Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 40
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 40

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 40
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Light Slate for Spring Opening By Auodiled Preji March' 10, traditionally, is he opening of the spring wseball exhibition season but oday's program is sparse while the unanswered ques- .ions are numerous. Strangely, the World Series rivals of last fall have a coni- non problem--how much to 3ay some of the stars who lelped the clubs win the 1965 pennants. Pitchers Sandy Koufax and Don Di-ysdale, winners of 49 yames between them last IN SAME CLASS WITH RUTH L«M »«n, cuii., INDEPENDENT-- Pega Wills Set to Sign for $80,000 Up .THE -»p wmphoit 'MICK' IN DEEP THOUGHT Mickey Mantle rests chin on bat in deep thought after taking batting practice in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. where Yankees are in spring training. FORGET ! 65 Buck Rodgers All Set to Blast Off Today's Exhibitions M Bradtnlon, Fla./ Cincinnati vs. Kan- At Orlando, Fla.. 'Houston vs. Minnesota · · M Sarasota, Fla.» Boslon vs. Chicago At Pompsns Beach, Fla,, Washrngton ^'^-·^^·^·Ctewland vs. Mexico By ROSS NEWHAN I, P-T Still Writer RODGERS . PALM 1 SPRINGS -- Bob Ugdgers does not qualify-for Cdnieback-of-the-Yeai- honors .because he has never actual- "ly been away. However, that was manager Bill Rigney shouting "wel coine b a c k " after Rodgers provided the intra-squad fire- w r j r k s Wednesday with a homer, single and bases-load; ed double. It w i l l be recalled that ,'Rodgers might not have been away last year, but he was ' pretty far gone while hitting,, .209. iVl feel like I've got. it all .back," said the jubilant 27 year-old catcher. "At bat I'm charging the pitch, and behind the plate I feel at home again." ·ii In the parlance of baseball, R o b e r t s Leroy ( B u c k ) Rodgers w a s ."buried" early ' last season. A b a d l y bruised r i g h t h a n d created poor h a b i t s which persisted _ J and resulted in his w o r s year. Now, preparing for hi f i f t h campaign, Rodgers i pursuing the same course a when he was the rookie pros , pect from Prospect Ohio, tha IS.: "I knew that when I go 1 down here everyone would b concerned with my hitting, .said Rodgers. "But it was m ."Catching that had me upse " "I've a l w a y s taken grea . pride in my defensive abilit and prior to last year I fe that I was one of the tw or three best catchers in th league. There might have bee one or two as good, but n one was any better. -'.'.'.Then, last year, I w a probably the worst in the league. 1 m e a n I was the worst defensively besides not · being able to hit a lick." A foul tip richocheted off Rodgers' right hand during the final week of spring training and he was all season pay" ing the price. :"There were other circum stances besides.the bad hand, .but I don't want to go into them because it would sound as if I'm alibing," said Rodg- e never knew anything about is job. "1 want him to forget last ear and I want him to forget iree years ago (w h e n he atted .258, caught 155 games nd keyed the Angels into liird place.)" ^ * T H E ANGELS' handsome, 3-2, 195-pound player repre : entative now see.s a halo over Anaheim. To overcome