Independent from Long Beach, California on January 17, 1975 · Page 23
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 23

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1975
Page 23
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PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) m* M»O, cuii., fi.. ;m.», mi 'Constant Wife' a constant delight J ^ROBERT C. WYLDER r* "* * ' , ' , ' ' * With a title like that, "·;'The Constant Wife" 'should be a Restoration ·comedy by Congrove or -Wycherley. It isn't that -·old, though, even if it does rliave some venerable creaks in it. It was written fc" Somerset M3it n ham and first produced in 1927. Nearly fifty years later it is playing at the Shubert Theater in Century City and holding up pretty well for its age. Ingrid Bergman is the Irwin P;\rnes presents SIT,, M 25 at 8 P.M, MUSIC CENTER DOROTHY ORNDI.FR '*"' PAVILION 28TH INTERNATIONAL FOLK DANCE FESTIVAL Narrated by MISS RHONDA FLEMING SkCMYO TO, SUPERS YM\M DANCER DIRECT FROM TOKYO, FEUX FIBKH, SOULFUL CHASSMC DANCER: SKY HGHCHIEF's DELIGHTFUL FOLK DANCING PUPPETS; SUJATA ASOKA, CELEBRATED HINDU DUO; ANTON1N HOOEK, OECH COMEWA DEL ARTE; XOCHOUETZAL AZTECS DIRECT FROM MEXICO; LAD7EKPO AFRICAN DANCERS DRUMMERS; JOSE ESPAR2A FIERY HAMENCO; RINAJA BELLY DANCERS; KHADRA TURKISH SWORD FIGHTERS; KARRAS GREEKS; ETIENNE FRENCH CAN CAN; WOT POLYNESIANS; DANCES OF BAVARIA, POLAND, SCOTLAND, SWEDEN, UKRAINE, USA. tony. 8JH, SB, tit, W4, IS* ftoiw GWT81. Fw low group rota f^me 272-5539. rWyl nit ecu «inioR» BIVD !· 9Z4-bbJl M i rnriwAr DARK STAR SOME PEOPLE CALL THEM ANIMALS . . ." "BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE" 12 Day Engagement NOW PLAYING THRU SUN., JAN. 19 All Seats Reserved $3.75 · 54.75 · $5.75 · $6.75 PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE TUES. UN. 7 W£0. J«K. S TKRS.'JBK. 9 FRI. IfiN. 10 SftT. JIN- 1t 1:00. SL'h'. JfiH. U WON. JIN. 13 f TUIS. JUN. 14 WED. JtN. 15 THUS. JIN. 16 FRI. JiN. 17 SUN. IkH. 1! PM '8:00 PM -8:00 PM -8:00 PM .5:OOLS:OOPM 1:00 I '5:00 PM 0 PERFORMJLNCE -8:00 PM , '8:00 PM *8:00 PM 8:00 PM 5.00 t 9:00 PM 1:00 5:00 PM BOX OFFICES NOW OPEN: At the Fonjm. Pacific Stereo (B37 S. Hill) and all Mutual Agencies, and TrcleUrjn in all Sears. Broadway and Wards. 680UP DISCOUNTS CALL 674 6000 EXT 206. HftIL ORDERS ACCEPTED: PO Bu IB. ln E l£KOOrJ, Ca. 90306 AT TVIE FABULOUS main reason w h y . No tnstlor whHt th? age cannot wither her nor custom stale. It is a real joy to watch her turn a middling p l a y into a theatrical triumph. Not that "The Constant Wife" isn't a lot of fun. Squarely in the Noel Coward tradition, with echoes of Shaw and Wilde to boot, it is a witty and urbane bit of fluff with plenty of good lines. It would have been called a "drawing room comedy" in its day, when some people still had drawing rooms and e v e r y o n e knew what one was. Not much happens in it except that people talk a good deal, m u c h more amus- . ingly than in any real living room. No one ever feels anything, of course; everyone is too busy being clever to bother with feelings. Real blood at play rehearsal C H A T F I E L D , M i n n . (AP) -- A play rehearsal was more realistic than planned, and the victim wound up in a hospital. Richard Ruskell and Joseph Chase, both 18 and of Chatfield, w e r e among cast members practicing Wednesday night for the play, "The Zoo Story." The plot called for one of the characters wanting to commit suicide and persuading a friend to stab him. Chase stabbed Ruskell as planned -- but accidentally missed the padding in Ruskell's shirt. The knife got Ruskell in the right rib area below the chest. He is expected to be r e l e a s e d f r o m the hospital shortly. Two one-act plays by Anderson slated "Solitaire" and "Double Solitaire," two related one-act plays by Robert Anderson will be presented by the Center Players at the Long Beach Jewish Community Center, 2601 G r a n d Ave., Saturday, 8:30 p.m.: and Sunday at 7:30 p.m. The plays concern the problems of family life, one in fantasied future, the other contemporary. HIICHI*!NOO» .STILL, the play does hsvc a cuttin 0 cd^s 3 little surprising for its time. Some of the ideas about the maturing of a marra- age have a distinct modem ring to them, and the emergence of the emancipated woman will make l i b e r a t i o n i s t s of both sexes stand up and cheer. What will make everyone stand up and cheer is the way Miss Bergman and friends, under