Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 2, 1930 · Page 37
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 37

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 2, 1930
Page 37
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buWMamBrauchep ttofy ft* * ttookie heroic pitcher of KftOW M«, Al," has been rein- t's nothing new, you say? But, Batri Chicks Backyard * conceited, Intensely human .„ of Ring's book is a type who h't appear as often nowadays as lAMner was writing baseball. »de pitchers nowadays have a file of satchels filled with diplomas, most of them are a pretty con- nw-vatlve- sort. Connie Mack has A pitcher this year »hO 1« "You Know Me, Al" all over Hdri. Me is Glenn Liebhardt, Jr.. son H the fatuous old Cleveland pitcher. 31erm is a 19-year-old kid, full of am- rttlon, possessed of unbounded cour- * —and he'll talk to you about it, -^,, If you care to listen. He was on •itirutches when I saw him in Fort "SMtyers, Fla., during the spring training period. In a pepper game he had SlUrned his ankle a day or two before, ijand he was chafing to be back in the -game. « * * * "•'I'm Connie's Favorite" I* "I'll shake this off," he said, look- ntfig down at the tight bandage around Ais Injured foot. "In a day or two I'll *fbe back in there. Mr. Mack likes me I'm going to pitch some ball for . * It seems that he did "shake it off" ^~;for a couple of days ago Connie Mack Igave him his baptism of fire, sending Ihim to .the pitching slab against the ^Yankees, with 66,000 howling fans in «.the stands watching his every move. i* - Did he waver? Was he nervous? A -little wild and flighty? '» No, no! For to Glenn Liebhardt, Jr., -*the Yankees are just another ball "team, just another bunch of swingers *"to throw them past. '• _"How did you feel when you went ii'tb 1 the bo* In the third inning after wLefty Grove had been knocked out of .lithe box and there were a couple of »> runners on the bases?" we asked him. **• « 9 • • *Thc Kid Bears Down L, "I felt like setting 'em down." was ^riis matter of fact reply. "Didn't I lay "the flrst one right across there for a * strike?" . ,, "* Indeed he did! ' Then he walked a batter to fill the ^b'ases. Then he got three and two on ^Mark Koenig. a. Whiz! came that old fast one, and •»• Kocnig dribbled one to short and the * inning was over. * "How did you feel when Ruth came "'up there to awing?" we asked him. : "I didn't care who he was," replied ^ Glenn Liebhardt, Jr. "I gave him a , : , fast one to start on and he fouled it I gave him a change of pace and •'Bishop (the second baseman) tossed K him off. I did the same with Gehrig. s" Bishop got him, too." '' ' * It to Mickey """ In three innings they got just one . hit off Liebhardt, old boy, and that -•< was a measly single that bounced past '.Jimmy Foxx at first. Ruth hit that one. "I left it up to Mickey Cochrane '"•what to pitch to 'em," said Glenn. *''* And he didn't have such a bad as- Distant, at that. 'BID YOD KNOW THAT— ."•'.'., Jack Dempsey's proposed trip to ...Africa to hunt the jolly .old Nubian v jlon reminds Us that Tom Heeney once s.vHrent on a lion hunt, too . . . and came !'i-Tii«clr and ciM it "ran nn fun at all . , . jjfthat the lions woudn't even get out of if'your way . . . and you had to sock ^Hnem with a ball bat before they *'Vould show enough interest to look at J-jr&u. . . . The sleepy lions probably ..'.will remind Jack of some of the bouts .Jie -has refereed, including the Billy ."Wallace-Joe Goodman quadrille the Mother night in Cleveland. . . . Jack •JJempsey looks very self-conscious as - 1 *. referee. . . . Between the rounds he '"•lands in a neutral corner and looks "."•round here and there, making every ' ,effort to be nonchalant . . . but finds it '-' Irnpossible. . . . Refereeing is a strange v .jble for that chap. . . . We don't like .to see him standing in a neutral cor- *»«ier, looking up at the ceiling . . . after i-getting an indelible picture of the look *-wn his face when he crawled back into v the ring after Luis Angel Firpo had ''Snocked him out of there. Kn Fat Boy Louchraa 'j,*£ Bias Tommy Loughran, the nice yxpung man from Philadelphia, who • .ias gone along for lo these many s< years winning fights without hitting \ftmple, come to the end of his string '•>•*» a prize fighter? *nr When Tommy was belted out of the picture so rudely by Squire Jack Sharkey, some of his friends advanced 'lie excuse that the Philadelphian was it. He had tried to put on a lot of yeight much too quickly, with the re- tjtult that the flesh thus acquired was , f,oi too, too solid. ' . , But the other night against Ernie VBchaaf, the German-French-American< k «ostonian, Tommy looked very bad ''indeed. The boxing skill was' there, "for all of Tommy's 189 pounds, but /^that was all. The busy Mr. Schaaf .^utpunched him all over the place. ,'And this same Schaaf is fresh from ..defeats at the hands of Rubbery John- P. ay Bisko-iarid the venerable journey' man, K.' O. Christner. , ''»• Tommy is still fat perhaps, but just "fcow long !• he going to remain that Maimed Agaiu f** Hockey is supposed to be a rough ' pastime, and the men who play it are '•pretty well patched up. Broken bones 'And heads and sundry scratches are * pretty common. But Lew Fonseca, the Jjrst baseman of the Cleveland In '(Jiang, has it all over hockey players ,'fyr endurance. M, The other day Lew dislocated his i<j&oulder while hitting the dirt at first «vjMwe. It was his 1106th injury since v be started playing ball on the sand- "Icts out in San Francisco with Lefty -p'Poul. / During the winter scarlet fever .