bad habits ·s. "N eed 1 es s to say, I ouldn't keep the hand on the at when 1 s w u n g and I ouldn't grip the ball proper- when I tried to throw." "What we have tried to do lis spring," explained Rig- year, and Maury Wills, the j a s e-stealing s h o r t s t o p , laven't signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the National L e a g u e and Series champions, in disputes over I960 salaries. Jim (Mudcat) Grant, t h e 21-game winner for the Minnesota Twins, a n d Tony Oliva, Twin outfielder w h o has been the l o o p batting champ the past two years, give the American League titleholders their double dose of worry. Other players still holding out include Jim Maloney, 20- game winner for the Cincinnati Reds last year, and Juan vlarichal, who posted 22 victories for the San Francisco Slants. ASSORTED ailments w i l l ·By GEORGE LEDERUK I, P-T SUIT Wriler VERO BEACH, Fla. -- A comparison between Maury Wills and- Babe Ruth no longer is as far off base as a normal lead by the Dodger captain. General Manager nuzzle Bavasi placed the banjo- hitting shortstop in the. Babe's category W e d - nesday when he announce d t h a t Wills "will m a k e a s m u c li this s e a s o n as R u t h ever W!LLS made." Ruth reached his peak salary of $80,000 after hitting 60 home runs for the Yankees in 1927. Wills, with total of 49 homers in nine minor and seven major league seasons, will equal it this weekend. . · As long as Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale are holdouts, only Willie Mays ($125,000) a n d Mickey Mantle ($100,000) have better contracts than Wills will be offered tonight or Friday. "I don't expect any trouble," said Bavasi. '"If I did, I wouldn't have invited Maury to come here. When we talked during the win- tor, we were talking in terms of S75.00Q. We're not far -apart." Bavasi tendered his invitation in a telephone call late Tuesday night. "We did not discuss salary," said Bavasi. "We'll do that when he gets here." 'The problem was in how- to get here. Wills said he was ready to check into the O'Malley Hilton this evening, but Bavasi had some reservations other than a room. "lie wanted to fly down on our plane with Ihe Stadium Club group," said Bavasi. "But 1 hold him not to. There'll be some reporters aboard and 1 don't think Maury should be bothered by a lot-of questions." For the sake of privacy, Bavasi was willing to spend. an extra $100 and suggested a commercial flighl. "His arrival will depend upon what flights are available. He'll be here either tonight or Friday."' Bavasi, for the first time, also disclosed Wills's 1965 contract at $60,000, about 58,000 more than appeared in print. Wills's demand of $100,000 "or whatever Koufax and Drysdale are getting" was treated lightly by Bavnsi. '"I'm sure Wills was as shocked as we were when He found out what Sandy and Don are asking. If he wants what they're getting, thai means he wants noth* ing," DIS AND DATA--AJ F«rnri hit If.e flril home run ot trwee Inlrasovad oaniei and Also tingled twkt Li a loi- Ing caine as Ihe Dandy Ozarki delHttd tha PreUon G^meiei, 4 3 . , f Ftrrara homorvd ioalnjl vtEnnlng iMlcKer Don Svllon wlih lha basts emoW In tht (ourlh Inning . . the two Icami tont- Wn«l For 70 hilt, doM more lhan In Ihe first Uo eam« thai (ailed to produce an earned twi , . . N*t« Oliver continued his slrorvQ bid tor Ihe Ii bate lot *Mh a ctouble and two si .or [he losers . . . im ,4$S av did Jun Mjrthall ol the OJuki, Mar- shoii added a jintft and a walk in hij moil prodvcllve tlltrnoon . . . Ro* Fairly dovblcd *nd t^rvglrd. C!