Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 14, 1969 · Page 17
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 17

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 14, 1969
Page 17
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MNNB THE MENACE · WHERE'S THE CATSUP? QWSOTS WITHOUT CATSUP! CAN'T EAT Champion Plans Streamlined Version Of Academy Awards By BOB TIIOJIAS Associated Press Writer HOLLYWOOD. Calif. (AP) A new. streamlined Oscar? Director Gower Champion is, hoping for that at tonight's Academy Awards, but he advises television viewers not to expect! miracles. pear throughout, the program and make the announcements alternately, instead of having one me." Oscar's "best friends" will ibe: Rosalind Russell, Frank Si- I n a l r a . Burt Lancaster. Ingrid Bergman, Walter Matthau. i\ ; a- $2 Million Gift HOUSTON, Tex. (AP) - Mr. and Mrs. David C. Bintllff of Houston have contributed $2 million to establish an institute of neurology for Methodist Hos- jital and Baylor College of Med- .cine. Ted Bowen. Methodist Hospital administrator, said the gift will be used to construct a building for the neurological programs. Lady Doctors t Things A Coin NEW YORK (AP)-Things a columnist might never know if he didn't open his mail: Medicine is becoming an increasingly attractive field to ··BiMBiiiiffl^ HELEN 60TTEL Helen Help Us HIIBIIIIIIIIIIM^ Dear Helen: too's" from women readers. We were happily married for 30 years although, by mutual agreement, we were sharing a platonic relationship, since our children started growing up. Two years ago I offered my widowed sister a home with us. My husband was much against it, but he finally consented. About six months ago, my sister decided to win him over. Not only did she make friends, she took him away from me. When I found them out, I told them both to leave, thinking my husband would stay. But he said our love was gone and he wanted a new life. Now he is living at my sister's house, as a boarder. Mv attorney says there is nothing I can do to this person who came into my home and stole my husband, outside of filing for divorce and naming her as the reason. How can I restore my former happy marriage? -- Deserted Dear Deserted: Your attorney is right. Stop h a t i n » 1 n n ff enough to see You can teach your husband to take over business decisions --just make it plain you think he's smarter than you at such things -- but I doubt you'll ever completely convince him you ladies would rather be alone. And honest now, would you?-H. Dear Helen: I have a friend who begins almost every conversation with "I'm not a , but . . ." Just, fill in the missing word: gossip, prude, prejudiced person, etc. etc. Then she goes on to prove she is just exactly that. A typical monologue: "I'm not a prude, but when I see d e a r Elsie throwing herself at every man in sight. I think it's t i m e we closed ranks, girls." "Dear Elsie" happens to be an outgoing person who is completely true to her husband, but she'll be blacklisted before this dame gets through with her. What's a good rebuttal to the "I'm not a ...." types who are the least tolerant of all? Nwtttwt* AffcwiMt T1MK, Mwi., Aiml 14, IH» · MVITTflVtbU, JMMUMMM 17, women. They made up only 4.5 per cent of medical school graduates in 1930: by 1%7 the figure had risen to 7.5 per cent. The first men to land on the moon will have plenty to talk about if they discuss the weather. The temperature at the lunar equator at midday is hotter than boiling water, but during the night it falls some 500 degrees Fahrenheit. To Monsieur Colbert, financial genius for King Louis XVI of France is attributed the observation that "the art of taxation consists or so plucking the goose as to procure the greatest possi- mos to the Zulus. Our world is surrounded by wasted energy. If we could but efficiently employ the sunlight