Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 7, 1972 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 7, 1972
Page 12
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|j NerthWiit-Arkansni YIMES, Men,, Aug. 7, 1972 ARKAN«*» first 'Unk In Chain Opium King Of Asia Identified ; By PETEK O'LOUOHLIN Associated Press Writer -· BANGKOK, 1 Thailand (AP) -A mysterious Chittese who op grates Mn the mountains of northern, Burma, in a wild area Called jtne Goldea Triangle, has qualified | as Itie opium king of Asia.' JfarcoUes agents describe this mini Lo Hslng Han, as the first link In the drug chain that ends with sales on U S. slreet corners; .In w e e k s , fioni his Sanctuary at Tachilek, a small Bmrfiese', town just over the Border* from Thailand, he has seen That and U S naicolics, agents, striking at the heart of the Asian drug traffic , Iiu June and July agents seized 3,853 kilograms of raw opium 212 of morphine base, 353 of piepared smoking opium and seven of-No. 4 pure heroin, A kilogram Is 2 2 pounds Judging the v a l u e of these hauls is difficult, agents say, because the pi ices rise shaiply the father do\\n the pipeline it moves , s f i · But Hie raids did not hurt Lo Hsmg Han He had already sold Hie chugs to dealeis who weie caught befoie they could make then urns to Saigon, Bangkok and Hong Kgng for tuither sales. MESSAGE Still, tlie message must have been clear The hcnt is on nnd llicit may be ba} for business. Theie arc no phologiaphs of Lo, no physical description Thai authorilies do not even know his age, although they have heaid he is a superb organizer and a charismatic lead or. He is thought to hnvo been born in China. Intelligence,that trickles over the border is sketchy. But it is'known that life, operates in thai northeast coiner ot Burma which bpideis China, Thailand and Laos The whole area, including, pa its of Thai land 'and- Laos, is a no-man's land called the Golden Triangle because of' the estimated 1,000 tons of opium produced llieie annually Intelligence icpoits say Lo ib the leader of a puvate aimy of a t least 1,000 men--ell mphemiitically called a self de fense force. ARMY APPROVED He organized this army with the tacit approval of the Burmese government. It wanted him to help fight Buimese Communist party guemllas Things A Columnist Finds In His Mail { By HAL BOYLE fNEW YORK (AP)--Things a columnist might never know if he didn't open his mail ··Despite all its dieting, America is still one of the world's greatest bread eating nations, We consume over 14 billion p~ounds a vear, ol about 73 pounds a person t If you want lo be a writer, it's hard to write about a sub ject people find much more in ^cresting than money One of Youth Held In Jail Two Years Free On Bond S ! ,DEWITT, Ark (AP )-- Larry Lamar Manms, 17, of DevVilt, who has spent almost two years in jail awaiting trial on a mur der charge, has been released on $25,000 bond, authorities re poi ted : D e p u t y Sheriff Wilhs McCalley of Arkansas County sid Manms was released Saturday afternoon. ·\Manms and three other youths were charged with first degree murder in the Novem b(r 1970 slaying of Wynne rice farmer Jimmy Wayne Wampler. One ot the other three, Benny Ray West, 17, of DeWitt Was released last Wednesday oh $25,000 bond. ' The other two youths, Joe Kagebien and Teddy Ray Kittier, both of DeWllt .have been convicted in Wampler's death and are at: Cummins: Prison ]?arm \ * Manms' Irial has been set for Aug 14 at DeWllt 1-. v - The TIMES is The Best Buy For Your Advertising Dollar! ihe biggesl all lime non fiction best sellers is a book titled, "A Guide. Book of U S. Coins " , When you see a pink elephant coming at you on a hangover morning, do you know \\hat you've got? You've, got Zoppsia, the hallucination that you aic being chased by animals The infamous Bastille of Paris, a symbol of the French Revolution, wasn't a lockup for common rogues and criminals. It was a jail largely for nobles who had offended the king or his men The prisoners often had spacious apartments, dined on the best delicacies and wine, and sometimes had wild parties at which they entertained up to 20 outside guests. Quotable notables: "Anybody can win, unlesb there happens to be a second entry "--Indiana novelist Geoige Adc The rising cost of govern ment:-In the decade from 1960 through 1970. the average U S family--including families In which the wife worked also-earned $74,874 Fiom that amount Urfcle Sam took about a 'year's pay--^10,070--in in come and Social Security taxes alone. But for each $100 a worker forks out for U S in come and Social Security taxes Ihe Tax Foundation says the federal government collects an other $74 in hidden laxes. The tact sheet: George Washington Carver found more than 100 new commercial uses for the sweet potato. One out of three -Americans today is a bicyclist. But bike rjding is of doubtful .value in \yeight reduction, as you use only one-fifth of a horsepower to pedal 10 miles an hour--little more than in walking. Modern tennis developed frprrra game played on horseback in the 12th century. It.jwas Bugs Baer who ob- servfedi "Alimony is like buying oats for a dead horse." Lo llbtng llan pionilicd to Ighl these Bueulllas but Infoi- iianis say he established an accommodation with them, so as lot to disturb his trading, Lo's nuny Is icgaided as live jcsl equipped and most cohesive fighting force in Ihe moun- ;alns The Buimese aimy, confined to the mum