The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 23, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 23, 1920
Page 4
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DAILY FREE PRESS [ will go quietly now"—putting his antagonist a'stde. "I apologize for irtiat I've done.'V. As he descended,the staircase., leav- «ng Otis with his daughter, the bevy -of servants In the hall ceased their er- -clted whispering, and rendered him •ilent awe. • . Fitzhugh did not. go to his office the following day, but .motored far out along the north shore. His mind'was » blank until his car was turning in • and out through th'e mesh of traffic in State street. The newsboys, ever vociferous at the -day's, end,-.seemed to have an unwonted note of excitement ta their hoarse cries of "Extra!" De• layed at Monroe street by a policeman mt the crossing, he tossed .the .newsvendor, on the corner a quarter-dollar and ordered all the papers. The first one he opened was a pink-and- black sheet, damp from "the press," and blazing on .its first page this: i -.1 ""•wpsiAN WOULD' KILT. RUSSIAN ; .' ENVOY. • ' • i ' DIES BY OWN BLIND J . • • i • _ This much he read In one hurried .glance. 1 What followed he devoured in snatches, getting the gist of the matter In'a minute's perusal: , "Esther • Strom .'; . . Anarchist Plot ... . Assassinate ambassador . . . fe. &-O. s'tatiou . . . Secret Service ... Swallowed prussic acid . . . Found dead in cell." "What the- Dickens Do You Want to Expose. Your Hand For, Dan?" CHAPTER. XII. Fitzhugh awakened next morning, to the ringing of his telephone. It was Hunt He cut short the flood of questions/and, still in his pajamas, got a small valise from a closet and began filling it with' shirts, collars, and such other articles as a man needs for a short journey. When he reached his office, for twenty galvanic minutes, without a wasted word, he outlined concisely what he wanted done during his absence, considering and settling various problems that in the interiur'raight arise. Perceiving the flight of time, he snatched Ws hat from the floor, and, with Hunt trotting along beside, hurried to the elevator, still giving directions nnd advice.'Down the elevator shaft, through the rotuncia of„the first floor, to..the automobile • in Adams ' street, and thence to the railway station, he continued the terse counseling. , As he dashed into the Grand Central station, ran down the midway toward his gate, the conductor called '"Board!" and Ms train pulled out Tip caught the last Pullman as it moved from the shed. i Fitzhugh returned from Washington In four days, a changed man. There had been little he could do; so little, indeed,, that he felt his trip had been wasted. He had located some members of Esther's' family and had given them, quite anonymously, a sum of- money larger than any they had ever Tmown. Then he took a train for Chicago. There was nothing else to <lo. Bit Be could not forget. Vividly •gainst the background of his mind were.marshaled all Esther had done for him.i all .her;little acts: of kindness, Jier unselfishness, but doglike'devotion. And_then_he. .wouM think-. of .the re. flultal, ; he t had ''made. .His memory flogged him.pitilessly. . He vthought of *-°^:! le h ?<* Jtft he-kalone vdth Niko- 'lay that morning, of his lucpinpassion- at«ness the last time he saw'her alive, •f the death-dealing message he had / Met, the needless cruelty •"Brnte!—I was .always a brute to her. ..." .It was- nearly eleven when tie reached his oAce. He had come directly from his apartment in his automobile, and wore a motoring cap and c.oat, unessentlals both, the last of which effectually concealed all apparel beneath'it from,the collar down. Hunt, coatless and with his shirt sleeves rolled to his elbows, sat at the great flat-topped desk in the inner Bnnctum, head over heels in the day's •work. , With a brief excuse for his tardiness, Fitzhugh took the chair'at the opposite side of the desk and scanned lie. T5honeT ^W'hithet'- awayj Yachting?" "No," ; replied Fitzhugh, appending Ws. slgnat-ure to the rest of the papers. No, I'm not going yachting." He put down his pen, picked up his cane, stood np. "I'm going .Into the pit" : "But what the—" Hunt, who had half-risen from his chair, sank back. bewildered. "What the dickens do ,you want to expose your hand for, Dan ?" Daniel showed his teeth in an odd -grin. For an instant it somehow suggested to the other something sinister —like a wolf baring its fangs. "Better conje along and watch me, Hunt,"— starting toward the door. 