Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 2
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: A-2--INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) uw B«CI. din., , nn People 111 the news Irish premier raps U.S. 6 gifts* Britons agog over chance of royal split Combined News Servlws I r i s h P r i m e Minister Liam Cosgrave told a St. Patrick's Day session of Congress on Wednesday that Americans who con- t r i b u t e money to the Roman Catholic minority in Northern Ireland are "helping to kill or maim Irish men and women of e v e r y religious p e r s u a - sion." They are clearly and dir e c t l y postponing' any possible hope of realizing the traditional aim of Irish nationalism ... the establishment of harmony and a sense of common identity b e t w e e n 'Protestant, Catholic and dissenter' in Ireland,"he said. Cosgrave, making the first official St. Patrick's Day visit to this country by an Irish head of government, said those who supply guns directly to the I r i s h Republican A r m y arc "people who support violence at a distance and who can sleep easy on the wounds of others." Cosgrave said there are m a n y o t h e r Americans who contribute, "thoughtlessly or otherwise," to organizations which claim to do relief work in Northern Ireland. Almost always, he said, that money goes to buy guns or explosives which continue (he violence in ·the six northern counties of Ireland still under British rule. The p r i m e minister's speech to a joint meeting of Congress was the second stop on an official six- day visit to be marked by pageantry and Irish wit. Cosgravc came by hcli- To the palace Mrs. Anne Armstrong, new U.S. Ambassador to Britain, enters royal coach for ride to Buckingham Palace Wednesday where she presented her credentials to Queen Elizabeth II. The first women envoy to the Court of St. James said the meeting with the queen was "a great moment in my life." -APW^PMK, Kim A c t r e s s K i m N o v a k cried and stumbled over her marriage vows as she was wed to the veterinarian who treats her menagerie of pets, the judge who married them says. Judge Robert Hain of Hollister said he presided last Friday over a simple outdoor ceremony at the a c t r e s s ' m o u n t a i n t o p home near Carmel attended by a b o u t a d o z e n friends and relatives. "She had a problem repeating the vows," Hain said. "She seemed e m o - tionally involved. T h e r e were some tears shed." The groom, Dr. Robert Malloy of Salinas, said he met Miss Novak about a year ago. Malloy, 36, said he and t h e 42-year-old a c t r e s s s p e n t t h e i r honeymoon camping and horseback riding south of Monterey. It was the second marriage for both. Miss Novak was married to British a c t o r Richard Johnston for less than a year. Malloy's divorce was finalized about six months ago after a 12-year marriage. Rettig copter from Williamsburg, Va., to the south lawn of the White House, where he p i n n e d a shamrock on President Ford's lapel. Ford noted that 11 signers of the Declaration of I n d e p e n d e n c e w e r e of Irish descent. Fonda ttie ·VVOI?,31,ID Arab protesters shot in Jerusalem JERUSALEM--Three young Palestinian demon- 1 stralors were wounded liy an \sracli soldier's gunfire Wednesday amidst a rising pilch of protests by Arabs l i v i n g in the Israeli-occupied west bank. "People arc fed up with the occiipalion," said Bethlehem Mayor Elias Freij. "The tension is increasing, like a hurricane that starts as a small storm and becomes devastating." However, an Israeli court ruling that Jews may pray at Jerusalem's Temple Mount, new Jewish settlements in Arab areas and coming west bank elections are also cited as reasons for tension in the Jordanian territory that Israel has occupied for nine years. Two teen-aged boys and a girl were shot in a suburb of Jerusalem after aboul 1,000 rioters surrounded and threatened an automobile carrying troops, the Israeli military command said. Lebanese seek Syrian help BKIRUT--More Christian and Palestinian leaders flew to Damascus Wednesday to seek the help of Syrian President Hafez Assad in settling the newly erupted Lebanese civil war. The Syrians appeared to hold Ihe key to any agreement, following the collapse of the government in Lebanon and a split of loyalties in the army, which pitted Moslem rebels and coup leaders