Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 27, 1950 · Page 8
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 8

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1950
Page 8
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County Speed Limits Listed By ROBERT STIRLING. Pima county motorists may soon.know what,the official speed limits-are on^highways and'streets around'Tuc- 1 son. A recommendation f or speed .limits lias been for,wardec to the county board of supervisors^for their approval. City- county Traffic Engineer John F. Caarls "said today -the proposed speeds, have been based on careful speed; traffic-load and roudslde-use surveys' recently, completed by his office. .Guessing as to speed limits would be" completely" eliminated by the plan Caarls has recommended to the ,county. Drivers _woul3 be warned-by signs as they, enter ' a--.speed control zone and then " other speed limit signs would advise the motorists of any' changes of speed along. the. route. .. , Speeds have been dropped along some. routes. In areas -which"have been .built' up for residential or business 'use.' Higher 'limits., are allowed outside of such areas. In places where speeds change--other signs AvlH tell the motorist, Caarls said. "Metals and materials for the signs have already been ordered. As soon as the county adopts an ordinance, the signs can be put in place," 1 Caarls .said." Spood, Regulations In the leuer, forwarding the recommended .speeds. to the board of supervisors, Assistant' Traffic Engineer J. D. Nadon stated "upon roads or sections of roads not appearing on this .list it is Intended that the speeds-shall be governed by the state laws regulating speeds on county roads." State speed regulations require a -45-mile-an-hour limit during the hours of; 'darkness on. roads other than open -state-highways, and. a 50-mile, limit-on these roads" during the day'.' State .law also, requires motorists to control their speeds Driver; Iwouid from, city limits to Swan road, 45'm.p.h. from Silver-lake road to Twin Buttes road. GRANDE AVENGED 35- m.p.h, from city limits .to-West Speedway EAST FIFTH STREET.-35 rh.pji PRINCE ROAD, 35 m.p.h. from Casa" Grande highway to Country Club road. .FT." LOWELL ROAD, 35 m.p,h. frpm. Oracle road to .Maple boulevard. below these . limits according to road and traffic conditions. "We've been working on these limits . since '.July when the new state code was passed. The co.unty, under the code, can set its own limits said. on county roads," Caarls "There's a lot of .work left to be done with traffic-tere--but it can't all be worked out in a year," Caarls said. Here are the limits Caarls' office has recommended to the county for approval: ALVERNON WAY, 45 m.p.h. from Aviation road to East 22nd street--35 m.p':h, from East 22nd street to Ft, Lowell road. AVIATION ROAD, 35 m.p.h. from Campbell "avenue to Tucson boulevard--45 ·' · m.p.h, from Tucson boulevard to Alvernon way. EAST BROADWAY,. 35 m.p.h. from Randolph way to'Swan road --45 m.p.h. from Swan-road to Wll- mot road. " . · · · . " . CAMPBELL -AVENUE, ,35,'m.p.h. from ..Copper street to Ft.