Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 12, 1976 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 12, 1976
Page 11
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31--Automotive--For SaU U TON THUCK (n i 74-- Dogs, Cott ft Peh I cnrrfAlon. Dual 1971 VOLKSWACKN, Rur*r Bwtle. GoM eondiUon, tan. HMO. phone 361-3865 be- ·75 CHEVY MCCIM. imall cquily and lake. over payniinU. Automatic V«, pw»- n alt trlng, power brakes and a/c. Atttr 5:0 p.m. 403771. , 1573 BMZKR, 4-WD. custom, fuSy eiul|v- r«d. Good eordiUon, reasonable. Call 1975 PINTO M'acwi, power steering br*k*a. .lAixury tnlerlor. AM/FM Upc Extras. 16.DM maw. J3.WO. John 2MI. 9-5. JKO PLYMOUTH VII*. power *teeriiut (aolwy a!r, ridk. good transrorUUon · ITSO. CaU after 5.00 on %c«kilw anjiim* ^·**kendj, 21-3M8. Jl h Um* tor EuUr. Phone 1 4:00 p.n OIJ) English Ehctjviog. Female, 10 wrthi eld AKC rrgMered. Ptm« ML- NORWEGIAN Elkhouiyl puppies, egistered males and females. A1* t iiitt*r«i parents, call 4114331 or M' SOFA A N D ttlAIR SCTS IH9.M. Only ILtJ.95 Mill buy yw a brand ne^v h«i\u- Ion *ofa and matching eHalr Ihii week at United !*reisM Sales. Some miking . , UnKed Freirtt Sates, Hwy. « W. Fay- DOG GROOMMG I-- All breeds - 11 years experience -- BonlU Viuti -- H1*B1 a 4U- ING-lor i travel trailer or n home,' 16 ft. Never b«wi used. BLwui nial color. S«* al Sine* Body Shop or call 736-3099 a(L«r i. 'IS. DODGE Ve. 316, AuiwrutJc tran. mission, rower iteeilng, aJr coxiitionln,, AM radio, |3SOf}. Al*s '75 Clievy Sporta Van, 3X. Automatic transmission, P.S/PB A/C. AM/FM ra-iSo. »tei«o tap* d«cfe. hlsfi bacfc «its and rarprlM 1*750. -Phone +47-4)36 or Ml-Wfti 1966 MUSTANG 6 cylinder standard. W75. 1S57 Chevy pickup, v B, automatic. Call 361-3373. 1971 VW Surer BeeUe, auloniaLic. »un roof, 23,000 actual miltr, new s«cl b*ll*d radtalJ, exce!lenl conditlcn. CaU alter SiOO. 531-WM, " 25-- Home Need*-- for Sal* Open 3* DdUy. 1111 5:00 p.m. Sained*? r - PAY AND TAKE Roomy t re. Comer Sectional fa 4^QO Heituloo -f**7r OOME tO AL ANN W1LKINS We Sell Belter Thtaia for Leu -- W« Accept T»d«~Iiu, W» AUo Have Terms to Fit Any Budget. (ODAK Ekta»«nd 160 ·tIM condition. " pric* call 443-51 72 OLH6M08n,E Tomnado, tfad«d. AM/ . FM, lap*, cruise oxitrol. etc., -12,000 miles t*rf«t conrfitfon. Alw) 71 MmLe Cjdo. excollen* car. '70 Ford G»laxy. Kood »fa»r*. f6M. Call MI JS7S or 7il- 03R.1. - - RONTIA SL ITS Wttl mitei,' ,A]*» 1964 ford G»Iaxj' 1150. Ption* KB7 »(lfr 5:00. 4:00 p.m. and SPFXTTACUIAR That's ri*M On t apevtacul^r MMOHI machine «aTe i going «i risT* nwv at UnHed FreIj£U Sales. Thla we*k only )'«i cm buy WH1TE Ownsolldaleil Iwls. »e*A-li« chfrve ni M^fc df th« '«»il price! [ All the« macJiines carry Ihe MriiL^ve 2fl YR PARTS and L.\BOR Guarantee!t Other brand *vallabl« also, aUrtlns Al 17995 (or a brawl new i J t u g Tnach-nc. Terms Available. UKS/Uniled Fr Sales. Hft-y. 62 W. Fayetlevil! e. 99. Mon.