Independent from Long Beach, California on February 24, 1969 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1969
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New Storm Looses Mudslides, Flooding FAMILY TO TESTIFY SIRHA-X NOT SAMS --Story on Page A-,1 HE S-1141 -- Classified No. HE 2-5959 INDEPENDENT 40 PAGES LONG BEACH. CALIFORNIA, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24. 1969 WKATHEK Occasional showers today and tonight with some gusty winds. High today about 57. Complete weather on Page C-5. VOL. 32. NO. 39 HOME EDITION-- lOc SURGERY ON IKE 'SUCCESSFUL' Nixon in Europe, Beset by Viet Crisis Doctols ^ Operate 2 Hours DIAL 432-5451 GRAFFITI by Lcary © ACTION UNE is your service, solving your problems, getting your answers, cutting red tape and standing up )or your rig/its. To get action, write ACT/ON LINE, Box 230, Long Beach, Calif. 90801, or dial 432-3451 between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., or ! p.m. and .0 p.m., Monday through Friday. Questions to be answered are selected for their general interest and helpfulness. House of Cards Q. In October I sent r. check for S41.60 along with a Christmas card order to Wallace Brown Inc. in While Plains, N.Y. When I called the company in December, they told me they would send a tracer on the package. I have still not received t h e cards, and don't know what else to do. MB., Long Beach. A, Wallace Brown Inc. will issue you a refund for S'll.fiO, said the director of customer relations, who would identify herself only as Ilene. She said if you have any more trouble, you should write to B. Robert Stone, director of sales, Wallace Brown Inc., 10 Marline Ave., White Plains, N.Y. 10606. The Better Business Bureau reports lhat it has had complaints against the company, but most of the complaints have been adjusted. Postal Post Q. Now that postmasters are no longer chosen on a political basis, do they have to pass a civil service examination? Can anyone apply for the position? What will happen to the incumbent postmasters? D.C., Lakewood. A. Postmasters always have been civil service employes who passed the required test, but the final selection of postmaster will no longer be on a political basis as heretofore. Postmaster General Winton M. Blount issued an executive order Feb. 5 taking the postmaster selection off the patronage system. When there are vacancies in postmaster positions, notices will be placed in appropriate post office lobbies giving the time and date of the civil service exam, according to a spokesman for the Los Angeles Central Post Office. If an applicant meets the initial requirements -such as a one-year residency in the city -- he can take the test. The final choice will he made from the top three scorers on the exam on the basis of merit alone -- not political affiliation. The spokesman said incumbent postmasters will hold their jobs under civil service regulations unless they resign. They are unaffected by the new ruling. HELP! We ore lour college girls wlio linve initiated Project. Mimic in which we give free piano lessons to minority group children parents can't afford such instruction. We work through the Long Beach Coinimmily Improvement League. We have become increasingly aware of Ihe urgent need for more usable pianos. The Iwn w« arc lining arc. far beyond repair, and on one, you ain't tell the white keys from the black. Anyone u'lio con dclp us by donating more .suitable iiistramnuls may contact Pally Creiisfiaw at. .S9f-fi87f or ·12G-5-H2. R.P., S.C.. J.Z., mid K.S., Long Beacli. I h I m Draft Dodger the Q. What, ever happened lo Grover Bergdoll, World War 1 draft dodger? Mrs. J.K., Lakewood. A. Grover Cleveland Bergdoll, wealthy playboy- draft dodger of World War I, died in January 1966. He was 72. Bergdoll, heir to a brewery fortune, came into the limelight in 1917 when he ignored a draft call and spent almost three years hiding from the authorities and taunting them with postcards mailed from around the country. Finally he was captured, tried and sentenced. He served two months of a five-year term, then escaped and fled to Germany, where he married and became a resident of the Reich. In IMS Mrs. Borgdoll came to the United States to plead in vain for a pardon for her husband. In May 1939 Bergdoll came home, saying "I want to bring my children up in the United States." He was court-martialed and Riven an additional sentence of three years. He served four years and eight months in military prisons and was released on Fob. 3, 1944. While in prison, Bergdoll asked for