Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 12, 1976 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 12, 1976
Page 12
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II · Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Monday, April 12, 1976 47--Real Estate--For Sol» RENTAL PROPERTY C1w to ranipu*. this hoiw Is Mtt* *o be a KOCxJ Inwmo property. With «W sq. ft., thlj hoos« has three bcdtwms, s*tvr.Mc d:rtne tyom am] parage.. CfclL tnisy tor an aTT vl «nt t iieri(, YNtion Tarver KM-Ti$n, niphts U-3SJ7. R-3W PRICED TO SELL k\ Ihe loswr W.t, tvijy quJcl, iv*«itr' livins tn ihe \VcM Fork iuv«. (ua(«l «i a Urge 1e*. lh ; s hnn\e offers thre* b,-droms. l^i baihs and fiance. Ha" tnda.v -- B. L. Lewis KM-6611, nijit 631-5SM. R-M3. lindsey ·"' - Associate* J. W. GabN. Veraoo Tan-er B. L. L«"~is Jo ;\ni!e Sianberry Hal Modlia Glart)-s ScmnMtian F-1288 FREEMAN REAL ESTATE CO. F-1288 Hconvv, 3 Valnr-XTis, 7 halhs.- Uvins dtrer£, ulililj- snd an pMra large 25iV nxwn \%iih its"pri%'alc patio, sliinsv for that ipectj iwre-xi in )T«r (molhor-m-Saiv 1 ;) ?,KX J*J. tt. \\ilh K ^araw for o:ily J37.SCO, See this d rator's home «itJb drapes, rarpots. arf sr«ial bfdsprt^Ads tnduded. C^51 C^on Rriift at K16300 daj 1 * or -IW-OGfS ni?h arrf "Let Gwrtie Do H." FREEMAN Tin 1 .TM 521 6300 NEAR CITY HOSPITAL Larea " comer ki. IVe rooms and bal fin mart floor, 3 rooms ar.d bath in ful "bastsnent. Priced at only fl.7,500. F apivvnlment, CALL HEINEY REALTY CO. Kwy. 16 East 442-923 BY Own«r for sale o apartment comrlfc* nea return en Inves^nerit. Fay«ttefill«. r trade 10 uni University, P.O. Bos BUYAHOME iti Buy, SRJ. at cfwr^otL CUSTOM BU|IT BRICK ftinf bedrocm, liv-o bath. Uking i ard fantfly room Ixxh have \\"BFP. Jaxe tetctea, fuUy carpeted, ceolrA] he asd air, mi'.ity room, 2 car sarago, a large Ute Kuddcti [ot on qraet de a.-L3 street. Root Sctoot- R^asnoably p Ed. r . IMMEDIATE POSSESSION - 3 Bedroom ranch style home wah doob ganiee, m West Fotfc. aU city uulitfi central haal, ivoodbnming fireplace cw er v.-^J sell oa cuotrart wth low dw pa-rr*n( to qtwJiJied buyer " J FOUR ACRES with 3 b-HJroom modem hom£ on falai cqn:pm«it for the manufacture erf sept lar.ks 'and burial vaults. A prciUti bai;n«4S. Freed W sell... FAYETTWILLE REAL ESTATE -- Real Ettale -- For Salt NEW 3 BEDROOM HOMES 1A -- Small Doxvn Payment VA-- NOTHING DOWN 47-- R»»l Ettit*-- For 5al« F-218 TRI-UVEL Legal Notices FREEMAN Ik 521-6300 ' 33J N. Cotleg* $34^j-51,T;0 dovMi pliu cloxng aCe Interest 30 VMrt Wl.KO-Sl.WO down plus dwang (is.500-51.3W 4wn plus dosinB EVS^r Inleiest M years fS TO)--J3C-0 dtnvn plus dosing *li^t lnl«jrst 3, iRars . - fiii^- Interest 55 years ,*»% I Merest 30 r«n IAUOO--J«50 dwra pliw [it^iis iVifi Interest 30 jwrs ese hoiiws ran bt purchased VA noth- B dtWTi -- JUST CLOSLNC COSTS. CVill . R, Bale* M. W3-VJ1B or res, 531-SSM. N'. Colltse -- U3-4314 33 ACRES ar RxWand View. 2 bedroom hnme, i^iallj' rem*W«i, and a 2 room pKst us« wth iMilL Good putbuildifibs, nwxe an bjtf In jrrass. Priced at HO.OCO. GUI HEINEY REALTY CO. Hwy. 16 East 442-9236 V O^er: 1XXI IQssion. 3 bediwm. 