-Fri., til ft^OO Saturday. SCHWINN Continenlil 10 speed Ijkfr new -- Excellent octdiUwi- S4S-2I65. · I'EflFtXrr black lop'woil, no d*bri«, no rocks. Also liRH dowr work 115 hour. Phone «Z422J. ^^__^^ 36--HOUMS For Rent 1 BEDROOM nous* Mnvihed, *M plus utiliUei, IW Ncrthwsst Arkansas TIMES, Monday, April 12, 1776 FAYE1TKVIII.E. A K K A N S A S , ;^ 46--Farms Acreage* SUMMIT 2 h«lrown unJumlshtd duplex, S100 deposit, HW reirt, no utilU«5. ON1-Y KM nn arce buj'» b*»otUul ISO -IPS, cleared, sieel ftnelns, ano Mi ·eeV, porvrl. With or nllhout Ihiee b room, t«-o h^th brick. DujWat RCA! Tit-7223. 7^-3911. ATTENTION RENT-A-HOME POLICY OWNERS Li 5 M tig % Will Be Given By The Great Man Dala. 443-4656. "BEDROOM brick, CH/CA, VA bJih. Double garage, carpet, security d«[xx*t. $225 per rrxinth. Lyjeafed b Springdalt ' t side. 441 IBfl. ONE bedroom irwttle home, carpeted, air conditioned,'all bills rwi!d. II2S month, J25 deposit. No pels- mMTL THRKK bderoo depw:l. NI TWO bed n mobile h»ra«, carp all bllU paid. Jlifl nvn'Ji pels. «2MJ). · 11 o-Jnty trwd. Three nii!cs le. Part In" cool pasture. «ar mtirvi creek. F-\ceI y wn«. Tbone »l-5ini vSM-cr 439'3291. from FayelUivUlt, rear ixxiiid spring. 531-3172; li IK »er« home rites i did (tvnlAge. a - Part wwxled. * in aiid Fay r [inar-ce · TUN aw* worded vallty with ninv creek. Only three miles Irom Faye \ifl«v and Fayelteville srfvnrAS. OA tmancerf with small Phon« 5172; IF no aneur KW-3292. m mobile horn*, carpefed, M14 acrts. Good hot ed. all bills pa!d. i»5 morrth,| c r house. G«« J50 deposit. No r« 442-68!I. · 1412-5520. l Es1ar»--For CENTRALLY ' LOCATED BRICK N FJEI3 TO HE WALKING DISTANCE OF SHOPPING. KrC? THLS IS \VIL\T YOUR LOOKING FOR. FOHM- Al, LIVING ROOSt. FORMAI* DIN* ING. TUX) BEDROOMS. 1H BATHS, KITCITEN AND I/TTS OF STORAGF.. SKPAR J \TP: RRIC-K GARAGE: wmi COMP[,ETrEt,Y ETJCJJDSED PATIO, THIS HOME K WE1,L CONSTRUCT- F,n AND A VERY ATTRjICTlVB DESIGN. PRICE 27,K» UTHl ASSUMABLE IXJAN. LMMEHHATB POSSESSION. C A L L : VIRGINL\ BRISTOW. OFFICE: 521-WM. HOMEl 442-5M7. ft/Mi amvlin 37--Mobile Homef For Rcrrt 20,000 BROILER Firm. 1 BO acre*, old 3 I bedroom home. go«l cot^lillon, gocrf oaUte and nwchlnery tndudcd. fJt ^SUSTAKG. V?. power rteerin?, A/C excellent shipe- Call 5Z1-43ZI. 73 CHEVHO1JJT Ct.eyei wheel pick up. Like ne\s r 815-7*5. SPECIAL OF THE WEEK CRYSTAL PALACE by Collins Aikman 10J2 PONTIAO CIL\N PRIX, A/C. AM/ FM tape fecfc, cruiw control, only J2355. FORD FALCON' 2 door wdan. miall .-rtandard ^Jt- 20 35 HTG. v«ry - - ·· SOS.TD OAK BEDROOM SETS That's righl you can buy a beautiful oak bed *ot at a Ions- 1299.93. Thrse beaulltu 'nod sets fndiide a large chest, drea- er with niatchJns tramed mirror, and ull nt q.ue«n size KMdboard. Hurry! Supply linttted. E-Z Terms Available. UFS/Uniled Freight Sa!«, Hwy, 62 W. FayelU-vUle. Open 89 Mon.-Frl., lil 6;00 197J POSTIAC Vnluni. ext Priced to «U. Phone Sl«-39H c «ak for Ian, __ __ 1973 VW 413 Wagon, automatic. Pnrwiw engine. Good condition. 26 - 81KO. mil consider trade. MUST SELL. ·atterncd sJias. Sis colors from wliich ri choose. ^6.95 yA. In dchuutce Company. Weslgatc Shopping Ctr. FayeUevillE, Arkanaaa Hiv-ay 62 west at 71 Bypass sol 5,000 BTU window alrtondiLiuaej. 