Independent from Long Beach, California on May 17, 1957 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1957
Page 21
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· Leoal Netlc* ,· Lig«l Nolle* CERTIFICATE OP BUSINESS . FICTITIOUS FIRM NAME THB UNDERSIGNED doet heraby certify that aha I* conducting a dejiclng_ etudlo buiineaa at Ml X. Ocean BltU.. City ot Long Beach. County of Lo* Angela*, Blata of California, under the (Ictltlotla llrm nan* of Fred Aililr* School ol Dane- Ing. and that eald firm la oompoeed of lha following peraona, whoee name* and tddreaita ata aa follow*, to*wlt: Clao P. Wai tier, 1Z7 Orlulia Are- nua. Lonar Baaah 3. California. WITNESS my hand thli Urd day ·I April, 1H7. · CLBO P. WAONER STATE OF CALlrOHNlA 1 COUNTY OF LOS AXOBLES J a*. O, THIS Jird day of April, A.D., 1»47, baton m*. Jack McElhoae, a Notary Public In and for aald Coun* appeared Cleo P, Wigner, known to me to b* th* pereon whuee name la aubacrtbed-to tha within Inetrument, and acknowledged lo ma that ah* ·xeruted the Mine. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto *el my hand and affixed my official aeal lha day and year In Ihl. rertlllcal* llret above written. (SEAL) JACK McKLHOSB . i Notary Publlo In end for Bald County and Slat*. My Comtnliilon Biplrea Aug. 21, Apr. M, May S, 10, 17. 1»57 «t)LBI CERTIFICATE Of BUSINESS FICTITIOUS F I R M NAME THE UNDERSldNBD do hereby certify that they are conducting a Uniform Selea ft Service builneii al 2100 Redondo B!., City ot Long Beach. County of I«oa Angllee. Htala ol California, under tlie flctltloua firm name of Mobile Ekchange Berv* Ic* and the! aald firm I* coniloied of Ilia following peraona, whoae neniea and addreaaee are aa lot loki. to**ll: Doneld r. Shapiro, 471] Lexl ·Ide, Lakewood, Calif, Bleu. U. Perei, (049 W. JSnJ m. Loi 37. C.IK, WITNESS our liand thla Jnil day ·f Miy, 1M7. DONALD r, SHAPIRO HLAH. O. PKHEZ ·TATE or CALIFORNIA ) · COUNTY OF LOS ANQKLKS ) ··. OM THIS 3nd day of Vlay A.D.. 1M7, before me Roy R. Bainhlll. a Notary l*uhllo In and for aald Coun* ty and State, reiidlng therein duly cumiiileiloned and ewurn, personally appeared Donald r. Shapiro, filai. U, Pare*, known to me to be rha peraoni whoae name* are aubacrlbed to the within Instrument, and ac* knuwledfad to ma lull they CM* C "lN WITN1.8S'WHEREOr. I have hereunto eet my hand and affixed niy official aeal the day and year In nil* certificate flrat above writ*"' ROT n. BARNIIILL (SEAL) Notary Publlo In and for Bald County and Stile My eommlaelon expire*. Jan. H. 1938 May 3. 10. 17. .', 19(7 t«t--Lli.I. n*i«lull*i No. RESOLUTION OF INTENTION"1O LEASE SCHOOL PROPERTY WHLKKAS. the School Dlitrlrt will not require the uee ot Lot 7, Tract No, 1M{, In tha City of Long Kearh County of Loa Angelei, Stale of California,'aa per nuii recorded li Book t4. puee 13 and 14 of Map*. In tha office of the County llecorder of eald County, and aleo known a* 23W Wabeter Avenue, be. £ mnlng Juna 1, 1197, and ending av a". JI58. and WHERKAH, It la the dailr* ot Die Board of Education to rent the aforeaald properly for lUrh time a It In not needed by tha Dlitrlcl, NOW, THtllKFOHK, be U r*. ·olved by th* laid Board of Educa tlnn that It declare III Intention lo offer for leaee Ilia aforementlonec property for euch lime aa It la nol needed byithe Dlilrlct. and BB IT XUnTHKH HKSOLVHD that tb* minimum rental which 'II b* accepted by the Board of Rdu* ration for the uee of lha property known ae 9.1M WebaUr Aranue wll be . · ' SIXTY AND NO/100 ... DOLLARS (IM.OOI for the tint month and · · · SIXTY AND NO/100 ... DOLLARS (110.001 for eacl and every month thereafter, payable In advance, with the flrat and lael nionthi' rent to b* paid In advance, and no ullllllaa to ba turnlihei] ·icept water, and flkl IT rURTHER RESOLVED that acaled protweale ihall ba re- reived at the regular meeting of the Board of Education al 4:uO p.m., fn Monday. May 37. !