1 ih. AtUchcd garase-" Central bMt and IT WalMo-waE r-irp«. Phone EC1-HM, THE GENTLEMAN FARMER fKO) Witt want to "see this 40 »CTV« xvilh nojr new 3 bJrm, 2^ bath home North- vveS ol Faj'»Kt*\'iLle. Uvins. dining Kxvnw. ofti. Iwat ajr. tk^p VTU wlh £rvJ ' r ,T\' anl., "private telephone. Own- eisJon. Ijsted by Auxin Fiirx«ralri A DOLL OF A HOUSE (S49) All the room you've drwrned aboot ^w the (anUiy ... 5 bdrms, 2Vi baths beautifully decorated - .and bi excdlenl ccortiiim, Fornul Hviry;, dfninK rooms, with If,' 2 raf Karase on - rtwkw n CXiX Manor. Cm, hit t ar lits ftr tone ccntTVJ. Be?crA- rcpl t rost. Listed by'L. L. Stanton 531- E.XO. , WALK TO DOWNTOWN (857) Well fcipt older home with 7 rooms t3 bdmis). nice bath, haidvwxt fl«- sufom^lic heat," wash, twrtrv.. good w roonxs, and reaJL - remx'cnJwit to sh n., Triced at JUST £M.5». Uiled Austin I^tigfrnld. Tel. S31-5SXK- \ R-2: LIGHT-INDUST. 22 sort* . zoned . TM wooded, on Si Ilwy.i ideal (or aix»rlm«tiLs, comriex A1J?O II 3 Acrci z«wJ 1-1. Cnmmc*ciA 4- Industrial with spur Uack. Call L. L. StsntWi 521-R5CV), - INCOME PIUS APPRECIATION (733) Large Mnw MI HWJ-. 62 W. ea used as residence, rented Tor- horn business. Zcred C-2 ttotnnwrrj'ol on t this deep lot has pJenly ol acreas rear Tor apartment* or o/rices.. Has feet on Hwj 1 . 62 near 71 by-pass fjust n^st of WedpAte center). A jjcod investment on«1arJty. Call AuRin Fill. Serald a 32l4cOO tor ali details. unnces of Ihe City oT - -. Aikniuai, Hie follo»ln^ jij]iLLL-«1lons hnve bcfii 5C( Tor Tionrlne before, the of Adjujlmcnt In Ihe Oiccxlors CLly AilnilnLstrftlinn lijlldlnR. ' ,. . Icv'kllc, Arknnsns, MpiMlsy, April 19. L9J6 t 3:4S ]'.M. Al'l'KAl. NO. "68- Wc-sl SfcUiie-[,oL , _ . . \Ve.*tcni Metliodlri Asseiubly tu Ike City ot Faycllevllle. ArksnsAS ns shoivn upon Ihe rwonlcd I'lat Ihcreol on ftU- Ln the Oilicc ot !lho Civcult Clerk «nil Ki-OlflcLo Kci-ur of Waihingloii County. Arka nsa: Application lo vaty setbacks. - , AI'I'EAL NO. 7fi-7--]Ull HawWns-: \V. Siith Sti«l-l*flil ; of Ihe ,S£ the NW4'. ol Scelfori 19 In T-1SN R-30-W. described w (oUoivs: Ue«in nitiB at a ipolrcl ion Ihe north line Ihe r U h t o r w a y m ; U.S. Hluhway whk-h is- 1019.2 feel Siuth H rtesi \Vest of a point which is 16.13 Chi Vi'esl nnJ T41.2; Icvt south 1 i c l Ih Northeast corner ol said jubdivisto West wild the north line of Ihe tisM- of'wa' of saW HljhWfly No.' M, 215 feet Ihence i norlh W 326 tect I her · North E3 degreti Eut ;L Iherce Soulh 31 2JO Cccl to the place of bcijli containing 13 acres more or LI Application In yarj' parWng surfac East re- Ari'tlXL NO. 76-8--Town nnd Coiinlry proiwrlL's,' Inc.- 20H West Slilh -A part o f - t h e SKS-.of the SWi'i ol ! tinti 17. T - I S X . " n-30-\V."-ot t h e P.M., described as besiniung on North sld* of, public road .'at a "point -" ' ' Enst and 10 f«et Xorlh ol the SW ot ' toiM-^ xci Mng ihence tt 1 !7 Tect E. , 191.1 f«t. thence S decrees; 56 feet K. ·'156.7 tect; then S l degree 52 minutes \t', 173 tfftt me or less, to the North line ol ri^it-ol-\v HCghiiVBi" No. 6?; thcn« v^lth said ris of-^-ay Une \\'Mt bearing South 61 d to the point trf intcrwrttw with North line ol said public road at point 40 d North of the South line of said (any acre tract; thence West along the North line of j Mid', road 93 feel, more o less to Ihe ptnce of beginning cur being "situated [n Lenls SubtlivL^lD In Ihe CUy ol Fa.seUevillo, Arkansas.