^r^icked his frame and when he ap- , .Beared at the carnp of tbe Indians at \Kew Orleans in the spring, he was l .*vaa and walked on legs that were '»b»ky. But what was scarlet fever to §, man who h&* had ankles, arms, "Shoulders and wrists broken, who was 'pent to the minors four years ago 'wearing a. label "All through" and . who returned last year to lead the .American league in hitting? • In-Memoriam Together Lew came to the majors nine years •go, und never him had a full neason. Ju»t when things would alait breaking right tor him, lie would lull over * Wide of grass and fracture hia tibia «r awallow a fitihbone and wreck hie, iaryaj£. La«t year, in hi* labt fierce 4rive for batting honors, he played ^Witb MI uukle swollen lo almost twice ,|t» normal »ii;e. I'onteca. and O'Doul ularted playing '4Muttsball togelht-j, und had almost the I up* and down-> O'Doul hau been : »u<J duwi) between New York and : >cu, Bu«ton uod Salt Lake, Chicago . •fid Holly v. uod Fuut-eca. wa« t>ent to JVewaik iu 1K2« by the Piiooliah Phil.,. ! ^ittd eacli came back to lead bis league j ,io )jJttUi|r iMt year. I i- Tbey are buth Ca! i for u ions. L<-w fc 2tu|§ Oaklaod uod JLefty iium baa .* Francisco, and are gond friends. Such good friends that when Fonseca had to quit the game with a dislocated shoulder, Lefty also dropped out of the Phils' lineup with a bad set of tonsils and other ailments. DID YOU KNOW THAT— Yoting Ray Phelps, one of the new pitchers wearing a Brooklyn uniform this seaspn, is a pupil of none other than old Shufflin' Phil Douglas. .. . . Douglas was outlawed from baseball for incriminating statements which he put Into writing.'. . . Ray met him down in the south where Phil •rt'as pitching semi-pro ball four or flve years ago. . . . Nap Rucker, scouting for Uncle Robbie, picked up Phelps at Jacksonville. . . . Uncle Robbie, who is better than a green hand with pitchers, says PHfelps is the likeliest looking prospect he has seen since Burleigh Grimes came to the Robins more than 10 years ago. . . . The pitching of Larry French and Ray Kremer of the Pirates has been phenomenal this season. . . . And they say it's because of a grimy old sweat-shirt. . . . They have been trading it back and forth when their turns came for work, and both swear by it. ... Merlon Nelson, the pitcher sent back to the coast by Detroit, told reporters in San Francisco that Bucky Harris didn't give him much of a chance to show what he could do. "Taking 'Em In There" Last year one of the interested spectators at the Schmeling-Uzcudun affair was Jack feharkey, the Boston Squire. At one point in the battle, Paulino sank one into the pit of Max's tummy and the German winced. "Huh!" said Sharkey, half to himself, "he Cati't take 'em i«i there. If I ever get a chance to sock him in there, he'll jump out of the ring." Which reminds one of the legend that Sharkey never could "take 'em in there" either. It would be funny at that if both of 'em should jump out of the ring. • « * The Snows of Yesteryear Where are Stengel and Cutshaw and Coveleskie and Butch Henjine and Vic Aldridge? But where are the snows of yesteryear? At different stages of his career, Mr. Burleigh Grimes was traded for these baseball people, all of whom have passed out of the majors. Only Grimes remains. ' On June 12, 1913, Burleigh Grimes was sold to Detroit for 15400. Seven days later he was sent to Chattanooga as part payment for a pitcher named Coveleskie. On Jan. 9, 1918, Burleigh Grimes was traded from Pittsburgh to Brooklyn, with Ward and Mamaux, for Stengel, Cutshaw and cash. In 1926, Burleigh Grimes was traded from Brooklyn to the New York Giants in a three-cornered deal involving, among others, Butch Henline. A year later Burleigh Grimes was traded from New York to Pittsburgh for Vic Aldridge. Ail these pe'ople, except Burleigh Grimes, have passed from the big league picture. And in only one of the last 10 years the defeats suffered by Burleigh Grimes have been more than his victories. What is the answer? Search me! DID YOU KNOW THAT— The $100,000 international race proposed for Arlington park, Chicago, this summer, will be abandoned unless three horses from England, Ireland or continental Europe come over. . . . Chris Fitzgerald, chief steward at Arlington, has been in Europe a couple of weeks whooping up the race and says he thinks Cacao, Palais Royal, Othello and Athford will be shipped. . . . John D. Hertz says Reigh Count will not compete. . . . Wonder how Manager Robert Shawkey lelt when he observed in the newspapers the other day that Lefty "Meathead" Heimach, whom he sent to Toledo in the spring, had pitched a 2-hit game against the Kansas City entry. . . . This Bill Hallahan of the Cardinals has a lot of the old smoke . . . but he has been pretty wild to date . . . well, Lefty Grove used to be wild, too . . . and so was Babe Ruth, my dears. Helping Out His Daddy Here are some brief excerpts from a detailed story of a baseball game that was played in Detroit the other day: FIFTH INNING—Porter was safe on Rogell's fumble. EIGHTH INNING—Hodapp bounced to Rogell and when 1 he juggled the ball, Jamieson scored. Rogell also juggled L. Sewell's grounder, filling the bases. NINTH INNING—Hodapp rolled to Rogell, whose throw to flrst was wide and the bases were filled.' • * • How Did He Get In? A little bit of a fellow walked right through the gate at the Detroit American league baseball park, He slipped past the gate-tenders unnoticed. He waddled down through the long runway to the clubhouse and sat perched on the edge of a bench in front of a locker. Nobody