Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1962 · Page 24
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 24

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1962
Page 24
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P«at B fr-INDEPFNDEfJT twt I,K» Ciil, llHH. UK M IMI NDEPFNDENT ! Ti» . TT rp 1 1 *.'!!^1TM LhSCOUIlt iiOUSC lold Not lo Divert Traue Wilton S^^SSSSSSi A i t v n e r j w ^ t hjt'edir. «eek w nw!K IWVIOUUIT CtCOUHD YiM'U «».:): cwrr!te rwii rA «l «! ifrntf, barter ft tliktf liniit « ft Ire ccnie iwmces »·,,·«·« 1 "t. "-I "I r't^Mrii i3«.«i- PC f n '"-ni. JlOt.Ocei-'Exi - H I 7.2iOI -y. HOtti WIIIOK .y. EX-I'ltESIDKNTIAL YACHT I'UKCIIASKD Hl-IUI Potomac to Serve on Run to Catalina jcrippted FDR. will be p u t ' iback In their original ,con- :dition. I- A discount house with nutlets in Tnrrance and hfim was enjoined Thursday from sales "where the effect m * Ci the 165-foot Poto-'firm expects to spend more presidential yacht of than $500,000 on the project thereof "is 'a''undencroV'Vapacit 1 y7o"mijTe 1 ad%r 11 dwei've! Franklin Roosevelt and Har- After the World's Fair, the A Lone Beach firm has purchase price, but said his 300 passengers at 18 knots, the diplomatic room where STOCK MARKET Many historic memcntoes|meeting» v.tit i,ou "''"i^'Ji^r^^.*». ,»,. will be installed along withjworld l e a d e r s ineludins."*""'K^'ASiV**SHS*2?- ! ... - . i.a|/t recorded monologues foriChurchill and the so-calledjWN' iri purchasers or prospetcive purchasers or to divert trade W Truman, for passcngcr;Potomac will RO into service!, he j.- air exhibition. Dowd,"fake stack." which actually!*^.**'"; or otherwise- injure competitors." , ! '"'".'^l w "? _ L , nn|: B " ch , A.'*TM" TM"TM,i." .?"l! !j;lid "* presidential suite.!\vas an elevator shaft for ' '" Superior Court Judge John and Catalina Island. |Avalon. presumably F. McCarthy issued the in- \ priced lower than Dooley's Tins Polmnac will h* add-; next ear - MACM--Wt4.. " It Jl. . _ -T»«. A»rt( L »irl i. witftm Avt. -..·'; -- Awn L f- · »·»· I junction apainst Consumers I items. ed to the fleet of the Avalon Mart of America. Inc. It isl TIIE P L A I N T I F F relied Navigation Co.. a subsidiary effective until trial of a suit|largely on a new code sec- of Hydro-Capital Corp.. ac- for damages and a permanent injunction filed against CMA in January by Doolry's Hard- tion which provides that. in|^° rdin E lo vice president all actions brought under the " State Unfair Practices Act, ware Mart, 5075 Long llrach 'proof of limitation of quantity The 28-year-old ship, due to leave Barbados for here in The Potomac was built for the U.S. Coast Guard at Manitowoc, Minn, and launched She served a.i the private presidential yacht of Franklin Roosevelt and his family any .itory ®s Blue old stores .it 20225 Western Ave; " nelnw invoice or nue. Torrancc. and M-IO sJTMTM' ««t. raises a prcsump l.os Anodes St.. Anaheim, arc!I'"" "f intent In injure cnm-| w o r l a s ralr Us competitors. complaincd!l«lil'»s r destroy compe- that CMA'x use of ··|oss;t'I'n. leaders" tended to mislead CMA was accused of sell- thc public into believing ins toothpaste, film, soft that all CMA merchandise js'drmks and bread as "loss ======== i leaders." Judge McCarthy issued a similar temporary injunction Feb. 1 against Dig A Stores. 15500 Cherry Avc., also at i Dooley's request. will he rcfur-i a n d Harry Truman until 1918 Beach andi w n c n for a brict pe r '°d she Ic as a his- wss " fisheries inspection during thc craft f "r the statc nf Mar y land. WHEN THE Long Beach DOWD DID NOT reveal t h c ' f j r m located the vessel she was being operated by the Iltiillinr Permits Thtt mtNni SMll.m. Thi »r. lli.Hl.17t. Union Mortgtet Co.. \\ contractor Joteart tois, «ddt en, M« P« ( «'ufni, 12.130. Ai'tf'l *um:tur», ·fMfien _. ,, \UJXQ; o. N Oec*rrfv. contr«ctor; HireJd t. Kfehuin. tijmtrr Bl uc A Hecewiry Trutmtitt for the Halt* «l Your Car HIM Coral will pftt«rv« Hit Fin« jWomiBfl fi«!«h and chtonw o( ye»r car and lltp II loading iin* Ell n«w. N maintain*, ntlttM and b*aulifi«i toitfc · pr«»«rrali*« Mai that dttitt !