Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 5, 1962 · Page 3
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 3

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1962
Page 3
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Okay Index System On Juvenile Delinquents Funds and personnel for eslab- ies allegedly sustained in a fall lishment of a central index sys-|from the porch of the deputy approved yesterday by the Humboldt Board of Supervisors.- Sheriff William Pederson presented figures to the board, as ear ier requested, on the cost of setting up such an index. The index is designed to provide immediate information on the background of juveniles apprehended by lawmen throughout t h e county.' Additional employes will consist of one female clerk at about $285 per month, and one additional deputy sheriff at $371 per month. Equipment, costing a total of $1024, consists of office supplies, 5250; file cases, $459; desk, $246.15; chair, $54; and wastebaskets, $14.85. The index system was proposed lo the board about a' month ago ay law officers from throughout the county. A study of methods used in other counties was made by Lt. Wendell Cyphers, juvenile officer for the sheriff's office. . In other action, the board: Approved consolidation of five school and special district elections with the June 5 Primary. County Counsel Thomas Montgomery noted others will be added at a later date. Rejected and referred lo insurance carriers a claim by Cecil W. Taggart for $5,700 for injur- Youth Guidance In High School, Consultant Topic ARCATA -- Parents interested in the testing and guidance program of Jhe Arcala Union High School district are invited to meet with Dr. Lawrence Stewart, guidance consultant from the Univer- s i t y of California Friday night at eight in the Arcata High school library. Dr. Stewart is studying guidance and testing practices in grades seven to 12 in all schools in the district and would like lo hear parents comments and suggestions on the present program as well as discuss it with them, a school spokesman said. This is Stewart's second trip to the area. He was here Ihree days in March and talked to students, teachers and administrators, observing present practices in the schools concerned. .He is scheduled to complete his survey this week and will make recommendations f o r improvements in the program on his next trip to Arcata, scheduled for sometime this spring. The sur,vey being conducled by the professor will be paid for with Federal funds from the National Defense Education Act. Dave Shirer, coordinator of pupil personnel services for Humboldt County is assisting Dr. Stewart with the study. Paid. Adv. KIEM TV 3 THURSDAY, A P R I L J, _ 1«I 5:00-- Sketch Pad. J: 3ft-- Roy ' Rogers. 1:09-- News. 1:16-- Weather. t:15-- Douglas Edwards Newt. 4:30-- Celebrity Golf. 7:W-KIng Of blamcndi 7:30-- Oh Those Bells. ' ):00-- Tell it To Groucho. 9:30-- Gertrude Berg show. 10:00-- Sing Along With Milch. 11:00-- News and Weather. FRIDAY, A P R I L 6, 1*62 7:10-- Mlnfy's Redwood Nursery. 2:3*~se3rch For Tomorrow. 2:40-- Guiding Light. 1:55-- CBS News. 3:15-Seerct Stnrm 3: 30- Edge of Night S:3fr- Huckleberry Hound. 4:00-- Richard M. Nixon. 4:15-- Douglas Edwards Newi. KIEM u»xc K-RED FRIDAY: Local News 7:«, 12:00p, J:00p Mutual News on half hour. OFFICIAL REPORTS: Weather i:SO, 7-31, U:IOp, 4:1SP/ ?:S4p, 10:3Bp. FAA Flying Weather 7:30, 7:15p. Stock Market 7:SS, 5:10p. State Employment 8:54, l:54p. Eureka Police 9:54. Arcata High School ID:S4. Farm Advisor . 