralph Smith said Monday. "Whoever it was that kilted that little girl could murder again." A 10 year-old boy playing near an abandoned house Sat urday afternoon heard screams and found 316-year-old Augus tine "Tbe" Carpitcher and the body of her twin Mary Eliza belh. Tina bore teeth, burn and whip- marks on her body. How ever, she did not require lenglhy hospital treatment anc has been returned lo her grand mother, with whom the .(wins had been living. Mrs. Smith said a 6-yearol( granddaughter from out o town had planned to visit thei home at Easter but "now \v don't want her in the neighbor hood. We don'L think its really safe here for a child." Residents estimated there an more than 300 youngsters livini in the area within two mile from the small rundown shacl where the twins were found. Cleveland School, one of LBV, Purse Thefts Reported In Area SPRINGDALE -- Sherr Roman and .lody Gullcdge, hot of City View Trailer Park reported to police late Monda the (heft of money from the purses inside their trailei Several people were in and 01 of the house Monday night, tli women said. A wallet wa stolen from Miss Roman purse, and about $80 in cas was t a k e n f r o m Miss Gtilledge handhag. In a similar incident. K c g i n Simmons of J a n d L Conr reported the t h e f t of her purs from her a p a r t m e n t Monda while she was at work. Tt purse did not contain anylhin but cosmetics, police sai Police found no signs of forcen e n t r y , D u r i n g the w e e k e n d , po1i also reported two other p u r : Uiefts. Founded 16W 212 ft. Ka« Avt- nj*tl«villf. Ark T27W M) ditly "lid Suiylay «xr r 1. Jclj 1 Tfi»rl»;Ivlni J wtJpt i. A/L MFJHBER .The Awoas1* scnscRrnioN RATES EJfectlv* Soveml*/ 1. 1971 ', HOT* DfHrtr? P«r moolli bj c*rrm *Bfl» copj 6A"7 tOc. Sorvllj PA Kid It ffjihlBitna, Rfowa. M*d 'too coon- rtw, Ark.. A4«lr Cft, 0*1* i Outride ibcrv* c I BJOJlh- I rrcotia n Ihe heavy commercial-light industrial (1-1) zone. Use U n i t 23 includes heavy industrial activity. currently prohibited in an 1-1 zone. Several commissioners noted that m a n y of the businesses currently located in 1-1 properly arp non-conforming and. as such, are nol allowed lo expand .. s largest elementary hools, Is less than four blocks m Ihe abandoned house. Mrs. Dorris \S'oodham. who id to babysit wilh Ihe Cnrpit- sr twins, said she was not ly sick about ths slaying, but ysiified. "Why, those two little girts ouktn'l talk io a stranger." ;aiel. "How they got across ore Boulevard (one of Lawn's busiest streets) is some- ling I will never understand. mcbody had to take them." Her husband said the twins ere even leery of hJm even Lough his wife find been the imily babysitter. "I just don't believe they ould have left their front yard iless they were going with omchody "they knew awfully ell." he said. "There's no other way to fig- re it out. Trie whole neighbor- ood feels the same way -- and verybody, even adults, is just , make repairs. All petroleum b u l k plants the the city are located in tbe 1-1 zone. which makps them all non- City Council To Consider Fire Ordinance SPRINGDALE--- One of the ordinances the Springdnle City Council will consider lonighl al its regular meeting would make Ihe city's building code more fire-protect ion-oriented, if the ordinance passes. Passage of this ordinance is _i pmt of Ihe fire protection planning program that Spring- d a l e ' s Fire Department currently is involved in. Ken Rilcy, director of the Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning conforming, noted. the Commission Obituary Commission, ordinance. lUley present Ihe has been following order: Jim Lintisey, John H. Chambers, Frank Lady and Gov, David Pryor. In th,e attorney, general's race, t h e names will appear on the ballot Bill Clinton, and George O. Jer- nic.m. In . lh/2 Washington County clerk race," iyiildrcd McGaugh will appear first on the ballot, followed by Marilyn Edwards. In the'secrclary of state race, Frank Hcnslee will appear first. Winston Bryant's named will he listed second on the ballot, Ken Johnson's Ihird, and R o b e r t - W . Brier's fourth. In the Supreme Court for chief justice, names will be listed' in the following order: Jim Johnson, and Carle ton Harris. In the Supreme Court contest for position seven, names will be lisled in Ibis order: John Purtle. JudtfL ua.rell Hickkman, and Judge Melvin Maylield. In the race' for chancery judge for Ine 13th district, race, John Lineberger's name will precede David J. Burleson's. In the race for circuit judge. 