Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1962 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1962
Page 21
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GOP Gives! ChapelVote oi' Praise Assemblyman Charles E. Chapel. R-Wth District, free on ball from a charge of making a false bomb report on an airliner, received an unequivocal vote of confidence Thursday from his district's Repub lican Central Committee. ,. · Committee Chairman John Townscncl said at a Los An- '·ie|e» 'press conference, "I am ."pleased to announce that -IcvCry. member of our central committee concurs in unanimously reiterating their faith and 'support for Chapel and ·reaffirming the earlier endorsement of Charles Chanel for re-election to the Assembly of the California State Legislature, 4Gth Assembly District." · * * * CHAPEL WAS arrested after reportedly remarking to a stewardess as he boarded a Sacramento to Los Angeles flight that he was carrying a gun and nitroglycerine in his briefcase. He said later he was only joking. j In its confidence vote, the: GOP committee pointed to' Chapel's "enviable 12-year, record in the assembly of be-' ing one of the state's most effective and colorful legislators." It noted ho authored the nalline test anti-narcotics] law, sponsored a bill against obscene literature nnd a u - j thorcd the bill establishing the new South Bay College. Townsend said he is not qualified to appraise the legal aspects of the bomb report case but said he did not believe there have been political "overtones or implications" in the case to date. to* IMC*. COM. rrtui, MI/, N. mi INDEPENDENT--Pig*. I-J · Legal Notice f.ON.HLSPONSIOILITY NOTICC ' Notlro ll Iiirel-y rlten lr tl:e ri-lire at I-JUi L/Kust, I^nc ni-actv r.ilifornli. altT tin dtla of Kritlay. llarrh SJ. ISCt I.« »lll net, I" r*-?ixin«it!«» for any detti. Ila«. i ilittr.". or ct'lcatlor.a Inrurrri! t-y. arr rrrj.ini cth'r tlisn Mms'lf. ! I)alM March r?. 1MJ. I (Hrrf.ll VISLTNT DIMKC'.LIO.I l^b Mar. C(». -1. AtTll 2. i:*t2 t j t ) , KIM. 7JSDS NOTICC OF I N T H N O C D KALE Ni.tlro la litrrlir r 1 v * n that vic-ror.lA I. i:i:iai:i.u f i:« cvjar. I*mr Jarh. California. In- Ur.'.i to r. II to I'UANIC 11AT.1TZ a n t t.UCH.L.1: UAIUTZ. l.uil.anil ar.l vile, f t t'J W, Sth ft.. Ixre l.\cfl. Calllomla. All ·!«* In tra.l*. I future*, eiulrmet «n4 rtxt'l Till rf l**r tar banners, known a. TIIR Klin, and luralrj at m Writ Anahrlm. L«ini; Iarh. Call. an'l a »alr. tran.frr ar..l a-vlcnmrnt rf th* rani* mill Le f r r Wl'l be ival'l un «r aftrr Arrll 1«. I?-;?. .1 It" rvrtiw il»r»rl- TIT.! i f I I A M N K R »a=:im\v con- IIIIIATION. at n«t fmith rrr.iral lill«r-' viirror.iA I.. l::iv.r: K I 1 A N K MAI'.ITZ . . l-jn. aiarrii M. i:»;; OP-- I., n. I. 4U171 C E R T i r i C A T L OF BUSINESS, i FICTITIOUS N A W C Tin: U.N-UI:ILSK;XI:D d.i tfrtitjr t l - v arf cun.luctlr.c a buflr*-?! at 4.":t ynteVr. Mkf»o^-l. Califirnia, li:..lfr V,* llrtltlou* f i r m r.irr^ *.f 0 J.- I. IlUIMUNc; MAINTl-NASCi: An 1 that PaM firm I* rnn:ro.*r1 rf t J » f"ll'mlr;s l"T?'r..", »li'^^ r.a^trn In fi:'l an:! flam t f r r ^ i d r n i o arr r. y. l I:. C 7lt« lUA ^.. £Unt' n. Caljfi, . . Ji«..t ll^rrh 13. IS..: I MANLT.i. rt. ci:nvAsrra K. K. I.KWl:r.LYA.*i I F:a!» cf C'alifurnla. I^.a Ar.cdfi C. M.ty: (1-1 JUrrh IX I5«;. l»fnr» n-f. a Notary l* In anl for alii Staff. 1':.