Independent from Long Beach, California on January 17, 1975 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
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Friday, January 17, 1975
Page 22
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I.G. Johnstons nofe golden anniversary INDEPENDENT(AM) "Mr and Mrs. Thomas G. Johnston of Long Beach will celeoraie tneir 50th wedding anniversary Saturday with a family dinner hosted by their sons. ,Mr. and Mrs. Johnston were married Jan. 14 ' 1925, in Turtle Creek, Pa. They have lived in Long Beach for 31 years. . The anniversary couple has two sons, Ralph G. of Tucson, Ariz, and Merle Allan of Sierra Madre. and four grandchildren. Mr. Johnston, a veteran of World War I, retired in 1960 after 12-years with the Weber Showcase Company of Los Angeles. He has been active with ·the YMCA and the Boys Scouts. Mrs. Johnston has been associated with Girl 5 Scouts, Campfire Girls, 4- H, and Girl Reserves of theYWCA. : Junior Programs plans rrjusical comedy show junior Programs of Lofig Beach will present its -fourth offering .of the season Saturday in Lakewood High School Auditorium, 4400 Briarcrest Road, Lakewood. The Aprenda Players will perform "The Love for- Three Oranges" at 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. Dave Draper is director for .the production. The story deals with a prince who has no sense of humor. The prince he- comes a challenge for the court magician, who also teaches the prince about love. The three oranges are really princesses. Tickets- are 75 cents each for children and adults, with one complimentary ticket, given with, each purchase of six. Tickets are available at the box office prior to each performance. · Weekend Antique Mart at Rancho, Los Cerritos Docents of Rancho Los Cerritos will stage El Mercado de Antiquedades (The Antique Market) from 1 to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at the Rancho, .4600 Virginia Road. The "treasure" sale will feature early 20th Century memorabilia, n o s t a l g i a and collectible items such as political campaign buttons, autographs, silver- plate, bottles, depression and goofus glass, Roaring 20s phonograph records, quilt squares, hand crov cheted l a c e , hstorical books and magazines, and a plant sale. . Women's Lobby seeks new members, funds Women's Lobby Inc. of Washington, D.C. and New York City is conducting a drive for financial support and new members, according to board of sponsors member and former Congresswoman, Helen Gahagan Douglas. Persons interested in joining the organization, founded in 1972 and registered as an official, lobby, should writs Women's Lobby Inc., at either 1345 G St. S.E., Washington, D.C, 20003 or Room 200, 95 Madison Ave., New York, N.Y. 10016. Operating mainly with a corps of volunteers, the non-partisan group was established to convince Congress that women are entitled to equal consideration in law, according to Ms. Douglas. Women's Lobby workers research issues that affect women, testify before .Congressional Committees and communicate with Congress on the effects legislation, current and proposed, has on the lives of 105 million USC classes at \A/nmPn at women Three new classes for women will be offered in the South Bay Area by the Continuing Education for Women Program at USC during the six-week winter term beginning Feb. 10., Money Managment will be held Mondays from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Torrance Woman's Club; Positively Single, Tuesdays, 7 to 9 at Marymount Palos Verdes College; and Madness and Women in Literature, 9:30 to 11:30.a.m. at the Redondo Beach home of assistant dean Juanita Mantovani. Brochures and registration, forms may be obtained from Linda Worobow, Room 353, administration building, USC, University Park, Los Angeles, CA, 90007. Amaranth fete A barbecue steak dinner for past royal matrons and .patrons will be hosted by Bcllflower Court 113, 'Order of A m a r a n t h , Saturday from 5:30 to 7 p.m: at Lakcwood-Ccrn- tos Masonic Temple, 5918 Parkcrest St., Long Bench. Tickets arc $3.aO each. . Women's Lobby credits itself with helping to get passed such bills as: the Higher Education Act of 1972; Health Manpower Assistance ' A c t ; Equal Employment Opportunity Commission A c t ; and Pension Reform Act of 1974. : Contributions from $25 are encouraged, said Ms. Douglas. : '... Other board of sponsors members include Kitty Carlisle, Judy Collins, Betty Furness, Clare Bopthe Luce, M a r y a Mamies, Bess Myerson, Mario Thomas,- Barbara Walters, Joanne Woodward. . Seminar for women going into politics A seminar on politics for women, designed to prepare California women for the 1976 campaign, will be presented in Sacramento Feb. 14-16 by the National Women's Political