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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
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Monday, February 24, 1969
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A-2--INDEPENDENT (AM) FRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) L *·' ** tlie TOD-ATST PANORAMIC VIEW OF THE PRESIDENT'S BRUSSELS WELCOME Nixon Delivers Address at Airport With King Baudouin at His Left -- A P Wirephoto flJSrTER.lCA.TIO3SrA.ILi | Israeli Planes Attack Arab Bases Combined News Services TEL AVIV, Monday--Israeli warplanes made a bombing attack inside Syria today on two major Arab guerrilla bases, the Israeli army announced. The raid was made at 7 a.m., a spokesman said, but he gave no indication how long it lasted. All the Israeli planes returned safely. The targets were El Hamma and Maisalun, northwest of Damascus, the army said. It charged they were major bases for sabotage harassment in the Golan Heights, which Israel seized from Syria in the 1967 war. Two soldiers have been killed and several injured in recent weeks by mines in the Golan Heights, and six guerrillas have been killed there by Israeli forces in the past two days. Effect of Viet Attacks Studied PARIS -- Allied negotiations at the Vietnam peace talks studied reports from Vietnam and Washington Sunday on the latesl military action in South Vietnam in an effort to find a clear Communist strategy. "These attacks may have an effect on the progress of the peace talks but at the moment we cannot say how or to what: extent," a U.S. spokesman said. Meanwhile, then: were indications from American sources that the Allied negotiating position at the next peace conference session Thursday might include some sort of protest against the indiscriminate rocket attacks on civilian centers. France to Soothe Partners PARIS -- France will assure its five Common Market partners formally today that the organization is still intact and that France regards each of the members as an equal. The restatement of France's faith in the Common Market was made necessary by the Franco-British war of diplomatic nerves -with Britain charging President De Gaulle with wanting to break up the European Economic Community and replace it will) a wider trade area under the leadership of a four-power "directorate." De Gaulle's government, in t u r n , accused the British of giving a distorted version of the French president's ideas to her common market partners. Soviets Boast of Power MOSCOW -- The Soviet Union's top military commanders boasted Sunday of their modern weaponry and warned "imperialists" the "Socialist motherland can easily defend itself." Marking the 51st anniversary of the Red Army. Defense Minister Andrei A. Grechko said in Pravda that unnamed imperialists arc m a k i n g "intensive preparations for plunging the world into the holocaust of the Third World War." He ^lid they hoped to "restore capitalism in some Socialist countries, which can be: proved by the events in Czechoslovakia." Grechko condemned the "dirly war against the Vietnamese people." Cut he did not mention the U.S.. in contrast to his bitter attack on Washington last year. Bhutto Drops from Race LAHORE, West Pakistan -- Opposi- t i o n leader Zulfikar Ali Bhutto condi- t i o n a l l y withdrew from Pakistan's forthcoming presidential race Sunday and retired air force commander As- ;;har Khan began a campaign of his own to succeed r e t i r i n g President Moh a m m a d Ayub Khan. Bhullo. whose ar- iesL last November touched off three months of anligovernmenl rioting, s-:t».i he would not seek the presidency in elections next year if an Hast Pakistani leader enters the race. Khan is from V/esl Pakistan. In Moscow, defense Minister Marshal Andrei Grechko announced he would visit Pakistan early next month at the i n v i t a t i o n of Ayiib's government. Weather Nasty Across Nation Major storms offered an unpleasant olio of rain, sleet, and heavy snow along the East and West coasts, spattered rain across the South and sifted light snow through the upper Midwest, making Sunday a thoroughly disagreeable winter day. Travel was perilous from South Carolina to Pennsylvania due to a coastal storm which mingled cold rain, sleet and snow. Up to 14 inches of snow fell in the North Carolina mountains. Asheville, N.C., had .7 inches. Roanoke, Va., had 3 inches of snow in six hours. Light snow fell in New York City. There was rain in the Southeast, in the southern Plains and in northern New Mexico and the Texas Panhandle. The storm which produced the Great Plains rain brought light snow to the central and northern Plains and upper Mississippi valley. Fog slowed travel in the north central states. Students Defy Clear-Campus TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- About 300 students at predominantly-Negro Stillman College defied an order to leave campus Sunday and barricaded themselves behind steel chains and padlocks in the student union building. However, Dr. Harold Stinson, president of the private liberal arts college