could explain how he got there. Pretty soon it was time for the game to begin. Nine Detroit players ran to their places in the field and waited. Did I say nine men? I meant 10. Because the mysterious little fellow who had crashed the gate toddled right out to shortstop and stood behind shortstop Bill Rogell. He was so little, not many could see him there. • • • Offers to Help In the fifth inning the ball came sizzling down to short. "I'll help you," cried the little man as he stepped between Bill Rogell's legs. Between the two of them they messed up the ball pretty well and the batter got to flrst. In the eighth inning, there was a man on base when another ball came bouncing down to short. Bill Rogell went after it with both mitts. Just as he was about to grab it, the little fellow shouted "Hi, yi, hi, yi, hy, yi!" and the ball went bouncing oft Bill Rogell's shins. The baserunner scored. Bill Kogell is a patient man, but he was beginning to grow a little red under the collar. He turned to the little fellow and said sharply: "Suy, you, stay out of these plays, will you? I can make 'em myself." It happened again that very name inning. Another ball, an easy chance, came rolling down to short, and once more the little fellow offered to help Bill Rugeli iield it. Bill Rogell, trying to keep the little fellow out of the way, Kicked the ball a lusty kick. Bill wau rnad now, clear through. Two hlorith "Rogells Krrors Coat Ball Game," bald one of the hcadlinex. Bill read it nil through, taking his puniahment like a man. And on a litlle corner of the front page, waa a. ulioM piece that read like this: "Bill Kugell, new shortstop of the Tigers, this muming became the fa- tiler of a baby boy, weighing seven puund*. nine ounces. The baby was bu»u iu Chicago, Kuyeli'a home before IN SAD' BUT LOVINO RKMEMBRAWCB Of our dear son. William John Wilson, *ho departed this life one year ago today, May 2 Ifi2d OxJd, Who is love, will answer our longing: That somewhere, sometime, we together W« who* have loved with a God -given Af- Miwt meVa'galn in .our Father's fair honW. MR. AND MRS. J. H. WILSON, Father . and Mother. IN LOVINO REMEMBRANCE OF OUR dear boy, Harry Siller, who passed away one year ago today, May 2. Precious darling, he has left up. Left us, yes for evermore, But we hope to meet our loved one, On that bright and happy shore. Lonely the house and sad tne hours, Since our dear one has gone, But a brighter home than ours In Heaven Is now his own. Sadly missed by his mother, Mrs. Isabella Wilson; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Jame* Wilson, and aunts, Mrs. B. F. Housum, Mrs. G. O. Wilson. MILLION DOLLAR £AtNT' fACifOftt Has permanent job, good'for WO to SIM * week selling -roofing and paints dlMettd u«r ON CREDIT. Outfit free, traWin* fret ahd real cooperation. Progress Palrtt C0. ( Dept. G-25, Cleveland, O. Situation Wanted~~Mate ^^V^>x^^ - *S^S^^V^IS>v^^N^v»V^^NA*<^A^S>>< AN EXPERIENCED CHEF DBSIRfiS PO- sltlon in club or road-house, Write to 1510-E, care Mirror. Y&UNO MAN DESIRES WORK ^- HIGH school graduate with three years' training In mechaiilcal drawing, also experienced driver. Mechanically Inclined. • Be«t of references. Call at 262* W. Chest. AVe. or Dial 2-875B. < In ead but loving remembrance of pur dear wife, mother and grandmother, Mrs. Eliza Troxell who departed this life 4 years fcgo today. UP In the realms of Heaven above, Is waiting a mother that we-dearly love. We know she's in Heaven so far, fnr away For God In His 'Mercy did call her that day. Gone but not forgotten by her husbanu, John Troxell, daughter Mrs. William McClellan and grandchildren of Glasgow, Cambria Co.. Pcnna. Lost — Found ^r-^-^W^V^^X^SX^^/VXXXN^XV^S*"- - - - - - LdST—SATURDAY EVENINO BETWEEN 8 and 9 p. m.. on 7th St. and Iiloyd St., radio service tool kit. Finder return to 106 E. Crawford Ave. or Dial 2-4162. Reward. PURSE CONTAINING LADY'S WATCH and other articles, lost Wednesday morning between 8th Ave. and 13th St. and Penn-Alto hotel. Finder Dial 2-4301. Reward. HAVE ¥OU EVER SAT DOWN TO F1O' tire whether you could afford to own a nouse or not? For a moderate amount of cash you can take possession of a good home. Read the real estate ads. Personals SULPHUR VAPOR BATHS AND MASSAGE. Dr. Kruse system. Dial 2-7636 for appointment. Mrs. Chas. S; Casner. PERMANENT WAVING, STEAM OR OIL methods. Requires no finger waving. Mrs. G. Evans, 1440 13th Ave. Phone 2-0197. LE MUR PERMANENT STEAM WAVE, $5. Genuine supplies used. Marcel 50c, finger and -water waves, manicure 60c. Dial 4213 RUPTURED? WEAR A TRUSS FITTED to your exact needs. We know what you need and will hold your rupture. Altoona Artificial Limb and Appliance Co., 907 Green Ave. BALEBtfftN WANTBD-BARN JttO «J 'JIM a we«».ue«inft ibr a reliable, mftnutectuitt. F&ctory located In Cambria county. a»ll 217-J Bell for appointment, 8 p. m. or writ* ept. A. Portage Paint Co., inc., Faring*, Pa. Ave., -tlyajfen! 4 room".. porches. oarage. Hot watet ireat. 8HM June T Sal S-488T fd» appointment WAITED—BY AN EXPERIENCED MAR- rled mart, Job on .farm or poultry farm. John C. Lewis, R. D. 3, Altoona, Pa. 2 CARPENTERS WANT ALL KINDS CAR- pettier work. Oarages, porches, floors. New or repair work. Reference, Dial 2-9464. Situation Wanted — Female »^/s/Os/»*\«X<SXv*»'\/S^/VS/>/V^X~'WV~. LADY DESIRES HOUSEKEEPING FOR middle aged couple or widower's home, or as companion to lady. Dial 2-0324 or write 1888-E, Mirror.' WASHINGS, WANTED TO DO AT MY home, call or Write Mrs. E. Kelt, 2817 Pine Ave. Boarding *\^^S*S*S^r*^^r^r^*^~*r^r~V~*r^r-*r -^-w ••*• T -— -— -- — BOARDING AND NEATLY FURNISHED room for man and wife or gentleman. Central location. Near/7th Aye. and 25th St. Dial 5882. > • WANTED WELL RECOMMENDED BOARD- er for private home. All conveniences. Inquire 325 4th Ave., Phone 7357. — Unfurnished Rooms 1703 14th - ST.