Caucus, Sacramento chapter, and co-sponsors that include American Association of University Women, California Commission on the Status of Women, Business and Professional Women, and the National Organization for Women. A follow-up to the "See How She Runs" seminar of 1973, "Spirit of '76" will deal with such bread and butter topics as targeting the district, gaining community support, finances, party politics and working with the media. R e g i s t r a t i o n is $20, which includes two luncheons. For more information, contact Anita Frey, 7725 Teekay Way, Sacramento 95832. The Aces on bridge WAG. CORN JR. IIUI C»««IH DEAR ABBY [his computer is spaced oirf At the All-American Re- givimi i VU111UU1VUV iiviu lit Cleveland the winners of the Men's Pairs were John Seridan of Indianapolis and Larry Kozlove of Louisville. An interesting problem developed in' one of the h a n d s . Declarer- ha'd enough tricks to .make his contract, but he had to find a safe' way:-to cash : :them. '." : ' · · - '-,·" ·.··"'· Although North had spade support, his balanced hand, plus stoppers in the unhid suits, made a "jump:to two "no-trump a standout choice. However, ; when South showed distribution by 'bidding three diamonds, North showed his support and South continued on to game.. West led the heart queen and continued another when this held the trick. Declarer ruffed and could easily see 10 top tricks -- five spades and five diamonds. Naturally, declarer started trumps, and a f t e r two' rounds, West's discard .brought the bad news. ' . . DECLARER KNEW he was in trouble since he couldn't d r a w ' a n o t h e r trump before he cashed dummy's high diamonds. If he did so, the diamonds would be established but there would be no entry to cash them. So declarer prayed for East to h a v e three diamonds and tried to cash them. East ruffed the third round and .the two high clubs defeated the contract. Unlucky? Yes, but there was a better way to play the hand. Declarer didn't have to wish for East to have three diamonds -two would h a v e been enough! After cashing two high diamonds, dummy's last trump should have been led and when declarer d r e w E a s t ' s last trump, dummy's high dia- m o n d could be thrown away as excess baggage. Arthritis forum at St. An A r t h r i t i s Facts Forum will be held Jan. 22 at 7 p.m. in Bauer Hospital-St. Mary Medical Center Education Hall, 10th Street and Linden Avenue. . P r e s e n t e d , by the women's division of the Arthritis Foundation, Los Angeles, the program is free and open to the public. · '· A panel of doctors, all arthritis specialists, will explain that arthritis is not an old people's disease and discuss medications, surgical procedures and the importance of physical therapy, rest and exercise. For more information, contact the A r t h r i t i s Foundation, 4311 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles. Hebrew confab set in LA. Mrs. Polly Alevy of Lakewood will be hospitality co-chairperson for the ninth regional biennial convention of the Union of American Hebrew Con-, gregations Jan. 24-27 at the Airport Marina Hotel, Los Angeles. Theme for the three-day event is "Shaping Judaism for a Changing World." Mrs. Alcvy is a member of Temple Israel in Long Beach. She will among several hundred participants, including regional and national leaders and clergymen. THE LOOK OF YOUTH A Unique, Non Surgical Cosmetic Face Lift. For WOMEN MEN Visit ourCELLULITE TREATMENT SALON Proven Europeon Mossoge Method All Facial Treatments I r 6~34~n42 I LAST CHANCE! 50% DISCOUNT I ON *U SALON TIEATMINTS OFFER EXPIRES JAN.^ 00 4129 E, South St, (Lakewood South SI.) North Plata Mall Mon. Thru Frl.»lo 1 , Sat. 10 lo 3 HOME PLAN AVAILABLE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT WEST 4 4 ? Q J 1 0 7 863 * K 8 7 6 4 NORTH A i en J KY43 A K Q * Q i 0 3 EAST * 1 0 8 5 3 f A 9 5 2 f 7 5 * A 5 2 By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN A D D V . I U n ..,, ,, SOUTH · ' · . - * A K Q J 9 . 15 : -·:'· ; '·. . t-J 109.42 * J 9 . Vulnerable: None, Dealer: South, The bidding: South West North East 1 * Pass 2 NT · ' Pass 3f' Pass 34 : Pass 4» -Pass Pass , -.'