Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 12, 1976 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 12, 1976
Page 10
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Ph«i 413-3166. . - , " , . 7 -- Business Opportunities PIZZA RESTAURANT-- FA^TTTEVILLE incomparable produ/t ; recipe 2 blocks from Urdversity. Small Inves m«it; I wo can or*ratc. I'hor.e 405 3 M22, , NVLY - remodeh-d at -WO Dicksoi S For L«aie. Call T51-03H after 5:00. FOR SALE .llicl auto pads store. Hi£ M^ky locatdon' Good potential. 'i25/xy m hand'e. For JnfnrniAlion,' call 442-2371 w r i t ; P.O. Bra 7r£, FayclteviHe, Ar 71701. -- Businass Opportunities 7i boss. Potential unlini!tcd. Talk to wrst- i!6 »15 or 7K-18W. 'amlly ofwrallon-ln busiT:^5s U years. 0 -- Help Wanted fX-RETARV-IttX'EPTlOXlST. sharp In to hindie rhwiej niu$t be Able lo w/emih linht t M ^ n u , JIC^.W iflus per wiilli depeudiiis on qu.i[incdtiot«, coll ^h XJcfcle tor aprnintmfnt At 521-6300. .O.A. Hoadsinrl J.initor and A»ss1anL cvofr, Spritvdalc Center, JXh p-nt Ume ·«:lftn to bccin In June. J2 30 per hour, ill 7M-W61 or affty at ' C e n t e r on Air- unity Employer.' : OLLOVVISG POSITIONS OPEN; Srcro- arifs (Sit required, cspcrioncixl ). Clerl 5ti-nographcrs tSU rc*iuired, r\icriprx'iHl. Ci«k tip;Ets (ex.reri«5w1). Clerks. Agri- cuHura! technicians Ill's. ApricuHura lechnirian I. Piiintcr I (journeyman aiw "rwrf ot arprcnt'ccsh 1 p). 1'at tvl man. Bafc- T 11 (experienced). (Ju'ck ropy oporalor. ^litcdj'al ivtrkeis. Ctxislmc i li(xi Ln*pcc- tors. [r:\r*rimcel and ·· years college or ciuivak*nt . ) Appli' Pcrsonnci Adjninii'.Ta- ptosw. : ; . - STOCK BOY wanted. So Fro Fabric Co. Phoei* '442-ollJ. _ - suiLinis reeded full or part Lime fdr ap- po ailment *wly. Cali ·W2-'2£X bt'lvvwn 2 'ART TIME-- 560 por wfok. Will hire wo ycung mm to v\nrk 6 lo 10 p.m. [OUT e\-wiin.5s per «i;pk. Appli- only If you arc now presently employed silh Sf*x uotX record. Prefer married men. Cs5! AVON fiaerarK*. Excelltiil earnings. JTafca your OT\TI hours. CAUj 442-9836 51 EN AND WOMEN. Immediate Income and securilj- for the EviUtre as Ihe wholesale dlstrioutor. Supply local sales or- ^anizaUons with comp!ele line of MO exclusive items n« 5oid in Mores. Direct sales experience hoi p[u] but not neces- snn 1 - Sn«lL I n v f s t m e n l required. ; Don Hall, Kffi* North Drexel Ctourt, Ok] homn City. OK 73107, or ml! 403/317 71 XfUV hiring for summer. Apply In porso Pi*za Hut South. 3H South Scliv*. OFFSE7T Pressman. Goxl ' opporton! /or sdvancenrcnt. call tlaudt! Mills LithO^raU PrfrUuig 751 -WXJ5. . . Fral cliiuc Is in reed of a lechnici to do routine tab procedures. X-ra N.W. Ark. TIMES Box T-92. CALL ON BANKS-- Regularly work w bankers in eastern Oklahoma arwl North west Arkansas establisiied leiritcwy, soi r«u!ar travel. -Must ha\t good l i f e surance e.vportTOce and knovvlrdge. hofrc and ambitious, ChriUian, some cvilte n Salarj', ex bonus, stock own ship, ppnision.'bencflls. Good position p sarf and.tuiuie m\ti lor rated compa wr%*ing over , 1000 br.nki. \Vheiiicr yvu ever answelvd