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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Friday, January 23, 1920
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JAN 241820 VOLUME 17. Carbondaie—"Athens of Egypt" CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS; FRIDAY, JAN! 23 1920 : • • . ' > "' • ' • " . - " • Word- has been received, that • -. TJ. S. Senator- Mediil MoCormick of -Illinois will' address the Farn> ers' Institute, t'o be held here Feb. 18th, 19th and 20th, according to an announcement today by J. P. •Gilbert here vice . president of the Institute. A telegram' was received from Senator stating he would 'be in Carbondaie •and address. the meeting Feb. 19th. With Senator McCormick's acceptance to speak at the meeting •here, .'officials 'of. the instittite are further elated;- for a record success of. the meeting. With the .ad-. ditionj of the (Illinois senator's : name to the program of speakers, including G-bv. ' Lowden~ and Miss Jane Addams, indications point ' to ever growing prospects £or one . o£ the .greatest, affairs ever -.held in. Carbondaie. , . . PLANS AFOOT WOULD HAVE MASONS auV CITY HALL City Council Has Not Acted on Proposal—Possibility of Knight Templar Commandery Here Connected With Contemplated Plan-Member of Council Believes City Would Favor Holding HalL—Is More Than -Half • Paid For Now—State.P ; ays.City/$100^a Month For • MIITT.IJI •••.-'. • . •••>.,• NUMBER 88-.. Militia. i- A .'plan is : in. process o£ contempla-' tion, •which would provide for the purchase of the city hair from the city by- the Masonic, lodge.. This is said to have originated . with the possibility, of . Carbon.dale securing a command- ery of the' Knight Templars, a part of the Masonic lodge. No action has been taken in the inatter by the city council. The proposition at present is only Under con-" teraplation," arid the'council has not thus -far taken, the-.matter 'up. A. mem- ber of the- council speaking this morning, said this indicated proposal in- vplved sp much thought and consideration that considerable time would be required to decide. .Although he beliey- ed the council would favor holding the hall for the city, being half-paid for and the state paying $100 a month tor interChurch World :Mpye- ; :ment Launched^, in Soiith-' j ern,. Illinois .For ' More* r -EquitaMe Distribution of 6 ; Churches — 1 . . . — •. v -———.»** ^wi wnne the use of .the^-armory. This is used now'are for payments on the the city. . churohe , There are also ..prospects of the'state! passing a-bill for compensation for! .- From and Add to Some Vinites. . .That- the churches may .mot dissipate their energy uselessly fighting' each other's denomination,, .and . a more equitable distribution of churches; 'whhere were too many denominations' : m ° re :' where a'.lacfof are ' B ° me <* ' militiamen. __ Grand Tower Persons Charged With Taking Coal From R. R. Cars CARBONDAIE KNIGHT TEMPLAR COMMANDERY DEEMED A CERTAINTY -_ BRIDGES ROBBERS #OT FOUND Bryan's train brought an even, dozen Grand Tower citizens to Murphysboro Thursday morning and to Justice of the Peace W.'E. Roberts' court where they were to. stand trial on charges of stealing cpal from Illinois Central cars in their home .city. The charges-were made by railroad Special Officer- Aay- The dozen men declared that they were net guilty at ster.l'ng coal. 'Deputy Sheriff A. G. Davis went to Grand Tower Wednesday afternoon and served the warrants. He also arrested two more Grand Tower men charged with disturbing the peace. Another citizen of the town stated that someone threw rocks through his Proposition Now Rests With Grand State Commander • —He Grants Dispensation to Confer Degrees and Reviews Evidence For Location. That in'Uaroonaaie will be organized a Commandery of Knight Tem- plars of the Masonic lodge, seems a practical certainty, although local' Knight Templars and other Masons here, endeavoring to secure the com- mandery, are riot inclined to feel certain of the victory. . .What -was.believed'to .have.been'a trace itf persons" connected with the Bridges store robbery Monday night, j today resulted after investigation of the police to have lent: no evidence as to the guilty thieves. The. police are watching the least suspicious evidence in the case.. ' * \ POULTRY SHOW CLOSESJERE TODAY Final Exhibition of Birds—Many Priz- , es on by Local Exhibitors. .Today marked .the-Jinal ^howingi of the birds at the poultry exhibition held The written.consent of all the eom-1 at the Armory this week, nvander.iess—whose. ..territory" adjoins j ' -Krank - -Smith,- who ; was - awarded Carbondaie, must be secured by the" grand champion female bird in the city which desires a. Commandery. Car- Rhode Island Red class, purchased LUO.L BUUlKUllt; LtlltJW lUUMb LlliUU^l] ills, . . ' t-~-~..~.j^Li windows and he., suspected the two | bon<lale as al '"eady. secured- he con- frrfni Frank Lee of Pittsburg, a pen men an.-i liled complaint against them. Wednesday Club Women . on Interesting Topic The Wednesday Club met Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. A. Patterson, on- South Washington avenue, with a good attendance. The topic of the jafternoon was "The .Present Day Writer." Mrs. Kimmel gave an interesting book review on "A Woman's Woman," - by Melba Bartley. The book is an- up to date story dealing with woman anrl th'u .home problems and the 'way in making the .home .the most noble mission in life. . A talk on "New War Literature" was made by'Mrs. Reef. Mrs. Schuette gave a pap'er, on "The . Magazine as an Educator." The hostess served a. delightful luncheon of chicken salad, cranberry jelly, hot biscuits, cake with whipped cream arid coffee. Those present were: Mesdatnes 3d Beef, F. -Schuette, N. H. Dowdell; A. D. Brubaker, J P. Gilbert, Ernmett Harris, Frank Meyers, Elizabeth Entsminger, J. W. MtiKinney, F. H. Colyer, S/S. Kimmel. T. B. F. Smith and H. W. Patterson, Miss Martha Buck and MisK.Anne McOmber. sent of the Mt. Vernon, Metropolis, of ;T)iack Orpingtons, •\includin 1 g- the Cairo and Centralia. The certainty ot | grand champion male bird of the show. ENTERTAINS AT BUNKO PARTY Mrs. Lester Hayton entertained a company of friends at a buriko party at her home on North Springer street Wednesday afternoon. , . • The games were followed >by_ light refreshments.. The guests were: Mesdames : Loyd v'Brad'ley, Markam Poole, Elmer Beasley, Frank .Dubbs, Ralph " Hamilton. Louis J. Hills, Sam Patterson. Jack Snider, . Claude 'Phillips, Howard Mountain and Cecil Bass. the proposition now rests with the grand state corumandev, L. L. Emmerson, secretary o£ state. His approval is • regarded largely a matter of form. A committee will visit the office of Sec retary Emmerson soon. With' the state grand 'commander's approval, he.grants a dispensation for the Carbondale' Commandery to confer degrees and do the work-. 'Then with the meeting of. grand: lodge officials, they will review the evidence requesting-a commandery here. 'This meeting will be about the middle of the year Tentative officers elected' for the local commandery are: Emminent Commander—I. J. Van Buskirk. .-..•. Generalissimo—J. A. Weaver. . Captain General—Cihas. Easterly. Treasurer—Dr.-H..C. Mitchell. : Recorder—:C. S. Scott. ' Wardens—T. C. Ellis and *Ezra Holmes. " , The commandery will be' the'Jack- son Commandery. : > The territory covered in the jurisdiction of this commandery takes :ii' all -the principal towns of this end of the state, including Anna, Jonesboro, Murphysboro, Pinckneyville, Du- Qnoim, Marion, Johnston City, Herrin and Carterville' and all intermediate villages and country adjacent to these towns which in population arid area will give the C'arbondale Commandery the largest territory and largest population to draw from of any command- ery • in Southern Illinois. GIVES DINNER PARTY Smith refused $50 for his grand champion hen and $75 for a. male .bird. Another interesting fact was a report "from J. W. Bildcrback, breeder of the White Wyandott;e,- who sold $100 worth of eggs yesterday. Lorimer Brandon also made an exceptionally good 'showing . 