- Application ' f o i vary '{erveinp rcquio A P P E A L NO. 76 9-Coimnimit Uevclcipment ncograTn by iTS-Si OK struclion-Ior J^ck Couch--2ftM Wynin 02x33'] Lc plus 2 rented house We* side o! Mt. Sequoj-ah. BIG RED REAL ESTATE 521^4422 Sundays 443-4174 F-1285 EXCELLENT CONDITION. larfe b«lroonvs-- doling rofnn-ii^n; ith KP. Over EWX) rJ! Ju^ct Eaves ^ baths, separate rrotn (amfib - . room sq H, in the W», i 531«CO or i!2- 521 8500 '985 N College GARDENER'S DELIGHT Thir 10%-el) 1 all brick, - 1B«J wq. tt. home hsa a Wg cani«i spot on Its extra deep loir and a ' greenhouse u-ith a (Uh · pund. 3 bedmeens, IVt bath, central h*at/air, disposal. 135,900. Jost call 521-J06S, and for Sosah. described AS Ihencc N'orlh 13. N\ni o[ UK T-16-N, .H.3fV\V beginning al Ihe South- FREEMAN 521 FOR SALE BY PRIVATE PARTY ProfiUb'.e 6Vi icre hroiltr ranch. 2 ne *ted truss dilckan bousci C32'ji375') Pla homesite or trailer spice wilh wate well, jis well, septic tank, ami all h«A- ups. Located on H*y. 62 between Prairi* Grove ind Fatininjton. Pric« 173.00). rea- "Call Ron Burns'" ' ' IN SWEETBRIAR IN LINCOLN _ _er«s »1Ui 2 bedroom trailer KOUM, Good f«x». Pond. Outbulldinea. Phone Builder GARLAND SMITH 267-3393 IfllVS tccl; (hence F.asl 120 - teet; ihence South -181H tevl: Ihencu Wc^t 120 : feet (o , 4 h e place. or beginning conlnlning ft Acre more or less, beitiR-pari ol Lot 10. \Y. E. Anderson Farm.--Application 1o vary APPE.\L NO. 7S-10--Hnrrfd R. Feller-527 Levcceft--ia\ 3 and Norlh !5 feel lal A. Block 2. Lcverelt's 3rd Addllioi to Fayetleville, Arkanias. --Applicalia: to %-aty selhachs. APPEAL NO. 76-11-Donald W. Johnston -- 1321 TJndell Aveaiue -- A part of the SVW« of ihe NWM ol SertJon 9 In T-I6N. R301V. more partitularly described as followi, lo-wil: ne^nhin?! nt a- poinl 1905 feet Soulh and 32* [eei East ot the Noilh^est corner ol Section 9 and running ihence East BO feet: Ibcnre Soufh HO feel; thence "· U'e'sl W leel; theace North 110 feel lo the point of beginning.--Applic.ilfon to vary setbacks. - ' AIL interested parlies may ap| be heard nt .laid time and pli applications and olh . Almost SPECIAL TERMS 3 BB, 2 bith brick home , ith CH nnd A, oversiied room and fireplace, utility room, ar.d much more.' H.OCW dovm ,arA , assume foai approximately t32^00.00. For appointment to inspect, call Larry S 75^6311, S21-W96. open ind discui Idminlstrs I Ic 12 · Pla lor Bobble Jones iinlns Adrninislrator WARNING ORDER : IN THE CHA NCER Y COU EtT OF WASHINGTON' COUNTY, A R K A N S A S BOBBY FAY SOWDERS, PLAINTIFF VS. K76-231 RONAIJJ FXWARD SOWflEHS, DE- FEMANT Trie de Fendant is vsa tred to a ppear n this Court within Ihtrfv da« and nsnir the complain! of the Plalnltfl n t h e above entitled CAUM. U'i1ne?s my hand and sea! of this ourt tlm 33lh day ol March. 1976. Alma Kolknejer Chancery CU Eagleton Speaks To Parly Rally RUSSELLVILLli,: Avk.'