that falls on the city of Los Angeles alone, we'd have r.iore energy than is consumed now in all the lands around the globe. Salety experts believe that many deaths in one-car traffic accidents now result from na- t u r a l causes, such as heart attacks. A recent California study found lliat 15 per cent uf deaths occuring in such mishaps stemmed from natural causes, nut injuries. Signs of the times: Thi? one is hie number of feathers with t h e ' on t h e desk of Jules Pudell. vet- least amount of hissing." : c r a n owner of t h e Copiieahana Nuw is the lime to s w a t or - n i g h t club: "You will have a spray that f l y . The N a t i o n a l ! better lomorrow if you started Geographic Sociely notes t h a t if w o r k i n g on it yesterday." KVOO, Tulta, Channel 2 KYTV, Springfifld, Channel 3 KFSA, Fort Smith, Channel S KOTV, Tulsa, Channel 6 KOAM, Pittsburg, Channel 7 KTUL, Tulsa, Channel 8 (CMnMl 4 n cM* in F»rttl»»ill«) KODE, Joplin, Channel 12 IChMMl II m cihte in r«»«tt«»iHt) KUHI, Joplin, Channel 16 Clwnntl t «n e»klt In Faytttcvilkl «nd n ri-KGTO, Foyefteville, Channel 36 unbin-t t» (t.untr wiHinut nnlicc. (ctunntl J m caklt in Fiytltivillil the offspring from one pair of produced, in six months would he 191 quintillion flies-begins' 0 "" 11 "' 1 '" inundati! the entin n with ear " 1 '° a depth of 47 feet. Tlie second inaugural address by Gem-Re Washington was the .shortest ever given by any U.S. on 'president. It fan to just 134 words. I Quotable notables: " I f . a f t e r I depart t h i s vale, you ever re- i member me and have thought jto please my ghost. forgive! j.somc sinner an dwink you r e y e j !at some homely girl"---ILL.' Mencken. Sewing needles were among the first tools d e s i g n c d by man. They have been Found in the ruins and graves of all ages and nations, from the Eski- Jt was .Mark T w a i n who said been as there respectable as money." lalie Warren Bcatty. Tile 41st awards of the Acaclc- my of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are being presented in a new setting--the glittering music center in downtown Los Angeles. The show also lias a new di rector, Broadway hit-maker Champion, who has striven lo rid the Oscar east of its deadening tradition. i , ·-- ··· ,·--.- ,,; "I've tried to tighten up the;TM'"' songs. The singers are Si- show." sai d tiie director be- llatl '"- Joso TMiciano. Aretha tween last-minute rehearsals. "Instead of a host of presenters, the awards will he handed out marriage as it probably --Disgusted A polite arrangement Dear Dis: would turn almost a n y j When this gal starts normal man to someone else. "I'm not a prude but . your was' which Jane Fonda'. Diahann Carroll! I but affectionately, and Sidney Poitier. INNOVATIONS Champion has planned other Then trv to win him back, why not say. H f IMisnpr'" Am innovations: no overture, no opening speeches, no substitute acceptors, except in the most important categories. Nor will (here he any production iinni- ibcrs except to present the nomi- by 10 stars we called 'the best friends of Oscar.' They will ap- Home Burglarised JN (API -- Burglars pried open a window and stole jewels valued at ?:)2.850 and a 5500 mink jacket from the home of former Sen. A.S. "Mike" llonroncy. DOkla.. over the weekend. Marcella 11. du Pont, a neigh j bor. found the jewel box with! six pieces valued at S4.450 in her: back yard Sunday morning. Monroncy. now an aviation consultant, and his wife the weekend in Okl; attending the fi friend. Franklin, Paula Kelly and Abbey Lincoln. "But still." Champion can tionecl. "we have 2( awards to hand out. That means naming five nominees in 26 categories j a n d having 2fi winners accept. j T h a t takes time." j Originally, he had hoped to i l i m i l the show lo 30 minutes: now he expects it to run two Dear Helen: What do you do with a husband who has to be in on