-Lowell road--45 -m,p,h.' from .Ft^ Lowell road to'River road. ' · ' COUNTRY CLUB, 35 m.p.h.'from Aviation road to Camino.Campestre --35 m,p,h. from Adams' street to Prince road (city speed limit of 25 m.p.h. between Campestre .and Adams), DODGE BOULEVARD, 35 m.p.h. from East Speedway.to Ft. Lowell road. NORTH FIRST 'AVENUE, 33 m.p.h, from Luna street to River road. v GRANT ROAD, 35 m.pJv from Tucson boulevard to Swan road-45 m,p,h. from Swan road to Fti Lowell road. LUNA STREET, 35 m,p.h. from ; Oracle road to Fourth avenue; N PALO VERDE BOULEVARD, 35 m.p.h,. from Speedway.to Ft. Lowell road. · NORTH PARK AVENUE, 35 m.p.h. from Spring street to Ft. Lowell road. - ' · · - · SOUTH PAKK AVENUE, 35 m.p.h. from 25th street to. 39th street--45 m.p.h, from 39th street to Bensom highway. ST. MARY'S ROAD, 35 m.p.h. from city limits to Sllverbell-road. EAST SPEEDWAY, 35 ,m.p.h. from Country Club road toVMaple boulevard--40 m,p.h. from Maple boulevard to Swan road--45 m.p.h. from Swan road to Wilmot road. WEST SPEEDWAY, 35 m.p.h. from Anita street to Silverbell road. NORTH STONE AVENUE, ..35 m.p.h, from Oro street to Ft. Lowell rpad. SWAN ROAD, 35 m.p.h. from Broadwav'to Ft. Lowell'road. EAST 22ND STREET, 35 m.p.h. from-. Campbell-avenue to Wilmot road. -' · . WILMOT.ROAD, 45'm.p.h, from Davis-Morithan 'air force base to Pima avenue.'. . MISSION ROAD, 35 m.p.h. from Spruce .street to Sltverlake road-DR. M. A. WUERSCHMIDT OPTOMETRIST Where good GLASSES are .made ' Dial 3-6271 - 75-77 E. Broadway Stale Industrial. Potential Noted PHOENIX, Oct.27. (U.R)--Defense procurement- officers and manufacturers on the west coast have indicated they are interested in-building new plants in Arizona because of its location, it -was announced today. Floyd A:. Rains, .manager of the Phoenix-Chamber;of. Commerce industrial department, and M. K. Babcock, industrial: consultant for the Central Arizona,, Light· Power Co., returned from a trip to the coast, yesterday. · · . . . ; In'talks, with:air.^force buying agencies ' and: the manufacturers, the Arizona representatives'learned j Jail .Romance Probe Started CAEDWELL, IdahoPOct. 27. (U.R County.j'autborities ordered'an investigation today into reports 'that trustees at Canyon countyi Jal indulged in midnight i snacks and' Romance with 'juvenile ' prisoners.', _ e'trustees have been holding trysts, with ,-the girls for six months, Prosecuting Atty. W. W. Wander said.- He made the disclosure .after conferring^ with "Dis : istrict Judge Thomas E. Buckner. Wander said he had affidavits Erom -former .Inmates reporting Jiat the "trustees made duplicate Jteys'to tfie-,doors of,the women's cell and the trustees' cell. The same Jceys could be used to open both doors, he said. As soon as the lights went'out, Wander, said, the trustees, would jnlock the 'door to the women's cell 'and escort the women to the citchen for sandwiches.and coffee. The'men and girls would return to the-women's cell to spend the night in sex orgies. Some of the affidavits alleged ,hat juvenile -girls confined to the iall' were 'among those who left ;Keii: cells'to participate in-"almost nightly ventures." Two' juvenile girls previously held in the women's cell became regnant, · Wander said. Authori- ses were trying to learn whether heir''condition*-was-a result;of the Ventures." Judge "Buckner ordered. Wander o present his case to a grand jury; County Sheriff Ray said he would 'begin investigation. Luelcenga a parallel News From Towns AroundTheNation , WBITEFISH., POINT, , Mich., Oct 27. (U.R)--An off-duty coast -guardsman,'accidentally fired-his rifle'-BiileJiunting'and wounded a 27-year-old woman who- was sitting 30'.feet up in a,'pine tree. Mrs. Marie Clark was wounded in' the face when Kenne'th Latoy stumbled ywjiile ^.valking under the ,tree yesterday. Mrs. Clark- said she'was' picking pine conesl CHICAGO. W)--Haste, a 7-year- old boy,. learned, yesterday,' can cause more 'things than waste. It also can cause terror, bruises