Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 3
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Lorn BMch, C«NP., TllUfl., Mirtt, II, HH INDEPENDENT [AM) J| M New angle on diamond lane fiction fine R e nt-a-riders hit freeway A UTTU IEARY P.O. BOX 230 Low Beach, Cilil. Kt» Action Line is your service, solving your problems, getting your answers, cutting red tape and standing up for your rights. To get action, write Action Line, Box 230, Long Beach, Calif. 90844. Questions are selected lor their general interest and helpfulness. Please, do not send original documents you want returned. Busing In the simplest language possible, can Aclion Line .explain the purpose of school busing? E.G., Long Beach. Tic courts have ruled t h a t e q u a l educational opportunities (or children of all races arc not available in segregated school systems, and busing is considered to be (he quick- 1 est way to achieve racial balance. Ghetto schools generally are inferior to those in the suburbs, and studies have shown that when white students arc bused (o i n n e r - c i t y schools, the educational programs there are upgraded and th« schools are able to attract belter teachers. In .19^6, Dr. James Coleman, a university sociologist, conducted a federally funded study which found that the achievement level of black pupils and their ability lo succeed as adults increased when (hey attended school with children from more affluent backgrounds. His report became one of (he major thrusts behind the busing movement. Although still a proponent of desegregated education, Coleman now believes busing hasn't been that successful and has caused many white parents to move to nonbusing districts or to withdraw their children from public schools, possibly leading to reseg- regation. Coleman recently told the U.S. Commission on ·Civil Rights that interracial marriages ultimately may be a belter way than busing to achieve desegregated schools. Busing is, of course, very controversial -public opinion polls indicate (hat although more than half the population favors desegregated schools, 71 per 'cent oppose busing -- but as long as central city areas remain minority communities and (he suburbs predominately white tracts, (he only way to implement court- ·o'fdered school integration is by busing the students back and forth. UJlTH AtU- 0(0 HIGH KIO5 VWUJ'LL ByMIKEGOODKIND Associated Press Mark Jones and his hitchhiking friends will ride the Saiita Monica Freeway in your car all the way downtown, and it will ouly cost you $1 per "rent-a-rider" for the eight- mile rush-hour trip. With two or more passengers, a driver can zoom onto the "diamond lane," a freeway inducement for carpools that state officials hope will ease the crush on one of the world's busiest freeways. But i/ the car is underpopulat- ed, (he highway patrol will pull it over and give a warning. Swarms of motorists inching along the Overland Avenue onramp Wednesday s m i l e d , laughed or stared in disbelief. Lined up next to the choked line of cars -- most occupied by a lone driver -- were f i v e p l a c a r d - t o t i n g men a n d women. "Diamond lane riders tor rent --$1," said their signs. A weekly rate of 57.50 was also offered to guarantee cars full ridership every day. "It's a gesture, it's a way to twist the system," said Jones, 30, a Santa Monica College student and freelance photographer, At 7:45 a.m. the window was rolled down on a van with two men headed for work. The driver, removing a dollar from his billfold, waved a hitchhiker aboard, and Ignacio Herrero, 23, an economics student visiting California from the University of Madrid, climbed in. Since Monday, only carpools anti transit buses have been permitted to enter the lefthand lane. On Wednesday, the diamond lane was sparsely populated, enabling drivers to shoot to work at the 55-'' mile-per-hour limit. The four oilier lanes were congested during rush hour and drivers were often slowed to a crawl. By 8:15, seven rcnl-a-riders, all Jones' friends, had been placed with drivers. One motorist, who picked up two paid hitchhikers, told newsmen he was late for work and hoped the new fast lane would speed his (rip downtown. One of the rcnt-a-ridors, Marly Weniz, 23, said he was headed downtown a n y w a y to his sales job at a produce company. "I figure I'm saving on the cost of driving my car or Inking the bus and picking up a dollar," said Weniz. He said he might put his sign up after w»rk and try for a ride back homo to West Los Angeles. For stranded riders like Herrero or Fred Simpson, 27, who is unemployed, a car was provided at a downtown freeway ramp to shuttle them back to West Los Angeles. "It's a hsp)»ening," said Simpson. J o n e s c o n c e d e d t h e moneymaking possibilities of his venture are limited, and plans to continue t h o service were uncertain. The effort is partly n protest, he says, because the diamond lane discriminates against sports car drivers like himself who can't fit three people in their vehicles. California Department of Transportation and Southern California Rapid Transit District officials reported smooth tailing on the freeway Wednesday with bus traffic up and car traffic down. PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM)-- A-3 One victim (lead L.B. man seized in blind hit-run A 50-year-old man was arrested at his Long Beach home Wednesday in connection with the hit- and-run death of a blind Ung Beach man and the injury of his blind wife, Police said Harry I-cc Lyles, of 2103 Orange Avc., was arrested shortly after 2 p.m. by Detective George Firestone of the accident investigation division. He was booked on suspicion of manslaughter and Iwo counts of felony hit-and-run driving. Bull was sot HI $1,500. A WITNESS Identified Lyles, a part-time pool hall operator, as the driver of the car thai hit Itaymoud La Belle, 25. and his wife, Marsha, 26, of 4330 Elm Avc., as they were being led across San Antonio Drive by their guide dog about R p.m. Sunday, polico said. The dog was also injured. La Belle died of internal injuries Tuesday ;il Memorial Hospital Medical Center. Mrs. La Belle w a s in serious