'Tra going to give 'em something to talk about Coming?" He waited at the door, flapping his cane against his Immaculate trousers. And this -day began a spectacular flourish of showy histrionics unrivaled before or since on the Chicago Board of Trade. During the rest of the day's session in the wheat pit, Fitzhugh, the actor, was the center of all attraction. The visitors in the gallery remarked him and pointed him out to one another; the . speculators, dealers, brokers' clerks, officers of the board, all those whose duties brought them on the "floor," soon or late found their attention directed toward him. His extreme height, emphasizing his unusual garb. rendered him strikingly conspicuous among his fellows. Of them all he was the only one who stood out distinctly. He was the only one of .his sort The. dramatic scene comported with him. He was in his native element This was 'the moment he had dreamed of long ago when • he had stood up yonder in the visitors' gallery his whole being keyed to the martial pitch of gold that screamed to him from the battlefield. <*• »• MBttMMt) Never in the world were thare;d nuts like, Calumet dougfrnuts. In; rib others will you find that tobthsoine,r tender goodness. '•Ks the same .with all bakings. ., - •"•" • WORLD'* -.v« Makei Most Palatable and Sweetest of Foods Never tough—soggy—bitter.' Never anything. but. the very best—light, flaky, wholesome—good to eat and good for you, because this 30 year favorite of leaveners is absolutely pure" in both can and baking Leaves no harmful residue. Contains only such in- gradients as have been officially approved by United "'.States Food Authorities. ; • ; • > • Made in the largest, cleanest, : most'modern BaJdng Powder Factory. "''S:*----"•";'..j^Kj^i^Sg, 4 . - • . , Highest quality—most'' ordinary leavening strength dependable Baking Powder —therefore you use less. You possible to produce. You ' §ave materials it is used with LAURA E. SWARTZ O8TEOPATB1«5 PHYklOAN Chronic DVseaaei a specialty Ofllc* In Laud«r-Nlchc!t Bldg. W. W. HAMILTON; Coal and Ice MACKEY COAL OFFICE Phon* 204 HAMILTON & BRADLEY Attorney* it UN* Phon* 282 K Suit* 112-11B New Hamilton Building DELIA CALDWELL,, M. D, MeANALLY BUILDING 211 W**t Mahl Str*** P«1o» Hour*—«t« lu M.M.; 11» 4 •>.•. CARBONDALECANDY KITCHEN Home Made Candle* and lee Cr*M " ; T*leph6n«'«4Y": ECONOMY COAL 1ARD J. B. WOOD*, PROP. ; Waihed Nut, Ego and Lum* Phone 149 K. HENRY BAIN TRANSFER GET OUR PRICES Phon* 48? L save when you buy .it—moderate hi price. You-save • when you' use it— *~^ ; '"'''• k°° more than the has .Calumet , j Doughnuts . spoctis shortening,, 2 Level teaspoon salt, % Cup niilk or water, 2% Level teaspoons Calumet Bah' %ng Powder, 2y~ Lead cups flour. Lemon and mace flavor How .in . inkhn th.m—Croam Rtmr Knd j, nl'urlcn:n^ ti.soUier, adit n-cll I I • TJJUC htln tnllk.. N ... I lr>- no«M,r *,:: uxhiidlitt!fiaij;K roam •nr«r an SiVlS fta?i£3 tS'. l brother. Work —never fails. i Order today. Im| : prove the quality I of your bakings. | : Reduce ; baking •costs. _„ Vafuabie , .,...,., 72-Page Cook Book, Handsomely illustrated in colors. ' Most complete and dependable recipe book ever issued. Hundreds' or helps in reducing household .expense. ' Scores of-selected re, cipes. Better-ways of making better foods. Send slip found in can of Calam.;t ond 8 2-cont stamps to help cpvnr cost -erf • pnckine «nd mailinir. Ciihimiit BakinB. Ponder Co., IIOMIM •mininre St., Chicugo, ] II. "•"'"•i •• i ii "'"i "-'"*T^**•^^•••^.