Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 19, 1973 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, February 19, 1973
Page 6
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NortKweit Arfcanws TIMES, Men., F«b. 19, 197J FAYCTTEVILLI, ARKAN*A« Both Sides ·Blamed For Violations ~ SAIGON (AP) -- The chair- Wan of the international peacekeeping group for Vietnam de glared today the cease-tire i? Unsatisfactory. He blamed the barring Vietnamese sides for Tailing to abide by the Paris Agreement. In spile of this, he said, inter national observer teams wil fullfill their obligation to try to stop the shooting that has per listed through three weeks o supposed peace. Canadian Ambassador Mica hel Gauvin, chairman of the In ternational Commission of Con trol and Supervision, said the peacekeeping organization wil begin deploying its teams t siibregional sites across Viet nam Wednesday and will com plete the move by the Feb. 2 deadline stipulated in the peac agreement signed, Jan. 27. Gauvin said in a slalernen released at a news conferenc that "the failure of the partie to the agreement to effect cease-fire" as well as the dela of the four-parly Joint Militar Commission in becoming full operative "has presented th ICCS with serious problems i meeting its obligations." "In spite of the unsalisfaclc ry condilions which exist as result of the parties to li Paris agreement having faile up to now to abide by In agreement, the ICCS, in th s.spirit of cooperation and u n a n mity which has characterize its activities up to now. .and the performance of its dutit. and obligations under the proti col covering the ICCS, has d cided to proceed to the deplu; rnent of its teams at the sub egional level, to the points . entry and to the demilitarize zone." Gauvin said mobile commi sion teams have already wi nessed cease-fire violatons b were in no position to i , vestigate "because of the co tinued fighting." The Saigon command repoi ed another 194 Communi cease-fire violations in the pn 24 hours. Pelain's Body Stolen From Island Grave LA ROCHE SUR YON, ranee (AP) -- The body of arshal Philippe Petain, the rench World War I military ero who collaborated with the azis in World War II, was sto en from its grave on the He Yeu Sunday night, officia ources said today. Jean Tarraud, keeper of the emetery on Ihe island in the iay of Biscay, said unknown ersons had forced the 1,760 xund concrete lop off the toml uring the night. Official sources at the loca dminislralive headquarter ere confirmed the body hai ieen removed. Controversy has been goitij n concerning Petain's torni ince he died here in prison i 951. He had been condemnei o death in 1945 for treason be ause of his cooperation wit he German army, hut the sen ence was commuted by Gen Charles de Gaulle and he die at the age of 95. Petain ha said in his will that his "great est desire is to be buried In th national cemetery at Douai mont," near Verdun, whor housands of French soldier were buried after a victor over the Germans in 191' Gaullists have always oppose he demand by Petainisls tha he marshal's body be buried a Douaumont. Police sources speculate that the opening of the torn could have been by Petainisf anxious to transport the body I Douaumont. EXTENSION held tn the horn* of Mrs. Jim ied at 12 noon. Mrs. Mike Taylor Homemakers Clubs KiiiimiwmniiBiwiiiiiiNiiiiiiiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiini MIDDLE FORK VALLEY Mrs'. Ron Rouse reported on trip to Israel, and displayed rtlcles she had brought from hat country at the February neeting held in the home of Mrs, L. Cox. There were 1« members r e s e n t a n d Mrs. Nellie Chapman demonstrated rug making. Plans for the chili supper which had to be postponed were Completed and the supper will je held Feb. 27 at the community building. The next meeting will be held e leadership training session e attended. Projects for the year, in- uding a contribution to the rkansas Children's Hospital nd memorials for two former lembers