against Christian troops loyal to President Suleiman Kranjieh. In Beirul, gunmen stormed the downtown al-Zari( jail and set free 81 women prisoners. Other bands of gunmen attacked county jails in · northern and southern Lebanon ami released "hundreds of prisoners," according to police. Speculators rush for marks LONDON--Speculators b o u g h t up m a s s i v e amounts of West German marks Wednesday after . rumors swept foreign exchange markets that Europe's strongest currency would tc revalued upward against six other European currencies. The speculators sought to be ready (o cash in on any increased value placed on the mark if it were revalued against Ihe currencies slill flaling jointly against the dollar. Meanwhile in Washington, U.S. Treasury Secretary William Simon said Ihe United Stales is confident that economic recovery will continue in the world despite the recent devaluations. Its told reporters lhal (he United SlJles has intervened on several occasions lo stop erratic unjustified declines in the value of British and French currencies. U.N. urges Mozambique aid UNITED NATIONS--The U.N. Security Council unanimously called Wednesday for international aid to help Mozambique meet the costs of closing its border with white minority-ruled Rhodesia. China and the Soviet Union exchanged charges over their respective African policies in a foretaste of what is likely to come in a few weeks when the council discusses the presence of South African troops in Angola. Chinese Ambassador Huang Hua said: "The Soviet social-imperialists are hatching new schemes in the wake of their armed intervention in Angola, in an attempt to interfere in and undermine national liberation movements in southern Africa." Soviet Ambassador Mikhail A. Kharlamov retorted thai he had heard the same "kind of nonsense" before from Ihe same country. Fire injures 20 workers WASHINGTON--A ( i r e that erupted from a punctured acetylene tank injured more t h a n 20 workers in a subway construction tunnel in Southwest Washington Wednesday. Fire Chief Harry Shafcr said workmen used fire extinguishers to put out the flames. By the t i m e firemen arrived, the (ire was out and workers were taking injured men from Ihe tunnel. Doctors have removed what they said was a nonmalignant lumor from an area beneath the right l u n g of a c t o r H e n r y Fonda. The operation on the 70- year-old Fonda was per- f o r m e d W e d n e s d a y a t Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Los Angeles. Fonda was transferred to the intensive care unit where he was reported resting. Details of the operation were not available, hut the spokesman said he believed the operation had been a success. Sinatra Singer N a n c y Sinatra g a v e b i r t h Wednesday night to a nine pound, I I ounce girl at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Los Angeles, a family spokesman said. T h e b a b y , A m a n d a Catherine, was delivered by Caesarian section. It was the second child for Miss Sinatra and her husband, choreographcrr Hugh Lambert. Their first daughter, Angela Jennifer, with be 2 years old May 22. The spokesman s a i d Mrs. Lambert, Ihe daugh- t e r o f s i n g e r F r a n k Sinatra, and t h e b a b y w e r e both "absolutely splendid." Visconti Luchino Visconti, the Italian stage and movie director famous f o r his film versions of "Death in Venice," and "The Damned," died at his home in Itome Wednesday, lie was 75. Visconti, a descendant of the lords who ruled Milan and patronized Leonardo 'da Vinci in the Renaissance, was one of the leading masters.of K a l i a n cinema for a third of a century. Visconti, also known as "Ihe red nobleman" for his Communist views, was ,in uncompromising perfectionist and meticulous craftsman who favored plots centering on tragic personalities. Sex look on a major role in his latest movies, at limes involving incest. Visconti never married! He lived in the theater-like splendor of a suburban villa along the ancient Via Salaria in Rome. He was the third great personality of the Italian f i l m world to die in a year and a half. Vltlorio de Sica, 72. died of cancer in N o v e m b e r 197-1. P i e r Paolo Pasollnl, was killed in a fighl with a Roman youth last November. He was 53. Luci l.uci Johnson Nugent, daughter of the late President Johnson, gave birth to a 5-pound, [Bounce girl