— THREE UNFURNISHED rooihs, second floor, all conveniences. Dial 2-5696. 2201 2nd 1 AVE.—4 UNFURNISHED ROOMS In private home, all conveniences. Dial 7032. 3 UNFURNISHED ROOMS. ALL CONVEN- lences. Rent reasonable. Inquire 2200 4th St. 4 UNFURNISHED ROOMS. ALL CONVEN- iences, yard. $20 month. Inquire 1618 8th Ave. Beauty Shoppes .•S^X^V^'S^^X*^X>*^^N^^X* CONSULT VERNA AFTER CLEANING house. Try her wonderful facials. Evening appointments taken. Dial 2-0741. Help Wanted Male 2 SALESMEN WANTED FOR HOUSE TO house selling. Must be married, residents of Altoona, aged' 25 to 40, and have had some selling experience. Salary and commission to men who can furnish satisfactory references. Requires 1 Italian and 1 German speaking salesman. Write 2081-K, Mirror. THREE UNFURNISHED ROOMS FOR light housekeeping, all conveniences. Inquire 210 Maple Ave. 4 Rent — Furnished Rooms 2400 7th AVE.—THREE NICELY FURNISH- ed rooms for light housekeeping. Use of phone, electric washer, etc. Rent reasonable. Call or phone 2-9448. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT , housekeeping, all conveniences. Not suitable for children. Inquire 1902 4th St. Phone I 1!-9810. ! NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS WITH ALL modern conveniences. Rent $3 up. 1502% 13th St. 2 FORM SETTERS. CALL FISHERTOWN 2-9332 or report on job at Fishertown, Bedford county. WANTED—MAN TO WORK GARDEN ON shares. Apply 615 Hickory St., after 8 p. m., Hollidaysburg. Pa. GREENWOOD CEMBTERY DESIRES TWO capable lot salesmen with cars. $100 to $150 per week to industrious, capable men. For Interview write Room 307, Commerce Bldg. No duds need reply. 2 NEAT APPEARING MEN WHO ARE honest and willing to work and Interested more in future possibilities rather than present earnings and would be' Satisfied with moderate Income while In training. This connection with national organization and worthy of your Investigation whether employed or not. Apply H. C. Kindle, room 630, Penn-Alto, 7.30 tonight and no other time. YOUNG MAN WANTED FOR GENERAL work around home. Must be mechanically Inclined. .Apply 4801 8th Ave. TWO CLEAN CUT YOUNG MEN FOR IN- terestlng outdoor work. Permanent, with a good future. See Mr. Dawklns at Penn- Alto, Saturday evening between 6 and 9. Help Wanted — Female MIDDLE AGED WOMAN FOR GENERAL housework; one who can cook. Reference required. Apply 1433 12th Ave. after 5 p. m. YOUNG WOMAN FOR HOUSEWORK. GEN- tleman's home.' Permanent position. Give phene number and particulars. Write 2940-D, care Mirror. EXPERIENCED GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. Reference required. Apply in person, at 2629 W. Chestnut Ave. GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, small family. Day time only. Interview evenings. 2708 Union Ave. AN EXPERIENCED GIRL FOR HOUSE- work. Apply to 1114 23rd Ave, or Dial 5589. STENOGRAPHER AND BOOKKEEPER— Must have high school education and ability to spell. State age, experience and where educated, speed in dictation nnd tvplng. Give telephone. Write 1871-K, care Mirror. A RELIABLE WOMAN WANTED FOR housework. Apply to 2003 8th Ave. GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK. NO c&nking. Apply 3411 Onelda Ave., Allegheny Furnace. coming to Detroit. Mother and child are doing nicely." Bill hasn't said anything about making a shortstop out of the little fellow, however. DID YOU KNOW THAT— A secondary school championship baseball game in Japan recently drew 80,000 people. . . . And it wasn't on a holiday. . . . Young Dick Glendon has licked his old man four years in a row. . . . The last time, the other day when Columbia beat Navy, the margin was only 10 feet. . . . Leroy Mahaffey, Connie Mack's new iron man from the Pacific, pitched in 370 innings last year. . . . Some of the Chicago sport scribes are now calling Tutiy Griffiths, "Fluffy." . . . Doc Bagley comes out on both feet for Sharkey to win over Schmeling. . . , Doc says Jack knows too much for a comparatively green hand like Maxie. BLAIR HI LEAGUE. Standing. W. L,. Pet. Altooilif B 0 1.000 Williamsburg 5 1 .833 Roaring Spring 3 3 .500 Claysburg 2 3 .400 Martinsburg 1 4 .200 Morrison Cove 0 5 .000 Games May 2. Altoona at Roaring Spring. Cove Hi at Claysburg. Williamsburg at Martinsburg. STAGG APPOINTS ASSISTANTS. Recent temporary appointments to the University of Chicago coaching staff by Director A. A. Stagg include Saul Weislow. football; Kyle Anderson, freshman baseball; Lawrence Apitz, freshman track and Walter Hebert, freshmen tennis. TltACK MEET SKT. BIRMINGHAM, England.-A triangular athletic contest between Achilles Club, the Atlanta Club (Scottish Universities} and the Universities Athletic Union, three of the leading trackileld clubs, will be held hem on May 24. 2 WELL FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS, second floor for housekeeping, all conveniences. Private family and entrance. Dial 2-0015. FURNISHED SLEEPING ROOM. IN PRI- vatc home, not far from silk mill. Gentleman preferred. Inquire 2410 3rd Ave., city. 1508 10th ST.—FRONT ROOM, 3rd FLOOR, well furnished. $2 per week. Modern conveniences. 2 FRONT FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT housekeeping, all conveniences. Inquire 820 17th St., second floor. Furnished Apartments ^SXs/V^N^^V^v^XS^/VV^/NXV^S^V^^^*'^^ ROOMER WANTED AS PARTNER IN bachelor apartment. $20 per month. Write 1639-E, Mirror. Unturniihtd Apartment! A^'^^W^'St^'WWW^'-W'^w^vv f —' -- --- 3014 tth AVil:-« ROOMS, WRSf FtOOR m«atr» Apt.. Clean, light, airy, yard, garage. Dial am. 168 HOWARD AVB.