Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1962 · Page 23
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 23

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1962
Page 23
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Cont. on Page E-1 Annouitctmtntt 00 UNO OWNERS JADE OIL CO. Florim FROM J2-50 FLOWERS FOR Faint Llwn Funtt«t» DrLWEftCD .NSTANUV ·HlLHt-Ut COUNHliNG CMAtGF ~~ ~ " Funeral Notices Vital Statistics l.imisr* Teamsters'! Plione-SalelUle Plan i ~ INDEPENDENT--P«,. B-S !·«». CMI. · ·*··, Utt. M. 101 ii. I. L. Kt-l fvith. V X* t «"·»· V. Donu A. Voixr. l. !4» *»· A». H. H«"0». It. IK« W. im ». l«r»xt; M«» t. *·*·«. Jt, 1*1 W. Mtit }'.. i.9mtt ·w C. »»«4rt. 44. J» AIM.KX Or ) I lUliHillOV-Or. ux L. tMtr. »». Iul«'« I t»M AX* ·'!. 'i7?'«T"!r "·-·*"'-*"·· .··*H«'»' MARV'l HOSPITAL 1C Mr. I, AA/t P*wl F., Ji.. l*la ceiri. «*»t»» U . 1 Mrs. Hv»U .). V! Vtr Divorces Kilnl IONS IIACM r. Mr*. af M*/*n»m. i*fvit i*»vf- «lf . 2 O m_, Wettm)n|tfr W#- morltl P*K Mcrtu*rv CM»ft. ..* Wntmfntfr. Inttrmtnt Wtit-iin- tter AAr^wrUI Park. Cen^'tr*. VttSTMINSTER M E M O R I A L PARK MORTUARY IN CHAPQt. *(J*C£M-- Mirrv Bowman, *gt 74," el J'J'i L* VtTM*«, Lwfl BtAth. P*«t4 A*»V Ihursdjv. M*rch 7t. Survived by wife, Mr. Port C.; Ittftton, ttonry F. Bm. i*r»i« SAVrdAV, 10 · «-. V\tvtm,ftjt«r AAtTTWrlAl P*rk Mortuary ChAwl. Wtitm'njfef. lnterm«nt ««*«·»- lt»r M*mwl*l Park Crfr**trv. VYESTMINSTTR M t MO R I AL PABK^MURTUARYJN CHARCC. LA RUF-- Ruth~G*Mi» 01*1*4 W.'fti M. v/rvivfd bv *om, Ce«n, ciAf- . ild'tn. *rvKf FriJ«v r 1 p m., ECLAR WcFAOYtMjCHAPEL. MURRAY-- Amy H." " «t» D C«'»on St. Jurwrd by Jc*m P.; »n'er, «.** . . . ....'H.'.'*-*""* " «»··» O . N*k. 1371 CAYNF--M«rv C, · ». V*itli«m J. leiAURCJ-VKtii't «l. V*. _ . . . C*v Piggyback Pay Sought Blasted as Giveaway WASHINGTON (UI'D--Two Senate Ikmocrals Thursday that the government planned to give away untold millions to private operators of communic.itiont OU^R AG¥ EVANS CHICAGO (UI'I) -- The C "' tc5- '^ministration officials denied the charges. , II/ACT..? AN END TO VVCCO The charges and answers: aired at bearings ca h« M.. U J«T»! t Ll«ntl P true*. 41. 1141 Pv«d« JIJ .... H. A»»I4. 4«. i MU j O«l i £x. i) ,, 1*41 B««Ctt/ J*4rt'f M. JKklOrl. 17, W 8*nw" Dfivt." »rl. P^'ln i. lino A»f. - - lBUBTON-*Ar. I. Mn. Don* 1 )! ih«'«. Scf«'. ». "» W. '" ffi« J Gwmi II. 411 t. Ttti 3t "» «. D...«. a. «0 V.« A»» 4ron D. Mummcn. l». UM t. Si* l V BS: R ·«.« Avt.j no'cTM« «j»»il. tt 111 t. W. Wit M*nh U l ,. -i««i -.. P4». tCV, jtcamsters' union Thursdjy MANOVtR- ! l«tfm*v »'» V Vf*"» j' 'in ttAMKfWICH-- J«»*0h C. «t. Ll«-r« C. PILICHU-*r4rik A. vi. j**w A. ! money. L _ D " r S Si. Teamster President James monopoly aspects of plans to: "ptRRyback"iby the Senate antitrust sub[committee to liwk into any H*r V (tJ O. Mtt Kr f *l M.. 1112 A. l GA m w KCIA-A't 'ttor J. Andrr«r J. i i. W A L C t t N -- AM msieROO*- . . . . - « Jl.. Wfllmmlcr. Her. M*'«l SIOHS-DjSo.i J v». Roy B. IR. Hoffa has warned that the authorize a system of mes- i.issue could cause a strike o^sace-rclaymp satellites. j IDOO.OOO truck drivers in 20' Sen Ralph \V. Yarborouph.l D-Tcx.. said the private-en-j terprise approach favored by' President Kennedy would con-ij I Hoffa has tions representing the drivers' by Airlines Union Todav · NEW YORK (UPD--Amcr Airlines workers rcprc- JTtVtNS- I S t ; ·!