4th Circuit, Division 2, names will be listed as follows: Paul Jameson, Richard Wells and Joe lo the campus future, needs He said Ihe an adequate lain scared any more." Meanwhile, Lawion police ontinued an investigation. Ten ersons have been questionec far, hut police said. "We ave no f i r m suspects." "We're still working on a lot f leads and sifting them out Ve're going lo clear this up iut it may take a little time,' aid Police Chief Alford Hen icssce. One of the big questions stil manswercd is how the twins got from their grandmother's ront yard! to the abandoned IOUEC, and where [hey were he- ween the lime they disappeared Thursday a n d . were ound Saturday. The grandmother said she as cleaning her house last Thursday while the twins played in the yard. She said TERRY DANIEL Rentonville -- Terry Clarence Daniel, 65. of the Mount Pleasant community, died Monday al his home. Born Aug. IB. 1910 at Moiint Pleasant, he was a 3anlisl'. Survivors are the widow, Mrs. Mildred Hart Daniel of the lome; two daughters, Mrs. Lora Burnett of Tulsn and Mrs. M a r t h a Dcatherage of Mount Pleasant; one sister. Mrs, Stella Duncan of Mount Pleasant and two grandchildren. Funeral' service will he at 2:30 p.m. Thursday at the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church with burial in Mount Pleasant Cemetery under direction of Burns Funeral Home. assisting the fire department with its master plan. Fire Chief Mickey Jackson said the ordinance will amend the city's building code (Springdale uses the Southern Standard Building Code) so lhat in all new residential class occupancies -- from homes to apartments to hotels--- smoke detectors will he required. The orditusnce will also call for n sprinkler system in any new building that is more than 40 feel tall, in a business office and! storage buildings with an area in excess of 15,000 square feel, in all new insUtutional iccupancics such as . nursing i m e s and hospitals, and in Two of the 13 Justice of the Peace districts - attracted only one candidate for Ut£ primary, but drawing for hallol positions was necessary in the remaining 11 riislricts. The districts, followed by the candidates names listed in Ihe order in which thpy will appear on Ihe ballot, follows: District Two -- J. 0. Kelly Mel Poago, Elbert E. (Gene; Graham, and Louis McJnnkin District Three -- John E. Arm strong, George Dover, and Con rad E. .Haftman; District Fou -- Ralph C. Brooks and William concert hall for the University and its constituency. He cited as an example of progress Ihe will house Ihe Department o lie said the arts were parti cularly important al this time "when a new spirit of h u m a n ism must gain the ascendancy." Noting that the liberal and performing arls had suffered in recent years because of an emphasis on scientific education, he asserted,that society needs "the development of a IIGAV sensibility, in man..,and an appreciation of what makes Ihe beautiful beautiful ; and- Iho ugly ugly in our customs and mores, in nature and in our architecture, .music, dance; painling. sculpture.' and the other arts. Bislibp said the University had a great tradition in music, adding lhat the symphony had been "a vital parl of this tradition," He pledged that the University "would continue to support it in e v e r y ' possible. 11 The UA president reminded his audience that music har frees the human spirit result of two kinds of exper- neans of conveying thought nnri deas," and he declared that t frequently is more effective n communication than is litera- "Kducalion in music.!' Dr. Bishop continued, "is educalior auxious lo see a new denomination bill. The S2 bill originally had been phased onl in 1966 because people were reluclanl to use it. Another factor in b r i n g i n g out the new $2 bill was the hope that Ihe government will be able to print fewer SI bills, saving up to $7 million aycar. The government prints nboul 1.6 billion. Si-bills a year now. Thomas Jefferson's picture -·ill be on the new bill, just 'as ic wis featured on the old $2 bill. . . Actually. Jefferson s picture is on both sides. His portrait is on the Ironf. The back depicls the signing of the Declaration of Independence, based on a painting by John Trumbull. Jcf ferson is tbe second Irom Ihe right in Ihe f i v e - m a n standing group al the table. The old S2 bill had Jefferson's Monticello home on the back. KflycllcvillG H i g h School choirs received nine superior ratings