-* ROOMS, bath. Heat, light, gas, water ftttd «»<le« furnished, tan. flrst Boor. No children. S-L00R DUPLEX, 214 .. «l til 8TB AVE.-r-NICE 4-ROOM APT.,NBW- ly papered. Heat, light and gas furnished. $10 off flrst month's rent. ^ IMPERIAL APT., 5 ROOMS, BATH, PORCH and all conveniences, 135.00, also 4 roonjj, bath and porch $30.00. Dial 2-8380 or aft» 8 p. m. 2-8180. . 1211 8TH' : iAVE., 4ST. FLOOR, 5-ROOMS, $33; wSilth St. 4-ro6ms. all conveniences, front', side porch, $40; East 2nd<Ave., Lloyd St., 4 rooms, all conveniences, $85; 511 23fd It! 4 rooms, bath $18. McVey-Fatts Co., 1105 13th St., Dial 7128, ^^^^ 3-ROOM APT., BATH, SIDE PORCH. - NO children. -Must be seen to be appreciated. 326 4th Ave. Phone 735f: 312 3rd ST.—6 ROOMS, BATH, HOT WA- ter heat, shades, linoleum, gas range, with or without garage. Inquire 219 Lloyd St. SECOND FLOOR APT. 1, 5 ROOMS, BATH, 1, 4 rooms, bath, gas range, shades furnished. Residential section. Inquire at store, 2nd Ave., 24th St. DE LENA APT., 5-ROOMS, BATH, ALL modern conveniences. Inquire 1002 Chestnut Ave. Rent—Houses >>/s/V»/N/'S»V*>/V^/W/V-^> 2606 BROAD'AVE.—7 ROOMS, BATH, FIN- Ishcd 3rd floor, conveniences, Including garage. $55 month. Inq. 2608 Broad Ave. 4-ROOM HOUSE. ALL CONVENIENCES. Inquire 1719 8th AVe. fl-ROOM HOUSE, ELECTRIC LIGHT AND gas, cement cellar, yard. Rent $20 month. Inquire 1113 17th St. 6 LARGE ROOMS. ALL CONVENIENCES, 425 2nd Ave. Inquire 427 2nd Ave. evenings. Phone 5835. FINE HOME IN EVERETT, BEDFORD county, on Lincoln highway. Ideal location for tourists and tea room. Inquire of Mrs. L. Wolfe, 2007 8th Ave., Altoona, or Dial 2-2995. 1210 E. 9th ST.—4-ROOM BUNGALOW, electric light, gas, cement cellar, newly papered. 3 lots ground. Rent reasonable. Inquire at 1101 E. 9th St. 827 8th Ave.—7-ROOM BRICK : HOUSE, electric light, gas, water. Lot 25x120. Inquire 810 8th Ave. 4 ROOMS, FINE CONDITION. ' LOW rent. Light, gas, cement cellar. Good neighbors. Private alley, park car. Phone 2-5172. 109 E. 6th ST. — 5-ROOM HOUSE, FIN- Ished attic, newly painted, papered throughout, all conveniences except bath. Rent reasonable. Inquire Holland's, 610 4th St. Dial 2-7588. 1606 MARGARET AVE.—8-ROOM HOUSE with Improvements. Good condition. Low rent. J. H. Glarth, 1323 19th Ave. Dial 2-8837. . ,^— HOUSE AND GARAGE, 60714 6th AVE. Centrally located. All Improvements but furnace. Dean B. Shaw, Union Bank, 12th St. and 8th Ave. 6-ROOM HOUSE, 7th AVE. AND 24th St. One room retained In exchange for board- Ing. Married couple preferred. Write 2937-D, Mirror. 801 BELL AVE.—MODERN HOME, $40. month. Hardwood floors, all conveniences .Garage. Inquire 815 Bell Ave. 803 5th AVE.—7-ROOM HOUSE, ALL CON- venlences, yard, garage. Inquire Crlgger Bros., 1024 llth' Ave. Phone 2-2261. THREE 5-ROOM HOUSES, REAR BEALE Ave. and 22nd St. Inquire of A. O'Toole, 1321 llth Ave. 917 LEXINGTON AVE.—EIGHT ROOM house with bath, alt modern conveniences. Inquire Room 14, Myers Bldg. BEST DISTRICT OF LLYSWEN, 6-ROOM . modern, furnished house. For terms and particulars inquire 3}5 Coleridge Ave., Llys- wcn. ' COMPLETELY FURNISHED, 2' ROOMS and bath, private entrance. Reference required. Inquire 1003 7th Ave., side entrance. COMPLETELY FURNISHED APTS.—1 TO B rooms, private bath. Maid service dally to bachelors. Inquire 608 10th St. NEWLY FURNISHED FIRST FLOOR MOD- crn apartment, 4 rooms and bath, 2 entrances. Inquire 602 21st St., Apt. 5. Unfurnished Apartments _*v***"s^^^.^^'N^V^^.^^'^V^V^S^w^^^*^^w^ JUNIATA, 205 5th AVE.—4 ROOMS, BATH, hot water heat, gas range. Reasonable rent. Dial 2-7519 or Inquire 2210 8th Ave., Altoona. 305 llth ST.—2nd FLOOR APT.. THREE rooms, sun porch, hot water heat, gas range, bath, shades. Cozy for two. $25. 1100 3rd Ave. 3-ROOM APARTMENT WITH ALL CON- venlences, 2nd floor, strictly private, llth and 12th Aves., at 17th St. Rent reasonable. Inquire 1818 llth Ave. Dial 2-1862. MAJESTIC APT., APARTMENT CONSIST- Ing of living room, breakfast room, .kitchenette, bedroom, bath, enclosed front porch and all conveniences, $35; also apartment at $30. Dial 2-8380 or after 6 p. m. 2-8160. 901 2nd AVE.—FIRST FLOOR DUPLEX, 4 rooms and bath, front and rear porches. Gas range, shades and heat furnished. Inquire 901 2nd Ave. Dial 7405 or 2-4001. 312 3rd ST.—5 ROOMS, BATH, HOT WA- ter heat, ohades, linoleum, gas range, with or without garage. Inquire 219 Lloyd St. BEHM APT., 1210 16th ST., SECOND floor, 5 rooms and bath, modern conveniences. Inquire Apt. 3. Dial 2-0228. 2031 BROAD AVE.—5 ROOMS AND BATH, enclosed porch. Hot water heat, shades, linoleum, gas range. Nicely papered. SECOND FLOOR DUPLEX, FOUR ROOMS, bath, heat, 1118V4 5th Ave. A. E. Akers, 508 12th St. Phone 2-6329. 822 4th AVE., JUNIATA—SMALL APT. Rent reasonable. Inquire K. McGratb, 2806 Broad Ave. Phone 2-2471 or 9029. 2308 4th AVE.—APT., 3rd FLOOR, 3 rooms, bath, heat, garage. Not suitable for children. Rent $17. 853 33rd ST.—1-ROOM APT., BATH, hardwood floors, window shades, gas range, refrigerator, heat furnished, linoleum on kitchen floor. Inquire 3301 Broad Ave. 4-ROOM DUPLEX,- FIRST FLOOR, ALL conveniences. 'Not suitable for children. Inquire 2420 7th Ave. 5 ROOMS AND BATH, FRONT AND BACK porches. Private garage. Located in Llyswen. 2-6601 or 8286. 218 HOWARD AVE. — SECOND FLOOR, suitable fur small family. Bath, hut water heat, gas, electric light. Inquire above address. Rent $27.50. 