••••i^gaaai^aaKBPI^aHi^^^^^^^^a^^^^^^^^^^^ffl^k^EllMaiMg] ^Q^IAkfiSjlffV WIP^ Remember when you buy Calumet, you get a *»» pouBTid,if you want it. 1G— not 12 ounces. H. O. HALL & CO. FEED, COAL AND POULTRY SUPPLIES Phone 232 siar'n'fl for Halifax in tow r of the Canadian government steamer Lady Ljmriei*. • ' He announced that there was no chango in tlie condition of the ship and Hint a transfer of. 'passengers would not bo attempted "unless ev- ei-ything is absolutely favorable." EIGHT DIE AT SEA Members of U. S. Ship's Crew Perish in Rescue Attempt. REFUSES TO CENSURE SIMS United States Senate Votes 30 to 33 Against Resolution to Punish . Admiral for Revelations.' Small Boat Frcm Northern Pacific Overturned in Aiding Passengers on the Powhatan. : some important papers requiring his signature, conversing busily with Hunt as he read. He had signed but one of : them, when, with an ejaculation upon the wmnth of the weather, he flung off his cap, and loosening tlie clasps of his coat collar, walked into the adja-. cent room. \ i In a few minutes he reappeared; and, . having discarded the motoring duster, he was outwardly transformed. Snow-white ducks, white outing slippers,' with silken hosiery shimmering 'where !t showed, a soft white shirt Cirougb the attached collar'of. which was -looped a voluminous tie.-of bloodied hue,' a/.crusb,. -hat-....white/,asv-ani ' ijasters lily,^turned,;.jip.jUB; uf*<?ni an* '.flown.i>e!ilnd>an^«nj!|i5^9du i by.;.' i a i Mffijj oolr like .Hie epitome 'of 'a Spent,'..' .Hut Jauj£ed, Hali'fnx, N. <?.,' Jan. 23.—Eipht lives were lost -whoo ii- boat from the. United States; . transport Northern Pa- 'c-:iic overturned in an attempt to transfer passengers from the clis- nUk'rt United States transport -Pow- hiifun. I'.ec'oriiing to olHcers of/ the steamship Kaniic. which arrived, here. The HardicV dfliccr.s snid tills stnte- nu-nt ^-;is b:;so<I on a wux'lt'ys nies- sa^e received while the "vessel was or. thy v,-:iy ti, Llalifiix yftyr hnving I'aiU'il in an nttomiit to tsike tin.- dis- ubied _trans|;(irt i:i tow. Ollidals of ll:e navy dfp:i:-i:iicu( lien- sii;<l tliey had' no rci/nnl iff Ihis mossairo. A wiruKws frum Captain Kiindall (if .ihn r<ivi-ii::ijiii s:iJi| :;c" hail Washington, Jan.. 23.—The senate by a vote of 30 to 33 refused to censure Admiral Sims lor his revelations before the senate medal awards ..investigating committee. A resolution introduced by Senator Walsh, Democrat,- of Montana, scoring Admiral Sims for his charges on the ground that they revealed confidential • orders of the navy department, was defeated, j The vote was • strictly along party lines, the Democrats supporting and the Bepubjichns opposing the resolution. The Vqte was taken without debate. YANKS BATTLE SIBERIAN RUSS American Troops Engage in Skirmishes Along Such'an Mine Railway. REFUSE TO MEET MINERS Alabama Coal Operators Won't Appoint Committee to Confer With Workers, as Asked by Palmer. : Birmingham, Alii.. Jan. 23.—Denying that there were any grievances to set" tie with the miners, tlio AJabnmn Coal Operators' association, refused to appoint n committee to meet with' n similar committee of miners in accordance with a request of Attorney General Palmer. • . ) COREGA Dental Plate Comfort Powder Sprinkled Lightly on Dental Plate Holds False Teeth Firmly in Place Prevents Irritation and Sore Gums Absolute Comfort Assured Pleasing - Healthful - Sanitary . Antiseptic . In .Sanitary Sifting Top Cans, 35c, 50c, and $li(X) .; Manufactured by the Corega Chemical Co., Clevejsn^.Ohio ',.'• f-'.,';".s'^^ I P' neEd f d lmd ' ?<lV? ib'r. fl>e follbwing LocJ Dn JKA WbtliSE DRUG -SfbRE, . I f HEWl-TP-S DRUG -i i FOX'S DRUG STORE, ' SEIBE«VS DRU« or manufacturer will mall trial package for ten cent*.. VARIOUS FACTIONS IN FIGHT Soldiers .Belonging to Colonel Mor- row'B Regiment Forced to Intervene in Disturbances jn the Baikal District.- \ Washington, Jan. 23.