.W -- One of lli^ ctomiiuuit issues in MIC cpiuili'y! today relates lo (lie policies.and jcrs6nnlili« of Secretary o( Sliitc Henry Kissinger, Sen. Thomas F. Eilglc- Ion, D-Mo., said Saturday. Eaglelon said ^ another ilonu nant issue is 'vvlmt be called a growing itisrMiiel with Ihe federal government. \ Eaglelon spoke to a statewide P^mbcrutic party rally that was attended' by about 400 Democrats. - It traditionally is the first major Democratic party activity · Mowing · Ihe f i l i n g deadline each year. Eaglelon said Kissinger has told loo many different (ales to to ormmy different people. "It's an old notion that in America one is cither a hero or a bum...The man feeling this the most acutely at the momciil is : the country's secretary ot statp," Eaglelon saicl. '-'His rep- nation has' by no means been the flames, but it has been' scorched." Eagtcton said that despite the fact "some in both parlies arf out lo gel Kissinger's scalp. ' he is not calling for Kissinger s resignation. " ' Eaglelon said lire country is in' a' "delicate' passage" in the realm of foreign policy. · -"For the .remainder -of the year. Kissinger has a key role to play, one he could bcller play:..if h e ' acknowledged Ihe rightful role of Congress ill the formation' ' o f basic .foreign pol- ,cy." Eaglelon said. Sen. Dale .Bumpers. D-Ark'., lold the group i that \lhings in Washington arc not s bad as people (Mrih. But, he said they a r e ' n o t ' a s good as they ought t o b e . , . . . . . Hammers Trial Resumes Today BLYTHEVILLE, Art;. (AP) -- aJmes Eddie Stephens, a key prosecution .witness; .was lo resume his testimony today in the .first-degree murder trial ol Pamela Hammers, 18. ' Miss Hammers is charged in the death of Cynthia Walker 20 whose body was found float ing in a-'ditch in rural Mis sissippi County on July 27 Stephens 1 testified that Miss Hammers "choked" Mrs. Walker. Stephens, said ,he and Miss Hammers · then ilhre.v Mrs. Walker, who was seven months pregnant, into the ditch. The state .'Medical Examiner said Mrs. Walker drowned. Stephens was ; cbnvicted earlier of second-degree murder in the case and was sentenced to A Native Of Fayetteville WORLD FAMOUS ARCHITECT ...Edward Darren Stone (lc]t), receiues a surprise gi/J./rom student Rovert (Real) Trttutt .at VA Fine Arts Center Known Architect, Darrell Stone Gives Exhibit · Edward Dnrell Stone, inlcr- lationahy known architect, and i . native ot Faycll.yvillc rL-iuniccI tins ]iasL weekend for ;tic formal opening of ail exhibition of models, renderings'and photographs 'of his works nt the Fine Arts C;'nU') p at the University of The exhibit has recently been bequeathed Lo the University. · Stone, born in 19D2, was graduated f r o m the University of Arkansas in 1923 and tltd special study under a scholarship at Harvard in 1926.;.He has been an.,..instructor : oj New York University and visiting critic at Ya!e, Princeton and nis. alma mater." , - ' . He is the recipient of many o u t,s I a n d ing . awards From national and iniernationnl ar chitcctural associations and was honored, in 1965 as a distinguished alumnus by Ihe University. Stone was accompanied lo raycttcville by his wife, Vio],el, Iwo [laughters. Franchesca, 15 and Fiona. 2; and two sons. Ed Stone Jr.; -and -Robert. 