11:30p. Highway Patrol rfinnnnl frf**~~~~f \ sheriff's substation. Approved an; agreement with the Stale Department pf Corrections to increase the number of Nalline lesls given suspected nar- Colics addicts to 50 from . the present 25 per monlh.. Approved Montgomery's request :o enter his name as a represen- :alive of Humboldt County oh a jrief prepared by Contra .Costa County as a "friend .of the court" in the suit filed with the State Supreme Court on the validity of he stale water contract with he Metropolitan Water Disrict. l l f l P A Tl IPI% WsS f en TBJIEiJ WH Effi^a i I B P I^L H By United Press. International San Francisco Bay Area: Fair through Friday except patches of bg near ocean; high today G5- 70; low tonighl 44-52; west winds '"' ' Northern California: Fair and slightly warmer through Friday except fog on coast. Mt. Shasta-Siskiyou area: Fair with lillle lemperalure change through Friday. Sierra Nevada: Fair and warmer through Friday. S a c r a m e n t o Valley: Fair through Friday; high both days 75-83; low lonight 45-50; gentle vinds. S a n J o a q u i n Valley: Fair through Friday; high bolh days 77-84: low lonighl 45-55; genlle vinds. Salinas Valley: Fair except light and morning fog near Sa- inas through Friday; high both days 67-77; low tonight 40-50; west winds 10-20 m.p.h. afternoons; ugh loday and low lonight Salinas 67-48, Paso Robles 74-42. S a n t a C l a r a Valley: Fair through Friday; high both days 68-78; low tonight 40-50; northwesl vinds 7-15 m.p.h. afternoons; high oday and low tonight Hollister 76-40. Monterey Bay Area: Fair except local night and morning fog through Friday; high both days 58-66; low tonight 45-50; west winds 10-18 knots afternoons. Fort Bragg and vicinity: Fog except partial afternoon bearing hrough Friday; litlle temperature change; coastal winds northwest 10-15 knots. Northwestern California: Fair except coastal fog through Friday; . little temperature change; high loday and low tonight Napa 72-42, Santa Rosa 74-42, Ukiah 8050; coastal winds northwest 10-20 mots. Central California: Fair through Friday; high today 77-82; low ton ght 45-50; light to gentle winds. High Low Precip. Albuquerque . 69 40 Atlanta 63 46 Bakersfield 76 51 Boise 64 46 .02 Boston 48 37 Jrownsville 72 67 Clicago 49 41 .17 )enver 54 39 Detroit 52 38 r airbanks 32 15 Fort Worth 62 51 1.11 Fresno ' 76 53 Helena 63 -Kansas City 62 33 .01 Los Angeles 64 52 diami 73 70 Minneapolis 40 33 .01 New Orleans 67 59 .50 New York 53 40 Oakland 65 54 Oklahoma City 59 46 .08 3 hoenix 84 50 Pittsburgh 51 34 Red Bluff 73 41 Reno 72 33 Sacramento 77 55 Salt Lake City 65 38 San Diego 64 56 San Francisco 62 52 Seattle 52 44 .30 Spokane 61 39 .03 Thermal 84 58 Washington 55 -- Ann LandersO| ANSWERS YOUR PROBLEMS l*lJi " . - ' . . ' ' "tajSrOTSpill · Dear. Ann: 1 have something to say -and I want to say it : to the widest, audience pussiole.. ho I'm- writing to Ann Landers. Why. are people sp thoughtless? I'm a .pertectly. normal human being who happens to be aooul 4 inches shorter than the average ·American woman. Like any accident of birih I am stuck with my size and can do nothing aooul it.' Yet every time I enter a dress shop the sales person ap- . preaches me with, "You're .going t o . b e ditticult lo tit. You're very short, 'you 'know." I know I'm short, how could 1 not know? A sales person with an ounce of brains would never say lo a heavy woman, "You're FAT, you know." Yet they think nothing of reminding short people Uiat they are under-sized. All my lite I've been called. '.'Halt-Pint," "Pee-Wee" a n d ."Shrimp." I've tried to laugh it off but it still hurts. And it isn't only the insensitive dolts who, make these remarks. I've had them from intelligenl people. Please print my letter for the benefit of all mankind.' Like a pebble tossed into a brook one never knows how tar the ripples m a y reach.-WEE B U T MIGHTY . . . · ft · · . Dear Mighty: Thank you for striking a blow for freedom. 1 am 5' 2" and it's downright boring when people repeatedly say "I expected you lo be laller." Wen I ask Ihem why lliey usually come up with some non sequitur, such as "Oh, from the picture of your lace 1 expected a tall woman." On Ihe olher land, 1 don't object to that tired but friendly cliche -- about good Ihings coming in small packages. t^ · ^ A . Dear Ann: I used to think Ihts was a family problem but now. I see it is something more. I need an outsider's opinion. We have two teenage sons. Robert is an excellent student. He has distinguished himself academically all through his school years. His younger brother barely gets passing grades. We have threatened, punished and even tried to shame the younger boy into doing as well as Robert. Nothing works. In fact, he is showing signs of bitter resentment toward his older brolher. Things are going from bad lo worse. What can you suggest?