1 majAh (75, New riwl b«lh t^h, »nLie. ristrt hand, has 1 snwll dxip 130. 36" ulumSnum comblnaUon door, right hand 110. VMd garbage dispowl ",'j H - p - * 10 Bortitdi Hammer Stapler for " ~ drives I'' staple MO. Call SAW Filing «quipnvent for 4K-7W5. OFFICE Machines. Photocopy, dry copy, bonded paper, Blbiolta 151 6 months olb. Call 521.2912. "No, he isn't helping Junior with his homework, Junior's helping him with his income tax!* 1 34--Apartment* For R«n1 34--Apartments For R«nt FURNISHED i.parlments May 15. rental. Orrf! beojooms or elftdnes, qui«t (' to campus [or single fludenl or mai COIN operated Lftundry «quipm«i1. Waah- NEW SHIPMENT OF DINING ROOM AND DINETTE FURNITURE We hav* just received a brand new shipment of beautiful rtinln? room and dJuelU lurni- turc. Ali stsles and si« to choose tf HardM'ood 5 pc, sfls aa Iff*- aa 12 7 pc. dlnelle seta a low aj (U9-05- china cabintls (169.95 and mudi rcwie, ·£.'/. *rms Available. UFS/Unitcd Freight Sales, Hyw. 62 \V. Fayett««!le. Open 9-3. .-Fri , Lil 6:M SiliiMaj. VSKU FAH.ROAD TIES -- Lraller minlmuro. (405t M1-2S51. , RENTING tor cummer 1 and 3 bedroom apartment Irom l^ to I7S. FuJly pe(d. Air oondWoned, ordy 3 bl Irom camp-js. 730 N. Leverelt. Call 442 LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO UVE ,, . - , . tops. (1S-S20. CheM. ot drapers J17. Boofc- EXTRA clean 1W9 Foid Gsiaxy, door, pov.-gr and air-ttind^i^n. ww w er, pood condiUon, all around, J10 Fhone -4:1-2736, 1375 PODGE VAN. Po*«r jA**rin«. Afr- corvdittiarirvi?, d*r*o, sun root. camp** 1 . Must s f U , sacrifice. Apartment 109 SfcuLl Crafk, JJS51W after 5. 19V2 ELECTRA 225, 4 rtnw hard top. 33,00 miles, p-rtect condition, IMK 5162- \ 1E68 VW, red. recently ovtrrwulcd, lood amdition, J3-W, 1STT2 Kawaial dirt Whe, J2M. CaU 751-37J2. CAR PalntlnB irA body *bk. Fr« estlnwUs «nd i anUed. Phonp 7313325, OAK shaving s dumped mflalde youi house for (35 a load, S«v,du* also avail able. Phcoe 442-9B6. TRY THIS SUMMER! GIBNDALE ARTS. rale. Call 521-6S40, 5310522! i 2fi87, Ml-1293. 73^ CHEVROL^'r Oieyerato \vhrcl pick up. Like- new con 8162763, IMA BUICK RI\' eji£irie -WO cu. i I^w than 1.000 UNFINISHED FURNITURE SPECIALS Bookcases-24" Widlh $19.50 30" Width $23.50 36" Width $27.50 Deacon's Bench $34.50 Desks .... $39.50 $59 V 50 Corner Cabinets $29.50 up $129.50 $119.50 $99.50 $17.50 . S700. 970 Pont!: mpile ex«pl carb '«s!«i It mat*. H7» er 3:00 pm, +42«1B. IW'FIAT \M, ImmacolK*. (HS-1319 aJt*r 3 p.m. China Cabinets-3 door Gun Cases, 12 gun. Secretaries Nighl Stands FURNISHED ONE BEDROOM UTILITIES PAID · LAUNDRY ' WALKING DISTANCE TO UfffA · SWIMMING POOL r NIGHT SECURITY CUAKU CHATEAU APARTMENTS laWng appllcatlDQC for 1, 2. ft a own and e£0d«ncy Apartmtnln. Avail. abU June t CALL 521-3313 New Two end 47--Real Estate-Tor Three Bedroom Homes ^ POOr, PARTIES ON OCCASION. A NICE PLACE TO LIVE. YOUR CHOICE LEASE OH MONTHLY. CALL ANVTJSIB «2- NIBLOCK RENTALS 1 Locations «ilh 1 *u dl Bedrooin to nlsTitd mils to serve jwir nwdj 1. NE^*nJ3HIP AND FAIRGROUNDS APT.. 1535-1HO NetUMWp- Quality uniU all electric with d'shwaiher and Alt posil. i MOBILE HOMES. NiWocte Mobile Home Pk. Ail unil« »1lh air. N pels. Call M1-S323 or 511-3371 or MI-551 WESTERN Hills Apartsmenll. 