Independent from Long Beach, California on February 10, 1958 · Page 7
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 7

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1958
Page 7
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Million Duped by U.S. Reds ' WASHINGTON (ff) -- The House Committee on Un-American Activities said Sunday the Kremlin has succeeded in enlisting more than a million Americans into a nationwide campaign of political subversion. " T h e i r participation has ranged from membership in the farflung network of Communist-front organizations to the signing of Communist - sponsored .petitions, and has included substantial financial contributions," the committee said in the second section .of its annual report for 1957. "It is fair to say that many of these people would be aghast if they understood the full import of their activities and the extent to which they benefit the Communist conspiracy." * * » « THE COMMITTEE said it had identified more than 200 organizations charged with carrying on' the Communist program. "Chief among these was the American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born and Its' Various Affiliates," the report said. It said through this group the Communist party "has mobilized all of its resources to render ineffective" the U. S. Immigration and Nationality Act £nd other security legislation. "Dovetailing with this pro gram of political subversion is the nationwide campaign of the Emergency Civil Liberties Committee," the report said._^ A committee aide said the ECLC ' has no connection with the American Civil Liberties Union * « * * THE REPORT added that the ECLC scheduled more than two dozen meetings in cities across the country "to stimulate a barrage of letters and petitions to members of Coni 1.1: _ ^.ec:«;-iio /»all_ ing for support of the ini* tor suuuort ut m*~ j^un.*- «*--, » ------------ gency Civil Liberties Commit- gative powers of Congress i tee's program. This, if success- the field of subversive activ could undermine the se- ties, restricts of_ the ful, , curity programs of the govern ment and weaken the govern- Fire Burns Hosiery HOLLYWOOD UE)_Fire of undetermined origin, caused an estimated ; half million ...dollars in damage Sunday .when it destroyed' a two-story brick building housing, several businesses; . The Los Angeles County Fire Department made the estimate of damage, basing it on 'reports by the four tenants. One, Virginia Maid Hosiery, said new 1 stock valued at 5420,000 had been placed in the building late last week. ' · : . ' One fireman,. from the Los Angeles City Fire Department, suffered a cut hand in fighting the blaze, which apparently had burnetf for some time before, it ,vas discovered. The building was enveloped by the time ounty fire units reached the cene. . ' ' . " Other, occupants of. the build- ng at 7265 Santa Monica Blvd. were Metal Moulding Co., Thermal .Electrical Co., and the In- ernationai Brotherhood''of El- :trical. 'Workers. PRAYERS FOR SAFE VOYAGE Prayers for the safety of four men who will sail their tiny- boat into the Pacific today to protest nuclear-bomb tests are said by a crowd-of 300 persons who attended a meeting Sunday at Berth 44 in Los Angeles Harbor. Two of the men, William Huntington (left) and Albert Bigelow are shown at the extreme left center. Other crewmen are David Gale and George Willoughby. --(Staff Photo.) objectives of the ECLC wer destruction ,of the House Corr nptltions IO memuera ui ww..- L gless and public officials, call- mittee on Un-American Achv o 1 c c . f A ,_. TT-TM,,« +!nf n-v-t nntinn nf thr 1 invest extinction of the invest ment security agencies." The House report said the that field, and "creation of general climate of opinio against the exposure and pur ishment of subversion.' Dr. C. A. Huff 201 PINE HE 5-1517 Nmh J«w«lry lid. EYI Examinations Cridit T«rmt Foes of Bomb Test Will Set Sail Today (Continued From Page A-l.). awesome power of the bomb is unleashed. Questioned separately after the meeting, none of the men was certain the voyage would prevent the test or bring a sought-for moratorium in nuclear-bomb tests. Each said he considers himself "an instrument in the age- old struggle of man against immoral .-acts." When'- introduced All the men are Quakers except Gale who is the son of a Presbyterian minister. J. Stuart Innerst, who presides -over the First' Friends Church in Pasadena, introduced the four arfd explained, "What these men are doing--protesting the wrongs committed by nation-states has .been done time and again in the past.'.'. at. 'the 7 Flee Fire on Ship, Fear Explosives PORT 'ARTHUR,. Tex. W Fire drove seven crewmen from an explosive-laden launch jusl off the-southeast-'Texas'coast Sunday, and one.