towns, will not''tackle It. Lo aho deals In the luciative norder tiade, smuggling eveiy- ,hmg fiom tiuck engines to bolts of cloth into Burma to tecd'a black market created by ;he, Burmese governments na lionaluation pioguim Intelligence repoits say Lo buys opium f i o m the hill farm ers and Iranspous it to his o\\n refineries by pack horse and mule caravans. His troops provide the armed escort to prevent, hijacking by rival groups. Some of these caravans may comprise 400 guards, 200 poi tcrs arid 200 mules. REFINERY Ili Tachilek, Lo is reported to have a refinery complex, one of about 15 dotted along the border, where he produces morphine, smoking heroin and No. 1 heroin. Drug-suppression officers in Thailand would like Lo's scalp, biit see little chance of that. The Thais'won't cross the bor der for fear of creating cident with Burma. T! mese government cannot act because its writ does not extend fully to th'e'terntory wheie Lo operates. Officials say they plan to keep choking off big shipments when they, cross the Thai border. This is difficult because of the hundreds of trails and rugged mountainous countryside. ·'·"If-he" can't .sell it' because the dealers think they run top heavy a risk of gelling picked lip: on the:Thai; side, we'll.have done him /a lot "of damage,;" said one official.' v-.;--. "The next season from November through to February should see him hurting.". Mass Weddimj Held Sunday At Synanon Ranch BQL1NAS. Calif, (AP) -- As a 15-ptecc bund belled out rook music mid wedding wiill/oi, 75 young coupler, ninny of thorn former drug addicts, lied .Uic knol «t a muss wedding ceremony. The man Inge festival wt.s staged Sunday al llio Synanon ranch In the golden, hills pi Hortlicrn California. The cere mony took place at a riding ring. The brides and grooms were residents of Synanon centers throughout Callfoinln, as were most of IhCir 2,000 gucsls. Synanon Foundation Inc. moht widely known foi Us ef foils lo icbabilltale ding atl dicls, lias set up seven living groups In California and Mich Igan. Though .Most Rynanon rosl. Icnls ni'o former ntldlcls mid Ucuholles. Bomo hnvo Joined .ho groups hecmiso lliisy wimlcd o take part in Uio communitl Ifo.alyle. , ''All llio couples luul licon 19- g«lly rmirrlod In the imsl yenc, but' none'lmil a 'podding core- itiony. They said they wnllcd until It could,1)6 performed b(j- fore llio Synanon community. SHAKE!) 1I1K1H I1EU, Theso kids shiuctl lliolr hell with ·tlio community whon they woro going off drugs." said ono Synnnon lesidont 'Now they want to slmio thcii happiness. ' Tho wedding festival!had a 19th-century nostalgic -touch. The brides wore picture hats HIU! long, old-fashioned summer gowns of. muslin, linen aw! chintz. Some twirled parasols, The grooms; sporting new- grown beards, 1 ' wore · starched dcnlnv overalls and '. dress shirts, with carnntlbns In thoii buttonholes. Tlio guests, 'nisq altirert- In 1800s di'ess. watched from bleachers as the wcriditig'bcgan willi ti floui'lsll of Inimpold. Klovcii hoi'somcn Kallopci lown from n hourly lilU nnd uirmlccl around llio nvii) rlnK. A lOO-voIco choir, .miirto un of young addicts i etoiUIy unlvcil nt. Synnnon lo,klck'tholi' hnbil, sang ' Shonmidouh " Then ciimo Iht: ' ivuddlng maich A i m In aim, the couples stiollcd niound tlio ring, smiling and \ui\lng lit (.licoilng fi lends nnd family The filvollly rndcd when the Hcv. C. Maspii; Harvey, In I6j hat n n d ' . l u l l s , ' m o u n t e d a no- dlum and started llio ceromo : ny. "Mnuingc menus 'lo be joined with.' We also join with you," he stilcl. "We say to you thnt.wo care for you, we love you." MINUET The couple's formed .Ibrec circles: and danced- a .minuet, and the'Ceremony was ovev-- almost. Tiie guests loik their turn. -They .jumped off the -bleach cis and gallieied IP the middle of the ling, swaying in unison Holds Wlnnir.9 Tjckrt UHJlfcVlU-U, K', (A}' Ail unUlenlldutl mclijK fun In holding « wliinlntf I Ickol wor l|i SO.OGtTthd iimoutil of llio rocoid Siot of Sitiinliiy nlBl'l" '·Oh L" nT Louisville Dowiid, Oiriclnln of lliuJiuroooH J'nc- IIIK lincK mild Hint tho ,slijKle whining ticket of Iho (IniDio. perfcctirlwd not Jjecn cashed al llio conclusion Qf'.lhb program atlimdcd by 4,022 rnns The " " lo -, focta,' retiuli'cs picking llio first Uvo rlnlsiicrs In ouch of lwc laces In exact order. The previous records was $8,511). _ _ lo Ihe throbbing of hard rock, music Tlio couples and Uielr gucsls slood in line for tlie wedding feast which Included 600 pounds' of beef, three lambs and a pig. The TIMES it The Beit Buy For Your Advertiilny Dollar] ng an in- The Bur- Redeem This Coupon at the Faytttevllli or Springdal« PIZZA HUT WITH THE PURCHASE OF ANY LARGE PIZZA ONE PIZZA HUT BUCK; Coupon Good Thru August 24th Lhriit One Per Pizza Not Good On Friday or Saturday or Delivery I I FAYETTEVILIE 2325 N. College Phone 521-2992 Explore Fayetteville's Original Cellar SPRINGDALE Hwy 68 West (across from Dillon's) Phone 751-8400 Serving Northwest Arkansas' Finest Pizzas I 't the QENQiCKMJ co/iect/on __, 4 LOOK BCK ·I FURNITURE--2nd Floor The latest craze on Muscle Beach is to show off your puffing strength with the new tasteless cigarettes. Now everybody will be showing off their strength by puffing the new tasteless cigarettes .almost everybody. X-^u^^y ,,., v. ; y, ; ,.,y (But then, they don't try to be.) Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health,

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