·''*. c SJ?°i5j, 1 ^ -^a'Am R~itJ»t» 4fl ^l*'L '4" 4* ' ' !$UVB* V tL-^Mr.'', E«« L. Bot«. H. 0. V N«'«»: IHfnOB«|.A;tt« DC». I. V».o. 31. I1U E. I'm '. . , . |f«Oir-Mr t Mrt. ' ,,..|!cMRit"M",,!i-,V.'Li'Jl k Mr M. IW 1 j mi o_j 1au ,,, rt |. »,. ffwic c_J ^ ^^ PUB ? ,N_W«, 1. ... MM... . ·nd Dt Ctr* Octt. RMtry F , L*h««Xid Mo «» Ol BNV'fw UKEWOOO MORTUARY Hit WOODRUfF AVE. Funeral Directors «1 "^THOLtONTSON To save our prcdous supply of timber, wood scraps ara dissolved, then remade into boarcteof Man-made wood will seen bcfircprooF and Impervious to termites/ M*rvi-» D. JOI'V. II. I'S 1 ) Atlantic A«f Frrt R«l.°a. 771* Lorn* A»f.; BU-*ch S7tti S t . bov. March II ' " * ~" FINK--N9nn«"trom Sttn'el. I STONE--«r._ L^ //rs.^Wt'IJte B. 4SS LVtRV-Lertie J. from LM B. employers with unfair labor stitute the bipcest -giveaway" Denied by t h e Transport j||^iALi"i!AD:«V,S«'j. 'vV. oVwrt-A. (practices in not paying the in American history. Wo.krrs Union said Thurs- 1 ,,, \iKSiiL-iSmm S^n^Kfai'i. jmoney into the union's pen- . . . . j^. , mnl | ta ncous mass dem""" |sion and health and welfare' THE Subcommittee Chair- onstrntions will he h e l d |funds. .man Estcs Kcfauver. D-Tcnn..,across the cnuntr' today to i"~,T~ , j / / i The union's Central States sa jd the government should,protest what the union calls Cultured WOOd . Drivers C o u n c i l Thursday finance satellite cominiinic.T-.the company's refusal lo asked the National Labor Re-,tions and keep control for the,bargain with it. lations Hoard (NLRB) to sue benefit of all taxpayers. They The union said the airline the employers in federal courtijaid a private m o n o p o l y had pot made an olfer in to compel payment. This was . c r e a t e d under government month-long negotiations al;in connection with the unfair auspices would he dominated thousli the contract expires ·labor practice charges filed by the American Telephone March 31. The workers, with the NLRB Wednesday. Telegraph Co. 9.000 maintenance and stor- * " ' * i Or. E. C. Welsh, executive a=c workers in 45 cities, he: TUP. UNION signed a con;S ecrctary of the N a t i o n a l I( , n( , to , ne Air Transport I)i- tract with the employers a.Space Council, said in reply vision of the TWU. The .year ago that provided pay-iihat the government would uni(m a | M , represents some 'men! of $5 for each trailernot give the private operators 1500 stewardesses. '" h a u l e d by teamsters and anything except p o s s i b l y \\i a i n cities in which the placed on railroad flatcars.j"know-how" which cost the demonstrations will be held S e v e n states subsequently government about $175 mil- j nc | u j e Ke\v York. Tulsa. 1 toy, M4'cti; LEI TCH-ernlrn.n f . Jr. JHAISLEY-- PtivII.J A. troni 1 - ' i Ml passed laws prohibiting the lion in research expense. ; okla.. San Francisco. Los An-i I'i/./a l : ire I)c«lri)y.i F attrilu funeral ^Directors I2SO focific AM. HE 2.S10I BAtltV --H4rrv ^J.. Ill W w ::· Br.g ttr I. Dttmbl. 