an ad betort;, you shou'i answer this irruncdiafcly. Send rcsmnc OUah'OJiia ' 74601. NEED Doctor's "Assistant with. IJTi ability. Send resume to Box P-01, c N*orth«.ea AT\. TIMES. THE LITTLE WOMAN " ^ i SE^ 4 ? I M ^\ 4 17 " '' : i *\ § ^ ' lift L g^ v«V .,, i : jiif ^ ^? L "Now say 'Cheese'!" fl tti in nTv U E R 1 7 1 · J ' 5 G 0-- Help Wanted 10-- Help Wanled * VK NEED ,uii oTM TMd ,»rt Urn,- en- E X ''? : " 1ENCEDav Sif loyes. Daj. and cvcnins shilU. Ai-pb' r^sition no" ^. ) MU ^rS,.? 5 " Ta TM' ° 1 " P ' a " ShOI ' KTM. Scr Oiinl IOE tmlfr. avo , n l M ; n Ilosota i VAlTKKJiS TMrf«l ror cvcnlnes and wrlciico prefemil bat Bins, musl be OVB, 21. Eipoiiciice hdp- '"""S " S n -MI ul bul not nowssari'. plione 521-33)9. P^|-. p^^ ,, nAnw T*c!in In our ra have Sfal or Ucana o ma nLenanc not required. Memorial an t]ur»1 0 T/V« ^"rB d .,n-rC'.K; BE? MSK ·rAs,no« ^ = « ^;, h ;r r r 4 " hu TM Mi ' 5 S'^^Ks.'S^iloTM. 1 '"' 11 Pldly r be r ex- J Hos- ! ppor- ' s ,£"^^ i"^s^£ -^ 1 ^5? E S^S^ j.,I.r. tloxible hours, call niter 1 j.ra. [·J""?' 1 -. *?-,f»-t« r h ""' , a " lor "* V.IS11V A. n. Vorfiuda. pdMnirnl, ifl|..,bl. IEU. Wa,,, rf - . Fu.1 ,,m V 6 *,,,,, WAVrKU U,V ,.U ^ , ^11,^; S' : USi.? ! Ar3v"-S 1!0 p«SS: S ^%A ^ ^ rt '""" ^ " 10 7; Hut. ! 925 ' N o r t h CWU«c. Ca " ^ 3 ^ 211 ' "' APARTMENT MAKAGF unit coTnnle.v, and 70 Kayetteville area. Cnup husband oould have vou'd be htHplul. Hard o r«piGi^bilhy. Salar plus utilities. Send res c/o Northwest Arfeans rtte\-il!e. D( · now available Inle F RS needed lor 50 LPN-Good hourly b«t Plus liw»nlivo. imi( [Hmmlrv In Pa id hospstaliraUon, 11-7. Full or part- cTprSS. hit U ^ t t n u n Pam.lMl. IBMB3; · S=W work tt'iih'a lot T6- -- Services Offered . me to Box p"-B9 HOUSE PALNTINC -- Interior and «- as TillES Fay- Iciior.. Dependable. Work guaranteed. Call Handy Hul£0, ; 442-47,1 5. . . DODLE ART.TM, D I S T R I B U T O R S H I P S in Washington and Benton ested parlies s h o u l d " cbnjacl: L A, CURRAN 417-624-2822 or Addillonal I n f o r m a t i o n ··^·M Counties ^^ 1--AutomoMva--For Sal* TUNE-UP SPECIAL SCHOOL STREET GARAGE 103 S .School St. -8 SU 00 Labor -- 6 tyl. care HO latwf USED CAR SPECIALS ·umii Truck*-! «3 Ford 4 yari ^2. »3M IOG6 DodGO 0 1-ard 5!(2. *HM Lock Car-- IKS U1IEVELLE, «el(^t j a c k s ' a l l tour 'irtiteU. i« up lor unall block CHEVY .Includes HudciSj cood shocks adn roll bars. TO-W6I Model with LT-1 CHEVY. 3«. iollcr com njllcr rockere. TmV pistons, iranchela Intake svtth 'M fnlly. Four s[^cd CilBVV 5-56:1 12 bo« end nws in II Mcond ELT. bracl^ 24 HOUR ROAD SERVICE ON TRUCK TIRES CALL IARRY WADE 751-9608 -- 4 4 2 - 6 6 2 1 1971 OUAND Torino fonJ. ro\wr brakc-i. p^vcr stcerinjt. air ojndlttMtng- 4»M3T L MUST Sell 13Tb Wonza Town Coupp. maUe radial Urrs. VS. 16 rapg m i, equity find Lake over payments or cash. rhor.e 4i2«a9 daT! or rigfo* and ghl5. " _ _ 1971 »0 YAL'lIIA, good cwndtlion, bcrt lifer. 