'of Rhode • Island Reds. . ... "Raising chickens is America's largest industry, says the Poultry Tribune'. "There is no greater money maker in. the world today than . the patient American hen., Over 50,000,000 crates of eggs are sold yearly. According to the 'government reports, egg' and poultry learnings for one year are over one billion of dollars." '.-''. The following is ' a comparison of the poultry and egg- earnings with other industries: . •! Poultry, $1,087,998,853. Gold, silver, sheep and wool, ?1,080,800,000. • .Cotton, $1,079,598,000. Wheat, ?1,025,765,000. . ' Hogs, $791,242,000.. . -Oats, 656A79.000. Potatoes, $417,063;000. Tobacco, $169,008,000. 'World, '' in which representative's'of .'Southern. .Illinois counties, met "here yesterday'at the Roberts Hotel.'-' This is.part of the state and nation move* ' ment to bring about a harmony among 36. denominations,, protestants, • look- ing'to a more efficient. soeial'agericy in the church. ,' - ' ''. . | • In some counties it was brought'out at the meeting yesterday,"" twice 'as many churches existed as there were .need for. .While in some sections an insufficient number were found. l4 is proposed in the movement to work out a plan in which 'churches iriay be equitably, distributed for a .better'per^ formance of duty. Also to end .foolish competition of d-enominations. ' R..H. M. Augustine,' state supervisor, presided at the meeting. , •'• •Following • representatives' wer,e present: 'Jackson. County—Rey., C. Henley; co.unty . leader, Rev. A. L. Markham, Rev: R. Hohman, Rev. R. Frank Mitchell, Rev. H. T. Abbott, of .Murphysboro; Rev,- A. jC..,Geyer,,-.Rey., J. W. Merrill, Rev. Duncan 'MacFarlane, Rev..W F. Eagleson, D. D.,of Carbondale;~Rev: T; HVEvaris;"Av'a: ' •' " Perry County—Rev. -J. W. A. Kini- som, county leader;' 1 Rev. M. M. Maxton, of DuQuoin; Rev: T. G: Brasher, of Tamaroa. Randolph County—Rev. E. F. Gray, •county leader, Chester. Franklin County—Rev. Geo. R. Good-; mani,' Benton; Rev. T. B. Elmore, i Christopher. •"~-"-*-"-'-^" vj - >-'«•.-*-*vycjio- \^LLf*nLtj*;i. • , oi .Commerce at Egyptian HusflerlMeeting, Here Takes Up sDiseus- :si6ho£Country's Economic, Educational and Spciit- Piroblems—Broad arid E nlightening —'Dates iFor • Hiistlers Convention Here : Set For June 10, 11 and! 12. "•''..••'•-•'•: Entertain Past Matrons . , of Eastern Star Mrs. J. W. AKKinney and .Mrs. C. R. M'effert were hostesses to the past Matrons of .the Eastern: Star at 12 o'clock dinner yesterday, at the McKin- ney'home on West Elm street • .Misses Dforothy Meffert arid Margaret Fox assisted' in serving. After-dinner they spent'.the afternoon in a social "way with a few contests. -...-. 'The invited -guests were Mesdames i -."~ m ui^u sucois wej.e iTiesuames 1 F. M. Findlay, T. IB.' Harmon,' J, W ,| Crandall; R.' E. Bruges, Minor Me Cracfc'en, Hofet. B. Earn, 1 Carrie Neftz .ger, Frank Legg, C. B. Bennett,-Lizzie Toler, :ahd .Dr., Laura.-Swar'tz, MJss'es Mary M. SteagaliLaCene Black and Kate Chapman. . • . : The out of town guests; were .Mrs.J. G. W'arriecke "of Centralia, and Mrs Hazel Jackson, of DuQuoin. * .Dates for the annual convention of th'e Egyptian- Hustlers, an organization of traveling "men: wi'o trayelin Southern Illinois, were set-last night at the annual mid-winter nieeting'here at "the/ Elks home. The' dates for the convention are June"10th, llth,''and 12th. In addition committees were appointed' for the Hustlers to make arrangements. for~the meeting arid'-'loca committees appointed, in a sort o skelton 'form to appoint inore loca committees:to inake arrangements fo the meeting-locally. -. -,...