2 or " oom [urnlshed apartmenL N» p«a- " · 24 Gabbard, or phco* 5214739. 663B. 6J2 PUT MAN. AVAIMBLB~May Iti .and June Irt, 1 bedroom [unhed apartment n«ir Uni* lti p , slay irrr summer or Indefinite Phone »l-56» aftor 5:(M._ _ rER~AARTMEWS. 1 ' 2 brfrwm Ished anartments. Available May 15. ,m-r rates. Close lo Uaiv*rally. Phone 1. t, 3 BEDROOM - Villa MOBILE BOM23 Lease With Option To Buy. Monthly 'Rent Becomes Your Down Payment! 521-8450 Entrance Across From Holiday Inn - F-1290 FREEMAN REAL ESTATE CO. F-1290 NORTHRIDGE ADDITION Only 3 years n!d and In Imnvirolalt con" " 3 bedroom. 2 bathi, formal !i«Tig and fireplace in doi. J«crtul Wl- chen with breakfast area and excertiotisj cabinet \vorl;. All this garaE* basfcttball :«urt, extra svirajc buildina and allracUvt luvriscapOT?. Call George Robb at Ml-MW daj-s or M.V2fiO?i nights i MS Ihis Jttrartjv« IMW to., fu home Ic ily 151,000. nd "Le* G*orge Do 11." FREEMAN WINSIOW i acres v~\ih n 7 reom r«Jc lwim« ·*ry good condition. 4 wells and a p^ it/A ·'ten. Only I25.000.W «'ith Vi do-^ arjd OTATIW financing. NEED MORE ROOM? s^urae {m of living spare, pluj . aarase set on 1 acre or land, rw llcnt condlticci and excellent bui a WOO with 1/3 and rM-iy; ndn;. CATCH THAT TOURIST TRADE «ill totaled store, plus a co: .- 521-6300 ___ . ues * \ VALLEY VIEW ! iMobile Home Park ACRES "cxc«U«ttly lo«l«d [or . merdfil development at Interwctlo S,H. 16 and K. Ov\n«r w-anu- to ow Walt LonciitKCt, 207 S. 12th. Harta- .Okla. 74W7. Pbor! 31S»7 · sprlnn semester. Skull C[**J Apart- 300 N. LavereU, 511-276L FOR REXT -- Apartmenl at TERRACE MANOR. AvalUble durinjt sujnmer tfirnu. . Phone +4^c 1 G2^, 4 5 Drawer Chests-drawer ....... drawer Telephone Stands Door Chests $29,50 $34.50 $13.50 $79.50 1973 NOVA, iw*r hriVw ,Me*riA£. A/C. *ood tiny i» equity Mrt r»y "« note. |iafi W. S« at HOI 1^ HunUsille. WANTED CBrrr m* Wiriord Auto S*!TM» Thoni 443-attl TERMS AVAILABLE GG DISCOUNT FURNITURE 2262 SOUTH 71 HIGHWAY (1 mile south of Sauthgale Shopping Center) PHONE 443-5756 7 5 1 - 3 7 1 0 4 HWAY 71 t 1PKKG0AU KINO FEDDING SALE F«el like a iflcr a beautiful night's rest m orthopedic king size maflrei* and bo« sprines- SUndaid Finn, Firm and Extra s p - , Firm avaiUbJe. Prie« start at J229.SJ [or M " Now Renting tor Summer CUMMINGS APTS. 1 and 2 Bedrooms 443-4757 TAKING APPLICATIONS 1«7 % rool. 7M1. 1363 TOYOTA Land Onilw (Q75. y 'i l ^7250. 22--Machinery Farm ENN'IS HOME FURNISHINGS OUTLET STORE 327 So. School Phone 443-2163 Klectlon of good r»i J5M GALLON Ho 57 InternatlOM by and IM «ur fir tw) Furniture. v 2 pie« sora and ch^li ,n Bass. Regular 179-^ N nw L\^ P duly vinellts ..liters, sOod ooverif. OnJjr .. ied chest ol drawers starting i J.35. WS-K 1 Good rox'sALG J*n I»e«r* Combine Modrt wilh 10 fool rwader, extra good ccnAtl Call E46-ZS7 after 6:00 p.m^ COOSENECK Trailer, rutbedjrayer 1-H3 OSE HAY RAKE and mower for eal ·« at Wwtem Aulo Store. HV-T. «, , Phocn 61S-2V39 tn i 23--Livestock -- For Sale _ FOR SAI.K. la day Kr*in fed Hereford falvfs LJve or rirawrf. dlcnn 1 BEDROOM . 