*«M O»i«v*« ?«JMU iui" 1^-* 0:flrkl, alkiwlrvg on« rvn on lour M'i In " «nd Hw* FrtMr ^rt lh« Braves' " - · ' ' 'Ibliten vriih the Dodoert «t Weil Palm i . . . Sinwr NIOC Wlllhll* »nd TiHotton QO (or It-.t Dodoen . . . srricttv for i«u«hi, ir« secretary of tht t.oi Ang«in ar|*nderV Union .called loj*rs . . . fhe rooXle BM1 J£5;r . . . S makti nh drtnj) In Aivji pan-e lodav . . . l.wj rome to vlill M» H V ' niwi New sen, Don. lj itftouilv I'l In UCLA medical Denny Lcmailcr, Ktn Johrt- iinorei ... .. , _ .,,, avefiige {S-(or-ll) loos the regulars . . . Dtspire I he (In) ilgn of po*tr, the OiarV$ uttd a soueete burl (or 1rte winning margin tn Ihe sevnilh In-Yno . . . Hcclor valle docbtfd, advanrd on ai Infiefd hit and scored on Tommy rJean'i i^lc bun) . , . Dean alia Irlr^cd, it Sswardi Reward your taste with the richftavorof Half and Halfs.You'll like'em fine, and that's putting it mildly. WDt«r O'Mailiy W*dAf*HY wvJ Mid hii oroanlfalfon would .xckti Doooer Sladluni unlfM Drvwfale stltlei a di*- pui* with emoiavi AT mi 'Duwji restaurant to V«n Nuvi . . . DryviaH 1 * barlendtrs art seeking in Increase o It cenli M hour . . . OryvM't I* adamant oo two fronts. SPECIAL GOLF HOLIDAY PACKAGE FOR TWO · DELUXE ROOM » TWO MEALS · UNLIMITED GREEN FEES · UNLIMITED BATHS · TWO DAYS ONE NIGHT '24.00 VELVETY GREENS, HAND MANICURED FAIRWAYS AND A COURSE TO HAUNT WAILUlt SUNDAf TKSWJCH THURSDAY (DCEPI HOllOAlB (BY RESERVATIONS ONLY) DIRECTIONS -- Fron Lei An(H(i HH San Beirufdiio Frtem/ to BtJjTitil. RifM on lit, lun-off Hi*l/ 79) 7 milt* 19 I'aiMCri Cinian .on. GOtF RESORT !7 HOLES OF GIXF.,.NO WAITING TO PLAY, SWIMMING, TENNIS, RIDING, SUN AND FUN. COCKTAILS^ OINING SUPERB ACCOMMODATIONS! I.TIH Hoi SoMni!, Cillluali Hnl 7J n«n Item Lit AntlM, fer riurrjUon nil, Los Angeles-Oilman Hal surlngs »M1» 7HK4-19II GIIMAN HOT LBMfM leM' Miiutie i Ud'tll- Cilf SPRINGS, CALIF. rom the beginning with hit- ng, throwing and catching. Ve're proceeding almost as if from an operation that ey, "is have Buck start right k ee p other big names out of the first exhibitions. Mickey Mantle, is recovering slowly moved bone' chips from you have to go back to the hings you normally take for ;ranted," explained Rodgers. re- his right shoulder, and R o g e r Vlaris, also a Yankee gardener, hasn't reached his old form following an operation on his hand. Baltimore will be shy the services, perhaps for the entire season, of catcher Dick Brown, operated upon Monday for the r e m o v a l of a brain tumor. From the major l e a g u e camps Wednesday: MAY CO AUTO CENTER CELEBRATION "At bat, I've never lived up BobTsWiii"ieam" P to 1 ";'i3:2"win"oVe"F to my potential in the majors M - ujr and I'm still convinced I can hit .270. Until last year, I've never had a problem making Dtck Stuarl Ken Bovtn njnT'\vHh""a doub!e anc orm Cash hit a humer and METi--John Lewis and D! ·aeft hit ttiree times as the K lopptd the Rov McMillans, II drove Tn Ihri two singles. TISERS--flu. __ _ single, driving in four runs. the GRAND OPENING,.. ·opening of new South Coast Plaza Store, Costa Mesa ·air conditioned sales and waiting room ·latest most modem factory approred equipment ··CKL bar a serrice station in itself · complete one stop service for your auto needs- ·complete service and installation departments «brake reline...wheel alignment...balancing..,tune up «mnillon.