—As a result of a clash between a detachment of American-soldiers and Semeuoff forces an January 0,0 near Posolsakya, one general, six officers' an'tl i8 iiieu of the Russian forces were captured ana still are held, the war department wiis ad- flsed by Jiaj. Gen. Graves, commander ••f'Ji.e Siberian expedition. Gen. Graves'described the attack'as entirely unprovoked. ' The American casualties were one aian killed, one man dead of wounds and one severely wounded, .wiiile five Kusshius were killed, and one severely wounded. . , ... The opposing forces were manning' armored trains'. 'Gen. Graves said the Russians attacked 38 Americans, who 'ought off .the Russians and. then in turn "attacked. The llussian car and its crew were captured. Gen. Graves expressed ,.the opinion that tlie matter could be "adjusted peacefully with • SemeiiolV, wlio could aot liaye been responsible." Vladivostok Tells of Clash; Viailivostok, ' Jan. - 23.—Factional fighting lias broken 'out throughout Siberia. American forces are withdrawing from along the Suclmn mine''railway and are reported to have been £u- j gaged In skirmishes with Siberian j partisans. . • -, 1 \ A. detachment of Col: "Morrow's regiment, which was preparing .to move out from the Baikal .district, was forced to intervene in 'factional cils-'' . turbanciis, according to a,report from- tlie Czecho staff. .... • The;.only Americans now. remaining -•S; jie.'. dangsr.. zone, ''where - disorders I 'iirfe^.p'teVaient,- are those belongirig'"tb I. Moi-rb'wis regiineht. : Their arrival here depends upon railroaQ conditions which daily are growing worse. Clash .With Czecho-Slovaks. " London, Jan. 23.—Admiral Kolchak Is believed to be under arrest at Verknie-Udinsk, a small town 240 miles west off Irkutsk, '••-.' Cossack chiefs -'and garrison commanders under tlie .direct supervision of Gen. Horvath in -eastern Siberia have' been notified' by Gen. Semenoff of the new regime the'latter lias set - .. -..',-.' Reports reflect a rather serious situation at Baikal, Kaltuk'shala and Mis- Bvaia, in Trans-Baikalia, where Senir inojt soldiers- have.; clashed with Czecho-Slovak forces. . Pekin advices would'seem to Indicate that Gen.'Semenoff has comparatively few troops and that they are apparently disorganized. , . Recent official' bolshevik! statements' have claimed that there had beefr uprisings in the. Amur valley and iu tht> Russian maritime- province north of Vladivostok., .... W. A. BRANDON, M. I). GENERAL PRACTICE AND THK V -' EYE : . j y«g Tettsd GlcM*i nttotf Virginia Bldg. CarboHdata, III, DR. J. W. 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Take: i OliyeTabtets, thesubstituteforcaksnel., Dr. Edward?' .Olive"'Tablets are ; a.V purely.vegetable cfepoiindmixed witfr ohveoiL You wifl know them by their ohve color. They do the work without gnpmg, qHSDBtLOfiTpsBBj ^ .,, .. Takeone_or two at bedtime forq relief.. Eat what you Eke. ?* i.? .reportea . officially that 20.00O.' persons have left Odessa within the-' Inst three 'weeks,' due'~fo-''ac'£rvfty''or ln>!sbeviki forces 1 . Lack of transportation facilities: makes it-impossible to- earry : .the-. large' number anxious to- leave, .the city. .-.At .-Kovorossisk. ,.in. Caucasia.,, arrangements are in 'progress for rempv- iag the wives and. children of yol'nn- -- te'ei- troops. '. . Roumanian's to Odessa?. Warsaw, Jan. 23.—It • is rumored' [Suit the llotiiunninns are about to oc- :upy Odessa and orsauize the de- Censes of that Biack sea port against thu bolshevik!, according to the newspaper Kurjer Po Banny. ' NEW CABINET STANDS TEST French Shamcer Votes Confidence ir».' llie rvi;;ierand Ministry 272 to 23. - ' ftirls. Jan. 2.'j —Tlie cabinet of Premier 'A-im-nip/l received a vote or nfidcKO'.. 1st .rile chamber of deputies The vore vva.?. 272 for (lie government t» 23 agalnct if. .More than 300 mem- ' hers, .abstained ...from voting. Vienna, .Tan. 22.— Announcement thst a limited supply of meat would be- placed on sale at the central market three ounces being allowed per.-p e >sori' caused great crowds to assemble there'' Forty thousand, persons gained e-£ v trance; to the market at sts: o'clock ia, the morning and 20,000 tried, to : ert (n Many fainted and We trampred upon ' the confusion.

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