The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on August 21, 1952 · Page 9
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 9

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 21, 1952
Page 9
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THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, THURSDAY EVENING, AUGUST 21,1952. Nine THIS IS A PEACHY PEACH I'EAR AS COOL AS IT LOOKS is this refresher of thinly sliced peaches and lime gelatin topped with whipped, cubed gelatin. By GAYXOK MADDOX like whipped cream. Turn into Look at all the top-quality, Sx8x2-inch pan. Chill until firm, peaches in the shops. Then plan; Unmold ring of gelatin onto to enjoy them at home. Peach and Lime Refresher (Makes 8 servings) Two packages lime-flavored gelatin, 2 cups hot water, 2 cups cold water, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 cup thinly sliced fresh peaches, sweetened. Dissolve gelatin in hot water, j onnaise, and caught a large mackerel. He had it smoked so he could bring it home to divide with neighbors. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Barks of Fulton visited over th'e week end with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Ray. Recently Mrs. Barks baked an angel food and a burnt sugar cake and took.the blue ribbon on both at the Fair. Before her marriage last June Mrs. Barks was Miss Sally Lou Ray of Dearborn. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Shuert went to St. Joseph Friday evening to visit Clarence Purcell who is a patient in the Missouri Methodist Hospital for treatment. Purcell is improving. Mrs. Purcell is staying in St. Joseph to be near her husband. '" Miss Janice Foster, who is on her vacation through the west, writes that they are enjoying San Francisco. Mr. and Mrs. George • : -'\,:| Kirby and Mrs. Harry Lee Boggus '~ ' and Connie are with Janice. S. Sgt. Robert E. Roberts has been selected by the F.B.I, t o guard and work with top military] secrets being made in Maryland.' Nine other outstanding marines serving planter. Cut whipped mix-[were also chosen for this work, ture into cubes and fill center of Sergt. Roberts served overseas and ring. Garnish with additional sliced peaches and mint leaves. Add cold water and lemon juice. Chill until slightly thickened. Re- cup of mixture. Fold Peach and Pecan Salud (Serves 8) Eight peach halves, 1 cup may- cup cottage cheese, serve 1 peaches into remaining gelatin and turn into 1-quart ring mold. Chill until firm. Place reserved gelatin in bow] of ice and water. Beat with rotary egg beater until flurry and thick, cup cream, whipped, 1 cup pecans, chopped. Place the peach halves, hollow side up, in the freezing tray of the refrigerator. Mix the cottage cheese, mayonnaise, cream and pecans together and pour over the peaches. Freeze about 3 to 4 hours. Serve on crisp lettuce. • Dearborn Mr*. W A. Doolej Mrs. Edward Matney and infant son who was recently born in Research Hospital in Kansas City are getting along fine and expect to return to their home east here in the near future. of Word was received here that Mrs. J.J. Allen, who suffered a fractured leg Friday in a tractor accident on her farm near Hamilton, is improving. Mrs. Lena Anderson and daughter, Mrs. Shirley Bishop Kansas City were week-end guests of her mother, Mrs. Delia Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Faucett and small son of Faucett visited children, went to was wounded in action in Korea. He is now stationed in Maryland. Mr. Vertie Stansfield of St. Joseph was a week end guest of her parents Mr. and Mrs. George Manville. Word was received here that Vernon Wade, carrier of the Kansas City Star and Times who recently underwent a major operation in the hospital in Smithville, is improving. Mrs. Donald Swanstone received letters from her husband, Pvt. Donald Swanstone who is in service in Korea with the 2nd division saying that he is well. He has been on the front line since the 20th of July on Old Baldy Hill. He was sent to Korea only a few months ago. Miss Patty Dean, who is employed in Kansas City, was a week-end guest at the home of her parents here. On Sunday the Dean familyi went to Plattsburg to visit friends. BONES OF COLUMBUS—Next month the Dominican Republic will, celebrate the 75th anniversary of the discovery ol this leaden casket containing the remains of Christopher Columbus. It was found beneath the Cathedral of