a presidential (Continued Page A-3, Col. 5) Wants Full Report on Red Attack BRUSSELS -- President Nixon ordered a f u l l investigation Sunday of the attacks on Saigon and other South Vietnamese cities to determine whether they violated the agreement under which the U.S. halted the bombing of North Vietnam last fall. White House aides emphasized l h a t Nixon had no desire to order immedi- a t e r e t a l i a t o r y raids against North Vietnam oven if the attacks suggest a new pattern of enemy action. But the President received several reports on the situation while flying across "the Atlantic Sunday and asked that these be measured against the understandings about mu- t u a l restraint exchanged in October at the Paris negotiations. THE NEGOTIATORS reported at the time that Hanoi had undertaken, in exchange for a bombing halt, to avoid attacks on South Vietnam's cities. The terms of this agreement, however, have always been regarded as vague by both sides. When first asked about the news from Vietnam aboard his jet, Air Force One. Nixon expressed some concern but said the early reports did not appear as serious as he had feared. He said the attackers in various cities appeared to have used grenades and small arms and indicated some doubt about headlines (hat used the word "shelling." "The key word is 'shelling'," the President said to reporters, "because if that happens it requires some action on our part." He did not explain whether he meant military action or a formal protest at the Paris talks. * * * * LATER,. White House officials said there had been rocket attacks. The officials then revealed the President's call for an investigation but described him as determined not to fin a n y t h i n g "precipitous- l y " The only action ordered, was a call for all the facts, including Ihc types of weapons used, the number of rounds fired, targets, casualties and so forth. The purpose, they said, was to determine whether the incidents were isolated or whether they formed a pattern. Even a pattern would not produce an automatic response, they added in apparent concern over the President's use of the word "action" -- because the U.S. is "not looking for an excuse to do something." The Internal Revenue Department, lil;c God, must love poor people--it makes so many oj them. PRESIDENT NIXON, KING BAUDOUIN REVIEW HONOR GUARD AT BRUSSELS AIRPORT --AP Wirepholo President Storm Poses Neiv Communist in Belgium; Southland Threat Offensive UllltV Alii! BRUSSELS (UPI) -President Nixon Sunday opened his eight-day tour of a Europe beset by a new diplomatic crisis by pledging to consult America's allies in his "search for peace." Demonstrators shouted "Nixon Go Home -- Get Out of Vietnam" as the Star Spangled Banner played. Even before the President had a chance to step onto the red carpet at Brussels International Airport to begin bolstering America's ties with Europe, part of his attention was diverted to Vietnam where the Communisls began nationwide a t t a c k s Sunday. Nixon received word of I he a I lacks in Ihe air and ordered a full re port on Ihe offensive. Demonstrations came while the President stood alongside Belgium's King Baudouin, listening lo the (Continued Page A-'t. Col. ·!) Wind-driven rains, spawned in a storm front, over the Pacific, drenched Southern California Sunday, unleashing mudslides and f l o o d i n g and crca!- ing new hazards on streets and freeways. Two persons died in rain-shrouded t r a f f i c accidents. The I a I r s I storm dropped an inch of rain on the Los Angeles area by Sunday night and was "Hysterical" slide victims hope for help -- but not too soon. Page A-4. expected to leave at least two inches before tapering off tonight. Rough seas battered the coast Sunday. The storm whipped up near-blizzard conditions in the mountains and the snow level dropped 10 4,000 feet. Winds were measured from IS to 30 miles an MORE SHOWERS wore rxpccicd today and Tuesday as a low-pressure trough stubbornly lingered off Ihe coast. Ai (ilcndora. still showing from earlier storm 1 ;, many citizens began in pack Sunday night in preparation for evacua- i i o n . Five-fool-deep mud slides crept down a w a t - ershed made barren by last summer's brush fires. The California Division of Highways list of closed highways became longer and longer as the rain continued to pummel t h e Southland. PACIFIC Coast Highway between Callc Mayor and Ocean Avenue in Turrancc was closed due to flooding. Laguna Canyon Road from El Torn Road lo l.a- guna Beach city l i m n s in Orange County was closed due to a mudslide and flooding. In Whinicr. Ri'.liard W. Carner of 11812" lvcr- (Continued Page A-.'