2 BEDROOM AIL uiilitiei paid, unfurnish H, qumi, family atmosphere WASHINGTON PLAZA APTS. . (19.68 POO!, Tables -- new a,-" only Brtmswlck dealer -- - - ippllea - M1-«7B. LllHe RocH. Afk MTCTAiTDETKCTOIlS. GAHRKT. Uw cuitom anUqu« Fireww* picture* OHtJST PiUCEH PAID nmNTTURB AND APPLiAUd*. ALSO AKTIQITES. SHOP Ui FO« i£ST BUT S IN TOWN. RAICLIFF'S FURNITURE COMPI.ETE 30 gallon aqu*riu h j i includes nwUl stand, aqu many supplier, m Call 26--For Sola--Mis«1ltineou» BENTLY 12 strin? gyiinr HO. IMS iy guliar with Gibson Filcm ampl Iwtli lot only SISO. Oertar t*«?t 2x2* HO. Phone S?l-WB. . · BULUS. polled Hei AT STUD -- R«1s(*rPd Iron erhorw. Bert, OWahOTn^ »' Bucro br*edinjf. *or inior «2^m. 24--Dogs, Cats A Pet* TOG and fat BoarditiK. Urge widwr runs arvd ins^E faaliun. A1 home rare. Cvnlhia ' ' ··--·-- " · , 412 8SM. Groomm 3S72 YAI1AMA 175, Rood IH«O' G- Elow crock cooker, new ?1 Je* Co (Treasure Hawk) H5. Phone 521 47'Jfi. "WEED EATERS, JARI MOWERS LAWN GENIES JJ Ijwn Genii-CW* ed'Eai! er -- Oils v\iih Fi senjf U Full Y*ar Warranty r intormation nr rY«* dcmoculrali call 7S1-136A. 7S1-J183 or if no answi «ll 531*1071. LAWN EQUIPMENT SALES I* 0 Bro fll. FayeU*viH«, ArV. lol comrftle line of We*d-Ka.leT part $115 $134 405. . N ra nlri- 1 benrAom JumiiSi CupcKd. paneled, (ICO pi p«». Kart JS. Phan ' LAH GE rooms, share kitchen fin* crfher i^rsoti, ni«Ty fumirfied to will carport, all uliliUee paid SI per monUj. Address S N. Weil Ave. I quire al 1A3 5. Schrin!. Gas station antf lot cum«r ol Sdiool and Mountain. LARGE LOTS, PATIOS, POOL 12 BLOCKS NORTH OF UolA 18AO N IEVERETT ST, I VETERANS. You can t-uy this 3 hednwm rrame hnnw willi nrfJiIng down. Atw I MOO closirtg co«. CaU Hoffgard Ag*nr 17il-E6l. After hcxirs. 7S1-2118. 01 31H. MAPLE MANOR Hot! W*aJ- Tor Tt» Fa: Tour Floor Plau SUrU at }1» SraaJJ D*po§ll Hold! Yoi ROOM (umirfied apaitmrot, pri 1 . private bath, 615 N. College . . M per mcoth, uUI:ti«« p 2 BEDROOM ftim'lshfd apaitmei U*a paid. About 2 blv l k,s from H4S nw«h \\-iUi one Jar leass. Map. Teiract A part mints. Phm« 521-170*. «*«w^«SWS»s*»S*WW^^*WVJ'*.-.'S 35--Duplex For R«nl BF-rmooM ned, no pel carpet, drapw, couple pi (M pl"J deposit a COME EE OUR \1LLAGE. FTS QUIET -- SHADY AND FRIKNULY. PHIVATt: PARKING ANT) WIDE PAVED STREETS. VERY ATTRACT. WE TO RETIRED FOLKS. COUNTRY LANE MOHILE HOME VILLAGE PHONE 521-4666 Irt Month with «p*o« SHENANDOAH VILLA Mobile Viome Village Rwy. 16 Bypaw loo!, laundrj, paB«, RioraEt . Call TodJU. U14SW SALE PRICED near UoTA. ELUra |lhrc bcdtroont, 2 bath, den,- carptte Large, : !e^·e^ lol --'· plui swimming poo cnly J23.500. \\11L FHA or VA. L ] Really 751-7222. 756-3941. . . ^ INVESTMENT cslment «r Mtirenieni. 