Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 12, 1967 · Page 21
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 21

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, May 12, 1967
Page 21
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I'M SURE MOM WILL LIKE THAT, DITTO/ IT'S OKAY DITTO, HE COAST IS CLEAR/ ^ THE LADY IN THE STORE HELPED ME PICK IT OUT WHAT: IS IT? .PST/, IS MOM LCXXINe? I WANT TO SHOW YOU THE · NICE PRESENT * 5OT HER FOR MOTHER'S AND LOIS TELL ME WHY . UlOULD^ LIKE TO B£ THE, TFIR5TA\ANCH' THE MOON? NO,IM NOT THAT BRAVE LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE CITIZEN COMICS FRIDAY, MAY 12, 1967 PAGE 21 DO A GOOD DEEP CHEER UP A SHUT-IN TODAY ^··-i^ac:. :9rTOOC?;4 ol 'iaY3H '8 'ooa IOH "T 'naa 3DHVM 'I-I \ 'AYH1 'L '.d'Oi '9 'S33NX 'ff 'Ji3NIW '£--" OJ: Y ! Sa3MSNY NANCY THE KIM6 j?ErALLY IS FlNKi WIZARD OF ID FAMILY? (GULP!} -SO WILL I AW MY DAUHtEf!. BRENDA STARR !· I THINK SHE TOLD WE TO DO SOMETHING---BUT WHAT-? AUU RITA G«IMSBY'--TeLL HER TO PICK UP MARGIE AND MEET MK AT DORA'S HOUSE IN TWENTY MINUTES JBLONDIE VDU'VE NOT BEEN FEELING WELI--AND YOU SHOULDN'T BE STAYING UP THI5 UTE/ COME ON-TAKING. OU ME/ I'D BETTER. 6CT BACK V _ TO MY ORCHESTRA, BEFORE THEY DISCOVER THAT THEV * CAN 6ET ALONG FINE WITHOUT ME/ AFTEK WENPY'S NEXT SHOW, I'LL PLAY SOME OF THOSE SEK5HW1N NUMBERS FOR YOU : ANP CLAUK GARROWAY 15 SOIN6 TO PLAY SOME GERSHWIN NUMBERS FOR. ME AFTER WENDY MARLOW'S SHOW/ ^ REX MORGAN WELL, I SU65 IT'S BETTER THAN ULCERS ALL MOW TELL THE SM TO OUT WAIT A S6CONP, . X PIDM'T 6AY TO HAVE MEN FALL- OUT BEETLE BAILEY UITTLE $ISTg(Z,(30 OUT THERE TONI6HT ANP SET BITSY A RICH TEXAS , BITSY- THIS | START* WITH THE IN I 4TPUMENT PAKEL- AN P ENDS wrr'H A BOBBY-PIN 1NVEN- TOP-Yj WHILE I HAVE A WOPPS WIT INTO ANCIENT POME To COMPU5TELY . PROM R3R THE CORONATION OF CAESAR.' HERE'S A LI ST OF WHAT WE SHOULD Win a valuable prize. Send your question, name, address and age to TELL ME WHY! care o* this paper. The Brittannica Junior, 15- volume encyclnnpH''' for school and home will be awarded for the letter selected. In the case of duplicate questions, the author of "Tell Me Why!" will select the winner. Today's winner is: BRIAN HAUCK, 10 Saratoga, Calif. «« I DON T THINK ft) EVEN UKE TO 6E THE SEOMX.THE THIRD MAM WILL HAVE QUITE A BIT OF RESflDNSl8lLnV ( TBO,AN01HE FOURTH ti)lll HAVE TO KEEP A, LOT Of RECORDS. THE FIFTH AWN WILL HAVE A LOT TO LIVE UP TO BECAUSE OF WHAT THE OTHERS PIP,AMPTHESlXTH UILL HAVE TO UX3RK HARP ARWNP THE MOON-STAm.IHE SEVENTH ML ..... BROWS? eTHeCNLY PEKSCN I KNCU) WHO WANTS TO BETHH FORTV-THIRP iMAMOK THE MOON! Why Is The Body Warm? In order for the body to carry on its functions, it needs energy. This energy is obtained through the process of combustion. The fuel for the combustion is the food we take in. The result of this combustion in the body is not, of course, a fire or big heat. It is a mild, e x a c t l y regulated warmth. There are ferments in the body whose job it is to combine oxygen with the fuel in an orderly, regulated way. The body maintains an average temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. It maintains this temperature regardless of what is going on outside. This is done by a center in the brain known as the temperature center, which . really consists of three centers. A control center which regulates the temperature of the blood; one which raises the temperature of the blood when it .drops; a third which cools the blood when the temperature is too high. What happens if the blood temperature drops? Part of the nervous system is stimulated into action. Certain glands send out enzymes to increase oxidation in the muscles and liver, andr the 'internal! 