Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 27, 1950 · Page 11
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 11

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1950
Page 11
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Nevada, California Vote Outcome A Question j * f ., ' 'SACRAMENTO/Calif.; = Oct. v 27. 0P}--You run into an odd'situation in the fourth'and seventh'congressional.dis- tricts in California;"First iof'tall,'remember;'that California candidates are allowed to', "crossfile," to go after bothjmajor party "nominations; '..an'ds'many succeed. The .two districts are ort opposite sides of S a i l - F r a n - ~ : ~ ~ Cisco bay. Democrats' outnumber Republicans in -each 4 , 'bailiwick, y et - - · · ' * In San - Francisco's rich-poor fourth, Democratic Rep.: Franck -^Photo by R«(ie Russell OVER 25 YEARS in the beauty-parlor business in Tucson is the record of the three women, pictured here. They are, left to right, Edith TencHert, Santa Rita Beauty .salon; Mrs. Thelma Galbraith, Thelraa's Beauty salon; and Mrs. Isabel Rogers, University Beauty shop. The three received special recognition during National Beauty Week meetings during the past veek. Board 13 Calls Men In County Havenner ; has been in and out Preston, 835 S. Fremont, Gayle S Smith, 703 E. 3rd St., Freddy Floref Gallego, Rt. 7, Box 130, Richard ; B Yeager, 1325 E. Linden, Alber Bernham Kerland, Rt. 3, Box 59. ,T. WarrentDelfosse, Rt. 5, Box 013 Novbert Gomez,' 804 S. Santa Rita Floyd Rucben Lunde, 2201 N. .Fair Oaks, Ernest 0. . Serna, 4443 E Texas St., Lonzo Drayton, Oxnard Calif., Bernard Botf ield, 1030 -E Lowell, Charles E. Wendel, Box 149, 'Rt. 7, Floyd L. Barlow, 2821 E Elm St., Albert Henry Jones, 431G i E. Speedway, Ned Raymond Glidewell, 437 E. Hermosa, James Ted Hill, 3205 E. Grant Rd., Robert G Delwarte; Los Angeles, Calif., John K. .Alexander, Two .Dot, Montana Andrew Huckaby,' Rt.. 7, Box 820 :'·' -William Henry McMurry, Rt. 4 Box 31, Robert Clarence Simmons Ludlowville, N.Y., George R. Stewart, 2604 E, Drachman, Florian Martin .-Kos, 2550. N, Fontana, Donald Robert Berlinski, 825 N. ' Second Ave., Richard E/ 'Nichols, 3430 E. Seneca, Donald L. Simpson, Ojal, Calif., James A. Thayer, 2641 Croydon, Joe Burns Perkins, 623 E. 2nd St., .George Ottmar : Matheny, 1604 E. Broadway. Frederich Gale Fellowes, Jr., .1066 N. Highland Ave. Transfers-' are: Louis Fisher Green, Jr., 2621 E. Adams, William F. Hardt, Gen. Del. Univ., Station, Bob Roy Patterson, Cochise-Hall. , UA Church Units Hold Open House Five student ;church t ons it' the University of Arizona ·will hold open. house tomorrow ai Moms and ..ads' , day is observed on the compus. They arc Episcopal student ' center, Latter-Day ' Saints Institute, Wesley Methodist and Westminster Presbyterian foundations and the Campbell club of the Christian church. Parents will register from S a.m. Until 5 p.m. at. Old Main and will «t that time receive the football tickets for. the game tomorrow night-between Arizona and Denver university, , . ' · ' - . ! '. THE, :WITS, XRINITJT PRESBY. terian church Junior high school young peoples' 'group, will have a ·unique way of observing "trick or treat", during the Halloween season. Sunday night they. will bring shoes; used clothing, yarn, .toys and story books for Pascua village Indians and .migrant' workers in this area. Miss Judith. Rlcherson is lead.er of the group. Services available to ill reg less ot financial condition- Arizona Mortuary, inc. VEBNA E. TOCUM, Director Dial 4.048* 7 East Third . . · · ' · cuy purcuiist Draft Board 13 will call-approximately 45 Pima county men for Cable Car Co. pre-induction physical examinations. The men will report Nov. 6,-1950 H v h it noon at headquarters, 28 W.McCormick st. In addition to ttreetians- ofsan Franclsco politics so many fers from other boards the list includes: Lawrence Schiever, 201 N. Q£ gg s tha( . hfi ^ t the Tyndall Ave., Rupert H. Hamilton, Momstown. Ariz. Valencia, Fiden- litica , Dacktag o£ both mdus- cio Ochoa, Mendota, Calif., Gilbert Epstein, 2815 E. 6th St., Robert E Hastings, Jr., Ann Arbor Mich.. Al bert E. Touche, 230 S. Country Club Rd,, James William Blackburn Middletown, Ohio, Ahvin Grady Prater, 2935 E. Drachman, Castrama Two Injured In Accidents Havennerfjvho'won by only .4,989 votes in 1948,. almost 'Ifdced' his 1950 Republican 'opponent,' Ray mond'D. Smith, at x the primary. And in Alameda .county's sev enth--equally