-died.before.a sister vessel rescued them; For a .time-'.there was. fear the craft would disintegrate in a thunderous blast. . / . . .. Several hours later the Coasi Guard reported the flames apparently had burned .out without causing an explosion, bu' highway patrolmen kept · 30 miles of beach read closed as a precaution. * * « * THE F L A M E S eruptec aboard the Connie, a 110-foot craft used in off-shore seismo graph exploration under lease to private firms- Owner Louis Des Hotel, o Port Arthur, identified the dead crewman as Boyd Pickell, 42 Port Isabel, Tex." Coast guards men said Pickell was no burned but apparently died from shock and exposure. The crew took to life rafts leaving the Connie' anchored about three-fourths mile off shore in the Gulf of Mexico, a' a point between Sabine Pass and High Island. Sabine Pass the nearest town, is about «ev en miles distant. Des Hotel said .the Connie carried 2,000 to 3,000 pounds o high explosive plus caps' and other equipment for tideland oil exploration.. It was stowed in tins on- the. deck as a pre caution against'.an explosion in the hold. - ' ' TV to Salute IBSC Long -.Beach' State ' Golleg will 1 be .saluted Feb."l9 on tele MO.II, eoiif., MM., F.k. 10, mi INDEPENDENT--Page A-7 fry 9«ntf« pUaianMait/ng RIOULAR SIZI trt-LAItOI SIZI »1 of your favon'ft drag tier* A test-drive will prove why'Jeep'vehicles will do your jobs better! Rugged 'Jeep'' you time and money on-job-after-jbb. ' They h ave the extra traction of 'Jeep! 4-wheel drive to maneuver easily where ordinary trucks can't go--through mud, sand, soft earth or over rough, rocky country, in good weather or bad. They shift easily into conventional 2-wheel drive for economical highway travel. With po;wer take-off, these work-. ·horse vehicles operate a wide variety of special equipment. 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Albert Bigelow, 51, a Cos Committee for Non-Violent Cob, Conn., architect who heads the crew, quoted the words of Indian pacifist Ma- hat'ma Gandhi: "Faith does not merits in thc^ United^ States, permit of telling--it has to be \juuuiiii.L.i.-t mi iiwi. Y.U.V..- program at me re^enuj' ic- Action Against Nuclear Weap- operiC (j Rendezvous Ballroom ons, the sponsor of the voyage, »»-"-- T_I--* .,,v, n n +'no has contacted heads, of govern- lived and then agating." it. is self-prop- COME IN NOW for a frte dancs lewon AS OUR GUEST! THE FORMER Navy licu- ! tenant commander said, "I You'll Jeai-n how.easy it is to be a. smooth, confident -dancer when you get the very finest instruction. Yes, at no obligation whatsoever, you'll see how much fun learning to d a n c e is in a pleasant atmosphere where you'll meet new friends. You'll learn, too,that popularity and good dancing sVways go hand in hand. Don't de- j \ Act now and you'll never regret-coming in for a free courtesy lesson. DANCE STUDIOS , *.j think the time to talk is over. I am going because it is time to do something about peace, not just talk about it." George Willoughby, 43, 'of Blackwood Terrace, N. Y., said, "As an American citizen, I can no longer give support to a policy of government that will destroy our generation or coming generation. "I can remain silent no longer," he speaks more continued, adequately "one with "WorWi Fintsl £onct hitrutt'ion action than with words." William. Huntington, 51, of St. James, N. Y., told the audience of the danger posed to the world through the poisoning of tha atmosphere and of the earth by nuclear-bomb explosions. * ·' * * "IT IS OUR DUTY," he said, "to pass the earth on to future generations in the condition in which w9 received it'. 1 ' 205 E. BROADWAY Phone HE 2-6947 ture world strife." dates will be admitted lor dancing during the program at the recently re- on Balboa Island, where show originates. Russia- and Britain, calling for a halt of nuclear-bomb tests. The reaction of the nations, he said, is, "We cannot 'trust the other fellow, so we can't be the first to stop the tests.' The Quaker Committee, Huntington said, has considered plans to take action against Soviet nuclear tests He said this is difficult when the tests are. held within the national boundaries of a country. WiUoughby conceded 1 there was a danger in halting nu clear bomb tests or initiating disarmament on. · a unilateral basis. B.ut, he said, he was not convinced the Soviet government would attack the United States if this country fell behind in the development of nuclear weapons and other means of defense. "IT IS A CHANCE we must take," he added. "The danger to humanity is greater, if we don't disarm than if -we do." The Golden Rule, provisioned for a two-months voyage, will on in WIIUJH w= ICLT=IVCU iu - headfirst for the Hawaiian Is- The youngest member of the lands oefore going to Eniwetok crew, 'David Gale, 21, of Car- in the Marshall Islands. The ver, Minn., said, "I am taking trip is expected to take six this action' beca.use it speaks weeks, from the depth of my heart. I can't believe people actions that led to ,, . Huntington said they'have believe in no plans ready for when they ... .. the death reach the area of the nuclear of thousands at Hiroshima and tests. They declined to say can. lead to more deaths in fu- whether they would attempt to land Eniwetok. HEAR WITH THE NEW ALL IN THE EAR ELECTRONIC DEVICE * THAT'S ALL YO'U WEAR!--Tiny Miracle gives the clearest, most invisible hearing vet made for No Buttons! No Cords! No Controls! Advil lit* I tiny N«. 400 fum- In'iw »un. man!. · Entirely Cordloil · Entirtly Tub«l«ji · No Tubes · No Y/irnj WORN ALL IN THE EAR! 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