Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 6, 1976 · Page 56
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 56

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1976
Page 56
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 19? 6 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 57 Business Front New La Placita restaurant Samaniego House, the reconstructed home of a prominent territorial family, has opened as a restaurant and bar in La Placita Village. Originally built in the 1880s, the house has been converted by Butterfield Enterprises Inc., a Tucson-based firm in which several local attorneys are partners. Mark Kuhlich is president of the corporation. Open from 11:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, the restaurant will have shorter weekend hours. Stained glass windows and Southwestern furniture accent the patio, bar and dining rooms. The restaurant can seat about 150 guests and employs 30 persons. Citizen Photo Tenneco's 1975 earnings rise 9 per cent HOUSTON (AP) -- Tenneco Inc., a large multi-industry firm, said its earnings rose 9 per cent to J342.9 million in 1975. The profit amounted to $4.15 a share, compared with a total $314.1 million or $3.98 a share in 1974. Revenues rose from $5 billion to $5.6 billion. Earlier this week, Tenneco and Anaconda Co., a leading metals firm, announced tentative plans to merge, with Anaconda to become a wholly- owned subsidiary. School creates new car engine CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UPI) -- Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineers say they have developed an experimental automobile engine out fewer pollutants than the internal combustion engine. It's called the "valve, hot- gas engine." It differs from the internal combustion engine because combustion which uses less gas and spews takes place externally. American * Auto 5 8$ 7 \ j · For Rental r · Mile $ · Automatic · OFFICE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES Complete Selection of · DESKS · FILES · OFFICE SUPPLIES Read Regis McAuley on sports · For home delivery of fhe (Tucson Daily Cilben ' call 889-4611 Transmission 801 N. Stone Ave.j L J£H!l^r~J CLARK OFFICE PRODUCTS 5695 E. SPEEDWAY Ph. 298-2374 BEFORE BUYING GOLD OR SILVER CONTACT US FOR LOWEST PRICES -« 30 Yews En Tucson! Jriram's lirgest Mien dealer LEGAL NOTICE · ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION KACHINA BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION 1 ' MEN BY THESE That we, the undersigned, havino associated ourselves together for Ihe purpose of terming a corporalion under and bs vfrfue of the laws of Hie State of Arizona, do liereby adopt the following Articles of Incorporation. ARTICLE I t The name of fhe corporation shall be ^KACHINA BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION", and Its principal place of business shall be within Ihe State ot Arl2on, Cauniv of Pima, City of Tucson, ut Ihe Board of Directors may designate such other places either within or without the State of Arizona where other offices may be established and maintained and/ or all corporate business transacted so lar as the same Is done so .iccordlno to law. ARTICLE II The names and addresses of Ihe Incor- oorators are as follows; HOWARD SLOANE 344 West Las Palmarltas Phoenix, Arizona 85021 BARBARA M. SLOANE 344 West Las Palmaritas Phoenix, Arizona aswi , ARTICLE Ml This Corporation may hold ils meetings at such places and at such times as the Board of Directors mav designate. ARTJCLC IV The general nature of the business {n which Ihe corooralton shall enaaoe is as follows: 1. To sell, rent, lease, manufacture, repair, and maintain business machines and sucplles of any kind and nature Including, but not limited to, coov machines word processors, photocopy machines, typewriter, copy machine paper and coin operated copy machines, so far as permitted by applicable law. 2. To act as agent lor others or lor the Corpora lion in setting, renting, leasing, manufcturlng, repairing, and maintaining business machines and supplies of every kind and nature including, but not limited to, copy machines, word processors, photocopy machines, lypwriters, copy machine paper, and coin operated copy machines, so far as permitted by applicable law. · 3. To purchase, contract for, or otherwise acquire in any manner, take, hold, own or sell, lease, rent, mortgage, pledge and otherwise whatsoever, whether real personal or mixed or any interesl Ihereln and to develop. Improve, subdivide, cultivate, farm, mine and otherwise work, manage, operate or control the same, so far as pernilffetf by applicable law. 1 4. To plan, erect, build, remodel, enlarge, furnish, equip, purchase, lease or otherwise acquire and to operate, conduct, sell, rent and otherwise conlrof and dispose of houses, apartment houses and other buildings ol all kinds and classes, so