all And I'm not a listener!" A'nd walk away. (Of course you'll be her next target, but isn't the satisfaction · worth a few poison words -- i-hich most people won't believe ] my conversations when I have!anyway? -- H. gii-1 friends over? He's full o f j -talk and jokes and scarcely lets! Lake Levels LITTLE ROCK ( A P ) - Lake Levels Level .Change me get a word in. Yet when it comes tu business, like filling out credit forms or discussing insurance, etc.. he pushes all the decisions off on me and leaves the scene. And if 1 hogged the conversa tion when he was talking with a group of men. he'd dis approve mightily. Are all men this way'.' -- Wife Dear Wife: Not a l l . but enough so (hat your letter will get many "Me Reave 1 ! 1 . . . . Table Rock Bull Shoals Norfork Grccrs Ferry Features 2:30-5:25-8:20 2ND BIG WEEK Richard Burton Clint Eastwood MaryUre Where Eagles Dare' ARK ,.ir ··¥·»*_ ^ NOW hours, beginning at 10 p.m. EST on ABC-TV. "And if Hie show goes any longer. I ' l l start cutting o u t awards." Champion warned. Ceremonies in other years have usually lasted 2'.-j hours or more. WINNERS CIRCLK Selection uf the winners con- inued to confound the seers ight up to curtain time. The lis wife spent '·»" [or best picture appeared )klahoma City l l ° bc between The Lion in Win- 'uneral of ii ! | c r -' "Romeo and Juliet and ''Oliver!" Also running arc "Ra- Starts 7:00 Open 6:30 TONITE chel. Rachel" and 'Funny Girl." The races for best star per formers of 19(i8 seemed w i d e open. And the nominees for best Critically Injured SANTA BARBARA, Calif . (AP) -- An employe ol the U n i - ! actor: Alan Arkin. "The Heart varsity of California at S a n t a i i s a Lonely Hunter; Alan Bales. Barbara was injured critically!"Tho Fixer": Ron Moody, when a homemade bomb ex- 1 "Oliver!": Peter plodcd in his arms Friday. Lion in Winter The explosive device enclosed in a cardboard box w e n t off when Dover 0. Sharp, a m a i n - tenance man, picked it up in the faculty club. University spokesman said it consisted of a half- O'Toole. 'The Cliff Robert son. "Charley:" The race lor best actress seemed close among all five nominees: K a t h a r i n e "The Lion in Winter; Hepburn. Patricia Ncal. '"Hie Subject, was Roses:" gallon wine jug filled with a vol-|Vanessa Redgrave. "Isabella:" atile liquid, a pipe packed win ·xplosivcs. a l i m i n g device and battery. Barbara Streisand. "Funny Girl." and Joanne Woodward. "Rachel, Rachel." -Plus- as COOL HaiUD LUIdE STRING BEAN OSBORNE BROS. SHOW Won , April 14, 8 p.m. Springdale High School Fieldhouse sprinRdale--Advanced tickets Adults S2.00 (At Door §Z.SO) Children .VII SI.00 In Kayctlcvillc -- Guisingers Music House Springdalc -- Moorrs Itcxall Drug Rogers -- Rogers Pharmacy Sun. Matinee 2 p.m. -- Nite 7:43 One Feature Nightly Cartoon 7:110 -- Feature 7:15 No One Under 111 Admitted Unless Accompanied by A Parent FOOD FOR THOUGHT MONDAY EVENING* «:»- NCWE 2, 3. 5. 6. 7, * 6:30- I Dream of J e a i m i e . . 2 AvL-iifier.s Uun.smcikc !* 7:00 ! -Monkees 2 |* 7:30- A c a d e m y A w a r d s r e y l i m I'lacc * S-00- Caml CJhaiinini; . Movie Mayhcrry R F.D. * 8:30- f a m i l y A f f a i r . . . * 9:00 Oscar A w a r d s . . Cam! B u r m - l t . . * 10:00- News 'J. 7. Guests at some Roman orgies, were served as many goblets of wine at their names had letters. A watched pot may ncvrr boil, and a pot rubbed with mar» garinc around its inner rim won't boil over. Iff April showers keep your youngsters indoors, let them try making a packaged brownie mix. Coarsely crushed prcticU arc easy to-prepare substitute for nutmeats. Dieters needn't have all eggs hnrricoohpd. Scrambled or fried eggs can br cooked without fat in non-stick skillets. The French were introduced to the fine art of cooking when Catherine de'Medici brought her chefs to France for her wedding to Henry II. You'll be introduced to some cooking, too. at SUZIE WONG'S RICE BOWL. pleasant service and sphere ta match. With atmo- Rice Highway 112 North Closed Mondays Open 5-9:30 p.m. You're Invited to WARD WEEK COURTESY NIGHT TONIGHT 6-9 P.M. Free Door Prizes - Free Refreshments HELP US KICK-OFF OUR BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR! MONTGOMERY IARI Evelyn Hills--Foycttcvillc 5, 6, .. 