2 BR-. 1 larni ne. NW section o( csty. LrA 1001M I fioM gArden area. Present income Irroe rental S133 P«r mmth. Call Ray Buncii | to «e--52MM5,' or ollict,' 80 "ACRES I On cA oounLry rcad, One. ffood Ti nunenl pa.Mure, several old riel I Spring (ed pond plus anoUier 1 Kpnnjc, Small sUvid Ol pirie (r**s rost LQ hardwtcds. Tclephoic' "k elc I IHeifi' n Titles Irom FayrtUviB*-- on pavemnit. Call Vic«inu BWA'( USM or o/bw. TURN15HED 2 i-Aler, Kas [laTd, monthly, HO clean , , no dog 38--Mobile Homfls For Sal« $17,500 WITH GARDEN chain link lencf. will pn/.«c4 j garden wW!e vu «Riuy Eoins baretoc* 'dcoorft "X7-WI9 I U 16 n « w Mr T«ti 3i O» !"«« li"n ro deposit. */ wia. | fc falchen Q, ^rg spotless twt bedroom home. U Bobbye Halbrort (May ippo'nlnwnl--4W-K27. or olftc*. ES TR-^K^FR Ita42 (1,000' at Clarence Rainea. Rt. 5, Opel ft»ele. West USED MOBILE HOMES " . 3) In All Cish O=!y HtNTON'S MOBILE HOMES rAJJCETTE 13M N. COLUBGE OFFICE 440il51 ONE bedroom study. ·luiet locatoi o« w bedroom (unilslwd »p*rt- and u-ai^r paid. Available m»r and (all. Kerr Inv. Co., runNisiiED on Older Tadj" «· m; $S5 plus uliliiiM SprinR. BEVERLY MANOR- APARTMENTS, mcr rat«. Kenling summer »nA 1 hlock^ lo campus, 3 bedroom, unfun - J available Junt l«. -U2-44W. L« West. H25 nvooib; Flwni FURNISHED Uro twdrrom 1 c and water paid, nvailable il O». 321-9771, TROPHIES Bowling--team sports. All your award nee_ds. PURVIS SPORTING GOODS 2335 North College rter, re/ri«erator, drapes. 2 bath, shag "rpet wWi a rfinck, IX- posit r«juir*d. a-ai!aWe April 15. Phone 521-33TB.' 36--Houset For Rent BEAUTIFUL cider hi division. 3 pels. Call FOR Sile l^M moblte horn*, excellent oondHion" Incalfd In McKim Marwr «ith[ fenced back yard, and utility ah«3. 621-1763 alter S p.m. ivwikdaj's. i 2t60 2 BEDROOM hill carpeted ·erfect. spot for Perfect price , an antique or ol «l^fM.CO. WHERE ELSE set 17W nnres. a *ton*, horn* sood condit-on v.;Ui dty water and ral gii tor only JJ),OW.OOT Call L PITCH A TENT ; · in a trailer or build your O-ATI on Ibis 5 acres juU 2 miles from 51 Fork. Only 15,500.00. GETAWAY FROM IT All plhii 12 Acre woodland site on i road belveen Sprui? VaUey and ield." Go«i prir* on'thfR awl o'^iMf ed. USTOFF HWY. 7\ SOUTH icies ot mosUy wooded J«id. Priced H2.MO.OO with cwner [iiwncinB. · i EAST OF FAYETTEVlilE · of land. 2 bams In exrcUant cnn- on. Plenly of water even city waier. c«i - right at J43.000.tO. WO FUUY nd [risulaled cWci srm ]ust-12 ii S morn bunf AUTOMATIC en housex en this U1 les trom Fa.yetlCMl! r, lwiv. Gmi price And LOTS OF WATER On this IS acres }usl 2 mitw o/{ High- 71. Prnpertj' bonlera on a crwlc. a good 5 room home, Bis wLe? iped to barn and sard en Irom pocd. S«» this roc ^6.000-W. JUST OUTSIDE GREENLAND CITY LIMITS , ice llltle bun;.i!