2 APARTMENTS, SECOND AND THIRD floor, 1300 llth St., in good condition. Rents reasonable. Inquire 401 4th Ave. 3-ROOM APARTMENT, STEAM HEAT, hot water, KIIS range and locker. Low rent. Dial 2-7497. TWO GOOD HOUSES, ONE AT 5^1 6TH Ave., other at 1524 3rd Ave. Each, 6- rooms, all conveniences. Inquire 1212 7th Ave. Dial 2-6734. 1404 Mit AVB,-MOD»Rt» worn*, «m «i*M eonditwn Laf ge Idt. Met! locattoB. - —•-—"'* JUNIATA 649 10th Ave. Price ctlt to $S460.flO.' v 6 rooms, bath, , »«**• a^-i. « a *> Karaffe, corner lot 78*120, chlOR6tt Mouse, fruit. For insp. A terJn*, M6 ', ED,SEIDEL> Realtor PROPAGANDA Is It gotid propa* ganda that ft family s hou Id own its home? It surely is good. All-over the world the best- .homes are owned by those who live In them. Do you own your home? You can! May we tell you Jtow? WOODS BECKMAN COMPANY Realtors Penn Central Bldg., Fifth Floor Phone 5124 Sale—Lots HALF ACRE LOTS AT ELDORADO. REA- sonable prices and terms. Inquire of A. L. Lytle, 546 68th St. 24th AVE., BETWEEN 12th AND 13th Sts., lot 35x120, all improvements. Street paved. Dial 7495. IMPROVED LOT FOR SALE CHEAP TO quick buyer. Inquire 124 E, ,22nd Ave. Phone 3-9194. CALVERT HILLS Don't buy a vacant lot anywhere until you have driven over the paved streets and inspected CALVERT HILLS Office 1115 llth St. Sale — Farms *18 DOWN and $15 per month will buy my little farm, located 14 miles from Altoona and Vi mile from Arch Spring church. Over an acre of garden soil, very good seven room house, new furnace. House alone worth three times what I am asking. Lots of fruit and shade trees. See thla at once, giving away for only J1.200. H. Milton McVey, R. F. D. No. 3, Hollidaysburg, Pa., Frankstown. FARM FOB SALE I Sixty-five acres, more or less; R acres In timber. GoooY buildings. Well and cistern at house. Running water at the barn. Additional spring of water a few hundred feet from the house. Considerable fruit on' the property. Bank barn, frame house, ten rooms. Located 1,000 feet from the hard road. School bus stops at the house. Located one-fourth mile northeast of Newton Hamilton. A good proposition . for someone who may be Interested In such a property. Limestone quarry on the premises. Write or Inquire of JOHN F. DRAKE, Executor, Newton Hamilton, Pn. 112 HOWARD AVE., 6-ROOMS, BATH, hot air heat, 1 car garage $30. 1128 19th Ave., 8-rooms, all conveniences, newly papered, painted $32; 1609 12th St., 6 rooms, bath, $26: 229 Park Place, Junlata, 5-rooms, electric light. $10. McVey-Faris Co., 1105 13th St.. Dial 7128. 1016 HOWARD AVE., 6-ROOMS, BATH, electric, gas, hot water heat. Inquire 1018 Howard Ave. 6-ROOM HOUSE, BATH, ALL CONVEN- lences or rooms for rent. Inquire 215 Maple Ave. 225 K. FIl'TH AVE. 8-room house, bath, hot water heat. Rent only 130. See Realtor—Insurance, Commerce Bide. 1'hono 2-0313. I Rent — Garage* 1517 18th ST.—PRIVATE GARAGE FOR 1 car. $3 month. Inquire 1509 15th St. Dial 7541. Rent — Cottages ^NXXXS/X'^NXS/N/NXX'S^N^^NXN/ LAKEMONT—4-ROOM COTTAGE. ELEC- trlc light, furnace, water In house. Charles A. Whltbred. Dial 2-7445. Rent — Miscellaneous 1514 12th AVE.—STOREROOM, SUITABLE for any business, particularly tailor or electric shop. Rent reasonable. Inquire Altoona Clay Products Co. Sale Or Rent 4 ACRES OF GROUND, SINKING VALLEY road, 6-roorn house, fruit, etc. Rent $20 month. Charles A. Whltbred. Dial 2-7446. 1420 6th AVE., JUNIATA—6 ROOMS, bath and light. Rent $20 month. Sale price $2,000. Inquire Charles A. Auker, 1321 llth Ave. Sale — Houses FOR BALE AT A BAlKiAIN 409 1st Ave.—Eight room frame dwelling, front rear porches. Hot air heat, bath, gas, electric light. Two car garage. Street, alley paved. Cement sidewalks. Inquire A. O'Toole, 1321 llth Ave. 3200-02 WALNUT AVE. 5 rooms, gas, electric light. Corner lot 50x120 ft. Price $2,000. Easy terms. HOWARD J. DARK, Phono 2-0614. 3607 5th AVE.—DUPLEX, 2nd FLOOR, 4 I rooms, bath, hot water heat furnished, sun parlor, private entrance, laundry, yard and garden. Rent very reasonable. Dial 6876 after 4 p. in. BROAD AVE. BRICK HOME, ALL MOD- ern Improvements, finished third floor. 2802 Oak Ave., 6-room brick and bhinglc home, all modern Improvements. 28th St. and Oak Ave., new home, all modern Improvements. Will sell these at a sacrtncu. Inquire 717 29th St.. C. A. Wlssinger. Building Contractor. THIRD FLOOR APT., 5 ROOMS, BATH, heat, gas range furnished. Inquire 1000 3rd Ave. BRETH APT., 825 7tb AVE.—3 ROOMS, bath, gas range, bat water heat. Rent $24 and $25. Dial 9029 or 2-5092. VERY DESIRABLE 5-ROOM FRONT apartment. Fine central location. Rent reasonable. Apply 1122 12th Ave. HOWARD AVE. AND 1st ST.—FOUR rooms; 7-room houae. Botb modern, Reasonable. Inq. 101 Howard Ave. Dial 2-2153. 2820 8th AVE.—SECOND KLOOR, 4 ROOMS, bath, heat, light, hat, cold water, gas rapge in kltcheu, $32 month: also 3 rooms, $30. Third floor, 4-roum apartment, all conveniences, $28. Phone 2-0307; 7143; 2-6056. 5-ROOM APT., BATH, POUCH. ALL CON- vcnlunces. Rent reasonable to right party. Iwjuire 608 26tk til. Phone 2-51/71. FOR SALE—HILLSIDE AVE., ELDORADO. Modern seven room house, garage, fruit, one acre, also five room huuue. Bargains. R. W. Schum, Aniericus, Ca. 544 53rd ST.