Independent from Long Beach, California on February 20, 1964 · Page 39
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 39

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1964
Page 39
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P«9« ...ALL OUTDOORS... ··,,-. More Details About San Quintin When the column about Bahia San Quintin, Ba ja ·- - California, and its fabulous black brant shooting was " printed last week, I didn't know that the response "I* would be so great. There were some questions asked " *. via telephone and in person that I didn't expect The «juestion asked more times than any other was 1 *How do I take a gun across the border?* Actually, I have discussed the Mexican license situa- i ·. tion so many timei that I didn't even think about raising , i the Issue again, but I often find myself forgetting that · 2.000 new residents are coming to California every day. --·Naturally, some of those come to Long Be_ach. and they ·T, . have no background information on Mexico. They just - know that it U a country south cf the border. Mexican laws are very strict about taking guns Into - that country, yet the Baja Department of Tourism is en- · coon-gins more and more Americans to go there and . shoot birds and other game. However, the department ,, wants everything legally done. \Ve certainly can not blame the Mexicans for that On our trip into Bahia San Quintin. my fellow cut- door writers and I were guests cf Enrique Garcia Ma'.', chaus. who is in charge of that Tourism department and ' whose headquarters is at Mexicali. B. C. V IT WAS A TWO-DAY INVITATIONAL party to four '?,' outdoor writers from this area in order to acquaint us '.' i with what San Quintin has to offer in the way of shooting. :: ' A special permit was issued to each of us for those P ' two days. We were allowed to take a shotgun and boxes ' ' of shells that we thought might be needed. " ".' Next year, I intend to do more hunting in that area H 'I and in other parts cf Mexico south of the border. In that 'case, IT! go through regular channels for my licenses. : First rule of thumb Is to call the Mexican Hunting - Association, a nonprofit organization Incorporated under "."'state laws In California, and ask that group to help you . g e t a Mexican hunting permit. The association has two ', , numbers--NOrmandy 3-2161 and NOrmandy 3-2162. Or, if you prefer, drive to 5205 Santa Monica Blvd.. Hollywood, ask for Alfred M. Jones (Mexico Pete) aix discover how simple it is to join the association and gel ',' a Mexican hunting permit The association is happy to *'. handle all details for its members. Naturally, there is an "" initiation fee, phis annual dues. r: ' Just remember that regardless cf how you handle the license situation, you win be putting out $50-plus per annum. * * * ALL MEXICAN SEASONS end this month so there is not enough time for a person to obtain a permit and get enough shooting to make it worth while. I am just relaying this information to you for use next f alL By joining the Mexican Hunting Association, you receive monthly information that is valuable through the entire hunting season. Sept I through Feb. 23. It is well to plan now on what you want to do. Regardless of bow you get a permit, there are rules , , ,, at both June and Fowler, 41 going on 50, had capped mountains. Mt Saa is excellent, an fa- gleam in his' eye as he and