-DEEPLY CONCERNED Dear D. C.: Stop holding up Robert as a shining example. In seeking to persuade the younger boy to compete you are throttling his initiative and making enemies of these brothers. One reason the younger boy does so poorly is because he never fell he could do as well as his brolher, so he withdrew completely. He figured that one who .does nol even Iry can scarcely be considered a conlestant. You parenls need help from a professional so that you may learn to deal with your children -more intelligently. I hope it isn't too lale. is ix i% Dear Ann: An acquaintance who works in this office has become an irrilant. It's an accumulation of small Ihings over Ihe years-- such as "May I borrow your car during lunch hour if you're not using it?" Or "Would you mind dropping this off at the post office on your way home?" I resent this gall and I could kick myself for allowing him to impose on me. Yet I hate to say no because when I refuse him something I feel guilty. What is the solution?-DUCK SOUP Dear Ducky: People who voice Ihis Complaint often fail 'to remember lhat THEY make "small requests," too. If you wish to enjoy a clear conscience about saying no, make certain lhal you never ask this man to do you a favor. And I mean never. · i, ii f. To learn Ihe knack of feeling comfortable with the opposite sex, send for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "How To Be Date Bait." enclosing witli your requesl 20 cents in coin and a long, self addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad lo help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of Ihis newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Senafe Sef To Hif LA Reapporfionmenf SACRAMENTO (UPI) -- The necessary two-lhirds majority, at Senate today was ready lo administer a death blow to Los An- ;cles County's Senate reapporlion- ment plan while giving the county draw poker regu ation as an anesthetic. Both bills were before the Senate Government Efficiency Committee, which many times is the graveyard of bills unpleasant to he Senale. Sen. Hugh M. Burns, Fresno, presidenl pro lem and Democral- c leader of Ihe upper house, predicted Ihe dealh of the reappor- lionm'enl plan and approval of the draw poker bill. The reapporlionment bill, especially distastefu to the Senate, would expand the Senale on a populalion basis. Its immediate effect would be to increase the lumber of senators from 40 to 48. Los Angeles County would get three additional senators and five other populous counties, Santa Clara, Alameda, San Francisco. Orange and San Diego, each would get one additional senator. The proposal passed the Assembly 55-21, one more vote than Ihe 1PDDY 1 FU/IC J C K K T LEWIS CUUlIllul ·:.- - - 1 1 ^SJ^MSjSSWy^ l ^^^yj^F^f^S^^9f^SI^^^ K V 1 5 - : ; T w "-- ^ eureka TONIGHT 5:06-Ranger Mark. 5:30-- Mr. MCGOO. 4:00-Ttie News ty * Wit h Jack Mortimer. (-.15-- Hunlley-Brinklcy Journal. 4:30-- Gucstward Ho. 7:00-- The Hathaways. 7:30-0nle and Harriet. 8:M-The Donna Reed Show 8:30-- Real McCoys. )-00_ My Three Sons. ?j30-Marglc. lOjOO-The Untouchables. 11:00-ABC F-iial Report. 11:15-- News Final. ll:30-Jaek Paar Show (In Color). TOMORROW »· IS-- Romper Room lOiM^T** Prl« U Right (In Color). 10:30 -- Education! Science. 10-00-- Tenneisee Ernie Ford. 11:30-- Youri For A Song. U:DO-- Camouflage. Ili30-- Window Shopping. HOO-DftV In Court. Ills-- Mld'Day Report. 1:30-- Bingo. JIM-- Jine wyman Show. ?:30-Seven Kovt. 1:00-- Oucen For A Dev. Jt»-Wrio Do You fruit. 4:00-- American PHndltarid. 4-jo-- American Newisnd. SiOO-Rnnntrr Mark. S'30-- Maine's Funnlot. llw-Tho item 01 1 With jick Mortimer. ; ;i \ ··'.".""'.« · · · · · '·· ".y" : ;-i;TM-.