• -. - To Be Largest Meet Yet. The ^meeting, to be Tield here in June will, be the largest Egyptian, Hustler meeting' : ever'held. More en thusiasm and pep is being put into it for the meeting here than any ; ye held. At present more than 300 iueni bers have already paid up their .dues and indications are by the'time thi held from .80Q!.to. 1000 wil be members.of the organization. This, is a record 1 membership and'means-a record attendance and activity. Frank C. Bastin, secretary is putting everj effort among traveling, nien to make this a record meeting and-at the s-' T:irheVnaa:"th'e' 'ad.vantage' of ; doiig'w€ in Oar.bondale looking forward to-the meeting, being located .-here.; Good Attendance Last Night. ^he attendance o£, traveling men awl members of the,Egyptian Hustlers last .night was one of the largest mid- winftr sessions held in many years,.in fact since the organization, and every indication pointed to a record meeting, taking as-criterion the interest shown. . William A. Boland, president,of .the organization, presided,, with Frank C. Bastin as secretary. Wh.en the meeting came, to order Mayor Frank C. Krysher made a short^tallr welcoming the Hustler's" the meeting here and the' prospective''meeting in June. He assured the traveling meu Carbondaie would do everything possible to make the convention a success and provide the,most cordial welcome,to those attending. With what the. mayor, said the number "of Carbondaie citizens and .business -men'present insisted, on doing likewise. All would add to the success of the meeting.' Jack's Reading .- ' Room.' • -// FOWLER'S TO OPEN FOR BUSINESS SAT. The Fowler confectionery and .candy store' will open for .business Saturday at-.nooc and the formal opening -will be.held, one day next-week, the date . not'having 'been' announced as yet. The place to open Saturday will be the one in the New Hundley building, formerly occupied by the Terpinitz confectionery. The room has been re- mocjeled and is extremely attractive. "High class of everything is ou rmot- tq," said Mr. Fowler. Mrs. J. ,H. Ridgway gave a. dinner party Wednesday evening at her home on Washington avenue in honor of her niece, Dorothy Ridgway's, ( eighth birthday for the following little guests: •Arleen and Alyrie Harrell, Irene Dillinger,. Hazel Summers, Evelyn Young,'Lena Mahaney, Aileeu Rigdon, Mabel Bisplinghoff and Clea Ridg- v.-ay, f After the dinner the children- enjoyed games and music. Dorothy.received a number of pretty and useful gifts. . • tilSfiingi.on, • Jan. i'S.—Secretary. Baker wrote Chairman Kalin of the house military committee disapproving of the promotion of Maj. Gen:'. Leonard Wood to'the grade of lieutenant general as proposed in a bill introduced by Representative Dyer (Rep.) of. Missouri. ... •••• quarters, on our new battleships, are.-more.luxurious than the of rh* tr <s' V^ °5. flft ''-y ebrs a ^°- This is a corner in the reading'room of the U. S. S. New M exi co.,A big library and complete file of current maea- rmes, as w«U as newspapers.lrom all the large-cities, Help to take, care of Jinj stormy hours when Jack may, not prefer to be on deck : . , A-eood title far this picture would be, ."Why boys -leave io^'a^ttm part of It.Is that O>ey come..back •'.--... ' . ; k ' ' ; - u - -••',: . '-•'.'.'-.'.' ; - ',--.:• : • -.•.•".':'• • ---•*»'' J f D. Dill, president of the Chamber of Commerce, was made chairman of the local committees. Other committees were appointed, also a complete list for the Hustlers themselves. : • ' Discussion, of bates. : When the question of dates'for,th^ .annual convention came up; both'the .citizens pf Carbonale and the Hustlers were anxious to meet,the requests' and conveniences of each other. This' worked : itself 6u-t'"very well after a few remarks from' the Hustlers and Carbondaie 'men, Great Address Is .Made. I . . '.