—6 ROOMS AND BATH, breakfast nook, sun rooms, open porch, small enclosed rear porch, large guest, linen and cedar closet. Log fireplace with bookcases on each side. Inlaid linoleum and blinds. Stone foundation; hot water heat. Lot 37',iixl20. Owner leaving city. Terms. Dial 3-9974. HERE'S ONE 308 23rd St., frame house, 7 rooms and bath, hot air heat, lot WJxo'U, all conveniences. Price $b'000. T. CHESTER PARSONS 1107 12tli Ave. Plioua 2-5102 FOR SALE 40-Acre farm near the "Triangle," fronting on the cement highway. Has a good 7-room house, bank barn, about' 75 fruit trees, one-half acre in raspberries, flve head of cattle, several, farming implements. Good wftter. Farm in very good condition. Can have possession at 'onde. Price $4600; terms can be arranged. C. D. Bloom Realtor—Insurance 1311 12th St. Phone 2-2383 Sale — Furniture LIVING ROOM SUITE, 3-PIECE MAHOG- any and leather, excellent condition. Price right to quick buyer. Call 2-6417. WOLF FURNITURE CO. OFFKKS Refrigerators $7 up to $25 Sun Ray Gas Range, Cabinet Style ....$34 Sun Ray Gas Range, Cabinet Style ..$23.50 Leather Rockers $7.00 1501-03 llth Ave. OAK LIBRARY table, $3, AND 8x8 BRUS- sels rug, $6. All in good condition. Inquire at 1907 Union Ave. Inquire Apt, 5, second floor front. KITCHEN CABINET, OAK LIBRARY table and 2 kitchen chairs, Inquire at 2810 Beale Ave. Business and Office Needs FOR SALE National cash register, in A-l Electric condition. Two Dayton Display Stands, In good con dltlon. MORGAN'S DRUG STORE, 12th Ave, and 16th St.,' Altoona, Pa. Dial 8122. SHOW CASES—ALL SIZES Two 12 foot, 2nd hand, Frlglilalre Soda Fountains. Soda Tattles and Chairs. Just what you need K you are starting in business^ Windshield and Door Glass Installed. \LTOONA PLATE GLASS CO. 725 Green Ave. Dial 8886 or 2-7300 Sale — Miscellaneous 2 DAYTON COMPUTING SCALES, ONE 20 ft. awning gear type, McCray refrigerator, 20 pool tables complete, from $35 up; 3 deve,n room bouses, 25x120 ft. ground, $4,460. Investigate these, they are the money. Canole & Hell, 2918 6th Ave. LESTER PLAYER PIANO With walnut case, $398.00. Easy terms. WEAVER FACTORY SHOWROOM, 1620-22 Eleventh Ave, TAN CHINCHILLA COAT, SIZE 16; NAVY blue twill suit, size 16. $5 each. Inquire 2015 Logan Ave. PORCH CHAIRS RESEATED — RUSH style chair seating, chair caning of all kinds. Also rug rug and carpet, weaving. Work called for and delivered. Weaving Works, 2119 6th Ave. Dial 2-8513. REFRIGERATOR, PRACTICALLY NEW, 100 Ib. capacity. Dial 8745 after 4 p. in. 848 23rd St. BLAIR COUNTY: BRANCH PENNA. ASSOCIATION FOR THE BLIND, INC., . CARE OF ALTOONA MIRROR. Blind Made Brcoms. No. 7 Hurl 7f.c No. 7 Extra SOc No. 7 Special SOc No. 8 Hurl 85c No. 8 Extra OOc No. 9 Hurl l)5c No. 9 Extra »1.15 No. 36 Cane Center .." $1.10 Children's Brooms 35c Whisk Broom SOc These brooms are sold by our blind salesmen, or direct from tin: Association headquarters, retail and wholesale. Phone 7171. MOORE COMBINATION COAL AND GAS range, practically m-w. Will sttcrilice. Inquire 2412 Bth Ave.. ti lo 8.3U p. m. FOR SALE—TYPEWRITER DESK, FLAT top desk, dining table and chairs, also other household furniture. Dial 2-0243 or 1623 lltu Ave., 2nd iloor. f&ft BAt» CHEAF-VI8ft'W»AVi» 8- Wheel jack, 3 tires 37x5) 2. o™Mjy*™*2j motor P»W ba«* t ** . WI1WI J»VH>» W ».m»v« ». -, Ui H. P. motor, pal* b fuller And a lot of tools. iTtn AV*. Sate—Mitceltaneout Atft FtWNACBeo: n,er, food condition, $ AW. »««!» USAtBER BED condition. PMc* reasonabl* . SMS Av*. o* Dial 2-8812. ..... CARRIAOa.. condition. Inquire 613 19th St. AH the Lumber Stock df, FLUKE CO., Inc., W FOR SALE AT . 33i% OFF cost ' Inquire At Yard 2M5 Beale Ave. Dial 3-9183 Sale—Horses and Cattle ^ s/> y^ < « v * i >S^^xs^^^w^/>xs^>xS*N^^>^>^VSXS ONE TEAM OF WORK HORSES, MAKH •jffMT B»s coif yaTfel SSfff Dial 8587. -' For Sale—Dogs-Pet» FOR SALE - YOUNG THOROUGHBRED male Police dog. Sell cheap. Phone 2-5223. ' Poultry—Feed ^^-^/WN^/WN/N/W*'*'*'"* HYNICK'S QUALITY BABY CHICKS Wyandottes, Rocks, Reds, Leghorns, Ancona, Custom hatching In trays of 75 and up. HYNICK HATCHERY, 322 E. Grant Ave. Dial 43«3. ERHINGER'S QUALITY CHICKS BARRED and White Rocks, White Wyandottes, Red and English Leghorns. Hatch off every Monday and Thursday. 120 E. 6th Ave. Dial 2-2917 or 3-9409. Upholstering And all klndi materal living room •ult«i and odd .pieces made to order. ReasonabW prices. J. WoUberg, 1008 Oreen Ave. Dial 3-1472 or 6403. . GABLE'S QUALITY CHICKS. WH1TB Leghrong, Barred Rocks, White Hocks, Reds, White Wyandottes, Black Mlnorcaa and Anconas. Very best trains. Get our circular. Pet Shop—Basement. HATCHING EGGS FOR SALE. MAMMOTH Pekin ducks, $1 for setting; Black Giant, $1 for setting; English Leghorn, 75c for setting; White Giants, $5.00 for setting; duck' "^BERT'S POULTRY FARMJ Sinking Valley Road. Phone Rural 2-5R5. Coal 730 4th ST P R E E 0 E P T LE '^ bOAL PH°ONE 2-7777. HARD COAL: EGG. STOVE AND NUT, S12 KEYSTONE MADISON SCREEN AND X LUMP AND DVSART, $3.75. .COLLECT ON DELIVERY. COAL All kinds hard and soft coal; also kindling wood. L. R. MATHIEU A SON. 1824 Union Ave. Dial 9994. TELEPHONE 2-3501 OR 2-0818. 1 OR MORE TONS. HARD COAL, NUT SIZE $12.00 MADISON SCREENED LUMP $4.00 MADISON EGG AND NUT $4.00 DRIVER COLLECTS IN ALL CASES. SERVICE FUEL CO. GWIN COAL CO.—GWIN SPECIAL, MIL- ler and Madison coal at-attractive prices. 