were discussed. Mrs. Harry Becker displayed n atghan she had made and tie next meeting will be held t the same place Mar. 14. Ruth Shaw March 6. Mrs. Wm Roeh COMBS CHAPEL Fourteen members answerec roll call with original Valentine; t the February meeting belt n the home of Mrs. Max Bryant. The Valentines will be sent to former members. Mrs .etha Thiry and Mrs. Frances aacCreight, who reside in rlouston, Tex. Mrs. A. J, Meinert gave Ih origin of Valentine Day and members voted to ' become member of the Arkansas Chil dren's Hospital auxiliary. Mrs Tryon Lewis discussed menta health and led a dicussion or characteristics of good menta health. A cooperative luncheon wa held at noon and Mrs. Mar G i l b e r t , extension horn economist was a special guest Mrs. Max Bryant also demon strated how to make daisies ou of yarn. The next meeting will he hel Mar. 14 in the home of Mrs Stanley Potts. County Gets Surplus Bulldozer From Army Washington County has obtained a 74,000-pound bulldozer from U.S. Army surplus for use in its heavy equipment school, The huge machine will be used by a new class of trainees for work on Washington County roads. The "TD-24" dozer has a large ripper for use in excavating. Because of its size the targe Wade of the machine had to be left behind by county workmen who are returning to Fort Riley. Kans. for it. HARMONY Mrs. Maggie King presided a the February meeting held i the home of Mrs. Alma Seals. Mrs. Nancy Edgar. . Mr: Albert Markley and Mrs. Mabi Shinn directed a program c landscaping and poems wer read hy Mrs. Elsie Howerioi Myrtle Dillahunty and Mr King. The next meeting will be Ma 8 with Mrs. Howerton hostess. MEADOW VALLEY There were 22 members an one guest present for the p luck luncheon which precedi the February meeting at th Ozarks Electric Cooperate Corporation building. A Valentine motif was use in decorations and Mrs. Loui Liet'ly president, reported CHERRY BELLE Mrs. Louise Sensentaffar ..scussed women's liberation ai le February meeting held in he home of Mrs. Jas Cannon t her home in Walnut Grove. The hostess displayed covered oat hangers. Mrs. Virginia Foults displayed egg case waste iaper baskets and Mrs. Julia teed, artificial flowers. Miss Ruth Morris showed an rrangement of fresh pea jlossoms and discussed how ti orce blossoms for early Jooms. Roll call was answered b members telling about thei irst Valentines, The hostes was assisted by Mrs. Reed. DOGWOOD Five members answered roll all with the name and in- ormation on state parks at the February meeting held in the ome of Mrs. Nella Gilbreath. Yearbooks were completec nd programs assigned for the oming year. Plans were made o make Easter tray favors for Veterans Administration Hospital. Mrs. Mary Gilbert xtension home economist was special guest. The next meeting will be held Mar. 20 in the home of Mrs 'at Dougherty. WHEELER There were nine member present for the Februar neeting in the communit luilding. Plans were made to make quilt for a needy family an VIrs. Bond reported on th recent council meeting. Mrs ale Drake gave a demon slration. Mrs. Deon Purser and Mr; J. D. Hall will serve coffee a .he Veterans Administratio Hospital Feb. 27. Mrs. Francis Hull was hostes and the meeting was conducte by Mrs. Pat Bond. The next meeting will be hel Mar. 12. Mrs. Josielee Smil STONY VALLEY Roll call was answered by members and three guests . the February meeting at tl F i r s t National Bank Springdale hospitality room. Dr. Stan Brown, professor horticulture at the University Arkansas discussed ornament shrubs and gave tips propagation, soil culture an varieties adapted to this are Slides of chrysanthemums we usedlo illustrate the talk. The hostesses were Mrs. \ A. McClelland and Mrs. B. Abernathy. The Mar. 15 meeting will FARMINGTON There were 17 members and ree guests present for the xm luncheon which preceeded e February business session the club rooms. Mrs. Dorothy Zach gave evotions and pointers on onomical purchasing. Final ans were made to sponsor a hill