1 He was , introduced ' the foraial rccoplion hy Fay Jones, deatvof-lhpi college of architect u r e , l o - an; audience of -more than 100. Jones said Ihe arclli- lecl's ' oulslahding; career had paralleled the development of modern architecture. _ Among the architect's famous buildings .represented in photographs., models and' drawings were the Stanford Medical Center. ' the' ' '.Jplui F. Ke'hncds Center for the Performing Arts, Ihe U.S. Embassy at New Del hi; India, the U.S. Pavilion at he Brussels World's Fair, the .'liter/national College at Beirut, ^cbanon and the PakisUn Insti- .uie of Nuclear Science. and Technology. ' ' ' ^/. Highlighting the very b r i e f formal ceremonies was the situation lo Stono nf drawings and sketchbook of his brother. J.H. Stone, also an architect. ' . The papers, dating from 1899 i 1915 were discoverer! by Robert (Beau) · Troutt who mndp the presentation. The papers were'found when Troutt was looking for his cat under the house at 306.N. Washington. The Stones were guests at several social events during the weekend, including a Saturday evening reception at t h e Cyrus Sutherland home. · (Seal) IS April 5, 13, 19 Inspire .pride and traditio with this flag. - Celebrate two hundred year of American history with W .Bicentennial flag. Crochet i synthetic Gcrtnantown yarn -stars of bedspread cotton. Pa tern 575: flag 36x60." 51.80 For each pattern. Add 3 cents each pattern [or firs class airmail and handlin Send to: - Laura Wheeler Needlecraft Dept. 450 Northwest Arkansas TIMES Box 161. Old Chelsea Sta.. Nc York, NY 10011. 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I^c^led m 22^ Acres ^ lent hou£«I, bam and garden spr* --le [rom dly Iim*u on H«y. 45 E. CaU 521BSi! add 5. 1 TENNIS ANYONE? You'll never have lo wait for a cnurt again whea you move veto this BuUerfieM Art*tl«i home. In additi Ihe [«inls court, (Ma home offe bedrooms, lormal Jiung ard d rooms, and a host U other ootvvcnle Priced'In the 60's. For an appginUnent call Bob NicWe al SXiexo or 52I-H38 FREEMAN JraJ 521 - 6300 lj 'I *BS 32M N. Collts. Fatally Injured WARREN, Ark. (AP) -- Vic tor Hardaway. 32, of Warren was killed Saturday when the 21 years i Defense prison, attorney Claude Hanks of SI. Louis has said he will attempt lo prove that it. actually was Stephens ::lioked Mrs. Walker. who Dinner Speaker Set LITTLE HOCK (AP) -- The main speaker at the 13lh an- control and other vehicle on The State Police death was the Kansas highways mpareri with date last year. aaj \s nen me ng wept!, out of oiled several Police said. ic accident" oc- ardaway's veal a high rate ted to pass an- wesl ot War- ice said Iho 132nd on Ars this year. 45 on the same nual Arkansas Brotherhood Citation Dinner of t h e Natioua 1 Conference of Christians , anc Jews. will he Commerce Secretary Elliot 'L.Richardson. The dinner will he al 7 p.m. on April 29 al (he Little Rock Convention Center. .Richardson was ambassador to Great Britain -before assuming his current, cabinet post in February. .. i He was attorney genera from -May .ifl73 until October 1973. He also held cabinet posts ns secretary of defense and .secretary, O f Health, Education and Welfare. Trading Secret Of Underground Patty Hears! Will Bargain For Leniency SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- An apprehensive Patricia Hearst, acing sentencing [or armed lank robbery, was reported villing lo trade : her secrets of he terrorist underground for leniency. ' U.S. Dislricl Court Judge Oliver J. Carter; armed .with a slack