1911 Margaret Ave. Phone 2-0404 or 6623. LIMESTONE SCREENINGS, $1.75 tod; concrete and mason sand, $2 ton; plaster sand, $2.25 ton dumped. Moutaln coal, $3.50 and up. J. I. Morgan. Dial 2-6082. A*F MOUNTAIN AND RUSTY LUMP coal, %, 1 and 2-ton, $3.75 up. In same day ordered. Ashes and hauling. Dial 5880, A, *'V. ASHES—ASHES Rubbish, hauling, mountain, rusty lumb coal, '/j—1 or more tons. Dial 6880. McGuire Coal Co. McGuire Special And All Grades Of Coal 915 10th Street rhone 637b Burn PAGE COAL For Economy, Warmth and Health Demand Our Welglibill G. F. Eichenlaub Coal Co. Dial 9-5210 Money To Loan M^^S^^NXS^^N^^XV^^^XN^V^^N^S, MONEY TO LOAN ON FIRST MORTGAGE on Improved real estate In Altoona and suburbs. Charles A. Auker, 1321 llth Ave. LOANS TO $300. HOUSEHOLD GOODS AS security. Legal rates. Altoona Loan Assn., 204 Central Trust Bldg. Phone 6683. MONEY TO LOAN $6,300—on Improved property In amounts to suit borrower—$6,300. WALTER J. HENRY, Commerce Bldg. Phone 8200. MONEY TO LOAN ON IMPROVED PROP- erty In amounts to suit borrower. G. Nevln Dlvely, 1321 llth Ave. $1,800 ON FIRST MORTGAGE. OTHER amounts to null. H. H. Colbus. Dial 4420. NEED MONEY QUICKLY? Cash Loans up to $300 24 Hour Service Small Monthly Repayments You'll be surprised how easily a loan can he arranged. Our friendly and courteous service has helped many when they needed money quickly. Come In, 'phone or write for full Information. There Is no obligation. Benefical Loan Society Room 1, Second Floor, 1300 Eleventh Ave., Cor. 13th St., Altoona, Pa. * Telephone Dial 2-4070. Open 8.30 to 5—Saturday 8.30 to 1. NO TIME IS WASTED Our service Is quick, courteous and private on all LOANS up to $300 Come In—Phone or Write! AMERICAN LOAN CO., lioom 308, Grunt Building. 1112 Eleventh Avenue, Third Floor, ALTOONA, PA. Telephone Dial 2—8-D-6-2. Upon 8.:iO to D—Saturday 8.30 to 1. Mortgage Loans I'M or Monthly L Wm. Borland Itcul tor—Insurance Union Hank nid*. Dial 8-IVjtft- Mortician N. A. STEUENS No Uliaiye.toj Use ot Memorial Cliapel Funera) Director Ave. 2foi.'rt«M Opportunist ^tf^^tjtf^v^ii^^^ WONDERFUL BUSINESS OPPORtUNITY JIB UUCICU ttt th* oft* who buys th» Locust lhri»-.i lafgft furrilshed house, ie quick luflch room. larfe =™, 0 room bulldlnf, cb«^ 2 • f>utn« service AfttldA, Iftcated atdng tfatf Said fiagle highway nea* ^Martha, whefa Ca This tOP piace Is ftotttJl ; Mi''. \t» chicken and waffle dinners, qiildK lunch service arid ov*f-««i»t tWlrtsti. If y%u are looking for a good busirteSS, growing biggef and 'LfttMr.evWjteJj, here It Is. It Is offered at * rfcaL bargain. Terms. See D. B. MINGLE Phone 806 > Tyrone^ *»a. .tJBtfl BARGAINS THAT BLOOM W MM tiassifled section invite you to «flte* and make your selection. '• * Cleaning-—Renovating v-sAxv^^>^^v*%<VxVN^^AxV^^\i^S^»^^»>>»* CARPETS AND RUGS CLBANBD TO tOOX like new. Monarch Carpet Cleaning Worm. Telephone 4884 for quick service. MAtfRESSES AND BOX SPRINGS R8N. ovated. Altoona MattfMS Mfg. CO., 83» 19th St. Dial.4842. PAPER CLEANING DONE B* fiXPHR- lenced man. Reference given. Dial 2-311S. M. G. Palmer-. HAVE BCHLOSSER AND STIVER CtBAll your wall paper and wash youi',»*!««* Walls at very reasonable cost. All worfc guaranteed. Phone 2-2815. * | .We Recommend The Altoona Sanitary Lauridry For Prompt Service and Good Work Telephone 9468. / Contracting — Repairing MAKE JfOUR HOME LOOK ITS BEST Carpenter, Building and Repair Work. Free Estimates. Reasonable 'Rate*. J. P. LEIDEN, General Contractor-Builder, 100S 22nd Ave. (Lota For Sale) Dial 8614. NOW IS THE TIME TO HAVB US BBTl- mate on that concrete work or excavating. All work guaranteed. Prices reasonable. Dial 2-3538. 3006 Oak Av«. VES, SIR— We will b&lld you a new house, new porch, garage or any kind'of repairs to your home. Dial 8884. Albert Karns, Contractor and Builder. ROOFING, SPOUTING AND PURNACB work a specialty, at most reasonable prices. Estimates cheerfully given. William J. Pfeffor, 226 E. Walton Ave. Dial 2-0520. EXCAVATING, CARPENTER WORK AND house roofing. Mountain coal, $3.50 to $4.25 ton. Ash hauling, fie bu. Dial 8648. CONTRACTING AND BUILDING Satisfaction Guaranteed. Reasonable Rats*. Free Estimates Cheerfully Given. J. H. DODSON. 3109 Washington Ave. Dial «37«. CONSULT MB BEFORE REMODELING OR building garages. Guarantee work, reasonable prices. D. B. Salsgiver. Dial 2-0152. ARMATURES, MOTORS AND FIELDS Rewound. Sweepers repaired. jLowert prices. 1 yr. guarantee on all work. DELTA-STAR ARMATURE WORKS, 1B2T 4th Ave. •- . Just Dial 2-8221. ALTOONA HOME BUILDING CO. Free estimates on carpenter, cementing »n< remodeling work of all kinds. 2732 Union Ave. Dial 2-4708. • BUILDING MATERIALS OF ALL KINDS. Let us estimate your job. J. H. Hommer Lumber Co., General Contractors. Phone 67 Bellwood. TYPEWRITERS—ALL STANDARD MAKES repaired and overhauled. Parts, ribbons and supplies for every machine. Call 2-1827. B. F. BARR, 1627 llth Ave. FRONT RANK WARM AIR FURNACE J. W. SHOENFELT 881 17th Street CEMENT Quality Quantity Quickly BARTLEY LUMBER CO, Contractors 211 7th Avo. Phono 2-7979 KEYSTONE Armature Works 1814-16 Union Avenue, Altoona Phone 2-8742 Armature Winding, Motor Repairing, Winding Fields, Colls, Electric Magnets, Motors, Generators, Elevators. Machine Works, NO DOWN 1'AYMKNT REQUIRED I'OB A NEW KOO* 1 Improve and Protect Your Home with a Modern Fireproof Roof. OUR EASY MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN IB at your service. We shall be glad to confer with, you on the type of roof most suitable for I your home. No obligation for an estimate. 1'KNN BUIL.UEUS, Inc. 823 18th St. Phone 2-160*. SHEET MK'l'AL WOHK Roofing—Spouting—Metal Ceiling* H. Sabathne & Son 70H Eighth Av«. lllul 6013. READY MIXED CONCRETE East Side Coal & Supply Co. 812 Eighth Street Dial 8175 Painting — Papering CHAS W. BUKNS. fAINT1NU AND FAfBH hanging. Wall uaper removed, dry steam method. Common »ense prlcei. 117 Mapli Ave. Dial 2-0436. PAINTING AND PAPER HANGING — First class work by experienced men. Ka- tlmates cheerfully furnished. J. B. White, 217 E. Crawf&rd Ave. Dla,l 2-60U2. LET THE HOME PAINTING CO. DO YOUR homo painting or give you estimates. Dial 6408. S A HITE &SONS Dependaole House Puluting. Wall Papers of Distiiictioa. 2510-11 Seventh Ave. '

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