Antonio, Old BaMy (eL 10,- cflities operating. us contemporaries logged 064") in the San Gabriel ip after lap during the Anels' conditioning program. " L i s t e n to these kids moan," drawled the Hummer, tacular even without trees SHE'S WELL EQUIPPED Gail Cooper shows what the modem diver will wear if she wants to talk to other divers beneath the water--the new Bendix "waterconT com- ir.unication devide which is being shown at the Southern California Boat Show at Pan-Pacific Auditorium this week. With this device, Gail can talk to divers 100 yards away. Midwinter Regatta Lures More Than 500 in 66 Classes r . I for Bristol. A fleet of more than 500'nual Midwinter Regatta inj · boats in 66 classes will take Long Beach and Los Angeles Baseball Still Fun to Fowler By ROSS NEWHAN I '.T SIM wmr P A L M SPRINGS -- Art -By E»ther*nnt Foreigneri to Southern Cal-: now ia effect including lodg- ifornu dropped into the pres- mg. two meals a day and at summery scene shU astounded to see towering' tickets, rates are also avail- above them three giant snow-j g^jjj,- COLLEGE BASKETBALL \/*f m. Unlvmltv raclr* JJ, OtraK t\. SI tonavmhrt 7* ·Jotra Dam. K. lorv JX I LaSan« to, Camilla n. ViTtiMi* 71. Tr-»» 47. ·. _ KKiS». V wm v»-«'«j« n. tMovftM 14. «. franc* Iff) M. II. Ffanc» l«Yj 41, COT R phi. U. «X JMivnU CL M. - r«m Sa. Ouwtt adlrv W. Morn O "* Mrv K, CM. W«s 4 JM. H timra. ·». St.' Jonoa-l (l akA*. tX. 72. «sH 47. . Ttd (lnd.1 . , 7. 4 47. ] 4t. 1 * HIGHLIGHTS Mountains, and San Jacicto Ur.iw*t» it Pacific Oavt lt« totrt*: 27 «nr ·%. torn. ·** H » WCAC ««. TH«C *otr» Cam..rra/lan !t »otr» Cam. la yodiRi a* von sUiwiN twr iutltr. Larrr · iboon, TMa a *. tm» M Mar an* tmvlvlik Si Witt late" an«1 . ik (eL 10,831-) in the San JSU.'SM, JS '^t^^S'^SH "lounviu..: r«, into Mountains are spec-V'JSf^S^rAfS^ » ftfeLW.7s? nl^v *^*«,« ^xHfVrs,!* * - -- -- - ' - -^^1 *- anowpaB ai^^K Ki_irain· 4^ ·:» n eolnll. participating in his 20th pring training .camp. "I'D lave to carry most of them 0 the dubious e." At aa age w h e n mo st men are satis- 'ied to ^con- Ine their ath-! etics to a set o f b r i d g e . Fowler drives 1 i m s e I f through a daily Lhree-hour workout ia an effort to extend a career which began in 1941 at a whistle stop named BristoL kids, aarv · tJi*nc* iftnctf md blossoming beneath them. All three can be seen at once from many Southern California vista and provide a memorable scene. Nestled ^{,5*^ about at lower elevation* lo- mmpjnW cal ski areas offer good skiing »^^; sa j 'on snow captured Sundayjew »*V ; iover the San Bemardino'y«i.».." ' Mountain areas of Ridge. Moonridge, Snow Sum- Snow Forest Green Valley and Snow Valley. At Big Bear a mid-week ski plan isj iif^wii," «tt*_~"ilfr'irfic»lTMari'd "ta«l Fn4 l»^» St J - l v . . - _ - L - - - ' *__, c i*n^.i WatatOowv Wtiili tncouriip..._ _,,..., -- ^_ . ^ _ ,.],, af*«nd Wljf kttvf HBCm Wlf* · Tl 4i no9 mrrr fcajru * ·UVta «££! rr^^MLKUUlIt wn^ »_ i»i~,v«r""' -'r Rebel Onrmac Korac Combina* Team irttmfccr wiB b* to cfcaro.. Atom. Maactowi «ff*ri · mldwct*. k"S-T«-l" _·«*«««- ** pv«r Miami, NM STATE tor (fi flnrf Waslungton's HR Heals Trojans, 6-4 -j«. f n M B h n "A three-run home'r by «aiTvTMn^*!.3evmi*«r.;former Trojan Kenny Wash- i"ev to t«isa" t oWj a urn-day'ington gave the Dodgef AI1- -- -- ,,,,..