· Pass Opening lead: Queen of hearts. ; ; . . . A n o t h e r i n t e r e s t i n g example of developing a complete plan. Every declarer could see that the diamonds had "to be unblocked. Only the most careful saw the safest way to do it, , beef that I wish you would , put in your column together with some advice as to what I should do about it. The S u n d a y a f t e r Thanksgiving, I went to the airport to get on a plane to take me back to New York, where I live. (I had visited my parents, who live in Nebraska.) When I tried to check in I was told that my reservation had been canceled! I never canceled my reservation, and I told them so. Then they informed me that their computer had informed them .that since I was a "no show" on the flight from New York to Nebraska, I was automatically canceled on the return flight. I tried to explain to the man behind the counter . that I was NOT a "no- show" because I was standing rieht there in front of him and 1 showed my ticket which Indicated that I had indeed flown f r o m New York to Omaha. He said he was sorry, but the computer showed me as a "no show" -- and, Abby, if it had not been for another "no show," I wouldn't have been able to board that flight and get back to New York. W h a t should I h a v e done? A "NO SHOW" THAT SHOWED DEAR "NO SHOW": I'd have told the man behind the counter that since the computer insisted t h a t I was a "no show," the airline should reimburse me for the ticket f r o m New York to Omaha. DEAR ABBY: I am 23, single, and have been going with this guy I'll call Jim for four months. Jim is good looking, 28, single and a super person. He's everything I've ever wanted in a man or husband. . ' · We have a lot in common and seem very compatible. Our relationship has developed into something quite serious, but neither of us is in any hurry to get married. The only thing I can't cope with much longer is Jim's constantly reminding me that he has always had a very active sex life and now he is sexually frustrated. Although I feel very sorry for him, I sure/ can't help him out be^, cause I am saving" myself for marriage. I just can't see myself giving in .to. a man jn order to relieve him of his sexual frustrations, but Jim tells me'he may. have to date other girls for that purpose if I refuse him. I don't want to lose him; but I don't want to give in. either. Can you help me? STILL PURE DEAR STILL: I don't know what Jim does for a^ living, but he'd make a-t good salesman. Hang in,; there. If you were to give; 7 in, you might lose him .. anyway. -: .~. Bid With Corn South holds: . V K 8 4 3 T A K Q *Q103 North South '!» 2 NT Answer: Four hearts, Even if the opener has five spades and only four hearts, the 4-4 major suit fit often provides more flexibility in the play. ATTEND FREE ARTHRITIS FACTS FORUM January 22--Wednesday--7:00 p.m. Bauer Hospital--St. Mary Medical Center 10th Street Linden Avenue, Long Beach ^Physicians Discuss Treatment, Midicsflons, Surgical Procedures * Exercise 8, Physical Therapy Benefits *Audience Question Answer Period *"Arthritis Basic Facts" Booklet Free Presented by mmtnis FCUHDATWN Public Invited R.N. Clark the late Frank Clift, jr. take honour in presenting an ESTATE t HEIRLOOM AUCTION 2 day extravaganza ·-SHUT, M. 19th -12 Moon MONDAY EVE., JU. 20th - 6:30 P.M. , (·preview Saturday evening) -- SEVERAL IMPORTANT ESTATES -consignments from a prominent Milwaukee socialite, Ms. Martha Maye Donner; and numerous Wisconsin estate heirloom classics, PLUS! · AMERICAN OAK a EXQUISITE ART-WARE (Some signed) · SILVER · FINE PERIOD FURNISHINGS . CUT GLASS · ORIENTAL RUGS. Please plan to attend this exciting event! AH1UCIU OflHfl '»" w. UNCOIN AVI. ·HMICIM DUIfL ANAHIIM, C«l. HI LIVES: ttaie 10 pc. Dm. rm eniwnbl* w/matdiing gro ruff older 1 ! clock, brontei (tome ligned}, curved china cabinet, I pc. Victorian ukm croup (elegant), paid teof mtfrort, 70 pc'i Fine leaded wtnrJowi jhoAei, beautiful rou-wood detl. »/tor»ed tablfwl, Victorian marble top woA-ilandi, Georgian mahogany Furniture, NorrWnd bow.fionl Oak isdr^, V«ne Martin Cabinetry, very n'ne Governor Win drop detk, Italian Renoruance parlour wHw, French Influenced iire-iitfe chain, Inlold engoigrwre, baroque daitin, levrn, cheliey biique totnpt, etc. AuctlonMr'i notation: All item* mwt be »trled (or end removed by midnight Monr% evening. No exception*! kautifvf mercnandiM, I with everyone mudi bidding WCCMI. tetMrt N. Clark, your hsn1 mtkmm WONDER WORLD OF FABRICS Our Annual Clearance Is In 'Clean Up With Buys! Sale prices good Sat., Sun., Mon., Jan. 18, 19 20th Polyester/ 35% Cotton The very best in permanent press fabric by Dan River Regular $1.48 Yd. 60" 100% Polyester Crepe Stitch Our most versatile solid color knit in outstanding array of fashion colors Easy Care Machine Wash -Reg. $2 "cotton/50% Was Urtie ideal *a Beginners sewing classes for February. Day classes, Thursday Friday, 1 to 2:30 p.m. Evening classes Tuesday and Thursday 7:30 to 9: Eight classes--4 weeks, sign up now. 100% Polyester Outstanding Assortment of Y a r n Dyes--Piece Dyes and Various Assorted Colors. All Coordinated 60" Wide-Machine Wash Scissors sharpened FREE every drier Monday, 10 a.m. 'o 1! noon rrin? Jan. !0tri. ng your sciiwr; 3588 PALO VERDE AT LOS COYOTES L.B. 421-9497 SAT. 10 A.M. To 6 P.M SUN. 12A.M. T 0 5 P.M

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