Independent from Long Beach, California on February 10, 1958 · Page 5
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 5

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1958
Page 5
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for Bulganin? t/ . \-S By THOMAS P. WHITNEY AP Foreign News Analyst From Moscow.comes an indication that Communist Party tion constituencies for Kremlin leaders for the- coming bal- UlCaUUU ulalr v^Uiiiiiiuiiia^ J.M.-J liii ieoucj,a AW*. LH\- w v »"*" ---Boss Nikita Khrushchev may fo^g for seats in the Supreme \.«.» j n f»jnj +n -r\nt -fViii nnlitl- · .. _.. « » --. *-. . have decided to put the political skids under Premier Nikolai Bulganin. The indication came in an announcement in the -Soviet capital of the- selection of elec- Soviet of the U.S.S.R.--Rus- sian equivalent of-Parliament Bulganin occupies a scat in the House of Nationalities-the less important house ;o: this parliament -- from'Mos- cow, He has held this - seat ever since the end of. 1 Work War II. NEITHER jthis nor any other seat in' the 'Soviet Parliament has any real political importance--except as. an" honor. But it is a fact 'that the very topmost Soviet leaders have usually chosen elected to the Supreme" Soviet from- Moscow. · · ' \ ' ' This- was- .true of Stalin; of Georgi Malenkov while he was premier and is. now true of Khrushchev. He occupies , a seat in ithe House of the Union --the more important house--from the Kalinin electoral district in the capital. He wil run again .from that district in the coming election on March 16. ' But Premier Bulganin will not run in Moscow this year it was announced in -Moscow Sunday. (Advertisement) IMPORTANT NOTICE TO THE HARD OF HEARING 1Y JOHN L IURTON. HEAWNS AID AUPIOLOG1ST NOW THEREAFTER The Beltone Laboratoriej anticipated that the Invisible Hearing Glajiei would bii f!H«d and wld lo obout 3 % of lh» Hard of Hiaring p»opl». BUT Bicaus* of. -th« marvoloui eon- itruction of the truly insulated Ion* Oicillator (not ikin r«- ciivtr), w» or» now -fitting over 15% of all hearing losses, including those who con hear in one ear only, and all conductive deafness--nerve " losses--peoplo who can .hear but do not understand--and those 'people who want to use the hearing oid part of the time, tit is always there for those difficult times, and still it is not visible.) We regret that we ore'having to hold up on delivery of this type of Hearing Glasses, until our laboratory is able to. supply the' domand. At the present time it takes three weeks for delivery. IN THE MEANTIME We will make our^ customary FREE Audiometric 'tests to advise each interested individual if it it possible for.him or. her to uso this latest Beltone invention for quiet, -clear hearing. BELTONE HEARING AIDS Comi In or oil HE 7-3811, Boltant Hearing, John L, Burton, Distributor, 701 Knss Bldg., 5th Plni, Lout B»ich 12, Calif. I. CAPTURED NAZI - t~i IK.)., ceiif,- Me... re.. 10, mi INDEPENDENT--P«g« A-5J PUBLISHEDS Report on Roosevelt Bared · ; - , -Li- .. . · '·. ' ' ,.- · . , ;.-· · : - - · - · · : . - . ' . . : · WALTER ULBRICHT Has Jfiklta's Blewlng Obricht Purges 3 Top Aides BERLIN ISP) -- The, purge of three top East' German Communists, touched off speculation Sunday of a split amorig'Rus- sian 'policy-makers over the puppet state. ' East Germany's,Stalinistboss Walter Ulbricht emerged triumphant over a powerful so- called liberal rebel group within the Communist party hierarchy. .With an obvious''go-ahead from Soviet Communist Party Chief Nikita Khrushchev,.'Ulbricht downgraded three contenders for his party overlord- ship. · * * ·* KAKL SCHDRDEWAN, the No, 2 Communist, wasj expelled Torn the Politburo 'and · the Central Committee. D e p u t y Premier Fred Oelssner, the party's chief ideologist, also was ousted from, the Politburo.' Ex- Security Minister Ernst' Wollweber was fired from the Central Committee. The unprecedented outspokenness of the rebels in party meetings and their. bold defiance of Ulbricht has convinced Western experts, that the faction had some official Russian backing. It was regarded as inconceivable .that a faithful Moscow adherent such as Wollweber would rebel 'without approval from the Soviets. * * · * * . EASTERN sources said en- couragement'to the rebels may have come from Georgi, Pushkin, the. Russian ambassador to East Germany, who was recalled suddenly and-without explanation Jan. 7. . Pushkin, .'the' leading Soviet expert on East Germany,, supported Ulbricht for'years.' However, the eastern sources said that in the weeks before : Pushkin's unheralded departure .relations between the two men seriously deteriorated. An'ap- peal to Khrushchev from'. Ulbricht is .believed to havere- sulted in Pushkin's withdrawal. WASHINGTON: -UB -.''Nazi Germany's, deteriorating .'