-,,» ,,,.!. ski ^Irtiooi, «id toad for^Stars a 6-4 victory over USC school sessions have certified | S^X^^T-i"t5 J f'iS^ l Wednesd^ y . ; instructors. jSr.WSTri.SlS!!, Sd"JS^?S» t K v£~J^!?L -- S Ea* £? ' ' Mt Baldy with only two^JSifvaiw » u.. !*»·· tW,,i ~~"~ '" ~' :w inches will ooerate Sat-i!!2.S.t?*'*" S'Jt* ·M.JStiiJ c« to set my own pace, but the! Mt Waterman with day this game ceases to be en- new inches will operate joyable ·wfll be the day I ; urday and Sunday, quit*" Ridge with six new is operat- r In th. 1«U WIn!«r Olvirjtlo Zimmerman. Peof L.itr-er of Austria and Vratka'^ ranc *^av« v 'turnr4 pr» and Bra *la*rt to arrlva. Zimmerman, landau and ifiw'eH all won Bold mtdara durini tttt Winfw " . .. t.. .."i. Olvmoiex | ing daily. Holiday HiH re- i«nmenn*a finished erst * »». dowvl THERE ARE more than 20|ceivcd four to five, BIue;j»iij^»'«|^ K fu^ i 5oid^»?3' f w^ pitchers in the Angels'camp Ridge six. both operating'tor »» siaiom Vii«. ir 't. itp,r rn '*ni»rt . , l _ i -, t . *r- tt « * . | arncna fi9 tap it M tta csmBincd Aivlnt attempting to hasten that daily; but Table Mountain »*«», «««» ~ -- ~ - - . . - . . day. with five new won't operate "They'll have a hell cf a until it receives more. Mtla . . job getting this suit,"' ex-;Pinos offers cross country 3um «S/id" claimed Fowler, whose 1963 skiing and snow play. *JSfari aroiu.. record would indicate that! June Mountain received 6-8 j*al? u £ ^^Ai^ftSS^^ffSS K We does indeed begin at 40. | inches new over 2VJ-3H feet gfft SSTrS ff a " Called on 57 times. Fowl eri The "Never on FridayTM dub 1 KSiwSS'c'iirowV recorded a 5-3 mark withes among last week end's eight saves: His er.a. of 2.43,visitors reporting lift lines! was his best since the day he, short cr non-existent June's left Converse, South Carolina. $59 mid-week ski package is *** · tTM. DO YOU HAVE e CAMPER or TRAILER? IF SO PU · »· rt. »-HCHJl SPEIO COAT UAU.THON o. rt. COLCU.DO RIYTI, Nir r.ri- ' . STAt At: MIRAIESTE SHORES TRAILER PARK f KCtritnt V.«w Bt ItKC. VCKOfl*b!« RITL N9 Rnvrvctwms Kcc»urY. i JUL. Norn or Parker M M'Wiv S. For InformotToB Coll MRS. EARL TE 2-89fl* :o the briney in the 35th an-!Harbors Friday, Saturday and Oceanside Surf Meet Scheduled Sunday. Largest winter yacht racing event in the world, the Midwinter is annually staged by Southern California Yachting Assn. The weekend competition will be hosted by Alamitos Bay Yacht Club. Long "MAN, I DID.VT even work hard last year. The most I ever pitched was five or six inning; Why. that's not even worth the walk from the bull-'chinson's "lungs are clean," Hulch News 'Encouraging' SEATTLE (AP--Fred Hut- pen." a hospital spokesman s a i d Besides raising quail and ( Wednesday as the manager pheasant. Fowler spent the of the Cincinnati Reds made winter helping his brotherjplans to J o i n his baseball build a house and working^team for spring training next! Beach Yacht Club, Los An- out with the Converse High week in Tampa, Fla. geles Yacht Club and Cabrillo'basketball team. There still is a deformity," The Oceanside Chamber of Beach Yacht Club. | They had an oxygen tank^said the hospital report; but Commerce NO LIUIT · NO RESERVE Bankrupt RUCTIOIl ' I] Orte *i *· Him. . 