1370 EZ HAUU 1 ton, 12 ruck with box. 330 4 barrel. new«iKi«« silh 40 COO miles, 1 7 new Urea, (5^0 ol best offer " VOLKSWAGEN OWNERS MONEY SAVING SPECIALS FOR YOU! CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY A WIDE VARIETY OF BUSINESS TO HELP YOU! - JC _ ,rABSTRACTERS MOTOR TUNE-UP SPECIAL (Beetles and Super Beetles) - , , INCLUDES: · Valve Adjustment ' ONIY .Valve Caver Gaskels $~4 /\0^\ Compression Check , *p 1 !·*/" Carburetor Adjustment 1 i|W Timing Adjust men t plugs' and Points Plus. Tax '.CARBURETOR OVERHAUL ^ ' SPECIAL (Beetles and Super Beetles) INCLUDES : . ONLY Disascmblfi and (Ij-^ /\Qrl Clean Carburetor ' ^ 1 ^J Lnslall Overhaul Kit j E/ Inslall Inline Fuel Filler - p| us y ax Adjust Carb SHOCK REPLACEMENT SPECIAL (1965-1975 VW Buys) (Super Beetles Not Included) Parts and Strui Repair Labor Only Kits Available $f|5Q for VW, Porsche, «J and Audi. .Each ' Plus Tax FRONT ALIGNMENT (All Volkswagens) Only ${)^ P l u s T a x tPorsche-Audis) Only ..^2^ P ' U i T a X 8RONSON ABSTRACT CO. KG. Complete Till* Service 5 2 1 - 4 ) 0 0 ·AUTOMOTIVE ~ BUD'S AUTO PARTS Independent Automotive Best Buy On Foreign Auw Parts and Repair 521-1587- : Hty. 71 south [Past the Airport) ; BATTERIES ;; VAUGHN BATTERY CO. . nsl:ab B^Uenes ." Since 191 53 Years In Uie Battery Businf^^ ; 442-9567 K-5 So. School BUILDING SUPPLIES TRIANGLE .,- BUILDERS SUPPLY 1 Hwy. 71 ScflUi 654 W. North '- BtraoaviJli*. Ark. Fayeltevma Prwne Ptioce K7.S13 .H3-5M1 CLEANERS RAZORBACK CLEAN-ERS and LAUNDRY 313 RolIKWi MJ-3131 PANTS i- 75 " r FLUFF DRV BUNDLE Jl^ " - · Towels, socks, urrier^ear, theets · F-aboratory formula, sanitary * FLOOR : OZARK FLOOR CO. : 'SA H. college FayftttvUle Complete Line of Carpel. Llnoleura Ceramic Tile, and Formica 442-4451 FURNITURE DENNIS HOME FURNISHINGS OUTLET STORE 327 So. School 443-2316 C«xi selection c-t tisJ ar.^ freight dtm~ ' agfd furniture. GARDEN ' O Z A R K HOME GARDEN CENTER compete Sopites For Home Landscape t Garden «1SK1 irt Towr.shfp R(J. Fayettevll!* Canltn mtf and landscape material Headfiuaners. G1ASS FAYETTEVILLE GLASS CO. 442-3181 1725 No. College INSTALLATION · ' - B B INSTALLATION , ttV.cVjw Cleaning -- BfpUcemrnt Wln_ . dtm -- Storm WrAvx* -- Poor °fa(5 Ml L«VJ. 521-8193 B RON SON ABSTRACT CO., INC. . COMPLETE TITLE SERVICE -'- : LICENSED AND BONDED ^ MEMBER OF: ARKANSAS LAND TITLE ASSOC. AMERICAN TITLE ASSOC. W. S. Branson, Pres.-Mqr. (Sj Phone 521-4100 28 E. Cennter JUNIPER T R E E BERNAT LATCH-HOOK RUGS PILLOWS NEEDLEPOINT CREWEL HOUSE PLANTS MINIATURES 1117 WEST SUNSET 5PRINGDALE 751-8234 JEWELRY GARDENHIRE JEWELRY CO. onds--Cloc '442-5562 NEEDIE ART crewel Needlepoint 1117 \v. Su 751-8234 PAWN ALLEN WHITE evv t Used Gut 751-0060 WELDING TRICO, INC. \Vc]dlnfl Equlpmen Locally Owned i Hwy, 62 W. 5ERIVCE STATION 442-9661 II*-y. 62 W. -STEEL UPHOLSTERY Tliose \VTio Wai 751-7426 l*y. 71 So, PRINTING WINDOW WASHING Keprace broken Gla WRECKER · · . SERVICE OH 71 N. 442-5381 ·^ -- v _^i, NRE CO. alrhcs-auis 2 VTER * TREE nntiseplanis ^Tinialuros Sprinsdala )4 - rllTE ) PAWt- Anything Gun* 50 Spdngdale NC. t Supplies b Operated 443-4431 ^ 66 VORK ciiver)- 61 F.i)eUeville EL CO. South , Ark. 7602 3LSTERING ERIES Vant 11ie Bwl" 26 Sprjiid*1e VEST CO. ur Printing Needs' Fayellev lie -3791 HING UES LATION r Dead Boll r/x-V- 198 VRECKER . CE Inson Road 381 SERVICE WHEELER MOTOR CO, INC. 3324 N. College, Fayelteville Phone,443-3458 Service Dopl. Hours Monday-Friday 7:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. -- Call Today for Appointment OFFER ENDS APRIL 30, 1976 ~ ' ~ r^!