from the nine judges that heard llictn perform' nt the Stale Choral Conlcst in Con- wily Friday. : Don Wright director smd Ihc FUS Boys Choir w a s U h e only male choir to make n superior rating from the three judges and the girls choir was the only one in stale competition to receive Ihrce first place 'Vhe school's A Cappclla Choir received ratings of 09. Et7, 97 out of a possible ICO, f r o n v l h e judges and a standing ovation from (lie audience composed of other choirs and directors. One of the judges rated them the icsl he'd heard in the contest, Wright said. Car Vandalized A spokesman for H a I ( i e 1 d Ponliae Co. at 212 N. College Avenue told Fayelleville police Monday lhat sometime d u r i n g the past two days someone ripped the vinyl lop on a 1973 Cadillac parked al the lot. Ceremony Signifies End Of (onslruclion A "Topping Out" ceremony vill be held al Washington Regional Medical Cenler at 10:30 a.m. Thursday. The ceremony is a tradition n Ihe construction industry and signifies the last major concrete )bur for the structure. Following an informal coffee n the library conference room tree be raised lo ;op of the construction Frank J, Rooncy, general ; ractor. Meyer Enrolls Steven B. Meyer, an officer wilh the" cieparlmcnl oE public Safety of Ihe University nf Aransas. is enrolled at the Ar ansas Law Enforcement raining Academy at * East amden. The officer is participating in Police T r a i n i n g Class K a n , , the daughter S. and Lois Lewis Iph F. (Bill) Sonneman: District Five David K, she looked out about 2 p.m. discovered them gone. and Police believe the girls were shoved into the refrigerator sometime Saturday mom in R. 4-H Winners Chosen S P R I X G D A L E -- Winners in ,hc 4-H Barbecue Contest held iast S a t u r d a y during the 17th annual N T orlhwesl A r k a n s a s Poultry Festival included A n n a I'oulsen ot Benlon County, Kay A r atson of Mndison Countv. and Sherry Milton of Sebastian County. First and second a l t e r n a t e s were Debbie Jones of Sebastian bounty and LaDonna llemiricks ot W a s h i n g t o n County. The w i iiner s will rcpr esc nl [his district in the A r k a n s a s Poultry festival's 4-H Barbecue MRS. MAI1LK ANDERSON Springdalc-Mrs. Mable S Anderson. 91, of Route 3, Springdale. died 'this morning a Benton County nursing home. Born June 1, 1884 al Circteville, of George Bcmenl, she was a Methodist. Survivors are one son Preston of Little Rock: two d a u g h t e r s , Mrs. lxrcan Tillotson of Springdale and Mrs. Lcora Ford of Lindale. Tex., one sister. M r s . fx*ona dement of Rogers: three grandchildren; three great- grandchildren and one great- !reat-grandchihl. Funeral service will he at 2 p.m. Wednesday al S i s c o Funeral C h a p e l w i t h b u r i a l in Elm Springs Cemetery. to be held Springs. in June at Hoi ligh hazard occupancies such as warehouses for chemicals anri-or hazardous products Other agenda items tonight include a resolution authorizing the city to sign a memo of agreement with the Urban Renewal Agency to complete t h e Downtown Emma u r b a n renewal project, a resolution reappointing Dr. Stanley Apple- gale to the Springdale Housing Authority, a resolution reallocating certain revenue sharing f u n d s , and a resolution accepting property on the city's behalf from George's, Inc. An ordinance accepting the final plat for the Twin City Industrial Park is also on the ag etui a. Th e nc vvly-pr epa red Industrial Park is located off Mwy. 71 south, just south of the railroad underpass and east of the highway. A rezoning o r d i n a n c e for properly at the corner of Huy. 71 south and) East Shady Grove Road is also planned. Community Development director Jerry Reeves is scheduled lo speak about several new CD projects. Harp and Brian Walker: District Six -- Ora L. Clatcrbaugh and Peg Anderson; District Seven __ Larry L. Brown? Jr., Herbert Hatfleld. Peggy Friz- in both thought and spirit. is the kind of education that frees the h u m a n s pirit as a icncc: the projection of music bv a performer and the reaction to, and appreciation of, music by the listener." "When we consider the nature ind role- of a university...w ook upon it as an tnstitutioi concerned with the education o the whole person and wit developing the culture of th entire society," he added. 