1'llYir. II'I-M r: fcmrt JL «. S»: 1750.00C.M Hr*LUATlON Mijor FABKICAT1NC A AIR COND'G Pl»t iiLDRAYER. HANSON C iirf« FRIDAY FEB. 28 D:OO A. M. 3301 MEDFORD ST. .LOS ANGELES, CALIF. runoi mssn: »««:o lu »» oe. o HTmit IIIKII f;"ber. One handgun may be taken but it must be of 22 j'-"" caliber and no more. i** The Mexican government allows 100 shells per gun v w per trip. That means a shotgun and four boxes of shells, \* etc. I» The Mexican tourist card also Is handled by the Mexl- i J tan Hunting Association. A three-dollar card permits so many tripi per year; the five-dollar card permits you to visit Mexico as often as you like and stay as long as you Getting back to the Old Mill Motel where we were Diego. « · . « RACLNG BEGLN'S at Ala- Yacllt Oub at tarting at 8 ajn. Only the op named surfers of the Unit-j 1 States have been invited. The p a r t i c i p a n t s were' mi ' t ~j chosen by a committee cfex-j I(h30 ajn Saturday ,,, the pert* who will also act a* the; j^^ course and |1:30 ^ judges They are John Sever-1^ xeaa racin g course _ Sttn . son, of Severson Productions ^ j^flYC Surfer Magazine); Hobie Alers, Hobie Surfboard; Dam lanson, Hanson Surfboards; 1 "^ · i.' * you can beat such a price. It's real living! ^ . . - · * * * OUTDOOR PERSONALS--The Sportsmen'* Council £tt California and the Southern Council of Conservation ^'Chibs. at'a joint meeting in Santa Barbara, decided to ·*' ask the government to enlarge the San Rafael Wilderness "·" Area to 110,000 acres, as proposed by the US. Forest Service. The proposal also would embrace the improvement of the existing road along Sierra Madre Ridge from Bates . Canyon to a pnint at the easterly end of Santa Barbara ; Rrtrero (about 14 miles). Enlargement cf the area would afford more protection to the only home of the California ( condor, largest bird that flies. ' President Johnson has proclaimed the week of June | 2S as National Safe Boating Week. That's certainly a good , time to give boating a test. School win be out and entire famines really living it cp on the water. Correction department In a recent column about the Long Beach Sportsman's Club I wrote that Dick Henson had received the Schenley award as the club's outstanding member. That was true, but the award was for 1963. Cecil (Bush) Bfcmenstein was the outstanding member in 1963 and got the same perpetual trophy. (Aside to Bush--Sorry I goofed. Nobody in that dub could be more deserving of such an award than you). United Surf Meet Saturday and regist(:red frora a$ flr ' unday at the OceansMe Pier.' aj 53., F ranc jsco south to iw ' Drk - ni Ititk lo ..^-__ _. . -- ^_i_. .1.- · " at 1230. Beach Yacht Club . lenry Ford, J a c o b s Surt-TM n sta « saUinsl , i ^ £° wer boards; Jim Graham, P r e s i - , 1 ncu « »' dent of the Long Beach Surf ^ *** Club, and Phil Edwards, rec-,^ to _ " ognized as the world's surfer. Sunday. Ca- Y t d 1 Los Angeles Yacht Club Listed below is the sched-^rts it, ocean racing sched- Friday, and Sunday. Inside classes sailin, at ule of ei'cnts for this end: Movfc by Bruce Brow^'BarViAEYC include Lido 14 "A. 1 foot Adventure", Oceanside "B." *nd Jr, Mctcalf, Lehman Community Center. (". Penguin^ R II, Sabotiers Saturday--8 a^n. S e n i o r Sabot I. Sabot II, and Wind men's division; 8:45 am. Junior men; 930 a.m. Women, and 10:15 a.m. Mixed tandem. S u n d a y -- 8 a.m. S e n i o r the Hummer, it added; uui I showed the kids a fewj -it looks very good; very moves. That game's too much encouraging. "| "We have been unable to. hogs." Determine the point of origi- * * * * .nation. The tumor is in his' THE RESULT cf all this right chest extending i n t o 1 winter activity is a stoutlyjthe neck above the collar- trim Fowler. bone." "I feel better right now! than I have at any time in] Fishing Facts the last six years. I can still, M taa ^_ n ^ m , tert throw strikes and that's why --~" ' - - ' they pay me. OBI. f* I II* M a^n. I · t. Bi*iMA Ho. 4^ii OBI. I*"" I 29" «4 1^0. S » : EH 1 MPIHElua OH. JI-C3' «rt · u 3 1 p . : o ttMiona «.. II CBI. « ' « li-M.