Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 13, 1976 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, April 13, 1976
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JNSIDE-- ' Editorial 4 For Women ' · 5 Sports 7 Entertainment 8 Comics 9 Classified 10-12 Legal Notices 12 VOL. 108 -- NUMBER 301 The Public Interest Is The First Concern Of This Newspaper . FAYETTEVIUE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, APRIL 13, 1976 IOC All FORECAST-- ··; Mostly cloudy and warm wilH probable showers and Ihunder- sliowcrs through .Wednesday. Low last night 50; low tonight low 60s; high Wednesday near 80; sunset today 6:48; sunrisa Wednesday 5:45. Weather map on page 3. PAGES-TIN CENTS In Syrian Development Invasion Plot Charged " BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) -^ Lei List leader Kamat Jumblatl nccused Syria today of preparing a lai*ge-scale invasion of Lebanon and called [or foreign help to prevent it. - Jumblatt met, with diplomats * of the United States, France and the Soviet Union after New Job Bill May Prove Acceptable WASHINGTON (AP) -- A scaled-down S2.5 billion public- works jobs bill before the Senate stands a good chance of being accepted by President Ford as long as Congress .doesn't increase the price tag, a Senate Republican lea'der says. · - · ' .But Sen. Robert P. Griffin, R- Mich., assistant minority leader, also warned that expensive amendments · could make Sen- · ate consideration 'of the bill "a , futile political exercise." · The Senate today was to begin work on the measure signed as an alternative to the Sn.l-billion jobs bill vetoed car Her this year by President Ford. Two expensive programs "contained in the vetoed measure were left out of the new ver -sion, but efforts are expected to be made to tack them on again · during floor debate. '- Sen. Edmund Muskie, D- Maine, has indicated he intends ·to try to revive a $1.5-billjon anti-recession revenue-sharing program to aid local governments in times of high unemployment. That measure was in · the vetoed bill, as was a SM- billion program o f . n e w federal .. grants for waste treatment programs also missing from the proposed compromise. VERSION APPROVED ' · I n a Senate speech Monday, · :Gri[fin said the scaled-down . version, which backers say ·could generate 50,000 to 100.000 new jobs, mostly on construe tion projects, is "a lot closer to 'the mark" than the vetoed "measure. "'·"Bu he urged senators to -imite behind the bill and fight : '6ff attempts "to turn it back into a budgel-busting bill. : Ford vetoed the earlier bill "on" Feb. 13, calling it "little ·'-rriorp than an election · year pork barrel." The House voted -'319 to 98 to override the veto, 'But the Senate failed by three ' two-thirds majority. '"" The public-work's job bill is · the second measure designed to "create jobs up for congressional consideration this week. Con- ·gross sent to the White -House orrMonday a bill carrying $1.2 billion for public service jobs designed to maintain through .'January 1977 the present level ·of 315.000 persons employed in . special programs by state and local governments. The bill also 'carries $528.4 million for 888,000 jobs for youths this summer, a proposa requested by Ford, S55.9 million for 15.000 jobs for elderly ner- .'sons and $23 million for summer recreation and community programs. President Hafez AssudI threatened more Syrian military in- lerven Escaping Gas Brings Evacuation Firemen struggle In stop the escape of toxic bromine gns from a truck near Dwight, UK, after the clout! ol gas forced evacuu(ion of ilie town's 3,800 residents Monday. The 200 canisters of liquid hroniinc emptied aiid the gas threat . cmtcd after almut six hours. Police said the cans broke during a truck trip from Memphis . to Chicago. Firemen, kcpt^ watch overnight, then washed the truck rltnvn with chemicals. (AP Wlrcnhoto) Senate Rejects Budget Cuts WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Senate is backing President Ford's request for a record peacetime defense budget but is making no moves to cut domestic spending that the .administration finds "unnecessary or undesireable." . · En adopting an over-ail $412,6- bitlion federal spending ceiling for fiscal 197V, the Senate beat down an atcmpt to cut defense rograms by $500 million. The Senate on Monday gave ord nearly all he asked for defense, trimming only $300 mil- ion from the $101.1 billion he requested. The $500 million ud- ilitional cut proposed in an amendment by Sen. Birch Bayh, D-Ind., was beaten by a 58-27 vote. The House only last Friday ed culling the indicated its support for a high level of defense spending, passing a J33.3 billion military weapons procurement bill at a level SI billion more than Ford requested. Ttie resolution setting congressional spending ceilings now goes to the House for consideration after an Easier recess ending April 2G- The $412.6 billion over-all budget compares