rich-poor--where 4,' 216 votes decided the-race, two years ago, Republican "Rep.., John J. Allen Jr. goes into "the November election with a 33,182-vote "primary" election bulge over aTiustling Democrat, Lyle . Both Are'-Bald' " Smith is short, fat and bald. He likes to josh about It.' Havenner Is on fee bald side, too,'but Smith jomplains good-naturedly that he has a staff of wavy-haired' young men working for him--and that they get the women's votes: Smith is a political unknown, but he's energetic. He staged a one-man campaign" last year against city purchase of San Francisco he'-won by only 7/10 per cent of the state's vote in 194S.' But i his Republican opponent A. E. (Burr) McKTenzie, thinks-tha- perhaps enough Democrats wil cross party lines.to make the race a close one.. ' · , Baring, 33, former furniture store Salesman, elected over a Rt incumbent in 1948, -1 on Ms record. ,,.- 'has been a pretty close ad ministration supporter and 1 has the support of what little organized labor there is in Nevada. Labor was credited.with helping him to victory in 1948. MacKenzie, , 46 · year - old cattle rancher at Yenngton, is banking on the hope Nevadans "will toss Baring overboard because he has been so much more of a supporter of administration policies than the state's leading Democrat, Sen. Me Carrsn. MacKenzie thinks, however," that the Korean war has helped the Democrats' chances. · , "Business has picked up anc A woman who was riding a motor scooter and a man who was on a motorcycle both had 1 bruises today after · two accidents 'with automobiles-late yesterday. When'ah automobile driven-by Mrs. George Lieben, 49, of 3519 S. Presidio st,-turned off East Speedway 4ntp"' North Fourth avenue, Shirlee Elsie Owens, 24,' of 507 W. Oro st., 'found, the car in- her path and collided with it, police said. The' motorscooter"rider received cuts on .the leg. · Police cited Mrs. Lieben for f ure.to yield right of way.' · Garth Shay, 1 19, of 5719.E. Pima st., the sheriff's office reported, was injured when' his motorcycle collided with an automobile operated by Julius Savlov, 34, of 3315 E. Wlllard' ave. Deputy Richard Tripp said Savlov was making.a left turn from East Speedway into Howard boulevard and cited him for failure to yield right of way. ' Damages to the car and -motorcycle were estimated at SSOO.'and to the motor scooter and Lieben automobile at a total, of 520. . Korean Casualty Toll Lists 65 Dead, 5 Hurt WASHINGTON;;'Oct. ;27. ,._,,. __ defense' "department' -.casualty list (Noi ;vl3.5);4sisiied;; today, -contained organlza- the.names: of 65.dead, five wounded . and one "niissirig' in action, in the Korean fighting:: ^ u __ trialists. and labor unions. A onetime city hall -reporter, he's, great on writing constituents and doing Washington chores for them. He-was stumped not long ago, though. Some San' Franciscans wanted him to collect property damage claims . from the govern merit--for.'the 190G earthquake and fire. ' · Cook After Allen Over-in the seventh district 41- year-old Cook, lawyer, and ex-tax collector, is working energentically to cut into Allen's' primary lead. He has set'out on an ambitious doorbell campaign to tell the voters his opponent has "just about'as negative a record as any congress- man'could'have," · Allen--quiet as Cook is -dynamic --is a hometown Oakland boy from a prominent family. In Washington he plugs for a break for west coast shipbuilding^ Allen was an apprentice seaman in war No. 1 and a lieutenant commander in -the South Pacific in No. 2. Cook- was an 'army lieutenant colonel and" chief legal counssl on the .staff of the western defense commander in World-. War .n. RENO, Ney. Oct. 27. (#)--From a statistical' standpoint, anyway, Democrats should keep Nevada's only congress seat. Democrat Walter Baring, seeking re-election, has almost a 2-to-l registration in his favor, although they've succeeded In at least mak- ( ing things look good, but In the meantime the treasury is 'going dry." MacKenzie, Incidentally, ·· was- horn and raised in Washington, "but I hate 'the town and I certainly -wouldn'trgo back there for tffe climate." He has been in Nevada for 16 years. Stock, Refrigerator Cars Shipping Cotton Stock cars and refrigerator cars are being utilized this year to trans port Arizona cotton to market. Officials of the Southern Pacific Co. said 6,000 cars will be needec to move the cotton shipped'from the gins 'to the compressors when the production