^- on a paved £r»H. JM.OOO.W ' \\ittt (5.0W.M doMU, A GOOD START . Lhai jtiung couple willihs to fts a up. A 5 nx=ni, 3 bedroom boUM a West Fork for mty J7.000.0t). STROUT REALTY H.V72 3 BEDROOMS Notihrids* sub, children, nf 6 p.m. Wl-7629. WEED EATE31. fl. Silw. paH» ailM- P.O. b 27 -- Musical Mvrchandit* rcrnpeEs. clarineli, «a*»pBonfcs, di iccordlau and many othtt murfCJ iirnraenls. Real barj;auu. n*cU«r J y. 4 Eart Oiuer r**L COMPLETE COMPONENT SVSTE. Jli3.55. Ind ait j BSR Prof waional st iiab'e, a pair rf alr-Kiipen^cei sj*a TM. and in AM/FM **r*o nedvcr wi buill-in « track aJi [or only FM9.95. Ca or prms UFS/United Fretght Sal«*. HW 62 \V. Open 9-9 Men.-Fri.. ti «;« Sa irday. BOK VIP amp JS5. Ferrer Echo Ctui W. M^ke 110. SnaJl «mp t!5. Snul WHOLESALE RETAIL SERATT MOTORS 30-DAY OR 3,000 MILE WARRANTY MOTOR - TRANSMISSION - DIFFERENTIAL ' r · Colonial Arms 1211 N. LEVERETT/521-2110 POOL LAUNDRIES STORAGE ROOMS DISHWASHERS BALCONYS CARPET AND DRAPES WATER AND GAS PAID (Heatond Air Is Gas) TENNIS COURTS AVAILABLE $25.00 RESERVATION DOWN PAYMENT WILL HOLD APARTMENT FOR JUNE 1. Ken Claire 1900 GARLAND/442-8981 EXTR\ cleAn 1371 Skj'line. 12x* kitchen, 2 bedroom, central h dwble insulsl^d. Prvxve ni(xm; S11-51M evening. ,,.. 1V*56' TWO bedroom moWU horn XooJ condition. Centra! hfflt/alr. pirtJal furnished, carprttd, and piiced to **1 4J2-S71. USED MOBILE HOMUS, 10s53, good and air-conditioned IT. Ca!S K1-M50. VUlt THANKS FOR THE MEMOR1E I and there are mtimj thai .[come with this 100 year old Victorian gingerbread dome. | Four bedrooms, two and a half baths, centrally located, excellent condition. EDMISTON- PREWITT .; 'Hu-y. 71 StVJth - ' ' Telephone-' 531-72M D.UIREL SMITH, ManJJftT Nifht5 and Weekends call . OS Ml* «r 4i3-20S3 HOME 3 bedroo WITH ACREAGE. MOBILE HOME SITE . Tre covertd P At*r *ja«n. B Wooflj 443-2425 avrt HrwU t af t«r«i -oom, 2 bath. 1H» ^, 3 Afre s re *r!iV)lnrig Green 1 and ch lnra( Eaiy Hi^hivay 71 Pn«d rrt-d 40 J Hridgftj it -i-n-GXXi-Gr SQ1-S7 FREEMAN m; 19 E. Township 521-3933 39--Office Space Buildings For Ront PRIVATE garage space for rent. triali- pAid. 34x30 {50 monthly. Phone 52I-S600. _i _._. _ Roy Al/orrf Claud Prewilt Joan Hess 521-7357 44W3GS 5Z/-55SS 521-7357 FFICE space localed at 77S4 N. Co!- » 3 room* and bath, heat and all ISO per month. Call 53M049 or 521-5365 Her 5;CO p.m. , it and a _ _ _ 1^00 square foot " balding. fKc* »r/l 5t*wnxm, rentral r, «\r*!rf«l Irafiic [low. Pton* further Informs lien. HOUSE AND ACRE 60x40 BUSINESS BUliDING Lease, j*«H(Jil Socftdoa. We* fit* ploj CSaltr. Wrlt« to B« P-^' · Northwest Arkaafii TIMES. P.a DMD. nyeUevHIe, ArX nM. THREK LARCB BEDROOMS, EX- TR,\ URGE BAIH WITH TUB AND SHOWER- EXCEUJ3VT LOCATION FOB StXOSD BA'HI BETWEEN TWO KND BEDROOMS. \fKHV NICE KITCHEN WITH Pt^LVTY OF COUNTER SPACE. BREUKFAST AREA OVEJII/KIKLNO BACK YARD FROM PICTURE WINDOW. NICE SIZE!) FOMAL IJVINCROOM. WATJ, UKXT AND ATTIC FAN. IJVE IN THE CITY WITH COUNTRY ATMOSPHERE. PRICE il7.Erta CVI.L VIIRGIWA BR1STON OrT1CE: 51L-WJOJ . IIOTE: 442-S547. 521-o300 3X3 N. Cotl«i« COUNTRY CORNER 6A 1068 An oulstaDd-Ttg cattle ranch 3 in s ol excellent pasture, (enoed an4 s fenced. Atwui 4 acres of timber, SmaU lake, sprin?, ponds, and strcams. Nic* 3 bedroom hotiia, good Hirn. ar4 sci-eral ouibui Mings, BA KH 2 nr 3 bedroom Hnm*. 