Independent from Long Beach, California on May 17, 1957 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1957
Page 22
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Cancel A-22-INDEPENDENT le«( le«a. Call), fll. May 17. 1M7 · Lag»l Netlta · · · NOTICE of NON.RESPONSIBILITY Notice I* hereby Klven by th* un derilgned Mildred M. Dlihon, railil Inr at Mtt Monroe, LOIIL lltach 10, California, that alter tlia dale ol Jl.y IB. 1»57 *h« «lll not IM re. aponilble. for any debt*, ilahllltlei «r obllgatlona Incurred by any |*r- aona other than lirreelf. Paled Mar Id. im. Hlgned/MILDRKU M. DI8IION IMh. Nay II, 17, 18, 1M7 (Jtl-LllI. NOTICE IS hereby given thai Iht Olleclor vtf Cuitoina fur thl* dlilrlrl ha* I*- ·ued an order dated April 23, Ho7 aiithnrulr.a: Die nani« ot the ZAIU1A, ofllrlal #.'l:r.'»:], owned by tlerlyn n. Calvert, lit which Uii Angelea I* the Imine. port, to be changed to TllKMI'tAN. Wlgned/OEl'UTV COI.LKCTOn UK CU8TOMH T. W, UARK8. 1.0. Angelrn. Way 14, It, 16, 17, 1917 («)--L.H.I. Reielutlan No. WU97.C ttCSOLUTiON OP INTENTION TO LEASE SCHOOL BUILPINQ WIIK11KAS, the School Dlntrlrt will not require the nee ot Hooin «?M at 1'iilylechiiia High 8rlixil enrli Muntlay anil Wedne»tl*v fnint l-OiI p.m. ;i:U) p.m. beginning June 17, 1H7 ami ending . . ber M. IM7. bolh Imhliiv, and WIIKKKAH. II I* (he dcllra of th* Hoard of Education to rent Ilia aforeeald facility for aurh houra aa It I* not neeiled by the Dlilrlet. NOW. TlltillKroitn. HE IT HE- ROLVKD by the *ald Hoard of Ertu- ration that It declare U* Intention to offer for lea** the aforementioned family, and HM IT KUltTIIKH RESOLVED that the minimum rental which will b« accepted for the ti»a of the above loom ahall l» HI.60 for the flril u«a and Sl.fiO for each u*e. thereafter, wllli payment of ba.lo rental due In advance of delivery of poi- eeeelon of the premlM*. and HH IT KUimiEH REHOLVED that thla lra*« may be. terminated within Ilia above eiprened term hy tha giving by either party of notice tn writing, and BB IT FURTHER RESOLVED that tealed bid* iliall be received tt the regular meeting ot the Itoard of Education M 4:«) p.m. un Monday, June ID. mi and will be rolialderrd. at approximately that hour. BK IT Legal Notice ID* Board of Education to rent tht aforauld facility for auch houra u U la not needed by Hit DUtrlct. NOW. TIIKREIMnK. BB IT KB. SOLVED hy Ilia mil. lioard of Kilu- ration that It declare It* Intention to offer for lea** th* aforementioned HEBOLVED that tha minimum lental which will lie accepted for the um *hall lie IO.IU for th« llril u*e uf the Audi- lorlum, and 120.00 for each u*e thereafter, provided that none of the abova mentioned uaea exceed* 4 houra. and at Ilia rale of J2.NJ.for each hour that any of the uiea defined above extenda lieyond 4 hour*, wllli the understanding that each ti hour* of occupancy Including the time for heating ii| and preiwratlon of the *|ace *hall be deemed to be one complete u*e, and that any time beyuiid the b houra aliall con* atliute another uie. even though the of uee 1* coniecullve and continuing, and eubject to cencella- lon by either party at tha time m" ale* am determined for Ihl* ty|ia if facility by tha Jloard