**batterieB...shocks,*.seat covers...floor mats YANkEES~Manag7r John Keans jfart Lou Clinton, *-- contact." Motivated by pride a n d Mtential bounty in Anaheim, Rodgers appears to have re- ;ained the resources he displayed as a rookie. "Guys l i k e Fregosi a n d Pearson and myself who were lere in '62 ^yhen we had the great spirit, have an idea of what the new park will mean to us," s a i d Rodgers. "It would be unbelievable. Anyone who doesn't hustle until he bleeds is'crazy." A return to the lethargy of '65 would indeed be a bloody shame. ANGEL ANGLES: The. most exD'.osive afternoon er the voung season saw Ihe Parkers rout th.i REces, 13-1 ... besides Roofers' raos^ Ri£K hit - gain showed hts^iTo "r?iJrlW""batiing -· Casa Granfe'Arir. HrffMr be on ..a par, oe- ;ene v/oodllngs, 9-3. PIRATES-Matlv A orrld hlttlra . sires* title Smith hit A solo for-four . Erf Sukla most Im ..!«"- GTAt d a at In i o d a . hird baseman Jim Hart succession of bslfs over tfce ed his Ca -» r ! foot m Ditcher ' nlgans" tonlohl Ii ars" the twa-d oame ORIOLES-- Boog Powell F.ll n Ihrce run CTier arid Bob Johnsan a solo round- riocer as the Billy Hunters beat the ill Hodges fee!s k its ore-ex- illih*d season, has -xcomnl rom a slamlooTnt of accomDllsruTiMit, arenaratlcn and freedom from Inlurrcs, han rn any of fhe oreviwn two vears, CARDiMALS--^Aaoaoer Red _lenst and o'tchTno coach Jt, orafsed oOcJier Rav Waihlburn after Itve alter went IJirouoh a 30 minute drill. ·nviNS--Leftv JTrn Knaf, art 18-sanv? "frjier last vear, will pitch Kraintt Ihe Join [on Aslros today. Tonv Ollva r«- TtGERS-- Lcirv MfcVev Lolich, unabl* fo control Ws curve ball 1hifS 'ar, won't ' i W? Detroit Tlaers HgKthantfer Orlando PREMIUM TUBELESS 36 MONTH GUARANTEE EVEN AGAINST WEAR OUT BLACKWALLS 2 TM 2488 Hififi School Golf . , . pressive of -Jx pllclicrs, working a tilt ss tv/o Innlngi . . . Jack Swiford yie x hits an-f four runs fn Ihrce fra Dean CKancs, Dick E0an and SUTVA v/1ll face Ihe Cubs here Saturday with Msrcttinc Lowi, Rvdy May and Sanford oolng Sunday . . . Bob Lee tesled hfc spraln«d right anVle for th» first Wheels io Play Garden Grove on Saturday / one-inolngi / yieldlno si tot . . . "It's going to be a stow process/' said Lee . .. Ar.oeH ' Tns concerned over sorer^ss \ ^ ..-, struck Fr*d Newmans rgiht antf pcevenPed him from tfcrowin: davs . had s . . . .Irre I've ever had a sore arm, said Ntwman, who will be vrsired bv new team pllyildan, Dr Pu[« RaMnskl, IWs weekend . . . Norm Sfebtrn sultered Utohttv soraTned h^msirlns Medalist--Paul Crawford Will 24. score--Mlllltan ·», Mulr 1. Co]l:«jo Tennis Cerritos I, LBCC 1 Sinoles--Jeluslc (C) def. Trompcter J 1, 6-1; Farmer (C) def. Armstrong 4, M; Batrb (C) det. Hasllms IL1, 6-3; Kektch (C) an. Paige (L], 6-3, Macfe (C) dof. Benedict L, 6-4, Burd (C) def. Tavler (L), 6-1 fr-3. Doublis-Bibb-Farmtr (C) dtf. Hiil- Ings-Anmslror.a (L), 6-3, 6-3; Jetusfc- Keklcli (C) def. BenedJct-Tromoeler (L), M, i-4: Paioc-Tsytor (L) def. Maclas- SSS/650xlS iub«l«* blackwdls 6)0x1} 2 f err 3! ,81 JGOMrl! 