The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 22, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1920
Page 4
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,THE .DAILY FREE PRESS '"Money 1" .Then all at once a terrific change came ovej her. She sprang up tiger- Ishly, swept the chair aside, rushed tttoard the door. v ''. He was there first, however, arid stood with his back against it, barring her way. • • "Ion will net leave this office," he declared, "until—" • "Open that door!" "—until you listen to reason." "Open that door, open that door! Til scream!'.' "Ton may go when you've promised me—" "Open that door 1" . . /. s Out of all-patience, angry and humiliated, he threw the door 'open, and saw her run the gaping gauntlet in the outer office. He closed tl'id -door quietly and a messenger. His nostrils were dilated, his face white, his lower front .leetn were locked firmly over the upper-ones." He~snt at h'is desk, took .a pad of telegraph forms fro.m . a drawer, ind-with a baud as . steady as the mahogany on which it rested he wrote the following, address- Ing .It "Secret Service:" "A demented woman who imagines she has been •RTOnced by the Russian aml>««sorior W1U arrive in YPashington from Chlca- 'fo. AVatch all trains for her. - She is Wlghtly built, has dark hair and eyes •nd is dressed in black. H. D. F." _ Some while after five o'clock Fitzhugh sat at the telephone on his locked desk, his hat on, an uniighted cigar between his teeth, delivering the customary order for violets. With a-final ud- ; inonition to the florist to send nothing except the best, he "hung up." As he / lighted his cigar and swung out of his office he met a messenger, who handed him a square envelope. Embossed on the back was "One Thousand Lake Shore Drive," and it contained a very brief and formal request, for an immediate call from him at that address. - The chauffeur was waiting with the car in Adams street. Fitzhugh settled back comfortably in the cushioned seat as the chauffeur picked his way - through the mass of traffic, and all the cares, and worries of that busy day slipped gratefully from him, leaving him serene with contentment. He was received in. the library of -Mr. and Mrs. Otis. TheVe was no sign of Kathleen; and a glance at her pa' rents sufficed to apprise him he was In for a disagreeable. time. -They remained standing after he entered; nor was he asked to sit down. Mrs. Otis\ haughtily stationed as far from him as the large room would- permit, had appointed herself spokeswoman. | : "Our daughter," said she, lifting a j formidable lorgnette to her eyes and staring at him as though he were the ' garbage man. "has informed us of her unfortunate alliance with you." . He bowed respectfully. "I need bardly say to you"—and her head raised higher, her hauteur waxed • stiff—"that you must consider this engagement broken. Furthermore, you •will regard your underhanded 'acquaintance with our daughter as though it had never been.. All com- Jnunicatton^with her of whatever nature must cease instantly. That, I believe, is all." If Mrs. Otis had expected to inflict a shock she triumphed amply. If she tad hoped to -witness its manifestation ehe was woefully disappointed. The crash struck its victim as a thunderbolt; but beyond a sudden tension that gripped every muscle of him, he betrayed never a sign of the impact. - Outwardly he was almost'if not quite as.self-possessed as when he entered the house. ."Miss Otis—does she know this?" ', "What a Question 1" she gasped. I ,"Why, ii is she who—" "Don't!" He started forward im- •pulsivelK the blood mounting hotly to his face. .But ere his composure departed irretrievably—"I beg your'par- don. May I know the reason?" 'fThe reason," she said icily, wishing his discomfiture ' were more pronounced, "is disgraceful. Most dis- /graceful"—lunging with the superla- ''tive. "Today-—this very afternoon, in fact—your—I——" She floundered helplessly 'in n muddle of words. The starched formality she had deemed sufficient to crush the presumption of any man -wilted before his steady gaze, his calm sternness. She turned aix pealingly to her husband, who, having held a very unwilling silence at TPitzhugh crossed to the hall-door ind listened. • From somewhere above, unbridled 'and., spasmodic, though faint by the distance, .came the, hysterical .sobbing of a girl. Kathleeji! 