of psychiatric and'proba .ipnary reports on Miss Hearst, lad the option of imposing a maximum penalty of 25 years in prison or as light a punishment as simple probation at a sentencing hearing today. . "She's 1 · apprehensive, con ic'rned, 'worried thai the judge might sentence her to an in stitution," one of her attorneys Al Johnson, said Sunday. Johnson said he and chief dc fensc counsel F. Lee Bailcj would argue that the one-time qses has. h'eeh ruined," said | ohn.son. "There's no purpose .,1 incarcerating her further. She hiis been behind hars since icr arrest seven months ago, ind that time will count toward any prison term; · . Miss '· Hearst, 7 who ' ,was - con- ,-icte(] March 20, was : h o t ex- iccted.lo say anything at ihe ;entencing. " Sources have said that Miss Hearst, 22, has developed a lin- kidnap enough. victim There has was suffcrec dicalion what prosecutor James l.. ""owning Jr. -would rccom mend. "we're talking about, a lih which for al! intents and pur rcsciidncnf of underground radicals who , hid her goring LOVELY FAMILY HOME !n eslab! lihed n«l8aboit,wl. Urge Hrtn« room, Idrrnal rHrilng ream, library/family room, I bedrooms. J balhs. Urge Tented backyard. H2.0W, Coll 443-2510 1 A.M, ESt C o l d ^fc~JwM · IhSyijM Stoljansty Occluded JIOI o n s t y Q c c l u a e i mm M ·· ""·· ** »«fa """" "7 *·»··· SB When you want to slip into something comfortable, easy, charming, you'll lind this zip- front skimmer fills the bill. Prinled Pattern 4753: Halt Sizes \Vn,Wh. 16'... 2ZV4,.H'A 26!4. 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Call for apponurcenl, I.an7 Hrfntes, T- Rrcade 2722 North colfcge D a f o f r o m P » - ; · i g N A T I O N A l W I A t H I S 8 E 8 V I C 8 , ^ N O A A , y.S. 0*p'. o) C e n m r r t * during her months . as a fngi live, blaming them in p a r t for her predicament. i She 'told ; probation officers who interviewed her that slic is willing to toll all she knows about bombings and slayings linked to the underground in exchange for a light sentence the sources said. There wero indications she would consent to appearing as a witness for the prosecution in other trials of persons, linked to the terrorist Symbioncse Liber atinn Army whicli abducted he Feb. 4. 137'!. I3ut sources said it appearec doubtful slic would be strenous ly sought, as a witness. Hei credibility was badly damage! when a federal court jury las lonlh found her guilty of bnnk obbcry rciccling h e r , sworn lory she was a hostage of car when she helped llic Sf.A ob a San Francisco bank on April 15, 1974. Since her conviction, - the newspaper heiress spent more ban a dozen hours with federal probation, officers who submitted nonbinding recommendations lo Carter. The judge also was given jsychiatric reports, including one from Dr. Elizabeth Richards, who has treated Miss rlearst regularly .since last fall. Miss Hearst has been held in Hie San Matco County Jail 25 miles south of. San Francisco since her arrest Sept. 18. She is scheduled lo be-flown Wednesday to Los Angeles , for prelrial hearing on state charges of kidnaping, robbery and assault. In a related development, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday that Miss Hearst hart expressed doubls about :ihc brainwashing dctcnse her attorneys used at her (rial. Basing its information on transcripts of psychiatric examinations of her last fall, Ihe newspaper said Miss Hearst .suggested "plea bargaining' shortly after her capture. Dolphins Prove Unreliable In Navy-CIA Projects.'