2for'4IM 6!0il5 , 2 lor 33.83 7W773iU '. 2 for 31.81. 670/77MII 2 [or 31.88 f'xJ/s;5iH 710/iUri; ,2 for 36.83 M/t))iH pricts plus fcJcul tax WHITEWALLS FOR 2 FOR 29.88 685/650x15 tubslesa whilewolls 600! IJ 2tor36.e8 S20/83iiH.,. .]|M51M 6XH15 S tor41.88 7SO/775iH , 2far38JI «W775il5 llor 36.83 S00/a2!tl( ., liofUJt* 71o/S!5rl5 2 for 41.33 2 f o r S . B 8 prices phi Paperbacks Worth Wrestling Admission Sports fan entering the Olympic Auditorium next Wednesday night will be admitted absolutely free for the wrestling bouts that evening if they bring a paperback book with them for the United States Armed Forces in Vietnam. -- , . ,, , ,., . 1 All fans bringing two or The L o n g B e a c h Flying morc paperbac i; s wit ], them M MONTH GUAMHni AGAEISI WEAS OUT, DETECTS, BOAD HAZAHDS EVEN AT THESE LOW PRICES ... NO TRADE IN NEEDED... LEiut ill roid bttaidf, seal u g!i cuts, CflA bmises, and impact rxeals, KeplicenjerJ* tx p^roteJ 03 th* ccnait Jelling f ike for K.-M uei VaaderKIt lue» i:c ilso jmnnieed »pnsf jKXtaxl vtir cut. If yoar tire sbrjaTd Tear ott 1^7 KIM dcrli^ the puiialte perjod, jou «ill itcure the ui» puccnUge o(£ te arier.t stlllii^ price of i new tire u the Jjanbc: o£ fflooths of jour , Tiffl re teptiled or 1 tt ccr (ijjaetiort. check these premium features 'Jupoot nylon coed · ezdtuive fript-roiHc tread · dccpec tiezd for laagtt vtu · ilim "libbonTM vhilewJIs en i jiitt vus cat bonus MrviccB all at no charg* · erperl tin mounting · h-b «nd fill icpiii · tirn lotita], 5,000 ntt · lionl end t?A trheel ilj^u GRAND OPENING SAVINGS ON SPECIALS FROM OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENTS Wheels get back into action Saturday, entertaining t h e i r old rivals, the Garden Grove Bears, at Lakewood High at 2. The Wheels, who lost their national title last year to, the Bears, are making ready to try-again this year in Indianapolis in early April. ^Former Bears Don Troke and Dom Melendez have cast their lot with Russ Churchman and the Wheels. Churchman has returned to pilot the Long Beach quintet after a ^year's absence. '.'All-Airfericas Bi!! Johnson John Cheves and Erie Gerarc are back in their old positions. . Admission is free and the public invited. a ringside seat WAGONS, CAMPERS AND TRUCKS 10 POINT ELECTRONIC ENGINE TUNE UP 10 POINT BONDED BRAKE OVERHAUL r LIVE 1. iriux Met ii 4 vte? gtiad fcs; J. frccilJ 4 »Ji«I eySfi-Se I. rf* H-D. , tu laJ tnK (. lepii lioa · 7. rry {me t. aaa cfabx . infal »3io«4 te W te-t K. MjtOtCK L.B.C.C. --vs.--SAN FRANCISCO 9. tteA' naaci *dh*acf W. cic* irjriaj fcc ni SPONSORED ar ICK R0WN1NG UM your Chcaga-PIat* {or all your automotive needs · no moncf down. · up to 36 monthi (o paf « pi)-1! little u $5.00 per month on pu/cHis« of 25.00 ot more DOUBLE ACTION SHOCK ABSORBERS 2 for 11.88 INSTALLED · f4 1* ja tui L/i may co lakewood, 5100 lakewood bivd., me 3-0111 may co south bay, hawthome at arlcsia; 370-2SH may co buena park, la palma al dale; ta 7-4000 may co south coast plaza, brislol near sunflower; 546-9321 Shop in auto center every day, Monday through Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

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