Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on April 27, 1963 · Page 84
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 84

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 27, 1963
Page 84
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BARNEY GOOGLE amd THEfsA WAS THE BEST VITTLES X EVER LAID TONGUE flW.STOP VORE X AlNTcTOSHlN'l! A GUESS WHAT MY STUMMICK I SAID EVER 1 TIME IT SEEN / THEM BLACK-EYED PEAS .-/ROLLICK DOWN MY ,. . WHAT? STOP IT, HONEV POT, AFORE VE GIT MY FACE COOK-STOVE REP LOWEEZV VAIF IS TH 1 GOODEST COOK IN TH'WHOLE NEWNITED STATES VEP--THAT WOULD BE TH' MOST PERFECTEST MEAL X EWER ET IF I COULD JEST LAY A NICKEL'S WORTH UCKWISH RIGHT ON TOP OF IT ( I F I HAD A NICKEL, ".^Mtltea. - · __ __ . . _ _ - -- . . - _ _ _ _ WHAT'S FER SUPPER/ DADBURN LEFTOVERS!! © Kitiir Features Syndicate, Inc., 1963. WorlJ riclits reserved -Z.8 @ 1963 by The Chicago Tribune. OLD GLORY at tie CROSSROADS .1361-1865 TM " « tT THROUSH THB WINTER op ises, THE uw/ow WV ^A 7/V/f /*0TO/ti/)C DRILLS FOP? ,4 SPRING CAMPAIGN* ITS COMMAHPSR, "FI6HTIN JOE" HOOKER, /S CONF/DENT THATHC4N V SENDING H/5 FORCES UP5TRB4M, HOOKER (SETS THE/M SAFELY ACROSS SEVEFWL FORC7S..,. /U.THOUSH SOAAE A1UST CffOSS THE SW/RUN3 R4PIO4N RIVER *S WELL -A5 THE R4PPMH4NNOCK. HAVff TTVff ov RIVER TO i AW? KMBRAL. LBS AHD HIS ARfAY WAIT SHWO FIBLV FORTIFICATIONS' LINCOLN VISITS TH£ ,4RjvW IN APRIL, HOOKER PECLAffES THAT H/S PL/WS TO coNpec?eRvre CAPITAL. *RE peRr=ecr. oOKEf? MAKES Hlff MANSION /»T * CROSSROADS FEC/ERAL ADVANCE IS MET 0V SUCH FIRM ResTAHCf THAT HOOKER ORPER5 RETREAT TO CHAHCBLLORSVILLe--AV(Y 1. Owe OF HIS CORPS COMM4NPERS GEM. eeoRee e. /VIEAPE, H E L P FOR HOMEMAKERS! D EJAE-HELOISE: For mothers who have smaH children, here !a a unique idea for' cosmetics, or anything which comes in glass bottles. I take my small scraps of contact paper and cover the bottle! '· Then, if the bottle Is accidentally dropped in 'the bathroom on the tile floor or in the kitchen, on the old bottle and applied to the new one. It can. also be patched for us on different sizes of bottles without showing. Louise Matlock drain board, it cannot possibly shatter. . ' Too, this contact paper is not wasted, as when, one' bottle is empty and a new bottle of (something is purchased, the contact paper on bo removed from about Bnt; on their husband's dark socks and on corduroy pieces, but'they never think that all they have to do is to turn the socks and corduroy wrong- side-out before washing. This -way the lint does not attach itself to the fabric when washed with other garments. "When I fold my baby's diapers, I fold them the way they will actually be put on the child. I keep the powder can handy and sprinkle powder Those shakers that kitchen condiments and other season- Ings come In should be naved. They ant wonderful to nae a» salt and pepper shakers la lunches and to take on*picnics.. The cap can be ·crewed back on and the salt does not get aU over the lunch. Also they make a nice dispensary for fish food for aquarium lovers, xva* Cain on. the diapers while 1 am folding them. It certainly saves, time later. Also, if you are away from home this saves carrying along the powder or borrowing some. Mrs. J. F, B. BEAR HELQ1SS: Mahy women complain DEAR HELOIS Did you know that when it rains, rainwater can be caught in. vessels and used for steam'irons and aquariums? It's also especially 4 good for house plants. Has one ever wondered why rain does so much more good for your lawn than sprinkling with city water?" Bonnie Wells * ·« * And did you know. that when I was a little girl (·many years ago!) that my mother used to put a washtub under the eaves of our house and catch this water to wash our hair with? It's great for that. Try i4. Heloise DBAB HELOISE t For heating: canned food* such as pork and beans, spaghetti, tamales, peas, corn, beef stew, chill and so forth, I just cat'the top off the cans and set the cans In a big pan of water (one-half the depth of the can) and cover It with. A lid. Tlien torn the fire on t Presto, in, no time at all, the food is hot, and I have no dirty pot to wash* Two, three, and even four cans can. bo warmed together la 'one big 1 .sauce pan. 16 saves this bachelor lots of energy. Morgan · · * Hey there, Morgan: You sure have labor-saving- Ideas'. And that is exactly what we housewives are look- Ing for. We wives hate washing dirty panat Thanks a mil* lion times. Helolsa DEAR HELOISE: When my cedar chest lost its odor and the delightful. smell that it had when it was new, I just took a piece of rough sandpaper and sandpapered the i n s i d e slightly. It smelled like new again. A. B. DEAR HELOISE: Putting the lid back on a half-used can, of paint can be pretty messy. \ . Here is a trick I got from my mother. After opening a new can of paint, take a hammer, and a large nail and punch five or six holes' in the lid-retaining groove. Thats all there is to itJ When you dip the brush in the paint and then wipe it against the side of the can, rim, the paint ftlfg the groove like it always does. But . . , with the holes, it runs right back into the can. When you replace the .lid, the paint dbesn't "squish" out and you save" the paint, too. The lid seals the nail holes and the can is still . Mary Sendelbach I POTATO FEEL DEAR HELOISE: If you arc having company and want to peel your potatoes ahead of t i m e for mashing, you can fill a pot with water and add a dash of vinegar and soak them until ready to cook. The potatoes will not discolor. (When ready to cook, pour off vinegar water and cook as usual. Vinegar does not leave a taste.) Bulb DEAR HELOISE: For a while my shoes were taking quite a punishment from the floor mat in my. car. I found some scraps of foam rubber (the kind used as a cushion under carpets) and cut it to size. I fitted it around the pedals in the floor of the car, and now have no more trouble with scuffed heels! Mrs. K, A. Bambeck DEAR HEIXMEE: I have a few sheets that would cot crfb stay tight on our baby's bed when she was kicking and moving' around in her bed. So , , . I sewed elastic all around the edge of each sheet. This keeps the sheet* in place. JL. J). DEAR HELOISE: Here is a hint for the- women who have fringed t a b l e c l o t h s , or blouses which are e d g e d with fringe. A small suede, brush will untangle the snarls and give your fringe a fresh new look! (For fragile cotton fringe use a stiff vegetable brush.) F j_ . Rjggs This feature is written for you . . the housewife and homemakcr. If you have a hint, problem or suggestion you'd like to share . . . write to Heloise 'today In care of thle newspaper.

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