of "' .Ion, payment of hanlc, rental I* due In ailvanca of dellvtry of th r DESOLVED that thla lea*a m*y be terminated within the. above expreeeed term by tha Riving by either party of notice In writing, and BH IT FURTHER REBOLVED that eeali'd bid* iliall b" received ·' tha regular meellng of the Jloard o! Education at 4:UO p.m. on Monday June 10, 1917, and will t« conildfrn it by allher parly at tha rate* are determined for Legal Uotlo* n lt ty approximately that hour, and III! IT FUUTIIEK KKSOI.VKD that oral hid* will be received provided Mich oral bid* txreed by a leant 6 r i the hlghrat of tha *ah1 written proiiogal* and/or, th* Itcxi TredlnK oral hid, and 1IH IT rURTHEIi RESOLVED Iliat Ilia Aulitant Secretary le In- itructed to publlih thla rriolullon n the Long fleacli Independent n, * leie than once a week for thre jucce**lve veek* before, tile meet Ing, and to poet a ropy of *ald reaolutlon In threa public plaeta In the Dlitrlcl. and HI) IT KllHTHKn RESOLVED that the Boanl o( Education reaervei the right to reject any and all hlili and In withdraw the property from eaia ahould It deem *uch action lor the he«t public Inlereit, IN WITNESS OP TIIK ADOP T1ON OK Till! KOIIRGOINO RK8O LUTION by a vule In ure*. of 2/3 of all memhcra of till* Hoard, we, lit member* of «urh lioard, prepenl that oral hid* liiall tit received prn- vldeo. ench oral bid* exceed by *l leant »% tht hlgheit of tht Mid written proponala anil/or tht next preredlnir oral bid. and 118 If FURTHKR RK80LVKD that th« Aulilant Secretary In In- ·Irurted lo |iubllih thla molutlon In tht iMnt llearli Independent not lr-i« than once a week for three turceaalv* week* before the inett Ing, and tn poit a copy of aald resolution In three public pltcea In the District, and BB IT niRTIlKR RESOLVED that tht lioard of Education reeerve* the right to reject any and all hidi and lo withdraw the property from lea»t ahould It dttm *uch action foe th* he*t nubile Interest. IN \HTN t nubile KSC of . th. adoption of R*.olutlon No. 051357-B RESOLUTION OF INTENTION TO LEASE SCHOOL BUILDING WHEREAS, the School Dl.trlct will iiot require the uie of Bungalow* No*. :6 and 27, at the 1'rljk School, each Sunday from 8!UO a.m. th* foregoing resolution by a vote In excet* of 2/3 of all membera of thla lioard. we, the membera of euch Board, present ani voting theraon. have hereunto ael our h. thla 1.1th day of May, 1951 BOARD OF EDUCATION OF TUB LONO BKACII --'-. SCHOOL DISTRICT OP I.OB ANfJELES COUNTT. CAMr-ORNIA W, II, BOTI i. jt. BREWER M. A. DUNCAN ELIZABETH HUDSON DWIOIIT ' SIHWOItTII pub. May 17, 2i, 31.1SS7 CH--L.I1.I. Rlltlutlgn Nt, -WI357.A RISOLUTION OF INTENTION TO LEASE.SCHOOL BUILDING WHEREAS, the nchooi Diitrln will not require tht unt n( the Auditorium each Hunday from 8:30 a.m. to 13 Noon and from n-10 p m. to H:0fl p.m., at tht Htare King flchnol, beginning June It 1957 and ending Heplember It, 1557, bolh Incluilvt, ftnd \V1IKRKAS. U I* the deilrt «f ind voting thereon, 't our hand* till* 13 1957. have hereunto of BOARD OP KDUL'ATION ( I F TIIK LONG IIKACII UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT OK 1.0.1 ANr.KI.E8 COUNTY, CALIKOIIN1A W. II, UOYD I. II, BHK.VVKn . M'. A. DUNCAN EI.I2AHKTH HUDSON DWIOIIT C 8IOWORT1! Pub. May 17. H, 31,1957 (3D--L.II.I. to noon, heglmilnn June 19, , IS!.; «nd .rrllng September IS. 1«57, ioth Inclusive, and WHKUKAH, It la tha tlji'v.i ··! a Hoard oi Tducatlnn to rent tht etiald bMnffvi.jw* for *uch hour* aa tlicy ar not nt«dtd by tha Die trlct, NOW, THEREFORE, bt It resolved by tht tald Board ot Education that It declare It* Intention to offer for leattt the aforementioned Mingalnwa, and · BH IT FURTHER RESOLVED hat the minimum rental which will e accepted for the u*t thall be tlO.Ul lor Hie flret u»e, and 110 Kl or each u*e thereafter, provided lh of facility by the Hoard of Edu lion, Payment uf lia*lo rental due. In advance of delivery pf I ""'"'"". "_"..._ BB80LVE that thla lea** may be terminal wllhln tha above upre**ed term the Riving by either party of not In writing, and BH JT FURTHER BEHOLVB that *ealed bid* ihall be. received the regular meeting of the Hoard Education at 4:UO on Monde June in, 1957, and will be. com ered at approximately that Loi and UH IT nmTHER RESOLVE that oral blda will b* received pi vlded euch oral hide exceed hy lea*t 1% the hlgheit uf Ilia *a written propoial* and/or tha ne Preceding oral bid. and BB IT XUimfEH RB80LVF that tha Aulitant Secretary be. itriirUd to pulillih thl* reaolull In the Long Jleach Independent n le*a than once a week for thr ·ucceielve week* before the me Ing, and to po.t a copy of the la reiolutlnn In three publlo plaeta that- the Board of Education aervea the right to reject any a all blda and to withdraw th* pro erty from lea*e *hould It deem *u action for the be»l public, Intere* IN WITNESS OF TIIK APOPT1O OK THE FOREGOING REBOL TION by a tote In excel* of 2/3 all membera of Hit* Hoard, we, t member* of inch Board, preient a voting thereon, have hereunto » our hand* thl* 13th day of " Kil ' HOARD OP EDUCATION (I TIIEkONO BKACII UNIF1L SCHOOL PIHTU1CT OP LOft ANOELES COUNTT. CALIFORNIA W. H, IIOYD L, 11. BREWER M, A. DUNCAN · , ELIZABETH HUDSON DWIQHT C. 81OWORTI Pub. May 17, 24. 31.1957 (311--L.B NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Notice I* hereby given that t Board of Education of the Lo Beach Unified School DUIrlct, Lo Beach, California, will receive bl for -furnlihlng all labor, niaterl transportation and aervlce. lor t Following work: BID OPEN. KIND OF WORK INQ DATE AND SCHOOL Krlday. Miscellaneous Pain , Mav :il. 1957 Inc at Varlou* Ln 2 ii, m II « a P b r u b I Hrliooli, IKl'heilule No. 1\» Thursday. Mlecellaneou* Pain June 6, 1B57 Ing at Vailnu* Lo at 2 p.m. B « a r b r u b I Hrhooll. ck. · iot exceed 4 hour*, and t the r«t of I2.MI for each hour hat tht uee defined above, extend* leyund 4 hoMri, with the under- atandtng that etch 8 boura of occupancy Including Hit time for leatlng un and preparation of the apace «hall bt deemed to tit ont complete utt, and that any tlmt bt- ynnd tht S bourn ihall ronvtllutt another UM tvtn though tht txten- Klon of ti** 1* con*ecutlv« and continuing, and uhjecl to cancellation Thursday, Mlicellaneoua Pain June 1:1. 1957 me al Varlom Loi at 3 n « a r h r u b I Hrhooll. (KcheclllleNo.SIW-' Tliureday. ' Mluellineoua Pain June 2«. 