'With an imprecation on his tongue, Jie bouriSed up the staircase—just as Noonau appeared in answer to , the summons. His coat clutched from- behind, Fitzhugh turned, jerked free and, with a single pash of his flat hand, sent the butler reeling backward to the'hall below. .He leaped up the few remaining steps to the second- floor, strode to a door standing' ajar and knocked. The girlish weeping In the room beyond was muffled. He -knocked again. The sobbing abated, stopped. A' third time he knocked and, receiving no response. save silence, thrust tie door open, entered, closed the door behind turn. It was Kathleen's boudoir. She was seated in a chair, weeping,., with her hands hysterically covering her face; but ^immediately on seeing"'him she -jumped up and started for an adjoining room, calling-hastily to.her maid. And the next instant—she was held, struggling,, palpitating, in the. hot embrace of. his arm, and his kisses showered . upon her lips with a delirious passion that seared as heated metal. "Kathleen—sweetheart, you don't PROF. R.4i. GODDARD Prof. Jtobert H. Goddard of .Clark university, Worcester, Mass., has invented a multiple high-charge rockat, primarily for'tile purpose of recording conditions, ai altitudes never before reached.-- .Theoretically (he rocket;, couid he developed to such-an extent that it^would reach' the mooii -iii-.a li! 1 lii .more tiiun four diiy.s. ANNA HILEMAN RENDLEMAN' (B. P. JVC. Agnew.) . , Anna Hileman Rendleman was "born two iniles northwest of Jonesboro, July 11, 1832, and died at Walnut 'Hill farm at Makanda. Jan.13,1920, aged 88 years, 6 -months and 2 days. At the 'age of" 22 she married Wm. Rendle-. man, Tvlio preceded her to the home prepared for God's people, thirty-two years ago.-'. To -this union were born six children, three boys and three girls, alter- believe- 1'ou don't want me, to go-" nately-^Tefferson J., of Pittsburg, Pa.; She squirmed in. his amis, striking. M,. S . Lovina- Thompson, of Carbon- at him with her fists, uttering incoher- dale; Jerome F. and Willis, of Makan- ent words, her face scariet with shame. " - ~ . . The note of'hate in her voice cooled his madness. He released her. "So you do believe it." And he became aware that her father, at his wits' end how to handle the outrage, was pelting him with blows and kicks. He shook off the roan as a Newfoundland would a Pomeranian. She had rushed to the adjacent room. The door slammed. The key turned in the lock. He stared at the barrier. When he spoke to Otis, who had renewed his attack with' redou-1 giver. da; Mrs. Lizzie Boyd, Medford,' Oregon, and Mrs. Emma Simons, Boulder, Colo., so that "her -children represents four-flfths of the continent, and they all have families- In April, 1863, she and her, husband with others were baptized into the fellowship of the then Stonefort church now 1 the First Baptist church of Makanda, and from then until now has possessed in an eminent degree the three characteristics of a scriptural' church member—a willing worker, I a tireless helper and a bounteous I bled frenzy and threats of legal punishment, he was markedly calm, / (To be continued.^ NEVADA' SUFFRAGE UP FEB. 7 Governor Agrees to Call Special Session of Legislature if Cocts Don't Exceed 5080. y I O.rsi'ii ("ivy, \cv..y .Inn. 'Ji:.—flov. I Kiiiine; r.fiylc :r_'r(v:l to i-all a.j-in'.-hi! j one-day sivKimi «r \\i-.> M.-I-,. lc.-:.s:,-i- I rnrc en ;•"(>:•.. 7 in a!-: 'en; th RnlTr:i;:f> Iwn'c-s or trutminu-c the -ex; 1 ;- Oted .':i) l ;'l. .'!'!];• si- llllvo iislii-;! I'-jri-ilii;- l:i\vin:i!«".y io l'n:-i!i quorum will hr i ;••!•. tricts IHMIVSV UK- i-;- • .. $2,610.2CC for Schools. New York, Jan. --. —Thirt.v-th-f! parcels "f -New. York n-al i-sui.e nwnod by the hit(> .Mrs. Margitrct Siijio. widow of IJusKrll S:';_'c>. WIM'C sold at public nuctimi .for $2.GVJ.:!"i<). Hy tin; will tlif proceeds will he ilivid'-'il union;; thirty'-./"? ;-j;!M. l geH. char'tablo tn.<tittittn'n.«a ho.spirniw ami iiiiis-'iii:v=. Delicate 4 Mothers Vinol, our Cod liver and Iron Tonic, is the best remedy for Nervous, Run-Down, Anaemic Conditions. They settled on Walnut Hill farm in the early part o£ 1853—one year before the Illinois Central railroad was built —and consequently she was the oldest inhabitant in all this country save one, as well as the member of the chhrch. By diligence and economy they acquired a uonpetence 'and no case of sickness or" distress in the neighborhood failed to benefit from hen-gener- •osity in her power to supply them. Of a modest and retiring disposition, sh« enjoyed the love and confidence of all who knew -her, knd although she had reached an age- far beyond the allotted span of human life, yet every heart was saddened, and every eye oedimmed as they realizes] the fact that they would see her face no more., The funeral rites were attended by ReV. J. W. Merrill and Dr. F. M. Agnew in the presence