14, ^*i2 L01 ftl'ZI. ivf. Bum* Park. Robert t. Mite. 73. 7?t Berlltv. I · iROBLRTSON-Mr. Mr*. C4*'n O. **l M K-U-t'C 1 *** O'rl, M«rrtl 17 BATIS-inj.l.r', B Morru L.. «H Imi Aiiiiiilitn'iils Filnl Tht Te'Mi - - - Oil O. HO«M Jr.. l|. U. S Ctr.:drr R M«rr»1. 14. 7473} Bi 4:4 E. HOI-f). J!. U A. V.h.ttO'd, H. Burnftt $1, tnv. M«r(h 17 lOiV-Wr. 1 Mr«. Orrat 1^ 1142 Ro»- ,!,,, trot AX.. bO». W4rr, II 'CBEER-Dr. I. Mrj. M.l»en Crf«r. 41M kir rcrtt; 1 11"1 A»« , g^rl. 7/4rctt 1* i**J*owl CDAARDS-Mr. t V-i. Ri'rh A, »:i r.'h C^c'r. bov. M«rctt II Co«liCIERNClt-Wr. t MTM w.llK-t O, 7MI ' ' I Nif4r«DJi Clrtt. Bv«^4 P4 r fc. DOV, ' W*r ( n ·· Is Granlnl LONG ICACH days would be n-quiii-d to nounced Thurnby the np- .-.,.,.,., , determine action on the team-i Nicholas Katzenbach. as- pointmcnt of Irving Brown; (i.llUIM.m-ks istcrs' request forfedcralcourtlsistant attorney general, saidlas the confederation's repre-: NICOSIA. Cyprus (UI'I) 'intervention. ifcars e x p r e s s e d by Yar; sentative to the United N a - s i x thousand Greek ftJder thorough and Kcfauver that tions. _ demonstrated in N i c o s i a IT WONT WORK? Don't : ATT might dominate t h c p r i - j Ilmwn formerly was the Thursday against an attempt at it! Check "Call an vale system would be equally European representative of to set fire to the Greek Ayio-. : Expert" in Classified for a applicable under government the American trade union Ca«iano« School in Oir Turk- federation. AI'L-CIO. iM. quartrr WrdneMi..;- n ii:ht. . Itplmticflttd. it I p r l c * 4 l fiRtatticeur ·*· Tli'll lint lk Itt «. .BUI! 5339 ¥ 0 | uf DIIK DISCOUNT PIICC Funeral Notices l ANNOUNCEMENT OF ; FUNERAL SERVICES t to [t ecu Jiirtf J It) M'OTTELUS AND PEEK SP£EOS b«i'(J. Bu^tei T : br*'rf. ( Po-,*ry FriC'iy. 1 (? D M . ! M»U f \**vra*4. » 00 *m . SI t ^»rfi»h*i Crtxf'L Chufth . WASHES GIANT · flttnlfi W«nc)(f Wit · Cuti mtir utiblt tun ii Ink IM lull 12 Ib. loidi n«rt clriliiflC p«»»r ill with wlln--Jtturti I clrintr, tofttf. Imt Irft · N« tlldn--uleit tti HI l · tillume ONE-KNOB 'tftll (tlfCtM* CMitrtl · luttnutic Fi(trf-Drtp«Rtrr 4 CKCIFS MODERN 3-PIECE SECTIONAL * «f MftM *MrM« M lirw D G.. 3iOO Of«oao A f urvivfd b v hO'-tJA^a,, ton. A l f r e d S'r* n. PLATFORM ROCKER Sli.U Vilii Hlllil trim Ckxei ll Cllin -- ) Long b'ot^f ri tR«jn. v- K V, »00 A f n , Dr. WT't-ur M. anlim ett.ciAtnB, Maf»«H i 12 LB. LOADS! * R N - r « . t ^rr. t. Bro*d*Af, Surv.vfd Cv I brcn^r, Hjrry Piu^e: * s'f'i- Mfl. AfPHir iDVff. Mn J^t Su'f Aod Vri. iV^t OBritn. $tr».» Fnd*J. 11 00 Am. Rev Wr*M3*n %. T f f d f * o"t- ' ' r -- gi« i , Of HA A*t iur» »*« CV i» trn W*r f M* 1 B"d Off triMf MtCwrf. S«"»ice Frl- «**. J 00 p m , S«V iv-Vi S*i tiff of'dA' ng, Mctf* I i ChAOfl. , J un gr jww 1 ' "M'-lrfl Sf'v- » A y d 4 v , II 00 Jim . Bov V « r . MATTRESS BOX SPRING MATTRESS BOX SPRING HURRY IN '.WHILE THEY LAST! ONE OF THE LARGEST DISCOUNT FURNITURE SELECTIONS STORE HOURS: SUN,, 12 lo 5 DAILY, 10 lo 9; SAL, 10 lo 6 HIDE-AWAY SOFA BED i tin C.a J»ri., M«- ·} eiiu DIICOUNT TM KING SIZE SLEEPER 1830 E ARTES'A ^ IUUV Li Hll I Lfc/ll-t +r · ·

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