and_a--lot'Of excitement. Bobbv, Hartman, * 2B jp-ade pupil, tried a shortcut through a narrow passageway between two buildings to- beat the tardy bell at Shakespeare schon!. He got tightly wedged in, 15 feet from 'the.. street.' He started screaming*,,, ( Firemen came. Frank Mc- Naultv, -actinjr chief nf the 16th battalion, finally told Bobby how to .wriggle out backwards. Shaken and bruised, Bobby arrived' at school nearly an hour late. His teacher gave- him the _day off to recover 'from his ordeal. To Get.:Advanced Flight Trainin LONG BEACH, Calif;-, (^--Immigration officials are pondering today what to" do with two 'Latvians, who' sailed: .here, in 'a-'15- month voyage from Malmo, Sweden,' in a 25-foot sloop. Janis Paltin, a bookkeeper, and Ernest Karulis, an engineer, bo'h 41, made the perilous trip via England,. Spain, .Canary and Bar- bados islands, Panama canal and up th« "coast'to this, harbor. They Arrived yesterday with papers'in order, but immigration officials said thev will, be interned until and if they are, admitted by act of congress. ' ' ' ' ,Congress -had previously- ad-, 'nutted: oncre than a'score of dis-, 'placed' Latvians.- * , , The pair spent' five years in Sweden after escaping the Red- invasion of Latvia. . PONTIAC, Mich., '(/Ph-Tt now 'costs i!2 instead of $1 to, get a marriage · license in Oakland county. The board of supervisors upped. the price yesterday to cover 'increased, clerical costs. PHILADELPHIA, ;(#)--Love's i young dream-was given a boost, yesterday by Philadelphia's city council. Council voted, to extend' from 11 p.m. TO midnight the legal hour, for parking on the. biways of the, city's F'airmount park--long^ a favored haunt of guys and their gals. OSWEGO, N.Y.,,MP)-^Gbodness pays off---even if he's in Korea. Police Chief J/J.'Reed received. 2,500 won yesterday, from Lee'R. Goodness, A GI serving in Korea, in payment of a $1 fine for a, parking violation. Goodness' car was tagged last July .when he was home on furlough. ( In case -police had difficulty in exchanging the Korean currency, Goodness enclosed a U.S. , certificate good for a dollar.' CHICAGO," (XP)-- Here's good' news for' the folks- in' the row- ahead-- crunchless popcorn is on the way. , / -( An' industry spokesman said yesterdaythat a noiseless variety "of 'the. tidbit .has passed through' the experimental, stage and soon 'will: be 'on the^market. It is the result of several years' research at"' several universities arid colleges.. · ·The "spokesman ac'the annual international popcorn' industries convention said the new 'popcorn will taste as good" as ever,' but I - - . · - ' ' ' «. ^» will be more on the orange side Wutann lafli) CttlWH ^ 9 in Color. ' , *· I FricHy £v«nln«, Oct. W, «!· 2 FOR 1 SALE WHITE POPLIN UNIFORMS Buy One ~ Get One Free! We need room for-thwe new, lines and mutt^J sacrifice these quality uniforms below cost. " Every uniform - is~'SANFORIZED and has the, original price tag" on-it Sot every size hK every style, so'come early for the best selection. Sizes range from -10 to 40 in Toth long and short slecveb. . f PRICES START AT and 1'ou Get the Second one FREE Double Your Money Back if these values can be duplicated anywhere. Sorry no mail or phone orders during thii s Uniforms 41 South' 5tK -A venue (Between Congress end Broadway) Phone 3-4902 , PRELL'S _ Ph 5 26il STOK£ ' C HOMf U D E L I V E R Y are highly in demand. Defense officials said the 'state was located in. such a place .that bombing attacks are : unlikely and consequently a steady" stre'am of supplies would