'temperature rise's.'^ Also,, the 'blood- vessels of the 'skin contract;- so. that less -heatVis lost, by -radiation: Even ;he skin glands help by "sending out. a fatty substance that helps hold body, heat in. " A n d did you know that when you shiver it's ' because the muscles of your' body, are automatically activated by the temperature of the blood droppini too low? The heating center of the brain makes you shiver in order to produce heat! If the temperature of the blood rises, the cooling center goes to work. It dilates (opens up) the blood vessels of the skin; so .that the excessive heat can be. eliminated by radiation and' perspiration' can evaporate more easily.-In fact; perspiration is a quick method of col- ling-off for the body. When a liquid evaporates it takes heat from wherever it is located. * * ' * FUN TIME The Riddle Box 1. What holds up a train? 2. What kinds of animals can jump higher than a house? 3. What is the last thing you take off when you go to bed? Answer* . 1. Bad men. /I. v f All 1 , kinds. Houses can'tv jump: ..3. Your 1 feet off the floor. THE PUZZLE BOX VOll TALKED FOR XEAH-- UNlfSS THE/ INTO THE GUY WITH SUNGLASSES --IM SUPPOSED TO WATCH -- _-THOSE . HABR/- ALMOST KILLEP ME.- 1 B6CAUSED J BEEFED- ABOUT OUR LO05X THE PHANTOM I BELIEVE PEOPLE OF INTELLIGENCE EXIST IKS OTHER B. C I F THAT THE5Y" TfclEP , VVW HAVEN'T CONTACT US ? OF THEIR. -y /^U. TONIGHT WE VOTE PER A NEW PRESIDENT OFOQRKNITTIN'AN 1 QUILTIW'CLUB, PAW, AN' I SHORE DREAD IT I! DREAD IT FOR WHAT? SNUFFY SMITH SOMEBODY ALWAYS · MAKES SOME SARCASTICflL REMARKS AN'ITVWIWDS UP IN ASCRATCHIN;CLAVJIN! HAIR-PULLIN' FREE-FER-ALL TELL TH'GALS I'M VORE AUNT BEGSIE FROM TEX1Z THEM SOFTEW HW UP WITH A GOOD CRY. AROUSE HIS MANLY URGE TO PROTECT A HELPLESS GIRL. PERHAPS THE DASHING GPR. SAWYER WON'T BE A WPOWER MUCH LONGER. APPEAL TO A MAN THRU HIS STOMACH, MAKE HIM THINK YOU LOVE HOUSE- VYORK, AND RUB HIS BROW. WELL, MITZI GIRL, MOU'RE NOT DOING HALF BAD.' SOMETHING TELLS ME YOU'VE GOT CDR. SAWVER *,^*A REALLY GOING. BUZ SAWYER LIL ABNER Challenge your friend to form wo squares and four triangles with eight straight lines. How o do it is shown. * * * Answer to yesterday's Word Puzzle: Bank, Band, Bond, Fond, Food. NOBODY MB/AH SHO A MAN THEY ADMIRED AS MUCH // MIGHT'S IRREGARDLESS O'WHICH WAV AHGOES-THEY'LL ISSUEMEAWEW OUTFIT// -SO ABOUTA SWAP? DOMTTHIMKOF ME AS A bUTTl NSKV KlEED THAT SUIT HEREV GOING -- Cant your Chemistrij teacher help you? YOU Ye smart, Slim You can do it if you realluj trg! don't even Chemistry.' W^ .t.-wp*-·"---?·---· r GASOLINE ALLEY HE MANUFACTURED TRUOO PARTS DURING VMDRLD WAR n AND CONSEQUENTLY WA6 FINGERPRINTED UNDER J THE SECURITY PROGRAM. "SKIN MUST BE SOAKED, THEN UQUID INJECTED BENEATH IT TO GET GOOD PRINTS." Send your tricks, riddles, or puzzles to TELL ME WHY! Give your name, age and address. A Britannica World Atlas or illustrated Year Book of important events in every field will be awarded for the letters selected each week. Coovrioht 1947 REPAIRS OR A NEW ROOF CALL CORBETT ROOFING Johns-Monville Applicator PH. 6 2 2 - 2 1 2 3 1 880 W. GRANT DICK TRACY BUT IN THIS CASE EVEN THAT MAY NOT WORK IF THE OLD LADV WAS OH.TWATDOG/ TAKING US LAMMINC.SHE M1CHT WAVE CONE THROUGH THROUGH A COAL A COALYARD HON, WILL YOU / WATCH MY BIRD I t TH1 WEEKENP?\ SMIDGENS HA I HOW'D YOU EVER DECIDE ON A NAME LIKE THAT? WELL,,,! USED TO CALL HIM BEN UNTIL HE LA\D AN STEVE CANYON Sine. 1890 J JUST LIKE TO KNOW HOW THE OTHER HALF YOU'RE THE LA6T PERSON \ V 'JVES, ^155 VAN NORT/ It) BELIEVE V.-OULP REAP ) 50CIET/KAPER5, NO THANKS-- I'VE JUST APPETITE APARTMENT 3-G

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