1957 Ing at Varmu* Lon at 3 p.m. 11 e a r h 1' u b I Hchooli. HchrduleNo.31*9. Thursday, Ml»cell«neou* Pain June 27, 1957 Ing at Varloui Lon at 2 p.m. B e a r I) P u b l 1 Hchooli. · · - - - ISchedi|l«No.3189-D Vrld»v UI*cel|iineiMii nin July k, lb57 Ing at Varlra* Lon at H p.m. Piacli P u b l l . (8chedu'l*No.3t*.9.C Thunday, Mlicellaneou* Pain July 11, 19S7 Ing at Varlnu* Lon at 2 p.m. n · · r h P u b 11 Hchooli. (8cheduleNo.31l9-F Kach bid 'ahall be tn accordant wllli drawing*, (permeation* an other construction data now on fl the office of the Uuilneia Ma ager. Room 211, 716 I^^cuat Avenu Long Ileach u, California. Proiper- tlva hiddere may aecun* cople* - 'Pie* i the drawing* and apeclftcatlon* a thl" addren. Puriuant tn tha Labor Cod* of II Rule of California tha Board o Educallon haa airertalned the gen eral prevailing rate of wagea appl cable to the work to b* dona to be aa followa: CLASSIFICATION! Foreman All foremen not herein aeparale] NEVER AGAIN STIFF, HARSH WOOLENS Wash them ; with White : King Soap! ITS THI SAFf, rHOVIrj WAY TO KIIP ILANKITS/ SWUHM AND SOCKS SOFT AND FLUFFY Millions ot housewives have preferred White King Soap over everything else for washing their costly woolens. And no wonder! For this modem miracle soap washes with a gentle, yet thorough, action that helps keep them soft as the day they're bought So', why take costly chances. Trust your woolens only to White King Soap from the day you buy them. Get a package today. 1.7 · Ltgal NitlM ihall ba paid not I than 17 W rent* per hour aa to the BIX . J1ABIU TRADES, and " rente per hour aa to tha TRADES, more than the journey, man rain for trie craft Involved, Apprentlcea May be. employed In conformity wild Section 1777,5 of tha California Labor Code, Saina wage ecalu aa craft to which rigging la Incidental, Waldtn Bama wage acala aa craft to which ·elding I* Incidental. BASIC TRAPES Hourly CLASSIFICATION Wag* Rat* Laborera, General or Conitruo- tlon _______ J.JO Bandblailer (No.xleman) ,,. a.61 SUB.TRADES PAINTERS ' ' Painter, bruah __-.__ 3.M Painter, iterl and bridge --. 3.03 Painter, ipray gun or und- blaiter , -- J.|5 The rate* ef per dlrm vage* for each of tha v«rluu» claiilflcatlena of work *hall b* the hereinbefore xt forth prevailing ralea of hourly ·gea multiplied by eight (I). Eight (8) houra ahall commute a day'* work. It being underilood thai In the event that workmen are employed leaa than eight III hour* per dax. Ih* per diem wagea ahall be deemed to be that fraction of the. per diem wagea herein e*tabll.hed that the number of hour* nf employment bear* lo eight (I) hour*. WORKING RULES a. Where a alngle ahlft I* worked, eight (N) eonaecutlve hour* between 8 a.m, and 6 p.m. *h*ll commute a day'a work at itraight time tor all workera. b. Forty (401 boura netwean Monday I a.m. and Friday ft p.m. ahall conatltut* a w*«k'a work at airalght time. fl. All work performed In exce** of eight (8) houra per day or forty (401 houra per week or on Holiday* and Hundar* ihall b* paid for at the rate for overtime of the craft Involved. d. Holldaya aa herein referred to ihall be deemed to be New Year*! Day, Decoration Day, In- dependenc* Day, Labor Day, Arml.tlca Day, Thankiglvlng Day