avoided a showdown with the students by postponing from G p.m. CST Sunday to 1 p.m. today the clear-the-campus order. The campus appeared calm despite the student protest. Two Tuscalonsa policemen, both Negroes, supplemented the three campus security officers employed at the college. No other forces were called on in the dispute, which bi'gan' five days ago with a boycott of classes and oilier college activities, including sports events and I h e school cafeteria. JFK Autopsy Findings Due NEW ORLEANS -- An Army pathologist, who helped perform the autopsy on President Kennedy's body, will take the witness stand today at. the Clay Shaw trial for the first courtroom testimony on medical findings that Kennedy was shot from behind. Lt. Col. Pierre A. Finck, one of the three-man military autopsy team, was summoned by Ihe defense at Shaw's trial on a charge of conspiring lo assassinate Kennedy. The chief defense counsel, F. Irvin Dymond, said Sunday that Finck's testimony is the key to rebuttal of Dist. Ally, .lim Garrison's claim that Kennedy died in a crossfire from two or more guns. Lava E r u p t i n g from Volcano HILO, Hawaii -- A bouncing mile- long line of lava fountains continued to erupt Sunday on the flank of Kilauea Volcano on Ihe island of Hawaii. The eruption, which began Saturday, wus spurting out of a r i f t along the volcano's east flank. Lava was f l o w i n g into a forest and across the Chain of Craters Road, which winds t h r o u g h Volcanos N a t i o n a l P a i k . Miners Cheer March lo Capitol CRAB ORCHARD, W. Va. -- Sinking coal miners shoulcd their approval Sunday when urged to march on the s l a t e capitol and demand legislative approval of a liberalized medicnl compensation law. Approximately 1,200 miners cheered when the march was proposed for today by leaders of a coal mine s;ifely and health movement. 'I hey also agreed to ask Gov. Arch A. Moore ID extend the l e g i s l a t i v e session u n t i l t h e "black lung" law is approved. A p p e a l f o r l , i i ( l T s l ; i n l i n » ANKARA, Turkey -- P r i m e M i n i s t e r Suleyman I V m i i e l appealed lo ihr American people Sunday for under- s t a n d i n g of recent anti-U.S. demonstrations in Turkey. He nccusin! a small group of Turkish leftists of musing ihe disturbances. "The purpose," he said, "is to harm our r e l a t i o n s w i t h t h e U n i t - cd States. PEOPLE IN Once Combined News Services Deposed King Saud of Saudi Arabia, who at one lime had §3.5 billion, four wives, 100 concubines and a fleet of 250 Cadillacs, died Sunday of an apparent heart attack at the age of 67. Saud, one of the richest men in the world, died at the luxurious suburban Athens Hotel where lie had been living on and off for the past several years since being forced to leave his country in 1!)G:. Two years later, in a power struggle, his younger brother Faisal, became king. Bdrn Saud Ibn Abdul Aziz Faisal Al Saud, the former king of the. oil rich nation of Saudi Arabia was dethroned because he spent most of the country's money on palaces and on himself instead of on the people. As of 1964, Saud had 40 sons and about as many daughters, who don't count under Moslem law. During his reign Saud maintained 24 palaces hut afler his ouster, Ihe monarch lived only in Athens and Cairo. King Faisal sent a plane from Saudi Arabia Sunday niglu lo return the body of Saud to Riyad, the Saudi Arabian capital, for burial. Saud came to the throne in 1953 after the death of his father, the legendary King Ibn Saud, who founded Saudi Arabia. Saud suffered an eye disease as a child which left him unable to read normal print or see without dark glasses. Eye and stomach troubles had caused him to make trips abroad for medical treatment, including visits to the U.S. During a state visit to the U.S. in 1957, the king left $20,000 in tips aboard the American liner Constitution which took him to New York. FLV RECOVER} Former President Truman's doctors reported Sunday he has recovered from a mild flu attack but will remain in the hospital in Kansas City for "routine tests." Truman and his wife Bess received a telephone call from former President Johnson and Mrs. Johnson Sunday afternoon and talked for several minutes. MEDITATIONS Pope Paul VI began Sunday a week of Lenten retreat, to end the day before President Nixon arrives at the V a t i c a n for his March 2 audience w i t h the pontiff. From now through next Saturday the 71-year-old pontiff will hold no audiences and reduce his daily work schedule to devote himself to .spiritual exercises and meditations. ISLAND PLEA The Selective Service has rejected the plea of more i h e 300 Saipan islanders and will draft t h e i r only architect, a 26-year-old Peace Corpsman. David Carlson has been working on Saipan in the Mariana Islands to build homes that will w i t h s t a n d Pacific typhoons. "We, as citizens of San .lose village, arc making this petition to ask your help," the islanders wrote Carlson's draft hoard in DCS Monies. "We have worked and saved to build a village center and typhoon shelter." Ihey said. "Dave is .showing us what In do and we will do the work. If Dave leaves, we will not hf able to f i n i s h and all our work and money w i l l be wasted." But t h e Des Moincs bn.ird replied: "The local board considered your request, for deferment. In accordance with . . . Selc- tive Service regulations Ihey are of the opinion your request does not just i f y reopening t h e rcgis- I r a n i ' s classification. INDEPENDENT Claisilicd HE J.S« ('hone HE 5-w, February M, 1969 Vol. 3!, No. 3! Published U.nlv except Saturday and Sunday al Slxih St. and Pine Avi., Long Oe.icn II, Cam. Entered as second class mailer May 11. \m, al Long Boach 1. C a l l ! Adjudicated by Suterlor Courl Los Angeles County, Oct. 6. 