5. 6. 5. 8. G, H i R h Noon 36 News 2, 3, (. U, 16 Noon On Fiv« B Melody Matin** t Dream Houi* t * 12:30 H i d d e n Faces 2 Man W i t h A Mike .1 As t h e World Turns I, 6. 18 Weather 7 Let's Make A Deal 8. 12 * 1:00- Da.vs nf Our Lives . '-'. 3. 7. 30 I.cve is a M a n y Splenrinred Thing S 6. 16 Niiwlywed Game S. 12 * 1:30- Doctors . . 2. r., 7. ^ G u i d i n g Lifiht 5. fi 1C Dating Gam» 8 12 *Z:WA n n t h r r World 2. 3. 7. ::r, Secret Storm V r.. lii (jcneral H o s p i t a l 8 U * 2:30- You D n n ' l Say . . . . 1'. 3. 7 :;0 See 1969 Model E N T E R P R I S E Color TVs 442-8575 2333 N. Colleg Service on all Makes Wcatlicr. , Edge of N t u h t Spurts . ;. 3. 5. 6. 7. 8. 12. 1C One Life to Li» * 10:30- Movio J c i l i n n y C.irnn Paul H a n c v Jotv Bishop . * 10:35 Movie * 11:011 . I n l m n y Cai-M.i KI-U'S A c a r i e m y A w a r d s Special * 12:1(0 - TUESDAY MORNING-' * 6:00 Travel C.iinpui * 6:110 Economics * 6:55- l.icht cil I,lie Today'i A l m a n a c * 3:00- 1G. 3r. Tonib.stniK. T e r r i t o r y 3. :.. 7 ' M a t c h l i a m r d l . i n k l f l t c r . 8. U'' D a r k Shadows ·* :i:25 . . . . t News * 11:30" Fhnl.stoiH..s · · · · * D a i k S h a l l o w s I . l l i - j l l i - H.-ill h I l i - \ v i h - h i - ' l H i i H i M i races * 4:003 l i a n r i i D.iii H a n n a h ~ t ' h i ' i l n i r ? Hour ... ' l l . - v . i l . - h c . i l r u n C l u l ) . ft- 1 i n ! v ami Mr. Z l n e 2 : M o v i o ...... I, «. II ......... ». 12 .......... 36 ....... t. 3. I ..... 5. 6, !6 8. 11 2, 3. I, 7, II . II II- in "3. 5 . . 6, 16 Kens IS OFFERING 10% OFF ON ANY PIZZA AND DRINK FOR ANY PARTY HEID EITHER AT KEN'S PIZZA PAR- tOR OR DfctlVERIES TO HOME PARTIES. Minimum Order for This Offer -10 PIZZAS. Chicken 2 Pieces of CHICKEN 1 slice of bread This Offer Good Monday, April 14 thru Friday, April 18 Chicken Hut Hiway 71 at Locust Faycttcvillc * 7:00- Npws T C I I I . I V (ivilorl All Star Thr.ili-r . . . * 7:30- r a r t y Mntner.t ul M r d l t n l i c n .News * 7:35 - Tnday'.s F a r m R e p o r t 2 3 t / I ' i T r \ M;i.inn 12 K l i t i t J i t ' i n c s ........... * M i k e Ooufil^i (color) ........... 3' Casper ........... ' 1:! Three Stoogca ................. 12 ·;:. . is * 5:0 °- j I.nM 111 Sp.K'C .................. ^" I \ V i t l S n i M i c t l ..................... ·"' News ..................... * 13 ......... I. 6, U * 5:30-1 l.ovc Lucy · ' · - TUKSDAY EVENIXO- 8 Channels TV 6 FM Radio (3 Stereo) 24-Hour"lnstant Weather" Channel 13 On The Cable Trans-Video 442-7111 103 W. Mountain St. It T..lcr Tu.i t J n l c i ' l I I C M V l l n y i l Mil'." IJi.ur!.i.s I . t n - t l i i - H.i!l Hmr.prr R'loi * !1:J5 - M,.'. ., .1.,. k I , l . . , i · ·· l!i ' i ' Mil i.e. * 10:10- PI : .,u,.,:i'\ 2. 3. s. 6. T s i:. if j. J. 7 M"'l --I M"'- .'· T :,. * S:lin -- i. 6. I f i D n l N I ) . , . ..... i: N Y p n TV REPAIRS 2 Trucks Same Day Service E N T E R P R I S E 2333 N. Collegi 442-8575 * 10:3»- i i o i i \ \ , i " ' i S'i'i.i Dick Vnn Mykn * 11:55 - Nrwt * 11:00- Jr"ii. i...vr ..I Ml* . ' 11:30 r - M n v . r IB ., ; .-,, * I:Ha I. IB SI.ITI ^ I M S :;,-\\ \ Si i- :.ii r, . 'III.,' I llr J, 12 * 10:00- , . ..,. N r » . Wr.ilhrr :, 9. I, T, I, 12. I* '· '' !! * 10:3*- 2, .1 s. Snri-h lor I n i n n r r n » (iiini i.r.i,, r . iiny Y n t i .Mini:M A»K TUESDAY AFTEKNOON- * IM»- I ' ]ft Pnlll H u t v e y I, : i. i i J""- H'OM'P i, u I, u * I0:3j -M o v t r · * 12:01 -

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