S395.: billion recommended .by Ford in January. ^_^_ ·The Senate Budget Committee, which had recommend- million, in defense spending, calculated that its ceiling for 17 categories of expenditures would produce deficit next year '-at $50.2 bil- n. But this figure was disputed by administration" officials. The administration's budget calls for a $46.6 billion deficit on figures also disputed by congressional budget experts. Budget director James T. Lynn said after Monday's vote [hat the Senate budget target will produce a deficit of $54 bil lion next fiscal yenr. "The truth is that the Scnat budget adds at least $16 bililo n. unnecessary or undesireabl 'ederal spending," Lynn said a statement. · ·In addition to refusing slash defense spending, th Senate also defeated attemp to increase or to reduce dome tic program expenditures re ommcnded by its Budget Coi millce. The House Budget Commilte has approved a conercssion Syrian troops already are in Lebanon along wilh 7,000 Pale st[nian guerrillas of the Saiqa organ tz alien, which Syria fi ances and controls. Syrian troops and tanks in side Lebanon control the thrc m ai n pa ved highw ays fro n Syria and are blocking arm shipments to Jumbialt. Th Saiqa guerrillas control the Be rut international airport, two o the three main ports and se\ eal key positions within Be rut. Egypt's Middle East News Agency reported (hat Arafat had messaged Egyptian dent Anwar Sadat -Ihat he feared Uie Saicja men would try lo wipe out his FLO guerrilais, manv of whom fought alongside JumblalL's leftists. Egypt responded wilh a warning thai il will not allow any action that could lead to Uie liquidation of the PLO. The Egyptian news agency said Sadat, who returns to Cairo today from a lour of Western Europe, called a meeting of his National Security Council Thursday Relations between Egypt and Syria have been strained since Sadat signed another Sinai disengagement pact with Israe last f a l l ' w i t h o u t Celling back any of Syria's Golan Heights lerritory from Israel. Libyan President -Moammar Khadafy said Monday his gov crnmcnl also "rejects any tor oifin intervention in Lebanon.' He promised unlimited aid lo he nationalist forces," appar nily referring to the leftist oslems. . · Assad is trying lo prevent a lal leftist victory thai would ake Lebanon a Moslem So- alist country. -He has been rging a political settlement Hh a 50-50 division of power jelwcen the Moslems and iristians, apparently because wants Ihe restoration of the rewar capitalist economy om which Syria benefited in- irectly. * FIRST ANNIVERSARY Today was" the first anni- ersary. oE the "Lebanese war vhich "began with a clash be- wccn men of the right-wing Christian Phalange party's pri ·Eitu militia and Palestinian guerrillas during the in aufiuration of a new Christian ingress budget ' resolution' calling §413.6 billion in over-all feder spending next year, with an e timalccl deficit of $50.6 biliior .Hijackers Take Off KARACHI, Pakislan (API -'.A^hijacked Philippines Airlines ' (PAL) jel carrying llirce Moslem gunmen, their Iwo hoslages and eighl cmy members look off loday for. Libya on whal has become Hie longcst-lasling aerial hijack trip in Ilislory. The hijackers headed for Libya", without any assurance they would be welcome when they gtrl there. Pakistani officials said they told a Philippine embassy official they would release tlieir hostages when they arrived in Benghazi, Lioya. Rain Chances Improving By TIIE ASSOCIATED PHESS The chance of rain in Arkansas lonight and Wednesday is belter Hi an 5050. The National Weather Service says there is a 70 por cent chance of precipitation tonight in tlic western portion of the stale and a 00 per cent chance in the remainder of Ihe stale Precipitation probability is G per cent Wednesday throughon the stale. The showers and thunder showers result as warm and moist, air returns to th stale. The shield of high prcssun which produced a pleasant da; Monday is gone and in il wake, south and soulhcas wind s will return the w am Gulf air that was over Tcxa and Oklahoma. UA Culture Center Urged By Bishop · Dr. Charles E. Bishop, president of the Univcrsily of Arkansas, saitl here Monday night thai the FayeUeville campus should become a "cenlcr of culture" for a wide region .covering portions of Ihroe stales. -. Speaking at (he Arkansas Union lo the North Arkansas Symphony Socicly. a group which seeks to provide pnvalc support for Ihe official symphony ol the University, Bisliop ·aid Ihat the University "is in a-position lo expand.ila cultural jnlrcach through pcrformanci slagetl at 'various locations he threo-slalo region." He noled Ihat communilics this area arc "starved" f such performances. Hishop sa Ihe idea of "regional cullu cenlcrs" was gaining in favo anil Ihe University must try (lie years ahead "lo d o . m o lo respond lo the inlcrcsls" area residents in cultural ac viiies. Bishop called on his audicn to "dream a little" in