Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 6, 1976 · Page 58
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 58

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1976
Page 58
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1976 ALLOW FCC I TrlE ' '- ' Hagar The Horrible Charmers " T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 59) Crossword © 1976 LOS ANGELES TIMES 4 The best of times are made up of time that's spent with those we love. Johnny Wonder's QUESTION CORNER ' H O W POES A KAueiposcope · WORK 7" A' KAueieoscope is A SMALL TUBE THAT CONTAINS LOOSE BITS OP COLORED GLASS AMD TWO ANQLEP MIRRORS THAT REFLECT COLORPUL DgSlSNS. TINA BEYER N.TONAWANDA, NY A toy kaleidoscope (pronounced kuh LIE doh skohp) is a small tube in which you can see beautiful colors and designs. A simple kaleidoscope contains many loose bits of colored glass held between two glass are reflected in the mirrors. When you peep through the kaleidoscope, you see a beautiful pattern of colored glass that is made up of many reflections. The design is made of many parts that look alike. When you turn or tap the kaleidoscope, the bits of glass tumble into an endless variety of sparkling patterns. Although kaleidoscopes are sold mostly as toys, they are used by pattern designers, who sometimes use. them to find new patterns for fabrics and wallpaper. The kaleidoscope was invented in 1816 by Sir David Brewster. ACROSS 1 Alms box 5 "Ornery" fellow 9 Wait near at hand 14 Circus scene- stealer 15 Formerly 16 Town near Bangor 17 Italian islander 19 Zones 20 Companion piece to Milton's "L'Allegro" 22 Choler 23 Antonym of feed 24 Church title 25 Copy desk word 26 Knob: Prefix 27 Fort near Monterey 29 Town on the 49 Down 31 Young congers 34 For the 35 Paradise: Phrase 38 Honisoitqui maly 39 Wall bracket 40 Evaluate 42 Pledermaus 43 Surpass 46 Moves at full speed: Colloq. 47 Danube city 50 Region for the birds 52 Pa nay native 53 Zest: French phrase 55 Swedish ski| town 57 Chief residence of Napoleon I 58 Leisure: Lat, 59 Verb suffix 60 Depot, in Paris 61 Natives of Riga 62 Flute, for example 63 Whilom DOWN 1 Baseball move 2 Houses and lots 3 Of the wrist 4 Birchlike tree 5 Antonym of waste 6 Unicom fish 7 Fashion item 8 Title in Torremolinos 9 Relative of a landlooer glass plates and two angled mirrors which go down the full length of the tube. One end has ' a small peephole through which you look. When light passes through the glass plates, the bits of PRIZES A pocket radio, camera, World Almanac globe or other fine prize will be awarded to the first young. sTer sending In a quntion used here. Send your question and your age to Johnny wonder, Tucson Dally Clli- jen, P.O. Box U767, Tucson, Ariz. BS72A. 10 Important mined product 11 Able to fly 12 Firmly implant 13 Ribbon ornament 18 Makes intricate 21 Dejected 25 Sound by night 28 Caves 30 Torpid 31 Moderates 32 Legendary bird 33 Uppish one 35 Demur 36 Hearten 37 Like cloisonne ware 38 Sunshade 41 loco (in its proper place) 43 Posh menu item 44 Drying frames 45 Use a special control device 48 Metric unit 49 Belgian-Dutch border river 51 Lament 53 Fruit decoctions 54 Recipe direction 56 Kernel I DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH LON6ER I CAN STANP 5HAKIN6 A PE5K WITH CHUCK!! (WEMfSELF FOR