Santo Domingo on Sept 10, 1877. Elaborate ceremonies will be led by President Rafael Trujillo, whose government is urging, the. completion of a half-mile-long lighthouse memorial to the great navigator pledged by the 21 ' . American republics. service was Saturday at the Chris- ing. Mrs. Hess is now at the Trin- Ding Dong Daddy Goes to Jail Again OAKLAND, Calif. (S) — Francis Van Wie, San Francisco's unique gift to the history of romance, was behind bars Thursday — accused of marrying wife No. 36 without divorcing No. 15. But the 66-year-old ex-streetcar conductor didn't give up without literally stopping the show at an Oakland burlesque theater, where he was appearing in an act billed "My True Love Life." When two Los Angeles police officers, equipped with a bigamy warrant for his arrest, showed up at the theater Wednesday night, Van Wie was no where to be found—out front or, back stage. But after a while the program stopped—a movie was on at the time, the lights came on s and Van Wie's manager, Walter Hale, appeared on the stage. "This loveable, innocent little character is going to give himself up," he announced. . With that, the rotund Van Wie, better known as the Ding Dong Daddy of 'the D Car Line, appeared on the stage and blurted: "All I can say—" His attorney interrupted andj marched Van Wie down the center aisle to the waiting officers. He was jailed after failing to post $10,000 bail. The arrest warrant, issued on the complaint of Mrs. Martha Van Wie, 67, of Long Beach, charged Van Wie with marrying Mrs. Amelia Pritchard, 73, in Las Vegas, Nev., without having divorced the Long Beach Mrs. Van Wie. Van Wie was releasa- from prison five years ago after serving a sentence for bigamy. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TIMES Let summer mud stains on clothing dry thoroughly before you try to remove them. Then brush the stain well before sponging with clear water. If soap and water will not harm the material il. ..nay be used. Sponging with alcohol w i 11 usually help to remove the last traces of the stain. On colored materials and acetate rayon dilute the alcohol—1 cup denatured alcohol to 2 cups water.' IF YOU LIKE TO USE BOTTLED SURCH keeps her apartment in Dearborn. tian Church in Rosendale. Burial | lty Luthern Hospital Mrs. Hess still was at Bolckow. The Singleton family reunion was held at Krug Park in St. Joseph Sunday. A large attendance .attended. Mrs. Maud Hudson and son, Jack write that they are enjoying their vacation in the west and visiting relatives in Montanna. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Frieders and daughter, Paulette have gone to Piano, 111., to visit a few days with his father 'and family and brothers Patty graduated from the Dear- and sisters. Mrs. Mack Harris is born High School last May. A large crowd met Thursday evening to discuss plans for water relatives here Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Roland Whiel and Mike and Roland, Jr. of St. Jos-! eph were week end guests of her be I in charge of their grocery store while the Frieders are away. At the Mrs Brown School o f to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Riddle. Mrs. D.B. Hall entertained a few friends at cdntract bridge Thurs- mother, Mrs. Hallie Shikles a n d day afternoon at her home here. her grandmother, Mrs. Olive New- Mrs. All Redden, who has been at the home of her mother, Mrs. Will Coone and Mr. Coons for the past ten months helping nurse her mother who recently died, returned to her home in Kansas City with man. Mrs. Will Dooley received word that her nephew, James P. Hull, who is ill at his home in Faucett, is improving and able to be about the house a little *" " —"-•• • -WMWM.J »• ijj. J.CLUI 11 WJlil J •» *• "DTTT^ "1C" J ^ Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Frakes have Mr. and Mrs. Redden for a visit 1^ 2 « u Sunday : * , returned home from Minnesota! Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cook of *' Byl ° n B ° hanan "* ^ ^ Sunday years ago an effort was made to drill wells near Bee Creek at the edge of Dearborn with the hope that water in abudance would be found to supply the homes of Dearborn but no water was found. Many here have their own water system, while others must depend on cisterns or wells for water supply. Mr. and Mrs. Byron Buchanan and son, Jack of Maysville, and Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Bohanan of Some Nursing. Mrs. Ruby Hess has fin- — — ^« »-%,*. j.iu*j..ii~ j.i* J-kUJliJClO V*1LV VY1LI1 T~ , L , , day. Mr. Coons will return ™th ° earb °™ " ere ., s f s * of ^' and , where they spent most of the sum- Kansas City were Friday visitors mer. They expect to sell their ! a t the home of their uncle and home and store building here as i aunts, Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Sanders they have bought some land near j and Miss Ethel Kirkman Mr and tourist cabins. Frafces formerly Mrs. Cook recently returned from .,,„«_ „_, ,„. uluu illuJ3uaj was in the- grocery, business here. 'Alaska where Cook went fishing at his home in Rosendale. Funeral cently returned home from Florida where they attended the wedding of their oldest son, Owen in Jacksonville. Vfotd was received here that William Wood, 70, died Thursday ished a course in practical nurs- Japanese Monks Set up Beauty Parlor Business OSAKA, Japan ffl — The monks at Tennoji Temple have set upi a beauty parlor—at half price—! and now plan a hotel and res-j taurant. The black - robed monks have gone commercial to pay for upkeep of the temple. There has been a postwar drop in attendance— and contributions. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TIMES at's a tomato When it rains it pours "**-*•"'' Plain or iodized COAL • Phone Us Today for your winter supply of Choice Co-il while the supply . is plentiful. Be Safe... not sorry! BERGMAN COAL CO. 707 Cherokee Phone 63 For a | 'Bottle Starch Use FiLTLiss STARCH Perfect (or regular OR bottle starch. • Contains ironing aids to male* ironing smooth and •asyl • No pniirvativii to turn yellow afttr ironing. • Why pay around 25« a quart for a ballltd irarch when you can make your own, right at home, for a ptnny a quart? ' Heinz Crabapple or Quince Jelly Lucky Leaf Apple Butter 2 w 290 250 Lee's 46-oz. Can. Grapefruit Juice 25 C ^••^•^•^^^^^^^Hl^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^MI ^^^^^^^^S^^^^^^^^^^^^9^HHHBHE3 j^^^^BMM^^^^^^S^^^^H^^BM^^^^^^^^^^^^ Miracle Whip Salad Dressing Mother Goose CUT BEETS Lee's Chili With Beans Delrich Colored, Quartered No C 3 a °: Quart Jar 49* Sale! SWEETHEART FACE SOAP Chase & Sanborn Instant COFFEE -490 Cudahy's, Semi-Boneless, Pickled PIfiS FEET r 310 Little Jack D 0 G F 0 0 D 3 ca 290 Mother's Style Pork & Beans 2 " 250 Summer Girl, Sliced SWEET PICKLES r 250 Cal-Top 12-oz. Btl. CHOICE FZESH End Cut PORK CHOPS..-590 Veal Home-made. Pork ' CHUCK ROAST.-690 430 SLICEP BACON -590 Lb. * Swift's Sweet llaslier Sweet CORN Red Triumph Sunkist, 288 Size ORANGES California ____7-250 __ 10 L * 690 D«* 250 Cello Bag J / (J IH8 SPRUCE PHONE 1556 *#&$& ^g^mgffm UPERMARKE .. Leavenworth's self-service meat counter. PRICES ARE BORN HERE—RAISED ELSEWHERE! Kraft's Miracle Whip • 49' 28 s - 69' Large Size Fresh, Lean Beef 49' Golden *^ 16-Oz. m j BT C Crust ^^ Loaves Thrifty-Pak -ZERT 2 istingEars-45' Heinz Gal. Jug Due to the fact that Mr. D. J. Tarbet has been recalled by the Army for two weeks active duty, we will not be open Friday evening, August 22. BOTH OUR STORES AIR-CONDITIONED! Til 9! OPEN NITES GOOD EVENING! Sure is nice and comfortable to trade at- our Air-Conditioned stores. Just drive up at ease,- park in comfort; no PARKING METERS—N 7 O TURN SIGNS. You don't have to embarrass yourself by going in some place and get some change to put in a parking meter. Then the most important thing after you get to our store: you will nearly always find just what you were looking for, and most of the time something better. We are offering this week FOLGER'S COFFEE AND %UTTER-NUT AT THE SAME LOW PRICE OF S4c Ib. CRISCO, LIMIT ONE, AT 69c on the 3-Lb; can. MIRACLE WHIP, QT., 49c; PARKAY OLEO ALL THE TIME, 27c Lb., 4 Lbs. 99c. KRAFT'S VELVEETA CHEESE, 2-Lb. boxes for 85c. Our vegetables are really nice and fresh, and the finest that can be found anywhere. SHOP THIS WEEK AND EVERY WEEK AT JAHN SUPER MARTS! YOU'LL SAVE MONEY EVERY TIME YOU BUY ANYTHING FROM US! f JEIL-O \ \ KLEENEX 250 , \ 200 - 1 XX Gallon Y Pure Cider V» VINEGAR 5 590 5 «• ^^ & Q RI Quart FRUIT JARS if Era, 5 Doz. or More Complete Air- Conditioned For Your Comfort! Visit Our Fine, Clean, Meat Departments! 3 Lb 69° ICE CREAM -69 C FOUR FLAVORS-THURSDAY IS FREE NIGHT ON ICE CREAM AND CAKE AT THE SKYLARK! Store No. 1 Fourth and Spruce SPA £ E . Store No. 2 Seventh and Kiowa

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