- i.a"jr a i t ' ^ r i l £!ai.url II.. ''Tiar.tcs K K. Lf wrllyin. ; k T . ^ n n li rr.a to |.^ tli* rTi"n« n r ··? r.a:;i'» are »ul.."oriln-.l tit tt * « i t t . m a:;il acknoml- ci!^' 1 t?.ry r x ^ r i i t f i l tl.* Mm^. l:trni «''. I'AKKS. Nutarv 1M! !ir Ml- ct.n'ini?^;. n i j i r r j Ju:.« IS. I-'i"! M«r. IS. :.:. T.) anl J V i r i l 6. !'·; ( I l l - I . 1! I. _ 73rit NOTICE OF n r * n i N a OF PETI. TION FOR PROnATE OF WILL Si. s=or :io In t'.r Fui^rnT 4'ourt of th* Ftatr r f Cal'.frrni.v in arvl I f f tt* County . r I.CM Ar.B'l'j. In tl.» a a t l r r of t 1 .- i:.'iv i-t KI;I:I A. I;I:INNKI.I. .MCA n:t;ui:r.icK A. UKINNKLI.. I). . i a." a. ! .·; .tlo ll l.rrdy p h r n II at tlif. r^'Mlon rf Si-runty Kirjt N.ttl n' 1'ir.k |.-.r t l « ITnliate of tl.f Will ,.f II * *K.\'--r.a:iir 1 J. cia.v-J ar.J f. r 11.* l-'tMr.TM f I.'tlT.. Tr«t»- r-.,r.t.i:\- t l " r « - n t.i t!.e |.'lltlor.rr., !·· » r : : f h rift-rrr.c* 1)« l-cnt-y rna.l'- f r f - r t l . - r partlrulirji. w i l l t^| l.-«rl at 9.J1 o'cl.ick A.M.. on April I-,! 1 ;. I''o2. at tli* t n m t r.'i'ia r.f II. l - i r t r n . r.t S..i:tli "U". c f lh- .'·i-fnor f' urt (.f lli» Statf i.f Cili- f..n;ii. la a'i'l f.T tlit rounly of I.ns Ar.rfifs. TiJ i K.r.c Il^irh (Vur.tyi rue.. 41j Onan l:ivJ.. I*.r.s llfach. 'n'itr.l "starch 13. I?i2 ! \V1IJ.IAU :. MIAKl'. i.'om.ty flrrk « i l n r r k rf t f i * i-up*riiT Court f f t!i* Mate rf California. In ar.j tor. tl.a cf Is** Ar.Cfl'J. i:v n. I:IC;KI:. I i - r u i y JOHNSON A JOHNSON 63 Elm Avtnuo L c n j ctitn :. Calif. , Attorney! for Petitioner I rub v«r. ::. :t. ;:. !?·;: c.n-l.r.l NOTICE OF I N T E N D E D MORTGAGE N'OTICK IS IlKKElir CIVr.N':i yrar.k Maritx anl Lucille i!ar;tx. Mortcacf'ra. *lio?9 ft.JJrrr-s i« 4'J Writ ith fclr^tt. In th* i'lty f r-one ivafh. r. ·: is" Ar.tfl'a. Slal« cf Oalil.irnt, InfrnJi I.. r....rtco«« to VILTur.IA I.. M.T.- prl.r,. llortcacrr. irlio?« ad.lrr-^a I 1712 Cr lar. In t v « otr (.f l^r. l*..rS. county rf Ix^ Ar.K'Irs, Stale nf Cal'.f..rr.i*. all fixturra an.l equlp- r.-r.t rf * certain lx*r tar tut- nut k n ^ v n · T1IK KKC. and !·- f.lrj at 11J \V«t In tj.t ' CUT of Lore I»fb, O unty of !·« ArcrUl. .Stat* "I California, ar.d i? at an fxeculr--! rnrtr»'o rf ti.» ·4mA »i:i IM» drlirerr.I anj tl.o ron. r.Jrratxn tbrr'f.T r^.l at P *1 r.'r!«k A.M. «.n r aflcr t!.» JH. 1 ! nir rf Arnl. lf«. at tl.» -..TMW il'ptrlrr.rr.t cf lie ll.imr.'r VK rnw r..rr"rAI».n. r.t *l*\ S 'il'i C. r.tral A»fr.u-. In It.* Citv f t I* «· -i»Ty . f !.·« A r c ' N * . ""Vil"V*«ir.h I I 1^: H I A N K M . r l c . r r. I.tvil.l.i: MAi:iT7.. M rlnrrr. vicror.i.i u r.riu'Mi.. M tUi£'-. H*"ir#r Cicrcw Corporation, f4(1 . Certrll Avenue. Lfa Arjeiei 1, CJiilcrnli. I-ub. Marts J. l?il t i l l LIM. ALL ALUMINUM DOOR t r « l t tin* U lot far away Reg. value to 12.75 od Ikll damp w«atfc*r tkoild _. -^ br«d lk«i I, th*lr million BaB=a ^*** ta wky agt takf odfoatog.* oo» of tkii trrmtidom al* offer ... 9*00100 oil olgmi- »n ntt rtiiilait i c r o e o doori at faboloot latingi. baseball season special! 