-ni. Jij i .« mi «»»T »OK. CUUTTTT Or BIFI x HIT CnditBW! Ki«iActimi(. MITU JHtUi IOOSE SKtPirr *aM ' ' " SUXTAd CRIIIDCX: SHATtlt IA7MC: tunte t CMJI lasTS; nan rcr " VU1 CUHX UJOUTOtT IIO I « COMHIIOHIK TUT [QUirBHT; sni w ·Si: i »t ITS r.«, 30 D fun ««if. ·injruruiiiie surnn am ·«- rai«iSi ium.ex rawum. n». . TUU KUDOS: finn. STM. 1 W0« ««^ TOO. Ctlk OTTICC. IV e. ryimj (in. i «- SKCROH, Diwrmc E^iirncir. ·This is a funny business,taVffii 'rto'U* when jt« reach my age. UTM?^,,*^. , j-ou're 30 and get hit they,!*TM"} fj; say you've just had a bad d3y.f*»"A a If -ou're 40 and get hit they | say you're finished. *I wonder how many times I they've called Warren Spahn | finished." J Writt for Dcsrriptivt BrocluLrt · MILTON J.WERSHOW CO., Auctioneers Tic SIittSitptcttiKimi * tit Auction Fitld , 7211 VEUtOSC IVt, LOS ANCCUS «. CAUTORNU · WI »I!7I In »· No.-w,it 2133 S «T. Tf.h Avl. Gty League Basketball ward. Outside classes are PC Rhodes, Dragon, P2S, Folk-j boat. Star. Fin. International IIO and 14, Snipe. National, V JL Pmlaf (0) laofitf C O.-. » Cra-a C Knot tn±n; 8:45 a.m. Junior men; .Skimmer and Cal 20. 930 am. Women, and IMS; . . . . am. Mixed tandem. New Fishing Pier Slalr (1 for \ r cnicc An $874.000 contract Drivers, 26 lo 50, Cause Most Boating Accidents build a public fishing pier at'rigger. Kite, MultihuJl Arbi- the foot of Washington Elvd.|trary. in Venice has been awarded i Long Beach Yacht Qub to Peter Kiewit Sons" Com- racing win include aU power pany of Arcadia. boat entries as weQ u sailing , S.AIUNGCBYC waters will,T ; ( be Frying Dutchman. Thistle.! £ Omega, Super Satellite, Light- J^^-(ring. LOA 17, Geary 18, SEA, *%*$. J Mercury, Victory, Enterprise; ~ to, Pacific Cat Malibu Out. iAilrv (ta G Cchon ffil L VA. HospTal tubs: rnoft (7), fart 14). Is* Baptist r*: Kr'nmar. m. ,,, »T21 10 _ CS) ft^iraefc m u, .IV 1 Approval of the ' contract classes II 23, Schock 25, Cal X-jS, was ghen by California's; 24, L 24, Midget Ocean Rac- WildJife Conservatkw Boarding, Luders 16, Rhode* 19, What group cause* most tion is the State cf California and the Los Angeles City^ectra, Triton, Cal 2S, Co- tnSS'm 5 ' Co- £ ni . :nrr C) lit ntura rt rrv rm (t'^jSJ b o a t i n g accidents? Teen-marking system, which has Recreation and Parks Com-.Iumbia 23, Challenger, ageri? Retired people? Inex-'been adopted by a number of mission, the two agencies lumbia 24 and Thunderbird. perienced newcomeri? lother states. |»hich are financing the pro}- Los Angeles A c c o r d i n g to 'Safety' "Safety Afloat" contains ( ect with matching funds. jwill host Ocean Racing Di- Afloat," the newly revised futures not usually found in booklet just released by Mo- »'«y booklets, such as a sec- .Marine Rrscarcll bil Oil Company's Marine. 1 *** on anchoring; another on /-,,,,,,, Ti r .ll W**t R e t a i l Department, most emergency drills for man I.TOlIp III JlCf I boating accidents are caused overboard; fire and shipwreck,] J 1 * Marine Research cora- visions "A" 1 and "B," Cal 32, ... .... ro S!roaj't« rn ·attr m Srn»ma?