Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 16, 1988 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1988
Page 3
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Pharos-Tribune, Logansport, Indiana, Wednesday, March 16, 1988 Page 3 Lifeguards Will Be Protected Special mask to protect them from AIDS D Bennett also told the board that the Indiana Department of Natural Resources is proceeding with its plans to build a canoe launch at the Adamsboro Bridge. Lifeguards at France Park will carry special face masks this summer that will protect them from contracting AIDS if they perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on a person with the AIDS virus. France Park Superintendent Ken Bennett told the Cass County Park Board Tuesday night that the device, known as a Brook Lifesaving Airway, will be used at the park for the first time. Bennett said the airway also will provide more sanitary con- ditions for lifeguards if they are reviving swimmers who become ill. In other business, the board approved a fee schedule for campers at France Park who use electrical utilities to run trailer air conditioning units. The fee is $1 a day during the air conditioning season; $8 per month for weekend campers from June through August; and $15 per month for everyday campers during those months. The board also approved a $2 charge for campers who erect screen tents or child tents for a period of up to two weeks. Campers who stay longer will be charged $5 per month. The board tabled action on a motion to ban the lending of power tools to park visitors. The matter was introduced by board member David LaPierre who did not attend the board meeting. Members of the board indicated they did not favor lending out chain saws or heavy power tools to park visitors, but reached no decision on the use of lawn mowers in campground areas. The board agreed to wait until its next meeting April 14 to take any action on the matter. The new launch will be built on the bank northeast of the new bridge. Bennett said the state has awarded a bid for crushed stone for the project. The launch will include a parking lot and a picnic shelter. No date for completion of the project has been announced by the state. The board met briefly with Bill Wilkinson of Indianapolis, owner of the France Park water slide. Wilkinson asked the board if Cass County officials are interested in purchasing the slide. Dr. Leo Cahalan, president of the board, said there have been no new developments in regard to the slide. Board member Charles Remley said any potential purchase of the slide would have to be discussed with the Cass County Council and Cass County Commissioners. Remley he said he has met with one commissioner who has indicated that the water slide adds to the attraction of the park. 70 Percent Saved With Measured Service Plan INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Approximately 70 percent of Indiana Bell customers in five test communities saved money during the first month of local measured telephone service billing, the company announced today. Bruce A. Hazelett, Bell district manager for tariffs, said 69.2 percent of residential customers in Bedford, Kokomo, Martinsville, Michigan City and Paragon saved an average of $2.42 on their Febru- ary bills. He said 74.1 percent of all business customers saved. February bills for customers in the one-year trial were the first in Bell's one-year test to include charges based on actual telephone usage. During the first six months of the test, customers continued to pay traditional flat rates but received measured service bills for comparison. In the first half of the test, more than 70 percent of residential customers would have saved money, the company said. That figure was down slightly in January and early February because that period historically has the heaviest phone usage of the year, Hazelett said. The Bell test lasts through June. Customers then will return to traditional flat rates. In reaction to the Bell plan, the Indiana General Assembly recently approved a three-year ban on measured service rates after the Bell test is concluded. Evansville Map Outdated On Highway Map EVANSVILLE, Ind. (AP) The state Department of Highways has apologized to Evansville officials because an outdated inset map of the city was published in the official 19B8 Indiana state road map. Among other things, the inset includes a marker for Evansville College. The name was changed to the University of Evansville 21 years ago. Although the inset does include the new Interstate 164 spur, local officials found about a dozen errors. "It will be revised this year, I guarantee you that," said Karen Cecil, public information director for the highway department. "We apologize for it, but we didn't know about it until just now." Other errors include: • The city's airport is labeled "Dress Memorial Airport," a name changed in 1970 to Dress Regional Airport. • The Lloyd Expressway is missing. • The University of Southern Indiana and Lockyear College are missing, though Indiana