!. Oil. .')) SAIGON, Monday ( U P I ) -- Communist g u n n e r s bombarded iwo more provincial capitals and 10 A l l i e d i n s t a l l a t i o n s l a t e Sunday and early today in Ihc third day of an apparently slackening nationwide offensive. Saigon took a second round of rockets Sunday night but none early today. More than 1.000 Comm u n i s l s were reported dead following attacks on more than 100 Allied bases and towns throughout Ihe country. Al least 55 U.S. soldiers were reported killed and lS. r wounded in Ihe Comm u n i s t a t l a r k s since laic Saturday. Some of the v i c - t i m s were South V i e i - W A S H I N G T O N U'i-- Former President Dwiphi D. Eisenhower, 7S, v tint "I" seven heart a t tacks, underwent emergency surgery for an in- t e s t i n a l o b s t r u c t i o n Sun day night and doctors termed the operation a success. Doctors at Walter Reed General Hospital, where Eisenhower has been hospitalized since May. did not give a report on the five-star general's condi- t i o n . But their use of the woid "successful" was taken to mean he was nol in i m m i n e n t danger. The doctors said the. general was on the o p e r a t - ing table 2 hours and 20 minutes. The announcement was made shortly a f t e r 12:30 a.m. EST by Brig. Grn. Frederick ,1. Hughes Jr.. commanding general of the hospital. The announcement by the general was preceded by an i n t r o d u c t i o n made by Maj. George Foster, public relations director for the hospital who said: "0 c n 1.1 e m c n. General Hughes has some good news for you." SAID GEN. Hughes: "G e n c r a 1 Eisenhower underwent surgery for i n - testinal obstruction t h i s evening. The procednip began at 0:10 p.m. and terminated at 11:.'!0 p.m. successfully. The obstruction was found lo be due to two separate large adhesive bands resulting from previous surgery. "The a n a s t o m o t i c stonvi -- c o m m u n i c a t i o n for t h e passage of food between two loops of small and large intestine -- created at the original operation in 1956 for regional i l e i t i s was found to be. quite pate n t , f u n c t i o n a l , a n d u n i n - volved in any i n f l a m m a t o - ry process. "The site of the old ilei t is was thoroughly exposed and found to be just as it was 13 years ago. The process has obviously remained quiescent t h r o u g h t h e m a n y year* and gives no evidence if having undergone any exacerbations." said Hughes. Thus, for the present at least, the f i v e - s t a r gen (Continued Page A--). Col. 1) (Continued Page A-l. C l . 7; INSIDE INDEPENDENT INCH-AND-HALF RAIN SOAKS L.B.; MORE ON WAY TODAY The new Southland rainstorm poured an inch and a half of rain on Long Beach Sunday, causing a number of minor traffic accidents and straining storm drains but causing l i t t l e damage. The current storm was expected to remain in the Southland today and probably Tuesday. Sunday's downpour, m a i n l y in t h e aft e r n o o n , sent the season's total r a i n f a l l soaring to nearly 20 indies--almost h a l f again as much as t h e average yearly r a i n f a l l of 1.'! inches. The current storm, which o f f i c i a l l y began at 11:01 p.m. S a t u r d a y , brought 1.4 5 inches of rain, according to Long Beach Airport measurements Sunday evening. In downtown l o n g Beach, the .storm's total was measured at 1.32 inches. R a i n was expected to c o n t i n u e through the i:i;:iu and push Ihe t o t a l mcasurc-UK'nts o v e r an inch and a h a l f hy early today. W i t h today i n c l u d e d , t a i n h a s f . i l l c n on 10 of 2'1 days t h i s m o n t h . D i n i n g t h e downpour Sunday, a 40- foot sailboat cracked up a quarter mile east of the Long Beach breakwater. Coast G u a r d rescue teams brought the seven aboard to safely. (See story, Page C-l.) SPECIAL TODAY: They marched u n t i l arche.- collapscd. Page B-l. WEST GERMANY w i l l move election if Comm u n i s t s open Berlin Wall. Page A-5. ROTC COMES under fire from colleges. Page A-12. MARINER SPACECRAFT will be able M verily or dispel legends of life on Mars. Page" A-15. INCOME TAX tips. Sec Sylvia Porter. A-19. Pass Amusements A-14, 15 Classified C-~ Comics A-1K Editorial B-2 Features B-3 Financial . ..A-18, !» Obituaries C-5 Shipping C-5 Sports C-l--1 Television B-8 Vital Statistics ..C-5 Women B-5--7 COMING TOMORROW: The jobs pay $5,000 lo 521,500 a year, bui they arc just "parl time." ··-* ~ * n

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