-. ' · -*vW:..;. r -' 'V- ''-ir' : . ; ·i.'SS''. ^ :^S IM JfMTiV'-S A ^f^^SiVZM 1*;S ."'··''', V ''X: : 1 ,-'- 1 ' ; ' : "' r '''3v '··.';·· : i - ' . ' ' - : : : - \ ' - ' f - i t - - - ' : \ . ' f - , - - - . ' : ' ' : ' ^ - - ' - - ' : ' f ^ . ' ' : i ' - '"'.' ''·· ' ; . · · ' ; ' · ' - ··'.'' · · ' · ' · · ' · " i C ' ' · · . - ' ' ' · ' · '·; ~ " ". .' ; .'.-c ·. ' ' i · . . · ' · " . ' ', V ; ." ! ' ·, ' .''.., : ' " · ' ' ' . ,··',"'''.'.'.-·;' ·'· V" ·'·'.. ·"''.'. " · ' . . ' .. " - ' . · ; . ' ' .- ' · ', · '."" -'. ; -.:V : X'.;' · · '-.-·.' i . ' : / . . - ' · . ' . ' r^K»iM^»WM : ' fl-iHHBi I I timi' BHai 1 |M| IH9 1 HHK' 1 1 r* ' «J 1 i IB l^BI 1 ^j^ IBB M J HHra BbHMdl^^rtabBnHBBi^H TODAY «t 6:30 P.M. -- KIEM-TV Channel 3 SPONSORED BY MATTHEWS 6th J, Eureka and your LOCAL BOYSEN PAINT DEALER he insistence of its author, Assembly Speaker Jesse M. Unruh, Los Angeles. The passage precipitated a ver- )al "explosion" in the Budget Conference Committee Monday night where Sen. George Miller, D- Martinez, charged that Unruh breed the -measure through the ower house as a matter of prestige, in view of its dismal chance n the Senale. Thai plus Ihe Assembly's failure to pass a stale budget in the 30-day budget session formed an ominous cloud over the Senale's normal good nalure, bringing dark hinls of a much lougher ipper house stand in the new at- empt next week to pass a budget. The draw poker measure was )y Assemblyman George A. Willson, D-Huntington Park. In its present form, il would permit Los \ngclcs County to regulate the card game within its own boundaries. It would have no effect in the rest of the state,_ where cities are jermitted lo permit or oullaw draw poker. The lalesl amend- menl which restricted its effect o Los Angeles County made the neasure palalablc to the Senate. Sen. Luther E. Gibson, D-Vallejo, chairman of the Government Efficiency Committee, said prior to Ihe meeting that "if Los Angeles wants to outlaw draw poker, this will permit them lo do il." n *i i 1 Aff* Building Officer Assumes City Job ARCATA-- The city's new building and electrical inspector is Arnold Joseph Aggelcr, who assumed his half-lime duties Ihis week. Aggclcr, with recent experience as an inspector with the City of Eurekn, is owner of Aggclcr Electric Company in Arcnta. He will work under Chnrles T. M. Echols, Arcala public works head. Wilb lid million inhi'ltiljints in Illfil, the U. S. average per square mile was 52 persons, double the 1MO average. [ 1 i S Sal Coi Se\ ant Sco ex| ten wh las E mF . cai niu Cld Cnn 5C( F 0-S rie tha 0-B tee 1 gra jud by act mu vill wil con R Sco ers as wil cof P0| }pC w F f V I 1 A Hut tor. cat Arc me at N min lifii of wei per ods stra E rab me pro em pro ticn wil D Ihe rou enc San ft Inle hek J Arc con ser 0 ery gra Daj 30 cat ier vot chii bin] Ma ser the 12: A me Cha Me iiek 14. wil unt wo wh pai A the J T sell at qua wer Cat offi I I]C\ mu adi 1)01 C fro da; p.n 11 a Display Booths Plan Of Youths At Scout-0-Rama Scoul-O-Rama will be sUtger' Saturday at the Humboldt State College i field house in Arcata. Seventy cub Scout. Boy Scout, and Explorer units and some Girl Scout and Camp Fire Girls are expected to.display booths at the tenth annual Scouting exhibition :gins at l p.m. and w last until 9 p.m. Representing Scouting in its many phases, Scout-0-Rama will show to the public such areas as: cub craft, handicraft, pioneering, camping, first aid, forestry, radio, weather forecasting and spe cial air plane rides by the Air Scouts squadron. Featured at this year's Scout- 0-Rama will be a continuous variety show "with many more acts than last year according to Scout- 0-Rama public relations committee chairman Dr. C. N. Gaylord. Included on the proposed program are: mens 1 and womens' judo demonstrations, folk dancing by the Girl Scouts, magician's acts, many scout skits, western music and square dancing, barber shop quartets, and the McKinleyville high school dance band which play present, popular, and conceit music from 7 to 8 p.m. Refreshments