FEELIN6 THIS MM... LOOK AT THAT... AW "MOOP RIN6"JU5T EXPLOPEP.' Brenda Starr MOT LKE IT WAS *4/f~ffki r }A/A^ //i//A/' W/rMYMoMSACK 'DAT* . _·£, THE ORDERSSWE TPAf^N THERE'S A eocfo CHAMCE WE'LL. J3E ATTACHED IQHILE OlO PATROL,, Catfish /MOMMA HA^ A tZWE Of HUM0K. WATCH THIS - Momma. MOMMA, I WANT *0ME ADVICE, AMP LIPE-5TYLE $U66ESTJ0N£ I r WANT YOU TO MAS W£ MY THINK yOU CAN CLZAK THE TIME? AHSW£R 10 PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOMETIMES THESE OLDER PEOPLE BECOME ECCENTRIC, -PRAW HAST/CONCLUSIONS/THE ADMIRAL MIGHT DECIDE THAT HE DOESN'T LIKE ME- LU ANN / "lU^S, HE'S A SWEET, GENTLE] PERSON-- Apartment 3- THE QUESTION I'M ASKING--CAN THE ADMIRAL'S OPINION OF ME CHANGE YOURS, MY DARLING-? I'D LIKE TO OPEN A PROMISSORY CHECKING ACCOUNT o LnTK ^S o o o o o o o o o ?. Andy Capp METOO,RUBE. I UKE THOSE K ROiWANTlC · PERIOD FILMS COULD WU SEE ANDYFIGWTW A DUEL OVER NOT REALLY, RUBE.'E'D HIT ONE SNA, STRAIGHT AWAY -- V.: JUST WHAT IS A PROMISSORY CHECKING ACCOUNT? IP 1 OVERDRAW *^ YOU PROMISE NOT TO 13ET MAO AT ME.' r-' Dennis The Menace. £ J *HoW CDW£ YOU NEVER READ M£ AW RkStfTS MARSARET SAYSOU HAVETD2" B.C. WrtY WOULD xo ive A 0ILUONAIKE A fAILLtOig we COOLC- ALL use A UTTL-e Joel, you'ce going Ineedin the wronq wat) Arena Gasoline Alley make it in time qoih' throuqh -town.' Lube AND Oil Change 7 95 US CARS ONLY · Complete chassis lubrication oil change · Helps ensure longer wearing paitr. smooth, quiet porlor- n)^nt,e · Plonse phono tor appoint- nieril. Western STATES Tire Co. Direct-to-You Warehouse 601 N. STONE 884-8100 1402 S. KOLB 296-7492 5205 E. 22nd St. 790-2971. 5545 E. BROADWAY 885-6759 4365 N. ORACLE 888-8444 3398 S. 6th Ave. 884-8488 TO IM T^te NCTRTh* A MAN Wizard Of I'VE BEEN JK QUITE COMFORTABLE.' YOU'RE GOING TO GET TIRED OF MY APOLOGIZING-- BUT SOMETHING UNEXPECTED GAME UPAT THE BOARD MEETING-JUNE/ BY THE WAY, MRS. PRESCOTT PHONED AND WANTS YDJ'TO CALL HER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE -- SOMETHING/ DID SHE ABOUT YOUR SON / / SAY WHAT WAS WRONG?! Rex Morgan EXCUSE ME FOR A FEW MINUTES .' I'LL CALL HER FROM THE BEDROOAA ' LOOKS LIKiE yOil MAP A 6OOD TIME IN TOWN. SAR6E.' Beetle Bailey 2-6 Unscramble these four Jumbles, one tetter to each square, to form four ordinary words. I SOUNP BITTHR -ANP BRITTLE- , LIKE THOSE IN A I RETURN TO I SPOT... Steve Canyon WOUL SIWWER, ...A REAL POTHTAKIfc A1.L YOUR TOOTH omss WOA«£N THINK BRSAKE I WAS FREAKED Our ._, ? IFXA4KEOYOUTO JffjC-^C^. ^ IM SWORE TWAT FELLER WA CRYIN' WHEN HE \WNf TO HIS ROOM/ ROVLE () MASCH O r LEASED SEATTL ' S J °£ »'£·! · i ',^-'zr '' '**" ' ^ s ) r w n :) o C ) FOR A MOM-STOP' FLISHT, TAKE THI5. DADBURN LEflKY ROOF!. 1 Snuffy Smith \^ NO,NO,TRIXIE - I'M X TRYINS TO PICK UP rtCTxo THIS ROOM ANO VOLi ( V=),^ / KEEP TiRCWlMe YOUR S OUT OF YOUR PLAYPEN." Hi And Lois "^ I WAS ~N JUST TRYI.^G 1 TO KELP... Y _J-^ t) Now arrange the circled letten to form the lurpriie uuwer, u *u(f«ted by the above cartoon. TLJ t ^* '*^^ ~Y"" '^^ "^^ "4^" ^^ "^*" ^^^^ P*--^- ^~ ^T*^ ^S K- ^r^^^\^^ A Jumbltu EXACT ROBIN HERMIT BUNKER Aj»«»r: Since then find it "Meltable," they · ore buying uAouw-"ABHOR-RENT BtTTfTR j WEAR J YOUR ) BOOTS ( TODAY } Nancy CHANCE OF SNOW TODAY OKAY- i LL WEAR JUST ONE BOOT

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