ana Chrlitmai. If any of the above holldaya fall on Sunday, the Monday following ihall be considered a legal holiday. It ahall be mandatory upon the contractor to whom tha contract 1* awarded to pay not lei* than aald general prevailing rate* of per diem wage*/ aa herelnabova Mated, to all workmen employed In tha execution of the contract Each bid ihall be made out on formi to be obtained at tha Office of Ihe Builnei* Minagir; mu*l b* iccompanled . by * rertlflid or · ' ' chick or bidder 1 * bond (lined by a aurtty torapany aatlfr. factory to Ih* Board of Education) . _ for not )*·· than 6% of tha amount SUB- of tht bid, mada payablt to tha ----- order of tha Long Beach Board of Education! rnuit bt ataled and filed with tht Anilittnt Secrtlary of tha Board of Education, Room tea, Board of Education Building, 711 Loeuit Afanu*, Long Beach 13, California, on or befora tha ttma and data abova ahown and will baj opaned and read aloud In public at: or about *ald lima and plae · Legal Nolle* Ltgul Nolle* arante* that tha bidder will enter o a contract If awarded tha work, any part thertnf, and will be eland forfeited If th* nicetitful Idtr rafu**a to tnter Into tht nlract afltr b«lng reiue»tid to ao by the Board of 'Education. Th* aiicceiuful bidder will ba re- trad to Jurnlih a faithful Der* · Ueoil Nolle* formine* bond In an amount equal to 100% of th* contract price, and a labor and material bond In an amount equal to f0% of tht contract prlct, aald bonda to b* obtained from a aurety company aatUfaetory to Hi* Long Beach Board of Education. Tha Long Beach Board of Educe · Legal N.tla* ' lion near*** tht right t» rajtct any or all btda and walv* any Irragu* lartty In a bid. · No bidder mar withdraw hi* bid for a period of M daya after th* data aet for th» opening thereof, BKRTRA PARHON8 Aailitant Secretary Pub. May 17, 11. Ml 2t)-U»I. Tha bldder*a m«ntlond check or!| bond ahall be glvtn . Insist on HIRAM WALKER'S 1 the plutocratic capitalistic VODKA | VODKA I M AND 100 MOOF ' DISIIIIED FIOM OH AIM KIDAM WAIKEI I, JONS INC rCOUA, IUINOI1 ALVVNITB ridUCII Star*, loltans and dll- lutet the tun'i rayi. Nothing like it for patioi, tun-wind thtlteri, car- porti, fancai. Full range of colors. tacan nmuoii ftneut MB CALL US FOR INFORMATION ON INSTALLATIONS STONE -BRICK ^Meny Ctlefl «ad Shapti ' SLIDING GLASS DOORS JOO" ··"· it A Complete Stock of Factory Seconds at Reduced Prlcei INCLUDES SCREEN GLASS I HARDWARE · STEPPING STONES · ROUND--SQUARE--HEX · BARBECUE EQUIP. · PORTABLE--BUILT-IN BRIQUETTES--CHARCOAL MASONRY TOOLS ORNAMENTAL ROCK GARDEN SAND t GRAVEL REED FENCING / Rail COMPTON-HARMA^ ^V^aTV J. . 3636 E. Anah?im,St.-LoiigB8acli 4, Calif. Ttltphon* HImlotk t707« ar *-l*St BI6 Wheift£pooe REFRIGERATOR SEE IT...COMPARE IT...BUY IT. LONG BEACH Burk's 356 American Ave, Dooley's Hardware Mart 5075 Long Beach Blvd. Sarvas Furniture Co. 1020 E, Pac. Coast Hwy. Aaron Schultz Furniture 4321 Atlantic Ave. " 5 HO Atlantic Ave. Self-Service Furniture . 5874 Atlantic Ave. F. M. Thomas Co. 1639 E. Artesia Blvd. Just touch the button and Automatic "Jet" Defrosting clears frost away, in a flash! 65 IB. 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