2 b=inu cellar, storage shed il! on 56 acres Iccaled close to Ccnv-n. Most f/ the lanj Is mouJy Ullabte and fairty le%-ti. Good wat*T supply. For tiuwe. infonnafiwi call 531-1MO OF JAMES W BAKER, 8ROKEB BARER ASSOCIATES , REALTORS 18 N. College 521-1300 ·BWORK H-^RDEHr J n i U ^ ^ ^ i F, GET RESULTSI ^ l^j'SSs' rUHCHASBR ........ .. .............. MILEAGE ........................... VIKCLB ............................ DATE ......... · ..................... fURCHASE PWCB . ................. SE - VL ........... · .................... SERATT MOTORS 103 S. School St. Corner of School ond Mounlain Foyellevllle, Arkansas 72701 SOl-,521-9600 W« finance 1960-1970 models and work very hord '· help you obtain finoncing (or 1971-1975 models. OPEN AND READY FOR BUSINESS 7 to 7, 7 DAYS A WEEK! SBVERAL ran old ertnff. Two opal A diamond rings. m« pair "pal - lars* *d Thumbprint compoie a real OF: 3 bedroom hou : ballu. Central twit :. drapes, dishwashe K3.000. Ph«« H6-2ffiJ. 34--AportmtnH For Rant MW SUMMF.H RATF.S! JGNXV LVSN APARTMENTS rwr*' Acceptiri ipp Unra ftw ore and t«x bwUnxxn rurrf unlumlshcd aiwrtmftiis to be rt tcintimg June. L IW6. CT«* C* UofA .mpuj, Tall Ml-TMO aflfT iW^. ilKT APAHTMr-NTS! Ntcf. Incal GARLAND RABDKSS wll have one b*rtnywi vaoancfw for June L m*r ratti iv*l!ab!* for X ud vlft* Uunrtry lacilfur*. Call 531-5M TOOTB infrmrwtlo*v. CHATEAU APARTMENTS 521-3313 UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Efficiency Shag Carpet 1 Bedroom Disposal 2 Bedroom ~. . . 3 Bedroom , D 1S hwoshers Central Gas Furnished or Air Conditioning Unfurnished Two Swimming Pools 46--farms ft Acreages PRICE RlHHirEn ON IVsutiful hric v«i*er, Mriy Amrrican home, Iwo I-A oM. 2.3M sqmre leel. lias large 1^: with beam reillny, fireplflrt. Oil 3 and half batte, all tfMX kitchen w1(h wnil-ronnal dining av k el la/nil y ro^rn. dtwftle Jtar; dric dww or*5ier, I/xwlid Price J»,6M- You «-:l l. ; j or* -- Call Georsfc L««"^ .* KINCAID CO. . oil Highway 45 WEST F O R K , Sum Mountain: E A. E THTtKB private aor«. B*.\«tful lnr« lane bedroom, two bath, hririt twtme, all urtrJi. Sprln* wiler. EaA of Sprirut- dill. Dujfar Really. 7.ll-Ti23, 7*JMi. m 333 No. College TRANSFERRED lo Tessa, must »J1 reom, wn\Ki li\-iny rox-n jan» *r a«ume \cr,v IntTfS FHA Inaii, 1 cwtral air. Car NEW HOMES BISHOP ADDITION SEVKRAL UNDER COSSTRUCTIO!* Bedroom), J fall biLhs. carped - isher. disposal, electric ranse, ctolraj ^t and air, al] brick, fireplace e Doable won) paneleS doobla sar $28,500 to $31,200 VA LOAD-NO down payment FHA Loan--Low dr.".Ti payment BUTTERFIELD::-SCHOOL DISTRICT Turn wwt al Soclh «!as ?! Dri »1*r, Hwy. 71 North. V* mlla tddium.' WADE BISHOP -- BUILDER 521-6569 icr*. Hit Ben FranUin l ilorije buildJiuT, MIC] U«J and [lowers, Son* I R irden ip« v-lih *^n« hk* In llie country. j*t - i'i lt*M. l block (rnm .v-- orrtc* and now. '.n \Ve« ForV. AvadiWe June, Pnea $37,300. Phoa« K4- K3L or «3l"weU

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