lonki (CONTINUED ON PAf.R TWO) laiiiiiiiiiRiaiiiiiiiiLiiiniiiiiniwiiiiii^ NIWSBRIEFS Hearings Delayed VASHINGTON (AP) -- A nale subcommittee has rc- sscd hearings on Howard H. llaway's Colorado ski resort [il after Easter, when Ihe ncl is expected lo hear from ree witnesses whose allega- ins triggered (he congressmen- ·prolje. The delay was prompted by former Army secretary's im that he was being unfair- denied the right to he con onted by his accusers. Roy Acuff 111 NASHVILLE. Tcnn. (AP) - ountry music singer Roy cuff was reported in fair con tion at a hospital loday afle uffcring what his doctor de cribcd as a mild hearl attack. Acuff. known as Ihe "King o ountry Music" admitted him elf Sunday to Wilier Hospita ollowing three Grand Olc Opr lows Ihe night before becaus f pains in his stomach. Transport. Freed TKL AVIV. Israel (AP) -- Is acl released a captured Sam \rabian troop transport plan ocT.iy along with ils 3fi passcn gcrs and crew, including thrc \mericans. An Israeli jet escorted th U.S.-built C130 Hercules sou oward Saudi Arabia after ,ook o f f . Jurglars Fumble Burglars failed in an altcmpl enter the Hazorback Cleaners Rallston Avenue Monday, wording to city police. Police ports indicate that someone icd to force an air conditioner ick into the huilding. Glass round tho air conditioner was roken causing approximate!} 33 in damage, but entry was ot gained. Arabs Win Vote NABLUS, Occupied Jarda AP) -- Arab resistance lo !h sraeli occupation of West Jor an stiffened today as Palest in nationalists and radical cored a swc e ping v Ectory r a b municipal election iroughout the occupied territc y. Tractor Vandalized Someone stole a light, and tarter sometime Monday fro Case tractor-loader which )wncd by the Arkansas Hig vay Depart incut, Washing! c County sheriff's; deputies sa oday. The deputies said the tract was parked at a constructs rojcct on tlic Wcdinglon Ro; icar KaycUcville when the the occurred. Grants Approved WASHINGTON 1 (AP) Grants totaling $286,400 ha n approved lo help slim l a t e long-range econom growth and create 135 jobs Cross County. The announcement was ma by the Ozarks Regional Com mission and the Economic.D vclopment Administration. 'raiiiiiiniiiiiraiiiiiiniiiuiiip Tires Stolen Julie Zcga of rtoulc Summers told Fayctlevi liolicc Monday thai during t previous two days someone h stolen the tires off the rig side of a car parked at FayeUeville Motor Exchang 1107 S. West Avenue. (TlSlESphoto by church in a Beirut suburb. In the year since, an csli mated 15,000 people or more iave been killed. Much'of Bei rut, once the- financial ant ilcasure center of Ihe Miridt East, is in ruins. The econom is wrecked. The Christians, wh dominated both Ihe go'vcrnmon and the economy, have bee pushed into a coastal enclav that includes part of ncirnt an (CONTINUED ON PACE TWO) Deliberations Continued By Coger Jury Tlio jury continued its (iclib- aliens today on tho innocence Richard and Carolyn Sue ogcr of Huntsville as their .come lax fraud trial eileral Dislrkl Court here i [led ils third week. The final arguments were resented Salurday. The jury eliherated from about 2:45 .m. until 5 p.m.. and then esiimed for a full day Monday The Hunfsville couple, who wn several businesses ii Indison and Washington Counl cs. are charged with filing fraud alcnt income tax returns t o hree years beginning in 1368. Both the prosecution ai defense called numerous wit nesses, including income ta experts, and both Richard an Sue Cogcr look the stand in .heir own defense. The U.S. Dislricl Courl clerk's office said loday that a verdict, if it is reached today, will not be announced until Judge Paul X Williams returns to the bench Wednesday. Student loan Plan Dead NELSON LEAVES JAIL .. .following Ms arrest by Fayetteuille police. City Man Charged In Forgery Probe BENTQNVILLE: -- ; . charges' yere filed lMs : morning in Ben- bn Circuil Court againsl David )uane Nelson, 18, of 2641 Lox- cy Ave., FayeUeville.. Nelson was charged with six ndividuul counls of second degree forgery (a Class C felony), i n . connection, wilh the alleged forging of six checks (reported stolen at FayeUeville) during a lwd : day period in late March at two Rogers banks. Nelson pleaded not guilty . al lis arraignment in - Circuil Court Ibis morning. Myy 4 was set as .Ihe date for an omnibus bearing on any motions, but date .for trial .has not yet been set. Nelson is currently free on bond. Benlon County Prosecutirrg Attorney Gary Kennan said lha t h e information f i l e d today churged Nelson with the forgery of $15,177.23 worth of checks on two firms. ' '· Nelson is charged with forgin four checks made payable I Arkansas Valley X-Ray Equip ment anil Supply Cn. of Spring dale in Ihe amounts of Sl.712.38 $1,206.18; $2,349.18 ad $4.2«.7 al Ihe F and M Bank in Rogers estimation is continuing * tti letermine how the checks were ibtaine'd'. Fallowing "Nelson's arrest by "ayetlcville police, he was ransported