far as permitted by applicable law. 5. To deal In franchises, licenses, privileges and rlghts-of-wav of all kinds and ctsses, so far as permitted by applicable law. 6. To grow, buy, sell, store, warehouse, process, grade, pack, ship, market and to deal generally In goods, wares, mer- cnandise* buildings, maintenances, materials and equipment so far as permitted by applicable law. 7. To Issue such Notes, Bonds, Debentures, Contracts, or other security or evidences of Indebtedness upon such le;rms and conditions and In such manner and form as maybe prescribed or determined by the Board of Directors, as far as permitted by applicable law. 6. To purchase, acquire, own, hold, sett, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise to acaulre, dispose of, hold, or deal in the shares of stock, bonds, debentures, notes or other security or evidence of Indebtedness of this or any olher corpora I Ion, associalfon or Individual and lo exercise all Ihe rights, powers and privileges of ownership, JncludJno the rlghl to vote Ihereon to the same extent as a natural person might or could do, so Mr a» permitted by applicable law. 9. To lend of Invest I's funds with or without security upon such terms and conditions as shall be prescribed or de- lermlned by the Board of Directors, so far as permitted as applicable law. 10, To borrow money and to issue bonds, debentures, nctes, contracts and other evidences of Indebtedness ol obllaa- LEGAL NOTICE Hons and from time to Ifme for any law ful purpose to mortgage, pledge or other wise change any or all of its property property rights, privileges and assets fc secure Ihe payment thereof, so tar as permitted by applicable Jaw. 1. To act as agent, truslee, broker or In anv other fiduciary or representative capacity, so far as permitted by appllca blc law. 12. To purchase, own. hold or apothe- cale any palent rights, privileges, trademarks or secret processes, so far a permitted by applicable (aw. 13. To act as surety or guarantor and tL underwnle in whole or part any contract issue ot slock, bonds, debentures or other scuritfes or evidences of Indebtedness o anv other corporation or association or ot anv Person or persons, so lar as per milted by applicable law. U, To make and to perform contracts of every kind and description to enter Into [oinl venture and pamersnip agreements with individuals and other corporations in carrylno on Us business for the purpose o( attaining; and furthering any of its objects. To do any and all things which a natural person might or could do in which now or hereinafter may be authorized by law and (n general to do ant perform such ads and things and trans act such business In connection with Ihe foregoing objects not inconsistent with law as may be necessary and required Dos fan all on of any otiEecl or purpose herein shall not be construed to be a Mml tallon or Qualification or In any manner to limit or restrict Ihe purposes and ob- lects ol this Corporation, so lar as per milted by applicable law. ARTICLE V The authorized amount of capital stock of the Corporation shall be One Million (si,000.000.00) Dollars divided Into Ten Million (SIO.000.000.00) shares of common tack of Ihe par value ol ten cents (s.10 per share which shall be issued and paid for at such lime and fn such manner as Ihe Board of Directors shall determine All or anv portion of the capital stock o foe Corporation may be issued In pay ment for real or personal property, ser vices or other things ot value for the use and purposes of Ihe Corporation and wlien so Issued shall be fully paid Ihe sameas I hough paid for in cash and Ihe directors shall be Ihe sole judge of Ihe value of any properly, right or IhlnO acquired In exchange for capital stock The shares of the capital slock of the Corporation when issued shall be fully PdlcJ and non-accessible. ARTICLE VI The Corporallon shall have the right to adopt By-Laws or enter into Agreements wllh Us shareholders imposing reasonable restrictions on the sale, assignment or transfer of the shares of Its capital stock In giving to the Corporation or its shareholders the preferential right or oolfon lo acquire shares ol stock In the Corporation of shareholders desiring to sell such shares or obligating the Corporation to redeem or purchase such shares. A R T I C L E V I I The business affairs of the Corporation ihall be conducted by a Board of Dlrec- ors ol not less than hvo nor more than nine directors as shall be set forlh in the ly-Laws. Such Board of Directors shall be elected at the annual meeting of the stockholders which shall be held on the 1st day of December of each year commencing wllh the year 1975. The said directors shall serve until their succes- ors are elected and qualified. The Board if Directors shall have the power lo fill -ill vacancies occurring In tnelr number and each of the persons so selected lo fill