be'-maintained -to defense factories. " ' ' Air 'force representatives told Rains and-;Babcock--that, the armed service Would send men to Arizona to look into, prospects, for sub-contracts from Arizona-firms. · hag reported at the air' station, Gabaniss field, Ccirpi Christi,. Tex. ' 'Graduate . Naval' academy at Annapolis an Tucson-;htgh school, Ensigri; Mu phy received his primary and has flight training at Pens.acola, 'Fla.'Murphy is married.to "XJdtus A' nette Allbee of Arlington, Va:^' is the, son. of Mr. and 'Mrs. · Jam' R. Murphy of ,1340 E. Broadway. HUNTING BOOTS Black 10" Boots Cord solo for extra wear! Men's women's $8,85 Navy Field Shoes They're ruff, tuff and 56.95 Genuine Combat Boot; The Army endorsed them; you will -. too. Wide range of *O AC sizes v O.5r«J Paratrooper Boots In brown only. One of our best sellers.In sizes V°...._, J12.50 plenty , comfortable 1 ENGINEER 'BOOTS Fofr. wear in-the-rugged deer country. We highly recommend this fine boot. Available in black: or brown. J j I QE ARMY STORE * NO "NEXT TO SEARS" BROADWAY of COUNTRr CLUB ROAD on thit the 1st ANNIVERSARY at our new location we would be ungrateful if we did not toy thank you many times to all our friends and patrons for their wonderful loyally. Your faith and patronage has been most gratifying -, and we appreciate it. We hope ice have alwayt given you satisfaction. We will continue our policy of quality merchandise and satisfactory -. service, so we may merit your l continued patronage. Thanks again to each one of our , friends", our neighbors, and our patrons. BIRTHDAY SPECIALS IB .«Y*ry department come in and take advantage of them today TUCSON'S MOST COMPUTE PRESCRIPTION AND DRUG DEPTS Prepare, for ELECTION DAY. Test the Toting, machines at our store. A demonstrator is present to instruct you in the swift and correct operation of this new Toting machine you will use NOT, 7th. URGE OPEN ALL DAY sDRbAY PARKING AREA IN THE REAR with direct entrance info store Do VOB Know . . T PARKER-KERR IIS N. Stone. Ph. M5J| Furnlxtiei » COMPLETE '-FUNERAL' Casket) S1A · . Friden ·alculators Announcing A New Shamrock Delicacy! Kosher Sour Cream In Smart 9 Ounce Cocktail Glasses x Shamrock Dairy customer! will welcome this new product in its smarf cocktail glass! The sour cream a rich and delicious, and the cocktail glasses match perfectly with the I2-ounce water glasses in which our cottage cheese a packed. You can now get · complete set of matched - glasses in any one of the four smart patterns shownl "The Banson" - AT 121 East Congress St. · · '.. ; . . . . . - .^·1^^ - ' ; ? f - ' ; , . _ . - "A Bicycle for Two" Start your set today--buy Sham- rock Kosher Sour Cream at your ' Grocer, or--·- "Open WOMEN'S DRESS and PLAY SHOES Fall Styles NYLON HOSE 87'^ 97' $ 2 97 WOMEN'S SPORT SHOES LOAFERS STRAPS OXFORDS 197 WOMEN'S DRESS SHOES Sales St "Gas Buggy" Walsh, MORTGAGES Low Cost -- Quirk Service lilfr Inxaranr* money and prJ- v«tf fund* to pnrchue, b'ulld or refln«nce.- v R««identM and o»- merclnL Oooventional or PJLA lonni. -·- ·Metropolitan Realty Co. Auk for.. Mr. Gr«dj ,' SJ2S E.' Broadwaj PtiU S-SS4J Ph. 3-8674 lor Home Delivery! SHAMROCK DAIRY Get Your TREE RECIPE BOOK ' Showing Many Use* for , , ,, - Sour'Cream Just Phone, or Mail Us a Card! ' / · ' , - SUEDES LEATHER BLACK BBOWN ...... MEN'S DRESS SHOES Hijrh Quality. Value* to $12.»5' CHILDREN'S SHOES Oxfords, Straps and High Shoes. sizes sy 2 to s, sy t to'11, ii^.to 3.. I AND $8.89 AJfD K 121 East Congress Si.

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