**' I * , * ' ' ', ^SERVICE DIRECT -- Air Condiitoning -- FOR ,\m CLEANERS. AIH CONDITION. KG, HEATING AKD IIUMTDIFIEHS. CAM. SHELTOX SALES AND REKVICK. 1 12-5JiO. WHAT'S a rieal pump? Call Paschal Alr- CoB3Lt!nnlT,g. 751-01D5. Commercial Si Re*- dentlal Sales t Service, atl maXea -- Antiques-r-r- FURNITURE HESTOnATIONS by Serft Davis. Relinishine, repairs, experienced ouc-h up antiques. MO W, DicXsoa. Ml- 5376. -- Asphalt Work--, repaired, gravel hauled. Motor grader work TomllnSDD Asphalt Ca 521-3179-- Automotive -- RADIATOR REPAnt EXG1N E R KHA IH , Brakes, TtirtB- ups fleclrtcal. Bob Mayes Aulo Sfrvic*. 2LM N. Garland 4W-U47, «2-S350. Bob k Marl in Mayes. -- Bulldozing -- · nacUioe and Trader Wort - Landwap- inx - Levdlng - Pumptixci Wort - Poolings Dnc and poucpd, J C. JMVM **»- erao. -- Carpenter -- (exterior and interior) roofing, slone- xvnrk anrl fircplACCs, Cnll Jot Henry 3J9 2 128 or Tim Duke 833 2fil». CARPENTRY, ROOFINC. PAINTING, P.inPling. sficel rock, alumlnaTn s;aln anil olhcr Aiding Windw.vs, doors, aildl- HOTH References. Ray Rassdale. 442.71J n/ 521-7370. , fF ia are INTERESTED In Uie Best Cflhlnet WocJt. Home Building, Itemed* Inc. or TEXTURED CE3UNGS call «1 6371. R^X^TOnF,r,T^G. carport -Additions - p«t los - house !evelinff - roofing - palol -- Corpef Cleaning -- SPRI\t» CT.EANINR?. CiC Prtitcs. 1 *!" r.^rrwi aoam Ctonm* A( tl» ltiw*» prices In area. Phone 4124061. FOR THE mosl modem cleaning method Insist on (lift Van Sctirader Dry Foam Dclergcr. Fasl Drying, C»LI 521-73S, --Concrete Work-- P-itlas, Driveways, R«taininff Walls, E finality Work Call IUiWy IXKWJ, 521-3552. MAfK MINER Concrete Consfrodlo Pallo, Driveway*. Retaining Walls, tins mcms, Drainnao. No Job Coo small. CaJ Anilime 443-1313. S21-9M9. O NEED - WK Wl CONSTRUCnOV Driveway* lifatonr}'. PaLio, Flalworir carptnlry, Retaining nlti, drainage, Don 7lmmfrmaD -- Scott Miner +U-7KH 113-3125, DcMDdable Service -- Dirl, Gravel, Top Soil -450 CASK Crawler wilh TiOnt-cnd load «i 5 yd, dump IrarJc. Some ef ihe t«« I'T sol] In NW Arkanssi, 41Z4223, any llm«. -- Dirt, Gravel f Top Soil -- OP SOIL IJMTSTONE gravel and sand divered, lor hire, »»ntrac(oTs! ! Dave -uncan. +13-1005 after 6:00. TEVE Harris -- Backhoe work -- Top- plic lank and lalcrnl lines nyaallcd, ·2-9M4. -- Ditch Digging -- ITCUWnai trenching (or water, ws, metric, drainage, etc. Narrow, M" rltcp cnch. 20c ft. Minimum Job, $25. Greg ndwy, 4422-ilB. ACKHOi", and Dump Tmci Wort Jobn Miller - Pt»n« «aWT«. -- Exterminating -AYES TERMITE: £ PEST CONTROL xpcrienccd Service for quality control. Call 736-6514. -- Fence-- FARM FEKCINO, WTrals and landlnB hnl*» Free friHmalci OaJl Jadi W«l- rook ».l 751-TOO or 731-75Z2 3ARDEN plowing, hanwvinff, brush ho?