condition Wednesday at Harbor General Hospital, where she was taken Tuesday for surgery. A I9C9 black-and-yellow Chrysler that police believe is the bit-and-run auto was found by police Tuesday near Lylcs' home. Witnesses had reported seeing a car of that description speeding from the scene of Ihc accident. · SHOP SUNDAY 12 to 5: Lakewood, Newport, La Habra, Laguna Hills, WoBtmlnutor. Arcadia. San Diego only Ward phone The patients of ward 408 at Metropolitan Slate Hospital in Norwalk have been deprived of their right to a pay phone. Just because we are palients docs not mean we don't have business to cc/nduct and people to call. The staff does not have to let us use their pnoncs and they don't, but they're tired of hearing us complain. Can Action Line help? J.H., and 24 others, Norwalk. A new pay phone should be installed in your ward within a week lo 10 days, and in the meantime, you and (he other patients may use the staff phones to make personal calls. Jack Eubanks, assistant to the medical director at Metropolitan, told Aclion Line that when you and the other patients were moved (o ward 408 in mid- ction line February, a request for a pay phone was placed wilh.die General Telephone Co., but there usually is at least a 10- day waiting period for such service. When the installer finally showed up, he discovered that the wiring in that ward Isn't adequate for a pay phone. The hospital's maintenance crew currently Is installing (he proper electrical conduit for a phone. Eubanks said (he patient rights advocate at the hospital will monitor the situation (o make sure there are no further delays in gelling the new phone installed. Under state law, patients at slate hospitals must have access lo a phone and writing materials. UFOs 1 am a high school studenl interested in the study of unidentified fiying objects. I read somewhere that the Air Force has a special unit that keeps watch on radar for UFOs. Is this true? How can a person get a job with this group? J.B., Paramount. The Air Force's UFO Investigation unit was disbanded in 1969, but what you may have heard about is the deep-space tracking network at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. This radar complex actually is designed to monitor and catalog satellites and other identified flying objects, but any possible UFO sightings also would be rioted. The (racking station is manned by Air Force radar specialists. If you enlisted in the Air Force, you could specify radar operations as your preferred field, bill there would be no guarantee that you would be assigned to the Eglin (racking unit. From 1917 lo 1969, the Air Force did investigate UFO sightings reported by (he public, but the program was discontinued after a National Academy of Sciences' s(udy concluded that UFOs pose no threat to national security and Defense Department funds should not be used to finance (he Air Force's UFO anil. According to a military spokesman, (he Air Force Investigated more than 12,000 reports of flying saucers in 22 years and did not confirm the existence of any UFOs. He said that all but 701 of the sightings were attributed lo specific earthly causes. Minimum liability We feel our 18-year-old son is nol carrying enough liability insurance on his car. He has just the minimum required. If he should be sued and held responsible (or damages above the amount of his insurance coverage, could we be held liable even though he is an adult? R.K., Latewood. Parents generally aren't responsible (or damages assessed against their adult children. Because of the increased number of damage lawsuits filed today and the large judgments being awarded by courts, motorists might consider Increasing their liability coverage. Raising the amount of insurance often costs relatively little. At your son's ag«, however, he probably does not have that much net worth lo protect. Generally, a motorist . who Is insured or has vrry few assets Is not as likely to be sued as is a person who is insured or has a substantial net worth. 300-acre brush fire controlled F I L L M O R E ( A P F i r e fighters, w o r k i n g faster t h a n anticipated, brought a 300-acre brush fire under control Wednesday, the U.S. Forest Service said. Sixty (ire fighters from the Forest Service and Ventura County closed the f i n a l three-quarter-mile gap in the fire at 10 a.m. INDEPENDENT T*«rvj«y. Wjrrt II. Ittl V«ll»»««. Hi HI PMfvHE HUT CUH P New Naturals Collection Add warmth lo any room with pillows from The New Naturals Collection. 100% nylon and 100% cotton in many sizes -- all iringed or tasseled. Shades of Natural, Oatmeal and Brown. 12.00 values, now 7.99. An Needlework, oil stores except Man.-.::. Uikov/wJ. Newport. Laguna ]{;'.\s and Arcadia 44.99-64.99 Kirsch Bedspreads Lovely custom, hand-guided Kirsch bedspreads. Luxury weigh! polyester filling, satin ace tale cover and woven polyester backing. Two floral styles in Coffee, Cheslnul and Citron at very special spring savings! Reg. 80.00 Tv/in, now 44.99. Reg. 90.00 Full, now 54.99. Reg. 120.00 Cal. king, now 64.99. F'-rdarm, t-oi-Hj EV*r-h. f x i n i ' j A I K J . PoiTjorxi. l/i V/r;linlnr.V;r fti Jl U«l . SUGGESTED K E T A I L PRICE Pir til Men* Ylf HOME D E L I V E R Y DULY AND SUNDAY Vto W » SUNDAY01LY DM III H SINGLE COPY SUNDAY I JS DAILY 1 .11 IYMAIL DAILY AND SUNDAY 11 IS U)» SUNDAY ONLY U.» HIM .79-7.99 Fragrance by Bucilla 100% cotton flora! tablecloths. Soil release finish. Machine wash and dry. With matching napkins, terry towels, pot holders and other kitchen accessories. Vnl'.io Sale Vnjio Sale 52x52 ......... 6.00 3.99 60x85 cval . . . . 14.00 7.99 52x70 .......... 9.00 4.99 67 round ..... 14.00 7.99 60x85 ......... 13.007.99 napkins ....... 1.25 .79 Assorted kitchen accessories 1.00-4.00 ...... .49-1.99 -\\'. w. '.'-jvp,:'. 159.95 1977 Zenith 19" Portable Advance showing of Zenith':; 1977 19" :;upor :;croer portable TV! Featuring the energy saving Power Sentry System. 1CO% solid a to to with synchrornoiic 70-positi°n UUP channel selector. Telescoping VHF antenna and detachable UHF antenna. Only 159.95. LA KUU ·tf.^?."

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