•;.. " One of the-best addresses eveV heard in Caribondale/fun'of sound business reasons, and'all -that pertains'to a. better and more prosperous community, to a better citizenship, education,. America and its ideals, was .made by Dr. Harry • McKeen, field representative of the production bureau of the St.. Louis Chamber of Commerce! World Is Starving/- ' ' "Agricultural production is the thing we must have in this country. The world is now-starving. We are producing,, -as serious -us' it may seem,' less food arid clothing in.the Umited States than-We were five years ago. That is why -we 'ha've' high.' prices. . With this, farm band has jumped beyond, reach, ;he population has outgrown the ,-production and. the salvation of our'eoun- .ry is_ more production. I say -this to your traveling, -salesmen, who ^have"- a. large'influence, come-In contact with the small town l a'nd ( country..merchant and he in turn the farmer. In this 'territory 'what naakes it •'Setter ,arid High Lights in , Dr. McKeen's Addres^ "The' safety valve of America te; not in the cities and. largte-'indtis- triar centers, but .in the conservaT- tiye. country, town arid country.* -' /'We want the farmer" to get''the ' high dollar. .This, wHI. do-'us. all- good, you men the merchant .'an^ir finally St. LOUJS." • •' .-'• • '"In business, not only do we. . want to make business, bui to ' it)ake a life. To make :men. and ' women, to make an "The tragedy of Amer'i'c'a Is" our lack of education. ..The army showed 200,000 out of '2,000)000 could not read or write. • Aleo ' tha .^ .!." U tn . is country,, two-thirds/; of our children quit school" before they reach the' seventh grade. Out •of 1000 only five enter c'oH'ege. Three the second year and -only,;2 out of a 1000 graduate, -in Missouri, the state ranks second," in-. mules, but 32nd in education. . 'Communities p^y $500 or $600 a,. year for teachers for their ~chir- dren and ^ y fi , ve thousand ?o^ a• bull 'brr"pure'.:hdgi-"i:his is.-depior-f- . able. Raise the salaries of our -teachers—our-foster -parents - of America-"the school teacher. Our duty in America is the- building of men, as we'll as stock- and business. Give the wonder- ' ful youth from 17 to 21 a chance."" am-from the St. Louis Chamber ot" Commerce. -. Farming Biggest Industry. Of every dollar in the -state of Mis- sourj, 90' cents of it has its sourcev '. either directly or indirectly ini ogri- eulture.And of every.'dollar that "passes:' through St. Louis banks, 70 cents of ' it is either connected directly or indirectly with farming. . ; " -,Advertising Mail. Order. 'Weapon. It's now time; to q«jt. .cussing the. mail ordbr' iiouse. It m' be met. And by three means:. Advertising,, good roads- and good pric^ ; Adveiifs- :ng.,is'.the best method.'; 'Make.'actrer- ;isements say somethirig, "not ''Smith's . best store," "Go to Jones',--the place ' for bargains'' 7 and the. like, >ui t«It prices and'say something the public :sx riterested .In. ". - ••'•'• When Dr.'McKeen concluded *is- •• adflress it was declared the, foes.t- ever- heard'Jof its/nature, and a p'lan was:- at'iorice set afoot to, ; get Dr. McKeen. iere for the Illinois' Farmer's institute . ' o .be held here in February. .Frank . C/Bastin, l secretaryj'i of ..the '.'• association, served-a luncheon 'to the -* Hustlers and local citizens attending •; he meeting. , • ' . FLU" SET,S CHICAGO RECORD?- Twin Plagues Claim 7? .Victims in-. 24'Hours—§preads,Ou.t - in State.- ' .Chicago,. Jnn. 23:—Chicago's'2-1-hour -. InHueriza • record was shatteroci ;is the twin plagues continued --to sprc-ud-" throughout^tlie city, and'dOAvni*tT)tc reports Indicated' that the epli.lemic wm-' becoming' stale-wide. ' Two'- tliousnntf ' two hundred and twenty-six 'new cases of iriflneiijMi. and • 237.. nexy ' «ises of pneumonia .were reported', -while 4S - doiiths fron i i."pneuinoni.i nn<l 3] from- . -influenza occurred. The - number of' new cases is lii«lier than that for p.nv •Jay .of the 391S-19' opideniic . " . 'Washington, Jan. 23,—The climax of:' five war romances.'is being delayed fry fliu-.literacy test .of the iiinnisnition, laws jirevenWng .-is insiny Italian . brides-elect, from .ininiiig tlipir prospective hi)sl)anr3s, forihei- .seVvirc inon_ ' tlic house immigration eom.niitteG was-, told ,b'y\ immigration, officials. The--, women, are held'at Ellis island. The- committee .ordered a favorable .rcpprtt ;qn; a .senate 'biHi which'Would, \yaive- ''test '

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