«r rm W-r Tanr»r |T7) Swart ri rn. Trairnr (5*. rm Karavm rri m-rn rm ECONO-CAR RENTAL SYSTEM DEALERSHIPS AVAILABLE REPRESENTATIVES OF AMERICA'S FOURTH LARGEST AUTO RENTAL SYSTEMS ARE NOW IN LONG BEACH TO MEET WITH APPLICANTS ; THIS IS A REAL OPPORTUNITY FOR SOMEONE TO GET IN ON THE GROUND FLOOR OF A GROWTH INDUSTRY WITH A COMPANY THAT IS INCREASING IS BUSINESS BY 1SV. MONTHLY. I If-t^ 3 per I24r. prriatf 14 M per 24r. PCC, Cat (over 24), K40, L 36. Ocean Racing "C* and' D," Cal 30, Feather, I 32,! by operators from 26 to 50»nd · pre cruise safety check, mitte* will m«t at 10 a .m. cap yearsci age. il«t. |Friday, VUrch 6. at th* Fish- Schooner, and Pacific Handi-| f- J. V ^ ~ - A ·· ··W *nA ·¥"« !.» MobiTi 20-page booklet wUl help any boatman improve his| -Safety Afloat' rruy be oV ermen's Cooperate Associa- ' ' at Mobil marine deal- tion. Berth 73. Fishermen's -y tnd ^c, THE NATIONAL Drag Boat Assn. will host a lineup of Tnrawc* ra - nun on *r*-t 'O C31 . I. iam«riv *«ra*iimtl%n IFampt f*l knowledge cf inch things as'«, "»«t boating ihowi or by Wharf, San Pedro. Among] ]a j {,,,(, tt su l »^ " 1 waterway markers, rules of .writing to Mobil Tourfcg Serv- agenda items wia be the road. Coast Guard re- *'. Mobil Oi! Company, 150°" acinovy stocks o.. ~, ijuJrezents, first aid, and al! E- 42nd SL, New York I7.;fo"ua and Baja California. , most *U other safety subjects N.Y. OC^T IVT* Importtat to boatmen. | boL WlllllCrS The section on buoys and T rol il PlniltS waterway markers is printed *»»'"«· * ««"» Ja the true coJori of the mirk- 1 -"· f»**** « »*».·*«««»» er«. Boatmea may wish to paste it on · sheet of plywood'c^S,* ready reference. A new addition to this Calif, Sunday. *a.lay nn Featured attraction wfll be ·St.S'V 9 »* |a *w »sc" \y '" » .« f.*,".'" i attempt of two Southland ?r3*"rm ra I women to be the first 1 to ex-.v^ii-' r*" ceed 100 nph. Roberta NJch-'!^, 1 ^^ ^'o!s of Tomnce win drive the) ,, 2 blown fuel · powered Pontiac ffiT SM An A^fl^n. laTilT't. 'T°S lip* of Inglewood """ ' blown gas ?. "*« %1 T- prs-ered hydro "Mixed -Witch." and Vi Pha- "SW »:«-*, pilot r t(r ! .·. kalJbu*. and ttfbv J. · *" ^^Zf.lrtJ.^ri?"-"**'*'**' ·J* J-.-^V't. P' JK*T^*»- · x '-*-· »·*.*«« tn. Orjno* lh»"«ti t. HERE'S WHAT ECONO-CAR HAS TO OFFER: · LOWEST DAILY RENTAL CAQQ ^ ef aay satioBwide jprem; this law renfd *T K ** ** »·· price Uchdes free delhrery, gas, oil, i«- ' soroace, moiattBooce. · THE GREAT CHRYSLER LINE FINE AUTOMOBILES INCLUDING ? VALIANTS. PLTMOUTHS. DODGES. CHRYSLERS - · UNIQUE ECONO'GAR FINANCE PLAN '' OUR AMAZING PLAN GIVES THE DEALER ALL THE CARS HE NEEDS WITHOUT FINANCE PROBLEMS. ' · UNBEATABLE INSURANCE PROTECTION : THROUGH OUR NATIONAL FLEET COVERAGE CONTRACT ' EACH DEALEX (AND HIS CARS AND CUSTOMERS) IS INSURED COMPLETaT AT RATES IMPOSSIBLE TO MATCH. · COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING PROGRAM DEALERS LEARN EVERY FACET OF THE IUSINESS FROM SKILLED AND EXPERIENCED MARKETING AND ADMINISTRATIVE EXECUTIVES. STEP IY STEP GUIDANCE AND COUNSEL ASSURES DEALERS SUCCESS. · NATIONAL ADVERTISING ' IM PLAYBOY. ESOUIRE. LIFE. HOLIDAY. COSMOPOLITAN. VENTURE. :.M'£5T^[£.NT VARIES DlfESDlXG tTO.V AKIA IXVOIVID. FOR AN IMMEDIATE APPOINTMENT CALL I. SHAYNE · LAFAYETTE HOTEL HEmlock 5-5681 : titc*t;,t oircit: 121 wt*r,tu *,t, rratitti. HJ. t

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