a vacancy shall serve until Ihe next annual meeting of the stockholders or unlll his successor Is elected and has lyaimed. The Board of Directors, wllh rte consent and approval of the stock- borders owning fwo-fhlrds ( J /M of the is- ued and outstanding capital slock of the Corporation, shall have ihc full power to mend these Articles, adopt By-Laws nd amend Ihe same, anrf make all rules nd regulations expedient lor Ihe man- gcment ol Ihe affairs ol Ihe Corporation until Ihclr successors arc duly elected nd qualified. The fallowing persons shall erve as directors ol the Corporallon; HOWARD SLOANE 3*4 west Las Palmarllac Phoenix Arizona 6502 1ARBARA M. SLOANE n West Las Palmarllas ^hoenlx, Arizona 85071 4 ARIZONA STAMP COIN 4668 E. Speedway "" · 327-0675 · 327-3948 LEGAL NOTICE ARTICLE VIII of Ih The time of Ihe commencement of Ihls Corporallon shall be from Ihe date ol Ihe Issuance ot Ihe Certificate o Incorpora- llan and shall endure thereafter for a term of twenty-flve (25) years wllh the privilege of renewal as provided by law. ' ARTICLE IX The executive officers of the corpora- lion shall be at least Ihree In number to include but not be limited to Ihe President, Secretary and Treasurer. Anv one person may hold two volitions, out not more than two positions as an executive official. The Board of Directors may determine other executive offices and such other assistants and officers as they may deem and desronate in the By-Laws. The executive officers stiall be elected by the Board ol Directors immediately alter each annual meeting of Ihc stockholders and shall hold office for one (1) vear or until their successor is eleded and qualified. The Officers need not be members of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shaff have fhe power and au- thorllv to fill any vacancy occurring among Ihe executive officers ol the Cor- porallon until their successor Is duly ejected and qualified. The following persons shall serve as officers of the Corporation until successors are elected at Ihe next meellng of the Board. HOWARD SLOANE, President DAVID BELL. Vice-Prosldenl-Secrelarv BARBARA M. SLOANE, Treasurer ARTICLE X The hlohesl amount ol Indebtedness or liability direct or contingent to which the Corporallon shalj at anv time subject Ihemselves shall not exceed two-thirds 1%) of Ihe aulhorUed capital stock. ARTICLE XI Private property of the stockholders, directors and officers of Ihe Corporation snail be forever exempt from Ms corporate debts and obligations of any krnd whatsoever. ARTICLE XII The Corporatron does hereby appoint PETER T. VAN BAALEN, whose address Is 1450 First National Bank Plaza, 100 West Washington, Phoenix, Arizona S5OD, and has been a bona fide resident of the State of Arizona Tor at least three (3) years. Us lawful agent In the State of Arizona, tor and on behalf of said Corporation to accept and acknowledge service of and upon who may be served process In any action or proceeding lhat may be brought against this Corporation In any ot Ihe Courts of the State of Arizona, such sen thereof by said agenI endorsed thereon lo have the same force and effect as If served upon any officer ol the Corporation. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we, the fler signed, have hereunto set our lands this 2nd day ol January, 1976 HOWARD SLOANE BARBARA M. SLOANE STATE OF ARIZONA ;s. County of Marlcopa . On this, Ihe 2nd day of January, W6 jeforc me, the undersigned Notary Pub- ASe*? 1 *"*' tMMrfd HOWARD ANE, known to me (or satisfactorily ven i'Ja *F !tl e ^KP" whosc na TM '* j Kri fc*d to the within Instrument and tnowledofd Ihst he executed the same Notary Public My^Comrnlssion Expires: ARIZONA County of Marlcopa On Ihls, Ihe 2nd day of January, mt. *lorc me, Ihe undersigned Notary Pub- n5iTi 0n1 ?" v ""BMrWI BARBARA M, ^«Nt, kncwn to me for satisfaclority -Jscrlbed t th* oerson whMBe niitie Is cJtnowlsdped that she "execuled "the rS'JPfriteP^ftTM Ihwcln contained IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and official seal JETER T. VAN BAALEN Nolary Public '"Jish: Ftt.t.J, 9, 10, II, he Tucson Daily clllien Appointed Hurt Strulhers has been appointed manager for both Tucson offices of E. F. Hutton Co. He succeeds Fred t. "Bill" Cochran, who has retired. Struthers joined the brokerage firm in 1967 as an account executive and was promoted to assistant manager of the downtown office in 1972. Manager J. Albert Rigoli has been named manager of the International Department for Valley National Bank's Southern Division. He succeeds Joe R. Moreno, who has left the bank to establish a practice as an international business consultant. Rigoli joined Valley Bank in 1962 as a management trainee and was promoted the following year to operations officer at a local branch. He has served for more than a decade in VNB's Nogales office, where he became assistant vice president in 