of a large audience after which she was laid beside her long deceased husband in hope of the resurrection. JAPS TGJPT Si&ERIA Tokyo's Pledge of 1918 to,Be - v. Mikado's Made Good. This Letter Proves It. Kenton, Del. —"I suffered from a her prior behest, came gladly to the-j nervous, run-down .condition and no appetite. I keep house and live .on a farm so had; to keep about my work as I have fiye in the family. My druggist recommended Vino] as the best medicine for my condition.' I\ felt better after., taking the "first bottle. It has given me a good appetite, I sleep better and. feel stronger in every way."" —Mrs. rescue. "I luxfl best deal with this man alone, Elizabeth." He waited until she left the room; then he blazed at Fitz- hngh.: "1'our wife, whom you deserted.'-was Tiere today." "The woman is not my wife." "Not your legal wife, you mean." • "Nor any other kind." . . Scarcely had Fitzhugh uttered the. •words, advancing- with he knew not what rash design, then he stopped, turned back, and stood listening intently. Otis, thoroughly alarmed, rang franticaily. for a servant .: - J: HERMAN WILDS. I • It is the Beef and Cod Liver Peptones -— ; — J = "'--' -•-'--' ' Iron Hypophosphites which makes it such a famous blood-maker, nerve builder and strength creator. Besides Vinol is not a _secret medicine. Its full formula is printed oh each package. Claude Fox and Druggists everywhere. Government Decides on Withdrawal, Having-No Terri» torial Ambi*ions. Tokyo, Jan, 22.—Japan's object in agreeing to co-operafe \vith the United States in supporting Czechoslovak, troops in Siberia has tieen attained and', the withdrawal, of Japanese , troops from Siberia will follow, it wiis I decided at a meeting of "the advisory diplomatic council, according to newspapers here. .It was assorted at' lite meeting. It is said, that Japan lias no territorial" ambitions in Siberia, and that troops now I Ijeing sunt to thai country, are,merely;' to replace Wsses. H was declared ihati! fundamental policies will not be af- feott'd by this slop. The council is ropoitPd to have in-, dorsod the r-abinet's dc-cision not to, "interfere 'furtlior in tbc internal affairs., of Siberia' and to. adhere sn-ic-tlj to- the iLtovprnmunf's (li't'liivatimi wliun it entered into tin- agroeinonr wjth Ameiv ien in ISIS. ' . ' In the airiec'iiirr.t lictween ^ Japan' and ilio Uiiilod Staios^aniiuunccii in,. Tokyo rin Aiig. -I. ]!)1S. tin: Japanese, government 'iociarod its desiro to pi-o-_ mote relations of enduring friondshi;> ; with Uns.sia- anil alHrmed its- avo\\-od ; policy of r&poctin:,' the territori:il integrity of t'luiu country as well as of abstalniiifj from -all interference in Kussia'.s internal politics. It v,-,-us further declared (lint upon the realization: of its objects .Tapaiil would withdraw' all her troops from Russian territory 1 ! and leave unimpaired the sovereignty of Eussia in all its phases. ',' Washington, Jan. 22.—Official ad-vices-from Tokyo received here have indicated the purpose of the Japanese government to follow tte example oC the United States in withdrawing Us military forr-es from Sjheria. < How Many Women Are Like This? Can anything be more wearing for women than the ceaseless round of household duties? .Oh! the-monotony of-it all— work and drudge; no time to be sick; tired, ailing,'yet cannot stop. Th«re comes a tune when something "snaps" and they find .themselves "simply worn out,"and to make matters. worse, have contractedseribus feminine disorder which almost' always follows the constant overtaxing of a woman'g^rength. Theix-they should remember that there is no remedy like Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable |Cpmp6und—the experience of these two women establishes that fact: • Cedar RapMg, la.—"After tho'- bii-th of' my last child I had such priiiiful spells-that ivould unfit me entii-oly for my housework.. I suffered for months and the doctor said • that my trouble was organic ulcers anil I would have to have an operation. Tiiat was an awful thing to inc. v.-ku a young baby and four other children, so one day I thought of Lydia E. Pinkhani's Vegetable'- Compound and ho\v it had helped me years before and try ita^ain. I took five bottles of Vegetable Compound and usod-Lydia E. 1'iukham's Sanative" Wash and since th'enl uavebeeua well -woman,ablo to take care oJ my house and' family without auy trouble or a day's pain. I am ready; and thankful to swear by yourmedicineany time. lam forty- four years old and have not had a day's illness of any kind for three years." —Mrs. H. KOEXIG, 617 Ellis Blvd. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. • Saudusky, Ohio.