is-at its peak and there is a shortage of box cars. About 3,000 cars will be needed to haul the compressed cotton to its future destinations. , TUCSON MORTUARY A Friendly, Stnc*r» . Service Next to'CathedVaJ Dial 2-7429 202 S, Stone Hints jNtRB Has, Red Influence WASHINGTON, I Oct.; 27. (ff)~ Robert' N. Denham says, while he can't profit, he is cbnvlnced there ls.,Coramunlst influenceJn the na tional labor relations board. At President Truman's' request, Den ham-recently.,resigned as-general counsel to the" b'oardv 'SpecifIcally .excluding the five NLRB members, -Denham said "There is definitely -some sem blance of' Communism" in the or ganization. The board had no com ment., "I could'not put my finger on the people and I couldn't prove the charges if I -tried," Denham said yesterday in a speech before an American Veterans Committee (AVC) meeting. 'The President's request for Den ham's, resignation followed a Ion; dispute between the counsel an the board over enforcement of th Taft-Hartley labor act. J. G. "George" fe REAL ESTATE AND APPRAISALS 30 fears In Real Estalf Business In Tucson I 1097 E, Lowell · Ph. 4 T 0964 I' RO DIG'S ton Optical Service Glassei »t Pair Price* 707 Vall-y Nari Bldg. Ph. 3-10TI WE 1-HOrOiIAF PUBLIC RECORDS TUCSON BLUEPRINT CO. 40 W CongfCs.5 Ph. 2^647 VNUTR1LITE .Foofl Supplement HAM KEDDIE, Agent and Distributor 1031 B. 8th, Tucson Dial MJ08J Broadcast Monday through : Friday 9:40 a.m. Dial 1450--KOPO Ll(|UOrS Cor, Broadway 6th Ave. Jake's Drive-In Liquors OPEN 7 A.M. TILL 1 A.M. KINGSBURY BEER Case of 24 bottles $2.25 RAINIER BEER Case of 24 cans .... $2.95 RUM SC-PKOOF - 5th $2.95 VODKA 5th $J?.95 VODKA SO-PEOOF .... $3.33 Peach .Apricot - Liqueur 8th $2.45 because Hs Double-Rich! . Enjoy Cream of Kentucky'! "Double-Rich" taste .. ."Iti delicion* «noolhness! For "Double-Rich", pleaiure jurt §«y "Make Mine Cream t" AND THE PRICE IS NICE f. * · t ' t ^. t f KENTUCKYWHISKEY~ABIEM). ife''*^ ARTHUR E. SPRINGER · - Republican 'Eor REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT NO. 6 Predicts 14, 19 20 S-^S" B There soi in Autumn^ Leaf. Colors JACKETS *1A95 TSnv nr Hfiltod · ^^ NORTH PARK USB 'OTJB 1020 la y- Away « W *» W Dl«« Plan mazarine JASTEtf_ MARGARINElASjDELICmUS ASJHIS 1 'THAT'SJHE'KEW .DURKEE'S GRADE AA " WHAT GRADE DurJcea Famous Foods Guaranfees ·-Mild, d«lieot« flavor · Purity of Ingredients · Country-frejhnew · Nourishment (15,000 unite of Vitamin A) · · Smooth tixture for spreading · Triple wrapped for, sealed-in flavor The exclusive Grade AA rating fotDurkce'j Margarine has been established for your protection by Durkee's' own Research and Control laboratories. Every pound must measure up-to its^eiacting standards before it can be stamped Grade AA! Durkees Own grade JAMES , E. XNOWLES, OP oolidge, was sentenced to serve 5 days' In jail 1 when he appeared day in city court on a,charge of eckless driving. He wasi also rdered to pay a $100 .fine. Knowles was arrested at North Oth avenue and l East Drachman treet at 9:10 a.m. yesterday' by ity police. Police! had been alert d that Knowles was approaching ucson, driving along'North Oracle oad in an erratic manner., im f«tfa (fitftra / /1,1 - 'Friday tv»nln, Oct. tT, 1M»- ASPHALT PAVING DriTei. Parktni toto, Street*. Etc. ··' VREB ESTIMATES · DtaJ t-TSU for th» . ' RICHARDS PAVING-OX THE WEST GREW UP IN AMERICA'S FINIST OVERALL NEW SHIPMENT All Sizes Now in Stock - la lengths to 38-in. Sizes 18-26 ' $3.25 Sizes 3042 I $3.7S Sizes 27-29 3.55 Sizes 44-48 4.08 Ladies LEVIS and JACKETS , LEYI JACKETS Sizes 26-32 $3.63 ladies' Levis ........$4.25 Sizes 34-44-.... Sizes 46-48 .... 4.10 lady Riders 4;65 4.30 Rider Jacket 4.95 Zaty South 2310 EAST BROADWAY DIAL 3-3593 B luick owners! Just a few days left to take advantage of your Buick dealer's big get- ready-for-fall service bargains! ' ^ f Drive in now--get his price on the reduced rates for (1) an all-over engine tune-up, (2) a flush-and-tighten treatment for your cooling, system (so necessary to protect against loss of antifreeze this winter),, and (3) a-safety-check of front brakeg,'^/« a packing of front wheel bearings with , fresh lubricant. Don't let cool weather overtakeyou. Make A date now, for putting your Buick in it§ best cool-season shape this week-- and sea ho W much you save 1 - " - YOUNG BUICK, INC. MADE BY VHI MAKERS OF DURKEE'S WHIPPED SALAD DRESSING 1640 N. Stone Ave.

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