·· lnt»it«- bU tMiatir* acti»n ·! w*athir and road film. Hm long-lolling prolt»- lion ll known «»«tr- ·.her* al --In* lomml Clwo Coraf Troalmtnl. Aid your llltndj kow artat It h. Sailor Charged in Car Deaths RtNO. Ncv. (UPI)--Derek Wernher. a sailnr aboard thc U.S.S. Midway, Thursday was c h a r g e d with involuntaryj manslaughter in connection! with thc traffic deaths of Mrs. Neptune Lines, Ltd. on pas sengcr service between the West Indies and Florida. Roosevelt used the Poto, ,. ..,,,.,.. rnac in his famous 1941 ,,,, ,,, t!ll jmccting with Churchill. FDR. |to cloak his mission in " C * tu 5'-crecy, sailed from Washington F H.ixk »ui'm «n s,,,a,i on tne P° toma c and then met "''r!ii£"'£vlK?* ^" Mr: R »" f ',Churchill at an isolated spot " " ' ' '"»!off the coast of Maine. ' | It was in the Potomac's 1 'stateroom that he wrote out, '| -1 draft of the famed "Four: ; [ Freedoms" declaration. Dowd said most of the steel ship's luxury features such as air conditioning will! WONT WORK? Don't be retained for her daily! 510,000 I vim MINI* vt Ifc* !»*· »t ANT W«««TM I 1 I H 1KB Ik. III. .. insured savings Sovt more end *arri*more with the Firit Ff di;ro|,whtrt .your, tovlngi oecbunt it iniurcd to 'Jl 0.000. by the Federal' Savings ortd Loan Insurance Corporation, an Inihumrntalitv of the United Sfotei Government. FEDERAL (1st) SAYINGS F I R S T a n d P I N E F R E E P A R K I N G US E. OCEAN AVE. At O** ·*«· !·*··«« F R E E P A R K I N G ' fn. ·o"L"Drt!"*TMItSito!- MI '; /xv'V^'TJii'Jic'j' Sharon I- Lcsmcister. 22. of, swc;lr al lt! chcck " Ca " an Catalina service. JRancho Cordova. Calif.. andi E *P crt " '" Classified for a . . . . jher right months old dauch-i f ^ lanlc serviceman. SHE IS designed lo carry iter Cheryl. j Thc mother and daughter were killed March 23 when j l h e car they were in collided |with one driven by Wcmhcr 'on U.S. Highway 40 about six miles west of here. Wcmhcr is accused of driving while drunk and crossing into the lane of oncoming traffic. EARNINGS PAID 4 TIMES A YEAR EFFECTIVE APRIL I, 1962, THE NEW CURRENT ANNUAL INTEREST RATE WILL BE FOR THE PRICE OF URGE SIZE/ Cocktail Tables. Step End Tablet, 15%" i 29" f'fr'-^'V^- 1 K ii ..,.·-.»-..-. ··· i «.·;;·.'.'.:/',·.'?- *NJ.. ' "·~*j.""%2-' SET OF 3 TABLES Cartoned.For- Cash t Carrf Every day more people get the Valiant idea...over 353,000 to date! A onc»-lThO-ifeh'm« buy! Th«« on decorator-styled tables, beautiful!/ grained, in your choice* of walnut or blond finish. All lefll comt with imorl brass ferrules. WOmS, HOTELS,. APARTMENT HOUS£S AND DEAllRS ^--..-,; --. « n * , n i ·· I"-i«l,*"Tt.j$ Xt"5tfi fW-fi?^ iv- i v * ^i»- iw**_j'*r» *** V ' ''·** "^^^" · ^'p'H* '' ' · " · - · " - · Hurry tt Yl* Niirist Hit !ten · IN LONG BEACH 1020 E. Pacific Cooit Highway A l C « l l f « r ^ « A l l . · IN COMPTON 806 South Long Beach Blvd. N»tf AUrdr« DAILT M SAT, 9-7 SUN. IM IN NO. LONG BEACH 4190 Atlantic Ave. · M;I s.-ik «r Ati.i;. ii.j. · IN TORRANCE 2 3 8 S S Hawthorn* S\*3. Nm Pacific C««il H,}W.f What's thc big idea? Simply this. If you've been shopping lately in thc new-car market, locking for a way to make thc money go further, sec here. Valiant is an idea that makes a lot of sense to a good many smart shoppers. Steps ahead from the start... Consider styling. Valiant's Signet 200- America's lowest-priced hardtop with bucket seats-is thc one and only compact car ever to receive thc Society of Illustrators' award for design excellence. Consider performance. Valiant's performance is considerable. For two years running (I960 and '61) Valiant whipped every compact car that challenged it in the NASCAR races at Daytona Beach, Florida. Indeed, so clear-cut was Valiant's victory margin over Falcon and Corvair, one national newsmagazine crowned Valiant "King of the Compacts" In its report of the race. Eases your sniff fo thrift... Despite this welcome coronation, don't for a minute forget Valiant's chief claim to fame... it was created especially to appeal to people with more taste than money. Valiant is priced competitively with Falcon and Con/air, maintains its reputation for low operating cost and jealously guards its proven record for high resale value. Get away from fhe everyday... Think it over. What more could any new- · car buyer ask for in an automobile than Valiant's looks and liveliness and low, low. price? No more, that's what! Come sea" why we say: Nobody belts Valiant for value I Valiant VOlUMf BUT/NO MAKES IVIRTiDAr A DISCOUNT DAlf AT All.HUB STORfS'

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