supper at the club house om 5:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. uirsday. Guests were Mrs. Wildee 'ilUams, Mrs. Fay Hill and liss Mary Margaret Shinn. The ext meeting will be in the club ooms Mar. 15. Mrs. M. C. Gibson Oklahoma Prison Escapee Sought MCALESTER, Okla. (AP) -A team from the Oklahom State Penitentiary was search ng this area today for the las of nine convicts who tunnele Deneath a prison wall Frida night. The latest to be caught wa John F,ngberg, Gushing, Iowa ho held Allen Boalright hoi Lage at gunpoint Saturda night, and forced him into h car. Boatright's home did no h a v e a ' t e l e p h o n e b u Boatright's wife ran to a neigh bor and telephoned police. An Oklahoma Highway Patn car spotted the auto near Wi burton and arrested. Engber without resistance. He was serving 50 years fo armed robbery. That left only Jack 0. Stei art, who was serving 35 yea for the kidnaping and beatin of a Muskogee County depu' sheriff in 1970. The inmates got out of th prison through a laboriously e cayacated tunnel beneath th prison wall. It was the largest prisi break ever recorded here. Two Men Held In Kidnaping In Bahamas LUCAYA, Grand Bahamas land.(AP) -- Two men are in ustody in connection with last eek's mpted abduction and at- ransom of Andrea Political Alliance Worries Gaullists As Election Hears pencer. 4, daughter of Canaan banker Robert Spencer, ources say. Tight-lipped island police ould not discuss the two men n custody Sunday. But sources aid both are Bahamians, one picked up late Saturday nd th* other sometime Sun- ay. Andrea was kidnaped last 'hursday night by two FRONT END ALIGNMENT ONE $ LOW PRICE Any U.S. car plus parts if n«id«cl-Add $2 for can with torsion bars. At this one low price our specialists will perform the fallowing services: · Complete front-end inspection · Precision Equipment-set camber, caster, and toe-in All adjustments made la manufacturer's specifications for maximum tire mileage and driving comfort TUNE-UP Other parts extra jf needed Includes: · New Sparkplugs · New Points · New Condenser Add $4 for 8 r.yl. auto*. Add $2 for Air-Condilioned can. BUY 4 FOR THE REGULAR PRICE OF 3 GOODYEAR SUPER CUSHION HEAVY DUTY SHOCK ABSORBERS · fit all cars · level your car · give sleeting control and smooth ride · resists sway and swerve, slow lire wear Regularly 4 for JM.M, Now Buy 4 for f47.15. Yeu S*V( $iJ,». Huiry, Offer tntfs Sat. Nightl CAR CARE VALUE KIBE AND OILOUN6E · Transmission and . differential oil check · Complete chassis lubrication · Price includes up io 5 qls. of oil, and nil labor BIG POWER "AIL-WEATHER* BATTERY 1995 Croup 24, 24F 3 WAYS TO PAY AT GOODYEAR OUR OWN EASY PAY PUXIM BOOUYEAit BEilViCE 104 N. East · Foyetteville · 442-6222 Mon. thru Fri. 8:00-5:00--Sot. 8:00-4:00 who invaded the Spencer home. Tiey left her in an abandoned hurch in an isolated part of le island and then telephoned pencer, demanding $250,000 in ash. Family friends said ' the oung girl freed herself Satur- lay morning and was found ihortly afterward by three air- ine employes who were looking or wild roses. As ordered by the abductors, ipencer meanwhile took the ansom money to a specified ipbt and dropped it. The money lad not been picked up by the irr^e Andrea was returned and ,vas later reclaimed by Spencer md police. Spencer then took his wife, foan, their four-month-old son, Robert Jr., and Andrea away rorri the island, vowing never o return to their home of the ast · seven years. It was the second kidnaping jxperienced by the Spencers in ittle more than a year. Last January. Mrs. Spencer was grabbed by a gunman who demanded $300,000 from Spencer's bank, but she managed to es- By ELIAS ANTAR PARIS (AP) - A political alliance of Communists and Socialists has the Gaullists worried-their 15-year rule may end In next month's· elections. That is the central issue to be decided in voting March 4 and The disciples of Charles de Gaulle have been losing steam, beset by financial scandals,and a reputation for indifference. They