1M6, Decree No. C-10380. Ptr Per Month Yoar »» M«il _ a.x s«.00 C.irnrr othytry _ J.» 34.00 Snmlp Cwy ]Q THE NEWS Billionaire King Saud Dies F.X-K1NG SAUD One of the Richest PRODUCERS Paul Newman was named motion picture producer of !9HS Sunday night by the Producers Guild of America al iis a n n u a l banquet in Beverly Hills. The I cam of George Schlatlcr and Ed Friendly was picked as the cut- standing television producing u n i t . The guild did not single out any one effort of the winners in making the awards. However Newman was widely acclaimed for his first producing venture, "Rachel, Rachel," and Schlatter - Friendly for producing the successful "Laugh-In" series. GIRLFRIEND The p r e t t y English girlfriend of a key state witness may be brought out of hiding today to testify in the Fort Lauderdale "Murf the Surf" murder trial about, clothes left behind in tin; brutal slaying of two young California secretaries. Valerie Cartel- was expected to take the witness stand when the trial's second week begins today for .lack "Murf the Surf" Murphy, key figure in the Star of India sapphire robbery, and his karate expert friend. Jack Griffith. CHINA IIEAVTY A 21-year-old San Francisco girl was selected as Miss Chinatown U.S.A. Sunday from a field of 18 girls representing e i g h t states from New York to Hawaii. Carole Young, a junior al San Francisco Stale College, will reign over Ihe remainder of the Chinese new year's festivities which culminate in next Saturday night's parade in San Francisco. NO 1'iTLIU: IJlack Muslim leader Elijah Muhammad, Sunday told G.500 of his followers attending the annual Savior's Day Convention in Chicago that black people "should unite" economically because with the while man he has no future. "Let us unite and build our own economy," Muhammad told the group gathered in the Coliseum. "Separation may not settle it for the white man, but for us il will." K l i j a h . guarded as usual by I wo rows of members ui Ihe Fruit of Islam, .said t h e w h i t e KICC was destroying itself. "They are fighting and t a l k i n g about peace," the 71-year-old "Messenger of Allah" said "But they're destroying themselves. They don't have any future. The time on the clock has run out." GOD'S MYSTERY Private memorial services were held Sunday night in Aspen. Colo., for 2K-year-nld Margery Uris, bride of author Leon Uris, whose body was found Thursday in snow above the couple's mountain home. Authorities have termed the death an apparent suicide but said a coroner's inquest will be held shortly. Uris, a high school dropout who has written several major novels, said "on the surface there was no apparent reason why Margery took her life. There were no obvious clues." Uris said. "II. was one of God's mysteries locked in her forever." OOOH, PROFESSOR Former Vice President Humphrey jokes with coeds Sunday during reception in his honor al Macalaster College in St. Paul, Minn., where ho will begin his leaching career this week. Humphrey revealed proposals lo help solve iirhnn problems. (Pagf A - 1 0 . ) OL!) (ion. Miitoru Ciemla, who planned the 1041 Japanese air attack on Pearl Harbor, w i l l be honored at ihr U.S. Naval Academy March H as pan ol a "distinguished visitors" prn- sram. ROUND-THE-CLOCK HOSIERY Now on Scale Agilon stockings, reg. 2.00 3/5.10 Cantrece stockings, teg. 1.75 3/4.50 Panly-liose, leg. 3.0U 2/5.00 Bikini panty-liosc, reg. 3.50 2/6,00 Girdle detachable hose, reg. 10.00 8,50 Hosiery, La Pasoda Level WE PROUDLY INTRODUCE HELENA RUBINSTEIN TO OUR COSMETIC DEPARTMENT WITH THE NEW SUBLIMINAL LOOK... A new play ol light that glows gently by day . . . dramatically by night wilh Helen,) Rubinstein's Herbessencc Illumination, Miss Desiree, Helena Rubinstein Make Up Artist, will be here lo show you ho'.v beautifully you will glow with illumination make up - all this week in our Cosmetics, La Pasada Level. Illumination Soulfle stick, flaw covering nuke up 5.00 Illumination Face Powder S.OO Lipr.ttu 3.00 llliimiiMlmn Bni'iii-on lye oii.jifo'.v, luny f nlij fir :\\in 3.50 llliimin.ilion Lummalor, pearly cream In accenl highlights 5.00 5005 CLARK AVE., LAKE-WOOD · PHONE 4 3 4 . S I I I » STORE HOURS; MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY 9 : 3 0 - 9 : 3 0 · S A T U R D A Y ?:30-S;« t

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