—"Aftprthebirth , of niy "baby T had organic trouble. My doctor "said it Vaa caused by .too . heavy. liltiug- and I .would. have to have an operation. I ivbuld not consent to an-operation and lot it go for over a year, having,. my sister do'niy'work for: me aa I was not able to walk., "One day my aunt caine to see me and told me about your medicine—said it cured her of the same'thing; ' I tobkrLydia ' 33. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and used Lyclia E. Pinkham's Sanative Wash and they have cured me. Kpw I dp my own housework, washing and ironing and sowing for my family and also do sewing for other •; people. I still tnke a bottle of Vegetable Compound every spring for a tonic. I recommend your medicine to others who have troubles similar to mine and you can use my letter if you wish."—Mrs. PAUL PAP ENFUSE, 1325 Stone St. y Sandusky,Ohio. All Worn Out "Women Should Take iaE. Pinkham's K.PIMKHAM MEDICINE CO.. IJTNN. MASi Poster Tells Dramatic . Story This picture, painted especially for. the Nonr Bust U&Ile'f hy M jseone Brackcr, vividly portrn-ys what words fail ro, express—the horrible suffering of the women and children of Armenia and adjacent countries. Peace has .blessed -Europe nml America for more than./year, but in Western Asia corv ditions more frightful than any war time experiences of the martvred populations of Belgium and France still exist. Thousands of women and-children escaped massacre by'the Turkish soldiers only to face the terrible agonies of cleiiai by starvation. At the present time estimated that 1,250,000 adults and fully 2oO.OOQ orphaned children are completely destitute und^n imminent danger of death by starvation and exposure • v " "The Near Edst Belief, H Madison-Avenue,. New' York, is at present the onTy organization giving nid to these spring, people' and 'IncI;' of funds still prevents the roacsilng 6f more than o siuallpnrt. of. ii:^ sti-:d:on people " LAURA E. SWARTZ O8TEOPATHIC Chronic D-.sea*ei "a Cpeclnty Office In Laud»r-Nlehc!« Bld(. W.W.HAMILTON -. Coal and Ice MACKEY COAL OFFICE Phon* 204 HAMILTON & BRADLEY , . , Attorneys at .Law 1 :,•••• Pljori. 252 K , •Suit* 112-116 New Hamilton Bulidli* DELIA CALDW&LJ* ML D« • ; MeANALLV BINLOINQ 21<t W«it Main tti**t Pfflea Hour* • to 10 «.««.; t to 4 P.B, CARBONDALE CANDY KITCHEN Home Made Candle* and loe Telephone 944 Y ECONOMY COAL / YARD J. 8. WOODS, PROP. ; Washed Nut, Ega and Lum* Phone 149 K. I _ HENRY BAM TRANSFER, GET OUR PRICES. Phone 4*9 L H.O.HALL&CO. : .'.FEED, COAL AND POULTRY SUPPLIES PhJne 233 W. A. BRANDON. M. D. GENERAL PRACTICE A'ND THE EYE Eye* Teeted - . GliMee Pitted Virginia Bldo. CarboHdale, IH, DR. J.W. BARROW NEW HAMILTON BUILDING Heura f to 11 A. M. and 2 to S P. .. PHONE »t F. L ; . LINGLE, M. D. General Practice Special attention to Eye, Ear, Me«a and Throat - G|tneB Fitted Phone-: Residence 330-2, Office tSO-t , Virginia Building BACK BAD TODAY? Backache is usually Jndney-ache and makes you dull.nerrous and tired. lUse Doau's Kidney Pills tor weak kidneys—the remedy 'recommended by your friends and neighbors} Mrs Carrie Bond, 119 Grisson St., Anna, 111.,' says: "A sharp pain in my back'made me miserable and mornings my back was so stiff and sore, I could .hardly get around. :Wi.en -I bent o.ver to dust a chair,..a sharp jfain caught me and I would star .; gasp for breath. My kidneys^became- yeak and'I.was greatly bothered on this account. There was a dull bearing-down .pain across my back. Doan's Kidney Pills soon relieve* me and one box cured me entirely. Doan's are certainly a great medicine." .•'•.:'. •Price 60c,. at all dealers. Don't simply ask Htor a kidney remedy—get Doan^s Kidney -Pills—the same -that. Mrs. Bond had. Foster-Milburn Co,. • Mfgrs, Buffalo, N. .Y.r-AdvertlBement. GMCHESTER SPILLS • — STEAMER;CHjNA GOES ASHORE Vessel From San Francisco strands* Near Nagasaki—dargo Is Be* - ing Lightered. «..r?9" Francisco, .Tan. 22.—The steam- er'China is ashore five miles from Nag--, nsaki, Jnpn.n, arid its cargo' is' being- lighteredraccording to a cablegram re.' celVert' here by the: Chamber of Commerce. -The China "left San Francisco- Decphiber 27. 5n New York City alone from kidney trouble last year. Don't allow- yourself to become a victim by- neglecting pains arid aches. Guard against this trouble by taking GOLD MEDAL The vrorld's standard remedy for kidney,; liver, bladder • and uric acid troubles.' i Holland's national, remedy since 169G.. All druggists, three sizes^ Guaranteed. look lot ti.. um« Gold Mod*!! on and accept no uaitaliMt

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