W e d n e s d a y i n A u s t i n . F o r m e r c h i l d a c t o r Tommy Rettig, who starred in t e l e v i s i o n ' s "Lassie," was sentenced in San L u i s Obisbo Wednesday in connection with a marijuana possession conviction. It was the 33-year-old ex-actor's second d r u g - r e l a t e d conviction t h i s y e a r . B r i t o n s w e r e a g o g Wednesday with news rep o r t s t h a t P r i n c e s s Margaret, who once gave up Ihe man she loved because he was divorced, is herself heading for a marriage breakup. Her sister, Queen Elizabeth II, had no comment on various reports t h a t Margaret, 45, had asked royal leave to get a divorce or a legal separation f r o m h e r photographer husband Lord Snowdon after nearly 1C years of marriage. Archbishop of C a n t e r - b u r y D o n a l d C o g g a n , s p i r i t u a l h e a d o f t h e C h u r c h of E n g l a n d -which opposes divorce -- sakl at a news conference on the island of Barbados (hat he had talked with Buckingham Palace and had become acquainted with the situation since his arrival in the Caribbean, where he will attend an Anglican Council meeting "My church's position in connection w i t h m a r - riage is established and well known. The church always has viewed the breakdown of a marriage with compassion and had s p e c i a l feeling towards c h i l d r e n of any s u c h union," he said. "I'm s o r r y f o r t h e queen," w a s o n e o f t e n heard remark among Londoners, who recalled how Elizabeth endured embar- r a s s i n g publicity o v e r Margaret's first l o v e affair and her eventual marriage to someone else. M a r g a r e t remained silent at home in London's PRINCESS MARGARET is shown vacationing earlier this year in the West Indies. With her is Roddy Llewellyn, 28, a fre- ciuent companion on vacations in which her husband, Lord Snowdon, was absent,/ Kinsington Palace. Tuesday night she looked her usual cheerful self at the opening of the national theater. Snowdon, in Hong Kong en route to put on a photo exhibit in Australia, also refused to discuss his private life. T h e g l o b e - t r o t t i n g photographic c a r e e r of S n o w d o n , -16, formerly Antony Armstrong-Jones, and his absence during his wife's Caribbean vacation earlier t h i s y e a r , h a d given rise lo i n t e n s e speculation that the marriage was on the rocks. M a r g a r e t m a r r i d d Armstrong-Jones in May 1960, 4'/4 years after pub- l i c l y renouncing G r o u p Capt. Peter Townsend,.? Battle of Britain hero who now l i v e s , married, in France. SALE! Round-The-Clock panty hose and stockings, tomorrow through April 3 Style Reg. Ultra Sliccr am! Opaque P a n t y Hose 2'1 Smootiilinc b i k i n i , demi-toe 2.50 43 Pretty Panty, demi-toc 2.50 50 Nude V, N a u g h t y , all sheer 2.50 90 Room-at-the-top dcmi-toe S3 91 Opaque, sandal foot 2.50 Control Top Panty Hose 80 T u m m y control, demi-toe S3 180 Monvello Tummy Control top 5.95 135 Girdle-at-the-top, demi-toe S5 136 Girdle-at-the-top, sandalfoot S5 190 Room-at-the-top, dcmi-toe 3.50 Support Panty Hose 17 Sheer support, dcmi-toe 4.95 Sheer Stockings and Knee Mi's 30 Agilon Stretch, demi-toe S2 95 Comfort top, sandalfoot knec-hi 1.25 Be sure to state height, weight, color to wear with, Hosiery Sale Price 3/36,6/512 · '3/S6.6/S12 3/S6.6/S12 3/7.20,6/14.40 3/S6.6/S12 3/7.20,6/14.40 2/9.50,4/819 2/7.90,4/15.80 2/7.90,4/15.80 3/8,40,6/16.80 2/7.90,4/15.80 3/4.95,6/9.90 3/S3.6/S6 as well as your shoe size. Blues J a z z pianist Memphis Slim, 61, one of (he living masters of old-time blues, e n c h a n t e d H u n g a r i a n audiences Tuesday and Wednesday in Budapest's ErVe! Theater. C A U . d 3 f - S l l l OR USE Til IS M A I L O R D E R BLANK I h i l l . i k ' s l . i k v » i x « I . SOOS C.ljrk A w . . LA..UV,*! * M-ihl mo iieim l i f t e d below: Quia Snk Color " HI W't s»* PrK: f'" MyOurp.- r^r.l \iunlx-r n '·"'· 1 »uuM liKi- rn JppK fur i lliill.xk'i ,MII) fj ^n.i r.o n. · : Account · r r ' n " -- I ?l -fnu-- chirp- n, )!l '.O D \ Thrn nH d'l Mlr s n ',, .t in (~.i!ilirnij Shipping fhi/p** ^ dl hv kM-l dt ro: f LS.Miwrol .iiKNhl.- llull.k^ rkX^'J 1 " ^li^cn jcn T-VMH Shop Mon. thru l ; ri., 10 am-9:»0 pm; S.U., 10 am-6 pm; Sun., 12 noon to 5 pm | Bullock's Ukcwood, 5005 Clark Ave., L.ikcwood, 6M-5111

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