- in«, discing, yard leveling, .wtistAttlm narartccd, fjuicji service. Phone 44" »J3. -- Grinding -- OZARK Grinding Service, GM Ilcnisvllle {d, 531-3000: Carbide St tiljJi-spetfl looli, ardcn tools, cbaln saws, hand una, -- Handyman -- fcnclng - tlia - luallnK - Iree tilm mlujj - Yardj - Free Esilmatca - Od Jobs, E*cdlciil references, Kca Roger* 4S3M07, -- Hauling -- TRASH H.WIJNG - TREE TRIMM3NG- Garapc and Alllc Qeanlng SIM, Have iruck A rtocfc tack. Toy nan* -We hitil IL Reasonable. «3 2179. B (ore 7:00 p.m. -- Horticulture -- clns tne oiKnlnS of oat w,1»!«ji1e Al\ s-on. We ate spedallilni! In gtcenhua Xnmnjip nwd'a, and will mix any so lo joor spedfleailons. £IOQ B lo Monday Him Friday. Plione 521-WTO. cable feel vermlcnlile, W-EO, 4 cubic fool pcrllilc, WM. G cubic foot j^a^nam peat moss. J7.SO. JCO Ibs. hnmns pts fa 25 Ihs. topso'.U 75c. The comer Ml. OtmTort Road and Rapple Lan*. --Landscaping -- CAHI1EN IJ\:jrSCAPIN'G. PInflninB a plan1 inrr. lid nd sra pe cotirt oirtf on. Coi merdal "id dcntfal ," RpcciillitirB \ix\ pardons AH^ waltrfallf. 521-5TW tc,r 6 p.m. LANDSCAPING -- Yftrrt «re, t-runln rcriili7tnK, wxldlns, scfdnj!, tree lofpf and renwval. For /res estimate* « Wayne. MH«J3. \: : ^ r ? " ' roRY^ 1 ~v --Lawns Gardens-- -XMPLETE la«n and aid care sen tie. owing, edging, trimming, anything. Oal S6-2337 or 46621U, ask for Chuci: Ogle --Paint Paper- UALITY Hou.=epaJntins Inside" and fyj| tisfadion guaranteed. For fcee «U \TERIOn palmitic, readable ratea feicnces IE reeded, For free talma! 11 442-2156 or 521-1324. \V kind of pAintfng tnsrde or out VK- Ifm-itos. Wort; guaranteed. Jcfl Barker abricalion and CTil rjtutlon, All type plnsllcs ProiMypPs made Eo yoar sp# ficatlons. Special orders. Free consults on, SJountafn Plaittcs, Inc. 521^979. -- Plumbing Service -- UGITT PHTMOING SEKVICB Coll W3-4M6 TACKFTT'9 PLU.MBINO C»- --Poultry Service-- CHICKEN Hoasc deanlrs, ser\ T ice. 11 cr spread. 751-5100 or 763-KM1. -- Roofing -- ROOFIN'fl all kinds, paaranleed, IK Mllmalcs Phone 751-0663 Bob FMhjtak. TO PLACE AN Alt IN THIS RPACB WOULD COST ONLY -- Security Guctrefs -- ally Kcens^f unlfonnw) gnardX Ava ah!c ImmediBKIy .21 hou r servfc tJ-7J30 --Sewing Machine Kcpair-- \VE sc/vke all mates. Frte pickup a itclivery. All MOI); Ruaranlectt by yo auiiioriied Viking, WrHie, and Nece dealer. I'hone 5216731. Tha Sf«iloiie. -- Tractor -BILL'S TRACTOR SERVICE CalJ after S p.m. 52K=H24 PAUL'S TRACTOR SERVfCE PHONE 521 -2«9 TRACTOR SERVICE PIX)ttlN^ discing, brashhogRlnc- L*r --Tree Service -FOR compifie ;rw A slump remox iTirominit, shaping, shrubs (rimmed, c Hay's Trt A Slump Service, W Fork, «9ZiI9. CN.W, Aik.) A AND A TREK SPPXJAIJSTS All r***« tree ft ihrubhcry caw 0 10 -ears ex^ijcnce. 413-2135. Fr« « m.ites. ^P/ERi^ THEE SERVICE Trimming - Topping - Removal j. Fs WKlppcd. n years experknce. Fr» t mat--. ta-44S Insured. -- Venetian Blinds -- CAIX Cabc O»p«r Tor comp' Venetian bl!r^ wnlro. Phono «2 ft. UO tiM ?,"L«P^, t-jyctt.v-lllc, AT

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