Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 5, 1968 · Page 12
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 12

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1968
Page 12
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PAGE 12 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N Dam Covers Old Land Of Nubians Waters Inundate Historic Area By ALY MAHMOUD Associated Press Writer ASWAN, Egypt (AP) Nubia, remnant of an empire between Egypt and Ethiopia, is being eaten away by waters rising behind the new Aswan Dam. The Nubians are a Negroid people long ago conquered by the Arabs. The territory where 50,000 of them lived in mud huts has been submerged by the waters forming Lake Nasser behind the dam, a major irrigation and hydroelectric project. They were shifted from then- old villages beyond the new dam in one of history's greatest exodus. The Egyptian government has spent vast sums to help Nubians resettle in neat new villages at Kom Ombo, north of Aswan. Reclaimed farms have been distributed to some of them, but many are still waiting. Others have abandoned their new villages and gone to Cairo to work as porters or servants in houses. Many acknowledge the efforts exerted to make them feel at home, but they often say they would prefer t go back to the beloved homeland. They entertain a hope that, once Lake Nasser takes a definite shape, they can go back and resettle on narrow strips of lush land on Its banks. · Ethnological studies conducted by the American University of Cairo show that the Nubians have abandoned many old ways of life but feel they are incongruously replanted in a new society. Each family keeps a sack full of dust from the inundated homeland. They are doing their best to make the new settlements look like the old villages. They seek variety instead of the uniformity of their stone-built houses. Many have added new floors, painted, redesigned and adorned their houses. They erected their own marketplaces. Nubians stay aloof from Egyptian society and look down upon their neighbors as inferior and dishonest. They stubbornly forbid strangers to attend their private ceremonies. Each village has revived its own tribal council, a lawmaking body to apply the tribal laws. Police are only called in dire emergencies. Drums convoke the councils once every full moon. Witch doctors are still there, but their business is sagging. Nubians frequently resisted Egyptian doctors especially in cases of illness involving their females. Doctors from Aswan often had to obtain police support to enter Nubian houses to examine cases of serious illness. The government has finally assigned female doctors to deal with Nubian women. The economic factor, however, dictates fresh traditions The custom of holding seven- day mourning ceremonies for each death has been cut to one night. The bands of professiona: mourners have been abolished. Elaborate weddings have been trimmed to a minimum. Polygamy is no longer in vogue, again for economic reasons. Marriage is strictly an intra-Nubian affair. Those w h o marry non-Nubians are considered outcasts. Bok To Talk At Unveiling Of Telescope Dr. Bart J. Bok, head of the department of astronomy at the University of Arizona and director of the UA's Steward Ob servatory, will speak at the unveiling of the UA's 90-inch $1.3 million telescope Friday al Huntington Park, Calif. He will explain the in strumentation of the telescope fourth largest in the United States, which is scheduled to be in operation atop Kitt Peak, 45 miles southwest of Tucson, by mid-1968. The telescope's lens--cast by General Electric Co.--is being ground and polished at Stewart Observatoory. Huntington Park is the plan location of L. F. Machine Co., which jointly designed, en gineered and manufactured the letescope with Boiler Chiven: Division of Perkins-Elmer Corp. TUESDAY, MARCH 5, 1968 SAVINGS ARE THE GREATEST REGISTER AT LEWS EL COH TO A FREE $200. WARD on «***? k. W out one at the store... can wina fabulous $200. wardrobe from Levy's! 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