Vocational Technical College is correctly labeled. " U.S. 41 is labeled "Fares Avenue." • City hall, the county courthouse and the post office.are in their old locations downtown. • Indiana 57, moved two years ago for an airport expansion, is shown in the old location. • The map shows an airport in nearby Mount Vernon, which has been without one for five years. Court Upholds Book Assistance Denial INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled today that a township trustee had the authority to impose standards that resulted in the denial of more than $100,000 in textbook reimbursement claims from the South Bend Community School Corp. By a 2-1 vote, the court upheld a Marshall Circuit Court ruling in favor of Portage Township in St. Joseph County and Richard C. Dombrowski, the township trustee. Dombrowski refused to reimburse the school corporation for more than $100,000 in textbook rental fees for students during the 1983-84,1984-85 and 1985-86 school years. , Under the state's old textbook reimbursement program, students who could not afford textbook rental fees could apply for assistance from the trustee. That program was replaced this school year by a state-funded textbook reimbursement, Supreme Court Justice Says Death Penalty Should Be Eliminated PHAROS TRIBUNE NOTICES INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana Supreme Court Justice Richard M. Givan says the death penalty doesn't prevent crime and should be eliminated. Given toid criminal justice students at Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis Tuesday, "To think about the death penalty as being a deterrent is naive and ridiculous. "If you are a criminal, the death penalty doesn't matter," the former chief justice said. "It is ludicrous to think they are thinking about the death penalty" before committing a crime. He said capital punishment is an exercise in futility because the appeals process is so lengthy. A motorist has a better chance of being killed in an auto accident than a murderer has of being executed, Given added. Having a death penalty is extremely expensive, he said, because it costs more for the state to fight numerous appeals through several years than it does to house a criminal for life. He does not think speeding the appeals process would help. Bowers Continued From Page 1 In opening statements prosecutor Robert Mrzlack said Harris' wife went to the tavern to tell him that she was having problems with Bowers and that she wanted to move out of the house. Don Stevens, Rt. 1, Delphi, said he saw Harris in Ben's Tavern, and Harris wanted Stevens to help him if he got into a fight with another person in the tavern. Stevens said Harris talked about killing a man who was in the tavern, but that Stevens did not take Harris seriously. Duane Neff, Delphi, testified that he and Harris scuffled briefly during the evening, but that Harris apologized to him following the scuffle. Defense counsel Jay Hirschauer contends that his client shot Harris in self- defense. Hirschauer's cross examination of witnesses today centered on Harris' physical and mental state prior to the shooting. Mrzlack's witness list for the remainder of today contained people who were with Harris during the evening of Oct. 30 along with Harris' wife, Jackie. Hirschauer said he plans to call several witnesses, including two who allegedly heard Harris threaten Bowers during a telephone conversation late on Oct. 30. In testimony Tuesday Monticello Police Officer Gary Nunnally recounted the evidence he collected during his investigation of the Harris death. Nunnally said that when he arrived at the home shortly after midnight on Oct. 31, he was met outside the house by Bowers. "He was breaking in and I shot him. Be careful he'll kill you," Nunnally quoted Bowers as saying. Prosecutor Robert Mrzlack introduced into evidence a .410 shotgun allegedly used in the shooting along with several pictures of the shooting scene. Defense counsel Jay Hirschauer re-enacted the shooting. Hirschauer asked Nunnally to point the shotgun at him. The attorney then reached for the rifle showing that the barrel of the weapon was pointed at Hirschauer's left underarm. Hirschauer introduced a state police report showing that the shotgun was held approximately two to three feet away from the victim when the fatal shot was fired. Dr. John Pless, Indianapolis forensic pathologist, testified he performed the autopsy on Harris. He said Harris was shot at close range. Pless also said tests showed alcohol and marijuana use and that the victim had an alcohol level of .25. Jerry Wilder, fire arms examiner with the Indiana State Police, testified that Harris's shirt contained holes consistent with shots fired from two to three and a half feet, from the victim. Under cross examination Wilder said the shots could have been fired from one and a half to more than three and a half feet. Monticello police officer Thomas Dowden testified he overheard a conversation between Bowers and a doctor at White County Memorial Hospital in which Bowers