1970. Rigoli assumes his new duties at the bank's southern division headquarters, 2 E. Congress St. Re-elected Anthony C. Naranjo has been re-elected president and board chairman of Pan Ame- association's board of directors. To speak Albert Rigoli Takes Valley Bank post rica Federal Savings Loan Association. Edward B. Acuna has been elected vice president. Gilbert Gonzalez has been named secretary and house counsel. Benjamin P. Jacobs Jr. is treasurer. Gonzalez, Jacobs, and Joseph A. Castillo were elected to three-year terms on the Gary Driggs, president of Western Savings Loan Association, will discuss the future of the housing industry and interest rates for . Arizona Tuesday night at the Black Angus Restaurant, 5353 E. Broadway. Driggs will address a meeting of the Southern Arizona Homebuilders Association at 8 p.m. New name Arnold Electric Co. is the new name of the firm located at 755 W. Las Lomitas Road that had been known as JB Electric Co. Jack Arnold, owner of the firm, said the name change became necessary because of confusion w i t h two o t h e r companies that use similar initials in their names. U.S., Russ map nuclear trade PALO ALTO, Calif. (UPI) -- Teams of American and Russian scientists may soon agree on exchanging information about nuclear fusion, the world's most promising source of energy. Bill Gough, program manager of fusion research at the Electric Power Research Institute, said a Russian scientific team visited the institute last year and l e f t with a proposal under which American scientists could use a planned test facility in the Soviet Union for fusion research. Gory Driggs Will address meeting Arnold Electric specializes in commercial and industrial wiring, electrical installation and maintenance. SPECIAL FOR GIFTS SPECIAL PfOPtE JEWELRY · CERAMICS · PAINTINGS CABAT STUDIO 627 N. 4(hAve. Ph: 622-6362 T TYPEWRITERS^ IBM -- IBM -- IBM S«l*rtr1c--Xmitti -- Ricond. S*l*t --$«nrtc --Rnriiit PRYDE BUSINESS MACH. L_4865E.Speedway 795-9050 i AIR CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT SUB-DISTRIBUTOR Major A / C Equipment Unitary line distributor needs sales and technically qualified exclusive sub-distributor for Tucson and Southern Arizona markel. Must be financially sound. Excellent opportunity in a growing market. Send reply to Star Citizen Box 303-B stating qualifications'and interest REAL ESTATE We are looking (or that 'one' special person willing to devote time and energy to learning how to be a successful real estate salesperson. Opportunity to EARN while ,.» LEARN Call Bill McCord t personal i 881-3210 or Eve 881-2479 Realty Trust Co., Inc. on equal opportunity employer Place more blankets you on your bed! Insulating your walls with blankets will help keep that cold air from entering in the winter and exiting in the summer! Last week, we explained the whys and wherefores of wall insulation, including the materials needed and preparation. Today, we're going to tell you about insulating walls with blankets. The handy man can make his home far more comfortable for the entire family so long as he follows these simple rules. 1. Push blankets into stud spaces so they touch the sheathing or the siding. 2. Working from the top down, space staples about 8" apart, fitting flanges tightly against the sides of studs. 3. Cut blankets slightly overlength and staple through the vapor barrier to the top and bottom plates by compressing the insulation, or cut blanket ends to fit tightly against plates without stapling. Insulate non-standard-width spaces by cutting the insulation and vapor barrier an inch or so wider than the space to be filled. Staple uncut flange as usual Pull vapor barrier on the cut side to the other stud, compressing insulation behind it, and staple through vapor barrier to stud. When using unfaced batts, press insulation into stud cavity, filling all spaces. Then take sheet of polyethelene vapor barrier, cover and staple complete wall' including windows and doors. Finally, cut out window and door openings. Note: To prevent water pipes from freezing, insulation should be compressed and fitted behind them. Fit insulation behind heating and cooling ducts, also. At an electrical box, push as much insulation as possible behind the box. Take care to avoid tears in the vapor barrier. Caution! Most of the insulation needs of your home can be handled by the do-it-yourselfer. But the job does require certain tools and some know-how to do it properly. If you decide to do the work yourself, we recommend that you supplement the information we've given you with expert advice from a builder supply dealer. And if there's any question in your mind about whether you have the time or the talents, talk to an insulation contractor. 4. 5. Next week, we'll show you how to insulate masonry walls with blanket insulation.

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