will be served at Scout-0-Rama. The commissioners staff field service i^' reported as improved over last year. They will serve hot dogs, oyster stew, coffee, soft drinks and candy. Pop corn stands will also be in First Aid Points Given Rotsrians In Arcata Talk ARCATA -- Dave Zebo, former Humboldt County aviation director, and Dr. Charles Earl, Arcata physician, spoke before the Arcata Rotary Club at its regular meeting yesterday at 12:10 p.m. at the Big Four Inn. New theories in firsl aid administration with emphasis on artificial respiration and the method of mouth - to - mouth application were pointed up by Zebo. The expert also demonstrated new methods of applying tourniquets at four stratigec body locations. Dr. Earl told Rotarians about rabies and its treatment. "Treatment of rabies is not a casual process," said the physician, who emphasized the careful thought processes gone into with each patient suspected of being inflicted, with the dread disease. ' Dr. Iyan Milhouse, presided in :he absence of Ned Barsuglia, en- route to Rotary district conference set for this weekend at Santa Rosa. Members were reminded of the International Conference to be held at Los Angeles in June. Jack Shaffer, vice principal of Arcata High school, was welcomed as a new member of the icrvice group. Oclcn Hansen and Frank Dcv- arrangc next week's program to highlight "Pan American Kennedy OK Aids Chances WASHINGTON ( U I ' l l -- Senad Democratic Leader Mike Mans field said today that Presiden Kennedy's letter of support for .HI compromise U.N. b o n d bil should help its backers. But, with the Senate nearing i vote on amendments, the Presi dent's letter failed to meet 111 objections of some key Republi cans. Sen. Boui-ke B. Hickenloopei R.Iowa, the GOP policy chaii man; said it "added nothing" no already set forth in the bill draft ed by Democratic and GOP leaders. He protested that it said nolh ng about the interest rate, or the ength, of loans for the Unilei Nations, and whether Kenned} still intends to buy any of the Jnited Nations' 5200 million issui of 25-year bonds. Mansfield, however. insiste( that both issues were "an aspec of our foreign policy" properly in the President's hands. "I think he President has gone as far ai e can or should go." Other congressional news: Aid: The Senate Foreign Rela lions Committee scheduled it first hearing on President Ken nedy's $O billion foreign aid re quest with Secretary of Slat' Dean Rusk as the opening wit ness. The House Foreign Affair Committee, which heard Rusl ast month, meantime continued ts hearings on the aid bill will Assistant Secretary of State W -\verell Harriman as the firsl scheduled witness. Given Kiwanians Dave Zebo, candidate {·· UK Humboldt County Board n[ Supervisors, spoke to the memriers ol the Eureka Kiwanis Club 'in high-ay safety at their luncheon meet ig at the Eureka Inn Tuesday. Zebo illustrated his remarks wit is experiences as a Californu lighway patrolman on the Goldei: Gate Bridge. He said the use ol safety belts and the avoidance o excessive speed are among im portant precautions that motrrists should observe to make the high ways as safe as possible. William Van Fleet, chairman o ite club's part in presenti"g Silver Prom for county high schoo students on April 14, announced that plans for the dance ore de veloping satisfactorily. Oysters eat plant and animal organisms of the sea. WATCH REPAIR Lions To Switch Luncheon Times ARCATA -- A trial period of GO days for meeting of the Arcata Lions club on Mondays for lunch instead of Tuesdays for dinner has been inaugurated after a vote taken by the club membership at t h e i r last meeting in March. The next meeting of the iervice group will be held at the Bella Vista Inn Monday al 12:15 p.m. Al their Tuesday night session members were reminded of the Charter night party for the new McKinleyville Lions Club to be iield at the Eureka Inn on April 14. Club members and their ladies will attend the affair. epibcrs were thanked for volunteer assistance at