also suffer from what the French call "the wear and tear of power"--simply being in charge too long. The opposition leftists have formed a united front for the first time in nearly 40 years and believe they are on a rising tide. cape unharmed. Spencer, speaking through family friends from an undis- cosed South Florida location late Sunday, said his family, especially Andrea, stood up well under the ordeal. Andrea is probably in the Thev call for the dis bandment of NATO' and the Warsaw Pact and the abolition of the Gaullists' cherished nu clear strike force. They woult "liberate" the Common Marke from "the domination of big capital" and uphold "the de mands of the workers." Because of this country's geo graphic position in the heart o Western Europe, a partly Com m u n i s t government fha aroused its neighbors' suspi cions would seriously we'akci the Western Alliance and causi problems with the Unite' States. INTERNAL ISSUES The election is largely abou internal issues. The leftist so cial program strikes a respoti sive note in many people wh are otherwise wary of the Com munists. By comparison, loosely formulated governmen program looks very much lik more of the same. According to polls, people f vor the leftists over the govern ment. 47 to 36. Gaullists profess to be ui ruffled. Party leader Alain Pe; refitte says it will all come 01 best condition of all of us," he said. "I'm all right. I keep my nerves in pretty good shape." "Joan is as well as can be expected." he added. "She has been through two very harassing ordeals. Of course, this one was harder on her because Andrea was involved." all right when the voters amine their conscience in privacy of the election booth and realize the dangers of con munism. That remains to be see Most political observers expe the Gaullists to nudge ahead the left without renewing t absolute majority they now e y In the 487-man National As- rhbly. The key to the situation ould then lie with the center roup, known as the Reform- ts. The Gaullists would have swallow their pride and cn- orse at least part of the Re- rm program to get the center n the team. . To win in the elections first ound a candidate must gain an bsolute majority. Otherwise lere is a runoff in the second tage with only a simple major- y needed for election. Who comes out on top is usu- lly determined by an elabo- ate and time-hallowed system f compromise where som» andidates stand down in favor t others. · Three Charged In Robbery Of Springdale Cafe SPRINGDALE -- Three m e n being held in the Springe-ale jail oday were charged in connec- · ion with the Saturday morning robbery of $150 from the Ozark 3afe in the 500 block of North Thompson Street. Charged with robbery are rioyd Edmond Browning, 27. of ;he 2500 block of Tracee Way: Carroll Dennis Caldwell, 21, of Route 1: and Leonard Theodore Davis 18 of the 600 block of Shiloh' Street. T h e .y were apprehended Saturday morning only five minutes after the robbery was reported to Springdale police. T h r e e Springdale officers arrested the suspects on West Huntsville Avenue. The money taken during th« robbery was recovered, according to police. Ozark Cafe Manager J. H. Hice told police the three men who robbed him came into the cafe four hours before the 2:13 a.m. robbery. Hice said he was held in th» kitcben by one of the bandits, while another grabbed a money box in the front room and fled. · Inslallfcrafce linings all 4 wheels. Includes VW's, Toyotas, Datsun (drum type]. Wheel cyls, $8,50 «».--Drumr turned $3.00 ea.-- Front grease lealc J4.75 pr. -- Return springs 41.00 ea, extra cost. Buy 3 pair of any style and save during our annual limited-time event! £-· ·4S bv« s Sale of Famed Sheerio® Panties by VAN RAALTE Van Raalte's own exclusive nylon tricot, the ultimate in quality and luxurious next to the skin softness. From the tiniest bikini to comfortable trunks, styles for all. Reg. *1.75 Nylon BRIEF... Sale... 3pM 50 Rag. $2 ea. 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