2 transistor · Yoo"ll b« amaied at Ike clarity of ton «d flit raccptloa qoolify of tkii «ry po«erfal b!a,li tolamo 2 trwiliter radio . . . prtcliioo mod., It comei complete "ilk prltoH tor- pko*. battery ond kondiemt carryl'1 en* ...get yoort now for tk* boMboll seaioo 9*4 beach doyl okeod. Reg. 7.95 value transistor battery special 9 Factory fmh, gvorarJecd lon] lift f »olr transistor barrrries et · trtcitBdovi lorinqt . . . yoH hart «e»*r %eet them priced ft low . . . aaoltier S«d Sack svprr special teviigi. ladies brassieres · Her* h a tralr trt- mendovs bvy . · · qaotity bra»*itrtt Pt · fffttfBltic tOT* IHJI . . . all liiet, all thop*« . . . w* boiglit a carload lo bri*9 I It en ft yoi at thii low to* prlct. . Vafoti tf 1.TS L A. Dodger baseball caps · Jott liko Ik* blf IMO.O* kero« ·tear . . . tbn* LA. dodgen oapi com* ll .11 lbe for Oadt. Mil . i d M * H'I natural look ceramic fruit · Tkew' Ink r*al ** I* oat if tko fruit do*t*:t nato ytor niotb warn rKo low price oil) . . . cjiaUry c*ronic I* iiotirol colon. · Koa. ]tc little league fielders glove · Pepolar trapoi* n*d*l . . . mad* of fiifO co-kide. oil) latl for yoan.,. ootckod wob deilgi . . . fall ikii llolof. O He?. U.OO «ol*. Special pricts to clubs on oil baseball equipment genuine HODGMAN air mattress ladies' draped vamp clog platform shoes Hav* tolti · SAO SACK 1MI Blao fnk- lo* »!tk tk*M Itylilb plot' lorn tkotf . . . » «l«1«" M4l ytt i* ctntortoblo . . · tk« konl«ood lolei bno · mbbtrbW fiilik to otoko tk«oj tllp-proof. little league baseball shoes ttaad tho rao^ketl wear . . . Ullf* p r o o f .id relo. forced, tS«y era ro- m . r k a b l y good q.ality for lock . low pric* . . .1* ill 111*1. O R*?. 3.97 pink elephant cocktail miier set · To.ll w* p!k tlrpkaati en i · · · en yeo pick op year f i r s t driok io tkii cut* l . a q b roIu'Nf cock- to;! ut. . , . iocludci nil- lug qloii and two cocktail · Gcooia* o!r rnattmt, 100*» soaraiitrtd air tigkt ... tpetiol T beam coaitnetioa for «itra ilreujtk gad itobility ... finr royoo torfoco witb moltipl* cootiaq ... kas nitproof mttal lock typo oir valv« ... foil ilio "JJi72.~ Reg. 7.95 value ausfralian tea bush 3-lb. celacloud sleeping bag · Yti en Hill boy Ikit 9*ai lot Mb. colaclood tlttpiot, baq *t · iptciol off waioo pric*. ' ' 1t.1t «alo«. nd blouomt rnako . woaderfal coo- trait to tk* boaotifil eier- o,rt«B filla)* tf tklt oo* otoal pleat . . . qrowi ropic^r i mi or tkod*. . 1.29 toloo. "Rick Carter" snclled fish hooks · Faacy qoality iprloi itool kooki tied »itk ttroai daroblo oyloo loadtn ... i kooki to . cord. · ftq. S7c «olM. "HIKER" styled men's shoes . . . i., -itk fioti) r.»ple«l ,ole, tk«r "o «o.l*bl« U to. or black. Ita. Lit »·'··· PATIO SPECIALS! all aluminum folding patio chairs · Cemfortabl* celtrfwl olo- nliuin ckoiri tkat told '·' coovtaieat ttoroa.0 . . . tfcey or* weatherproof *«d con* lo a iilectioa of o,oy potletm. · Ke,. 4.«S Volte. all aluminum patio table · A bmtlfillf Md* table *!tb bio It- top, M"bl«i...«l| «toml*f.m w*atk*T* proof coottrocrloa. · too,. 1.11 Volu. 18" barbecue brazier i To.1l f.d tth · really coltoiltll ·od practical bor« bocio . . . 11-laek ckroned adiaitoble qrill w k l c k in cook tko Utl«lt lt**kl. Barbecue* of oil kinds and pricei at trcmcndoui lavlngi 3 77 "royal oak" charcoal briquetts · Slock ·· ··« for rk* oaS rfoor cookU* akt.4 . . . fia* ttt ^otlitY h«H***rf ckor* cool brlo,iettn n * korj to beat prlct . . . bin cltn ·Bit dot. · Kef. 1.JJ toloo. Wafer Fishing Combination Glass Rod *6 95 PennReel Total Value 17 90 BOTH FOR 78 You Save 8 12 · Hero 1 ! proof potitln tkol J»4 S«ck Mill for kit . . . . fooolM UO-J feio reel flUS . i ft. tiboln «lati rod whk cork kitdl* ol . coa't b* beat prlcol

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