.- NEW YORK (AP) -- The Navy and the CIA Iricd In leach dolphins lo carry mom- (orinj; devices into Havana har- Sew plus Knit Book . Inslant Jrfoney Crafts · 5 "ilnstanl Sewing Book lyles. Now! .... $1.25 ...Jl.OO $1.00 .... ji.oo "COUNTRYSIDE LIVING" We Inill? you M eimp*re ifce *iuall(y arM chirm of thfi 4 rwdrnorn, 2 bath home, ahur.dante 6( stf*fAKe, spad'iusl fc : ld.en zrA hajfe caWneU. Thia IK/) ]. H, Floor plan fU (he nval dlscrlmtnillng, tu/er. Hc*me pace m 1 rotting acre and I is fcr.ced with rrAi)(h c-ak. Has » yn,W\ f t . 9orfc shop And 2 Mr jarnef. Gar. a* *umc a W'.Wi note al 7% Enlereri. Priced *t JO.WXX Ph. 442-7788 or 442-9594 Legal Nollcei N'rtrir F, or A nfnr.ic il BOARD OP ADJUSTMENT H E A R I N G S U N D K R TIIK CODK, OF OHDINANCKS Of rAYKTTI!Vir.l.E. ARKANSAS. The Navy said Greenwood was let go in 1871 "as a result or a reduction in force action, m tuning you have ncuri for less " bor to measure the efficiency of Russian nnclcur ships, -says a scientist who claims he was involved in the secret procct. The Navy-CfA researchers also tried lo teach dolphins to kill enemy" frogmen and lo place monitors on mock-up cne- my vessels, the scientist Mi- i^-^-Russian'shlps.''''^^'^- pSe^erws^from 1 ^H"". »" in .discLsing home in Moorhoad, Minn. employes on a project." Greenwood said he told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence about (he dolphin research projects in October. The committee has not released his testimony. "We wanted lo evaluate the radiation effluent o[ Ihc.'reac- Greenwood, 44, an animal lic- ^.iv'ior psychologist, sai^l Uio projects fiitl not \vnrk out because the dolphins were too unreliable. "They sometimes put their packiigcs ' fm Ihe ' \v ron fi ships,"' he explained. - , . The Navy confirmed Sunday that Greenwood worked in dolphin research al Key West, Fla.,. and in Hawaii in Ihe 1960s. A Navy spokesman at . the PenUngnn denied Greenwoo d's rcpo r U w ith on t c om- mcnt. The CIA refused lo com mcnl. wocul .s'.iirl in discusssing the ] training of dolphins for the mission lo Cuba. He said he did not know firsthand if dolphins had actually been sent into Havana harbor, although he said he had been told one was sent in "sometime between the; spring of 1069 nnd December of that year." He said he did not know the results or i f - t h e dolphin returned. Greenwood s a l t ] the Navy- CIA code name for the training ot dolphins lo attack divers was "Swimmer Nullification.'.' He said it.u'.is part of wider research lo put dolphins to work on ft variety of military chores, ^'·······il FABRIC MART EVELYN HILLS SHOPPING C E N T E R Clear And Cooler Colder weather ami c I n a r skies are lorccnst for most of Ihe continental United Stales until Tuesday, A r k a n - sas can expC( mild wcaaflicr --uith a possibility of rnln. K a t n Is forecast tnr Oklahoma, Kansas anrl southern Nebraska. {AP Wimphofo) ENTIRE STOCK FABRIC '/2 PRICE

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