to Rogers'by Casto or booking at the' Rogers 'olicc Department and then'. on i the Renton County''Jail, vhere !ie was held a short lima n lieu of §15,000 bond. Two Injured In Rogers; Bus Crash ROGERS-A; Rogers: school bus carrying · approximately 28 students wrecked on H\vy.' 12 about 12 miles east of Rogers at about 7 : a.m. today, fcrjt orily two of tha children on -board LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Gov. David Pryor said Monday that the office of the new student loan program will close May 1. Pryor said he decided to close (he office when federal officials refused to fully insure lie kind of loans Pryor wanted lie program to make. The program was authorized y General Assembly last year o make loans to students who verc not able to able to finance heir , education through private sources. Tiie loan money would "have been obtained through the sale of up to $3 million in revenue jonds. However, no bonds were sold because the Department of Health, Education and Welfare would not grant Ihe insurance certificate for Ihe loans. 11E W s aid it would insure loans made under the new program if they were made to nonresidents, Vietnam refugees, or to 'Students attending two-year schools that had not existed long enough to participate in another program. _^______ and forging two checks made * S( . . . payable to the Rogers Produce department personnel -said, a 11 Co. of FayeUeville in I n c i t e children aboard the bus - ----- ~ "" i TM 1 checked tat ., Rogers amounts of $6n0.52 an d $5,014.19 at the First National Bank, of Rogers. " Nelson was 'arrested by Fay- P*alrolman Coffman o n A p r i l George parking, lot on North College Avenue. " . · The arrest followed a weeklong investigation conducted by Memorial 'Hospital, " w h i c h is "standard procedure, 1 ' but .only the two were retained. 1 ! : The bus, ·carrying Southside Elementary School'sturlents'and secondary students, was driven by Mrs. Threecie Ann Huffman of the War Eagte community. The Iroopcr investigating t h e Coffman, Sgts. Bill Brooks and accident, which reportedly iiv Dob Jones of the FayeUeville Police Department and Sgt. Bob Casto of the Rogers Police Department. THEFTS REPORTED The two firms rrad reported the theft of the checks, police said, after discovering that sc veral fi rms h ad ina il eri the cheeks as payment of debts. The two firms told police that they had never received the checks in the mail. Both firms have post office mail boxes at the Fayctteville Post Office «nd have reported finding Iheir boxes open on several occasions, but the in volved : only the school . b u s , was unavailable to give details. Preliminary reports were that one of the hospitalized students nan* a broken collarbone and the other was thought to have a broken knee. The injured students w e r « transported to the hospital - by Rogers Fire D epartment a m- bulances and other vehicles. AH were reported ab]e to leave;the wrecked bus, which apparently overturned, after it came, to rest- ' · N a m e s of the two hospitalized students w e r e ; not available. Embassy Attacked NICOSIA. Cyprus ( A P ) Nine policemen and seven rioters were injured in a four-hour allack by 2,000 Greek Cypriots on the U.S. Embassy Monday night, the government nounccd today, Ten persons were arrested during the four-hour battle be- I ween police and st.^ne-lhrowin!! demonstrators protesting the new U.S.-Turkish agreement promising Turkey $l billion in Amcri can military aid. By Democrats Ballot Spots Drawn Candidates in the May 25 Democratic primary drew for ballot positions Monday night at a meeting oE (he Democratic Central Committee- The attendance, in he words of one commitlecman, w a s "the biggest turnout I've ever seen." About 125 to 150 persons filled the hospitality room at the Ozarks Klcctric Cooperative and sat through (he Committee's business meeting before getting onto the business most of them had come for: drawing numbered slips of paper t decide where each candidate'- name will be placed on the ballot- Before the drawing, Committee member Rudy Moore Jr. announced that May 5 nas been set as the Washington County Democratic Rally. The rally, which will take place at the County grounds starting at 6:30 p.m., will offer local and state candidates a chance to speak, Moore said this rally will nol he a money-making venture Eor the party. In discussing the upcoming primary election and the rnnof election that will be held in June. Committee members agreed to pay the people who ,vork at the polls $15 a day, an ncrcasc of 55 from past elections. . The committee emphasized Monday night that voters will have to make a decision bcforo they vote in the May 25 primary as to whether they will vole" Democratic or Republican. A person who voles Republican in the first primary cannot vote in the Democratic runoff. C o m m i t t e e chairman D o n (CONTINUED OM PACE WO)

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