said, "I shot my son-in-law, but I should have shot my daughter. I would have been better off." Jamie Harris, son of the victim, testified that he owned a .410 shotgun that he kept in his room. Harris said his relationship with his grandfather was good at times and bad at other times. Harris said he believes his grandfather has a drinking problem. Dan Clark, a neighbor of Bowers, said on the night of the shooting he was in his home and heard yelling from next door. Clark said he ran outside and saw Bowers holding with a shotgun. Clark said Bowers told him that he shot his son-in-law. Bowers told him that Harris had telephoned him and said he was going to kill him (Bowers). Legal Notice Th« Area Five Council on Aging 4 Community Services, Inc. will be accepting Mdi lor audit services until 4:30 p.m. April 1,1(H, for an R.F.P. contact: Freda Slason, Fiscal Manager Are* Five Council on Aging * Comm. Serv. Eastgete Plaza, 3001 U.S. 24 Eut, i Logansport, Indiana, 46*47 \ Phone: (219) 722-MS1 , i NOTICES OF NAMES OF PERSONS APPEARING TO BE OWNERS OF UNCLAIMED PROPERTY LINLEY E. PEARSON, ATTORNEY GENERAL urauanl to Chapter 2S3 of the Acla of 1M7, notice la er«by given that trie persons listed below appear to oe the owners of Intangible personal property which has been presumed abandoned. Information concerning the amount of description of the property and the name and address of the holder may be obtained by persons having an Interest In such abandoned property by writing to Llnley E. Pearson, Attorney General, Unclaimed Property Section, 219 Slate House, Indlanapolla, Indiana 4*244, or by calling 317-233-6341, giving name, address (if any), and account number as published In this notice. Unless proof of claim Is established to the holder's satisfaction before May 20,19H, the property will be placed In the custody of the Slate. Thereafter, all claims must be directed to (he Attorney Genersl. Banks, Erma 0008*4003 Beneflel, Ms Nlkk! OOW24037 RR 7 Box 339C Logansport Canchola, Christina 00501-0011 Clem, H 00204-0007 1217 Woodlawn Ave Logansport Cox, John L. 00681-0005 Cox, Sandra 00423-0001 Cummins, Ronald ODM1-0004 Dslley, Sharon J. 004J14065 RR 2, Box 232 Royal Center Flnley, Elizabeth Lee 00425-0002 First Federal Sav » Loan Assn 005164091 314 4th SI Logansport Gilstrap, Clifford C. 004294003 Hardy, Thomas E. 006W4002 907 Stanley Logansport Hathaway, Rosemary 004254004 Hlrschbergsr.Sam 004254006 Hottenroth, Rev G 00175-0003 SI Joseph Hospital Logansport Jeckeon, Johnny 0042W007 Jackson, William 001814001 141S Spear Logansporl Key, Marie Wlllard 004254014 Laymen, Elsie 0002W002 Ughtloot, Eva 004254006 Long, Charles 004254006 Martin, Laura 002214002 RR1, Box 178 Walton Nemlrttsls, Louis 00425-0008 ODonnell.JameelJana 009064502 100 E Roselawn Logansport Orr, Pamela Sue and DwIghtW. 00581-0001 tiaCecllSILoganaport Plrau, Thorn.* < 004294010 Plotner, Ray A & Madonna 00190-0029 HR 1 Logansport Puentes.Jose 00425-0015 Rennewanz, L 00204-0022 1«30 North St Loganapon Hhodenbaugh, Jon C. and Mary L. 00681-0002 Samudeo, Dalores 00061-0012 Sands, Esther 004254011 Savlnl 006244077 Logansport Shaw, Diana 004254016 Sprinkle, Julia 002014067 RR 1 Galveston Templeton.Katherlne 000094090 HO Hilltop Lane Logansport Tomllnson, Arthur 000964007 RR 5, Box 2>1 Logansport Towles, Bennle Acuff 004294017 Vogel, Georgia Cust. Virginia E. 004214046 3006 E. Broadway Logansport Werts Novelty Co. 006(14006 WWtenead, ThomaaB. 004294012 Whlleman, Donald 0. 004294018 Williams, Jesnnle 004244013 Peking Acrobats Cindy Mills/Pharos-Tribune The Logansport Performing Arts Council presented the Peking 1 Acrobats in McHale Auditorium Tuesday evening. The acrobats performed i'ntense balancing acts, acrobatics, juggling, and coordination to entertain a full house at McHale. El-Tip-Wa Centers To Close The EI-Tip-Wa Adult Learning Centers will be closed for spring vacation March 21 to 25. Classes and registration for GED Preparation and Basic Skills will resume on March 28 at the following sites: 401 Tanguy St., Logansport; Cass County Jail; Civic Center, 7th and Pon- Certified Fitters of •Braces "Prothesis •Surgical Hose 24 Hr, Answering Ssrvice _"„ 722-5600 tiac, Rochester: Public Library, Kewanna; County Building, 125 S. Riverside, Winamac: -ulaski County Jail; and Logansport State Hospital. All classes are free to adults over the age of 16 who do not have a high school diploma. CORRECTION In lha Soors R*foil Storoi Spring Sol* meitfti ibo* you moy have reettlv«d lor March 16, w* or« odvflr»i»ing a VCR No. 53471. Th« orf statsu our !ow»i* price evor. ThU is incorrocl. Alto »h* following it»ms are lompororlly out o( sfcdc/roirKWcfc* ovnllobel; No. 53316 VCR; No. 20120 Fouc«t; No, 72558 Big T gym set; No. 15660 Trac 20: ond th» No. 29123 li(«sty!«r 525 douol oction orgometer. We are sorry for any inconvenience this moy hove caused. 4 DAY SALE 5.90 Tank Tops, reg. 7.90 11.90 Shorts, reg. 14.90 2 FOR $14 Scarves, reg. 9.00 ea. Sycamore LOGANSPQRT MALI ALSO IN PfiRIf AND KOKOMO

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