'Inch encompasses 220 hours of lassrcom i n s t r u c t i o n . Graduates of t h e academy must a s s xaminalion and'practical tire- rms qualification. EOA Board 01 Directors To Meet The Board oof Directors of t h e Washington C o u n t y Economics Opportunity Agency will meet at 1:30 p.m. Thursday in the conference room at EOA lead quarters in Fayettcvillc. Staff reports on f a m i l planning, f u n d i n g , the expander D i a 1 - A - R i d e service an weathermng activities wil' b* 1 made. A lask group, appointed by the Board will also report on health ' c a r e needs in the Wins low area. T h e upcoming planning process for 1976-1977 Com' m u n i l y Services Refunding will be discussed and the Board will consider initiating Title XX contract negotiations with Arkansas Social Services to fund a day vice program for the elderly. Invasion (CONTINUED FROM PACE ONE) the strip bclween the tnoun tains and the shore north I Tripoli. The rest of the countr is divided among the left is Moslems, moderate Moslem the Saiqa guerrillas, the PL guerrillas and the Syrians. A ccnse-fire now is in c f f c c until the end of April, but figh ing continues, with another 6 persons reported killed Mo day. Times Selected The T I M K S Northwest has hccn Arkansas selected employer of (he m n n l h of April by lli e Coopera I ive Of f i c e Kducalion (COE) class at Fay- eUeville High School. The n o m i n a t i o n was m a d e bv N a n c y Stanherry, s t u d e n t employe and voted upon by other class members. The award was accepted by Charles Conrad, head of ' the f i r m ' s bookkeeping department lor Ihe Kmploycr of the Year V o n d a l f s m Reporfed SPRINGDAI-K -- Vandalism at the Steele Canning Company plant on South Forter was reported Monday morninfi. Paint w a s sprayed on the windows of ihc south side of t h e building and on a scmi- t r u c k , according to police reports. Poiicc said damage was estimated at S200. MISSED YOUR PAPER? WE'RE SORRY! If you rannot reach your TIMKS carrier PHONE 412 6242 Daily 5 to 6:30 p.m. Saturday 4:30 to 6 p,m. Sunday 8 to 9:30 a.m. :irm. The will be selected from monthly nominations at the a n n u a l awards banquet April 22. Pool Of Siloam Pageant Cancelled SILOAM SPRINGS -- The scheduled Easier presentation of t h e Pool of Siloain a Riblicnl pageant in 14 scenes has been canceller]. The cancellation w a s announced by Cecil Smith, chairman of the committee who said t h a t it would cost approximately SI,000 lo prepare the exhibit and t h a t the project has only $308 on hand, contributions from 21 indjviduals and clubs. Smith said lhat contributors may request r e f u n d s or leave the f u n r l s in the account for f u t u r e use. It is hoped lhal necessary repairs can be made The meeting public. is open to the Women Police Win Law Suit At Benlon I3KNTON, Ark. ,(AP) -- The Benlon Police Department has agreed ta an oiit-ol-cou'rt settlement of a sex discrimination suit filed against it in 1974 by two female police officers. Tlie police officers, Rosalie Krumbplow and Judy Hass, charged that the department discriminated FiRainst women in pay, raises, duties, hiring, over- lime pay; uniform allowance, vacalion and sick leave ami work hours, In a consent decree filed Monday in icaerai court here, the department agreed to treat all its employes alike, regard- i/;ss o[ sex, race, color or national origin. It also agreed to: --let fcvnule employes use accumulated sick leave, vacalion leave and other forms of leave for absences due lo pregnancy. --assure females taking leave for pregnancy lhal Ihey . will have their jobs when they return. --let employes off on holidays with pay if they do not have patrol, street nr supervisory dulies and if their services ; a r a not. needed on holidays. f i n a l w r i t t e n As part of the settlement. Mrs. Brumbelow will be paid damages of $495 and Mrs. Hass will receive $675. Both will/receive a salary of $670 per 1 month as of Feb. 1. Fishing Gear Stolen The t h e f t of two fishing rods and reels and a tackle box from the Gerald Tucker residence ol Route 1, Summers. was reported Monday to the Wash ington County Sheriff's Office. Tucker said the fishing gear was stolen prior lo 6 p.m. Monday. Dillard's · Mor thwest Ark. F and the d u r i n g Ihi ! page? e Christ ; geant presented 'mas season. NATIONAL SELECTID MORTICIANS HUM touxn MOttOMCUNB Easter "sundaes" 790 ORIG. $11 SALE Dressy little wafer v/edges with the reol fashion-rite T-strap . . . a real savings on your Easter shopping! White and Block potent in infants', childrens' and girls' sizes. Children's Shoes--DILLARD'S'

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