the direction of John Gielgud, put life into the proceedings. The cast with one unimportant exception is uniformly excellent, all players forming a unified ensemble and all delivering lines so clearly and distinctly that not a word is lost. After Stanley Kowalssi that isn't always the case in American theater, but it is an essential for comic timing, and this group does it marvelously well. Best of all is Ingrid Bergman as the constant w i f e ( n o t n e c e s s a r i l y faithful, she explains, but constant). Is Miss Bergman a great actress or only a great personality? Docs she create a role or just absorb it and adjust it to her own persona? One' can't say which, but one can say that which- i!VHr il is she fills the stage with her own particular brand of charm and power, a dramatic electricity that compels attention without insistence. Her colleagues on the boards at the Shubert are acting their roles, and very well, too, but she- is being Constance, apparently without acting at all. And that's the best kind of acting there is. "The Constant Wife" is set in the late 1920s, an era accurately reflected in the hideous gowns and hats all the females in the cast are obliged to wear in order to look authentic. Fortunately, the clothes don't matter much. The people in them do, and they all do well by the Old Party, as Maugham was fond of referring to him- the current production of "The Constant Wife," ana so was I. It was a constant delight. IUHU 01 reieii iii£ w i"" 1 ^.Tgi. g^pxwMGgAJw PRIX ADUIT THlATRE S '.. .)- ... W ,339 E.Ariesid. NO. Long Beach l r N e w mo Now Showing "THICKK'MX All x-ratod films Phone 4»-WB The greatest wildlife and chase story In the history ol the North! Challenge tobe nee HEBECAMEAlEGBfl) W. YOUUNfVER FORGET . vmi :v, MIKE MAZURKI r-l^-rtJHHIHY KAKE sTH fa*" ten*t,l*MH Biida) ty M(Ml! · A TOt HIBiMIM [llliSPRHS, IK RELf 1SE · OMR S( CFI LAST 3 DAYS MUST END TUES 429-3012 (714)828-1660 WEEKDAYS · 5:00 · 7:00 · 9:00 SAT SUN - 1:00 - 3:00 - 5:00 · 7:00 · 9:00 2 INCREDIBLY EROTIC MOVIES .OIRIfc*^ IVUBIUHB -Efo^amm ADULTS ONLY® MITCHELL BROTHIHS' LONG BEACH 217 EaM Ocean Blvd. 437-1267 Bon Oilier Open* 10.m TORRANCE Solllnfl Hllli, Twront* 325-2600 Pot. Ctt. Hwy. 1 Crenihaw DISNEY'S "ISLAND AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD" (G) "LONGEST YARD"(.| "VANISHING POINT"(D) La Mirada, Alondra. Firestone JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER P L A Y E R S PRESENT "SOLATAIREAND DOUBLE SOLATAIRE" BY ROBERT ANDERSON DIRECTED BY ELLIOT FRIED SAT., J A N . 18 )S - 8 : 3 0 P.M. SUN., J A N . 19 4 W - 7:30 P.M. ADULTS 52.50-SENIOR ADULTS STUDENTS S1.SO · TICKETS OH SALE AT BOX OFFICE JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER NATHAN SCHULMAN AUDITORIUM Th:s S^-.ison, \ou e\ir.!\ iilnis ni.ije from few *pl.i\s .ind one in.tciL.:! inu' (.i!erui.i J.ickson. M.iMmilun Schell ihjt 'Tiddler On (he Roof" nun Topol. Kl! Sione, John C/ieleud. York, .ind Abn'li.iies .ire .imoni! ihe m.iny surs. 'Rich film will be shown onl) four limes: t w o evenings and I»o nulinct's, on n Monday anvi Tuesday each month, M.utins this month and ending in May" Gel your Season Tickois now at the box office nearest ou. Prices are $20.00 for cunnings. Sil.50 for matinees ($1000 for senior citizen and student matinees). Most major credit cards are accepted, so you can charge your Season Tickets. It's going 11 be a grcal season. We would, hate to slan without von. I Long beacn PLAZA Anaheim BROOKHURST Ccrriios U.A. CERRITOS MALL Costa Mesa MESA Westminster U.A. MALL CINEMA Msnfliy Serifs Jidyjry 27, February 24, f/jr(h 17, Ami 2], Mjjr 19 Tueidjy Series January 2tX fct)ii.jry 25. Varcri 15, lonl 22, Vay 20 SeMs ,vc urufse-vf.! Howevor, scaling is guaranteed lor each The American Film Theatre 1«0 *rtn.fc.f IM Am»rif*t.m« Y*'*.N Y.lMli NOW PLAYING ON STAGE "A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS" THE-FBJI THAT'S RED HOI! By Robert Bolt FBI., SAL, 8,30 P.M.; FRI., S2.50i SAT. S3. 00 «·;* M · .^ ^ THE BLOCKBUSTER EROTIC SHOW OF THE YEAR NOTHING CENSORED) PRIVATE LESSONS CONTINUOUS PERFOBMflNCES DAILY FROM 10:00 AM FOURTH HIT (%} (DAROUHD THE WORLD STARTS 6:45 P.M. ONLY LONG BEACH Son Diego Fwy. at Santa Fe Ave. DRIVE-IN SHOWING! WITH FAHHY HILL AMBER 137 w. Ocean BM. THt ATRtS INC 1 435-3022 NOW SHOWING Real snow and movie magic snow ....just minutes away at the new marineland

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