last Sunday's work day at the Arcata Ball Park where grandstands are under re- iir. Archie Forson is president of the club. ONLY S C 9 5 5 Y o u r watch thoroughly cleaned, oiled and limed to new watch perfection. Satisfaction guaranteed. Auto- rnaiics slightly higher. Clinic For Poiio Shots Announced The April immunhalion schedule for clinics (o be held nt the health department headquarters, 805 Sixth street, Krrcka, were announced yesterday by Dr. larl T. Wallace, acting health ficer. Ho reminded parents that (be new slate law requires polio immunization of all students before admittance to school next .'ieptcnv sr. Clinics will he held tomorrow from H a.m. to 10 a.m.; Wednesday, April 25, from f» p.m. to !l and Friday, April U7, from II a.m. to U (i.m. JEWEIRY CO. 526 FIFTH ST. EUREKA Call HI 3-6349 Publisher Asks To Appear At Muzzling Probe FRANKFURT, Germany ( U P I M f i v e --The owner of (he overseas Veekly, target of attack at a Senate c o in in i 11 e e hear ing |i Vcdncsday, said today she has isked permission tu appear he- fore the committee studying muz-! zling of miliatry officers. ·] Mrs. Marion von Rospach, own-j er and publisher of the weekly,! said she has received no reply' o Hie request sent to Washington! several weeks ago. The newspaper was describe'! is vicious, immoral, corrupt amlj destructive Wednesday by former| Maj. Gen. Edwin A/Walkcr. Walker was removed from com-j mand of the Army's 24th Infantry i Division in Germany last year ifter an investigation sparked by he weekly's charges he WHS try-j ng lo influence politically his I'] IKON MAN' j HUMBOLDT STANDARD NEW YORK- (UPD -Iron M a n j T h u r s d a y . Apiil S, 1962, P. 3 Joe McGinnity of the old Ncw| York Giants of Ihe John McGraw era in bast-ball, pitched ibulh giinu's of a doubleheader on ions during his career. Di'dlh loll from U. S. accidents u lllllll was about 91,000, or 1 per ·ent higher than WJ. according Encyclopedia Briiannica. R i c h a r d M, Nixon will appear on the TV News on Friday, April 6-KIEM-TV. Channel 3 at 6 p.m. and again on KVIQ-TV, Channel 6 at 11 p.m "I do not agree with General Valker. but every citizen in our lemocratic society is entitled lo lis opinion," Mrs. Rospach said oday. "I do wish, however, that General Walker would once make tatements in a public forum vhcre he could be held responsible for such immature, ·ational inaccuracies." Newsman To Talk A! GOP Luncheon Frank Reynolds, field represen alive of the National Republican Congressional Committee for the leven Western stales, will he the eaturcd luncheon speaker Katur- lay at a GOP school of politics it the Eureka Inn. Reynolds is a veteran nov'sman, aving worked for the National Broadcasting Co. and ediled Ths Vasco News in Kern Couity. In 1958 he was selected l-y the Agricultural Extension Service of 10 University of California as the utstanding 4-H Club alumnus in slate. we're going to a 1) ^ c5^ Jimmy Brown is having his Birthday party at the miniature bowling alley, and he's invited the whole block , . . and we get to bowl too! "Yes folks, MBA Birthday Bowling Partret are fun! We furnish everything (but the ktdi) on a special low cost package plan, which includes . . . a special birthday cake, a special gift for the birthday child, a gift for the other children, ico cream or soda, and two free ganiGi of bowling. And we'll furnish special YOU SAVE MONEY . . . TIME . . . MESS AT HOME . . . EASY ON YOUR NERVES. Come In or phone today for reservations . Miniature Bowling Alley (with automatic scoring) HI 2-5617 Aciou from the new Safeway on Harrii RICHARD M. NIXON ATA Rally at the State Theater 4th G Streets, Eureka Friday April 6 * Doors Open at 7 P.M. * Entertainment at 8 P.M. * Mr. Nixon speaks at 9:15 P.M. * NO RESERVED SEATS FIRST COME FIRST SERVED This message sponsored by The Nixon for Governor Committee and Democrats for Nixon HELP A T T E N T I O N ! APPLY EXPERIENCED SHRIMP PICKERS AND EXPERIENCED FILLETERS Foot of C St. Eureka

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