.relation's : with Russia,;.' German^ Polish/friction : -and\i.ruitless dis-i armament -negotiations, are told m- a - Inew: volume ol captured Serman," documents' published Sunday... · · ' , ·· ; , · . . . Former 1 'president Franklin D. Roosevelt's, concern' over Nazi treatment of' the "Jews also .is- chronicled briefly in- the documents, 'taken' from archives of'the German'Foreign. .Office and Reichschancellery. The-documents were'released C atio: simultaneously by ' the State Department'.here- and.- by the British Foreign Office in London. · '. · " ' , ' . Some 'deal with . Germany's internal political situation after formation of the Hitler'.cabinet. ' * * ' * . * , ' ONE OF THESE is a. letter from Reichschancellor A d o l f Hitler to the.' aging- soldier- president, Paul von Hindenburg, dated'April 5, 1933.. Hitler wrote., that -the. president,' "in a generous and humane" way,".;had taken'up the cause "of-those .members ; of.the Jewish people 'who at one time were forced to perform war service as .a ; result of general conscription," · 'He insisted,that-Jews must be removed from positions' portant to the state "so that certain' events.; that 'cannot be. told':,to. the rest .of .the- world for - 'higher ...reasons . o f state really .reinain secret." ',. " . ; the volurhe,are several", reports ·; front. Reichs- bank,-'.P-r'e,si"deri.t ' A Hjalmar letter .to . King,, .George',' from Schacht.'on^a visit'-he -made"' to neutral''' Holland . .'.where ;'the ·the.United States-in May,*1933: 900 Germans wanted as war criminals. · ; . . . . ' · - · · '· ·:·'*·' * -i. \ CROWN '-FRINGE · Wilhelm made his "offer in. a'.personal after Germany's. defeat "As former heir to the'.throne of my German.Fatherland.I amr willing to .offer'-myself'on be-1] half of -my -compatriots 'in this I fateful hour,"- wrote-.the Crown | Prince -. in a letter - dated' Feb; TUXEDO RENTALS FUZZ HARRIS Cusfom Tailor 122 E. Third St. -One report described 'aluilch.- eon 'conversation Schacht : had with' -President-\-Roosevelt on May 6. .It contained these remarks: ' ' . · ·-.".. . - .. "Both at table and afterward, the President .gave indi- cation'of.,.undoubted. sympathy, for- the .person: 'of "'.the Reichs- chancellor (Hitler), and stated that he hoped to see him.some time. soon. He'-once, made use in his conversation of the.6X7 pression that when it came to the speedy .execution of.' governmental measures, there were not everywhere such- efficient managers as .Mussolini, Hitler; and.Roosevelt." : - - ' .' ' · . . But Schacht^also-.-.repbrted Roosevelt brought up the;treatT ment of Jews under the Nazi regime. ,:He. said the President "did not elaborate'oh'this theme and .said: that this''hurdle would be -..cleared even 'if.: its' importance, should riot -be underestimated.'!. . - -. The'documents-also disclosed that '· the 1 ' Kaiser's eldest' .son _jng George V of Britain after'-World- War I, .offering himself as/ a hostage to, save Kalser'sr family took '. asylum Bt ginning 11 a.m. Monday F«b. 10th Ends Thursday Midnight Feb. 13th SOUTH ST. at BttLFLOWER IOULEVARD 3926 LONG ICACH lOULEYARD ··'".-O WE WANT 1,000 NEW ACCOUNT W«'v« sacrificed profits to bring you the greatest vcjfoaj; 'in our history! Enjoy th» conv«ni«hce of on Easy-Paymiint ^Aecountnow! Optn Cn« today with NO; MONEY DOWN required^ ,. . . ordt r by phont or mail or shop in person-- don't miss this sajfeJ? 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' . . · . . i . · -in My Neme' BnjtVyedl ' · How p] K»op«nMy 1 »y · ' '-"»y .; "-- ' i,TM.f ' HE 2-5444 T07-2T45 HA 9^5919 OPEN MONDAYS AND FRIDAYS 909 AYALOH BLVD. *,.,,.*.,, HE 6-521 1 TE 44548 UNTIL P. M.

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