«47. and will be eonildered at approximately that hour, and lili IT FURTHER RESOLVED that oral blda will ba received pro* vtod eucb oral blda aieeed *y al lent i% tlie hlgheit of Ih* aald written propo»al and/or the Hex) preceding oral bid. and BH It FURTHER RESOLVED that tb* AuHUm Secretary b* In* alructed to publlih thla rtaolutlon In th* Long B*uh Independent not leie than one* a w**k for thra* aurceaalva week* befor* tha nveatlng, and to poit a copy of aald reaolutlol In three publlo placet In th* Dli U B8 VT nmTHER RESOLVED that III* Board , of Education rtt* vrveB the rlgbt to reject any and all blda and to withdraw th* prop* erly from l**a* ahould It deem Me" action for Ih* beatpublta Intereet. IN WITNESS or.TBB ADOPTION ft th* foragolnr 'reeolutlon by a v,i|e In eicea* of lwo*|hlrde (]/)) «( all member* of thli Board, we, the membera of luch Board, proaent · nd voting ther*on, har* neraunto B.I our hand! thli 2»lh day ot April, 1M ' BOARD Or EDUCATION Of THE LONG HKACII UNirlED SCHOOL DISTRICT or ·' LOS ANOKLE8 COUNTY RLIKAnETH HUDSON L. H. BREWEH M, A. DUNCAN ·· ·!·'· W II, BOTD DW1OMT C. 8IOWORTH rub. May 3. 10, 17. 18J7 (311 L.B.I, Rai«lutlan'«42t47.A MtOLUTION Of. INTENTION TO, LEASE SCHOOL BUILDING ' WHERCAH. th* School Dletrlct vlll not n«ulr* th* uaa ol th* .Audi* Iwlum at the Orovtr Cl-rtland Sfhool from »:M a.m. to IMO p.m, and from 1:00 p.m, lo 10:00 p.m. aach Sunday, btglnnlng Juna 3, 1117, and andlng Auiuit 11, 1157, toll. Incluilva, and WHEREAS, It la tha deilra nf th* Board of Education to rant the aforeaald facllltlea for lucli houra ee they ara not needed by th* Die* triet. NOW. THERBrORE, BB IT RD* SOLVSlb by th* aald Baud of Edu. ,,, cation that It declare lie Intention t. to offer for laaaa th* ajoreiaid fa- cllltlta. and BB IT FURTHER RESOLVED that tha minimum rental which will b* aeeapted for the uie of Hid fa* dilute ahall be fSd.OO fnr tha flnt 4-ht.ur uie, and tSUM tor aach 4 hour uia thereafter, and at tha rate ot 13.50 for aach hour that tha uae Houra, wllh Iba und*ntandln( that ·aoh a houra of occupancy Including th* tlma for haallng up and pr«para. tlon ol tha apaca ahall b* dacmad lo b* on* compltta UH, and that any tlma beyond the 8 houra ahall conltltula another ua* eren though th* altenilon of UH l conaecullra and aonllnulng. and iiibjrct to can* callatlon by altntr party at th* tlma naw rat*a ara d«Urmlnad for thla · Lagal Natka Edui , of facility by the Board of ucatlon. Payment of baalo rental . la dua In adranc* of delivery the pramliea, and or BB IT FURTHER RESOLVED LUTION by a »ota In axnia oj J/3 that thla lean may b* terminated within tha ibor* aipreaaad term by th* giving by ettner party ol nolle* - FARTHER RESOLVED that aealed blda ahall b* received at tha regular meeting of tha Board of .education at 4:00 p.m, on Mon* day, May 31, 1IS7. and will b* con- itdend at approximately that hour, "BE IT ruRTHBR RESOLVED that oral blda will ba received provided men oral bide exceed by al leaat 5ft tba hlghait of tha aald written propoaala and/or th* nail · Legal Natlca leaaa ahould It deem auen acllun for tba beat publlo Interaat. IN WITNESS or THB ADOPTION OF TUB IOHEOOINO RE6O- 1847. Nolle* la hereby given thai the petition of Hara lona. Blood for tha Probate of th* Will of the above, named dtcewed and for tha laau* anc* of Latlera TaitamenUry there, on to Tha Petitioner, to whUli ref* arenc* la hereby made for further partlculara. will ba heard at »;30 BOARD Or EDUCATION OF o'clock A. M.. an Juna 3, 1H7, at THE LONO BK.ACH UNIFIED tha court room of Department LB _ _ , gup , r | or Jjourt of the of all numbere or thla Board, we, tha mambera of auch Board, preaanl and voting thereon, hev* hereuBto aet our handa thla 29th day or April, preceding oral bid, and BB IT FURTHER RESOLVED that tha AnKlant Secretary ba In* atructed to publlih thla reeolutlon In tha Long Beach Independent not leie than one* * w**k for thra* auccee- alva week* befor* the meatlnjf, and to poit three "BB'JT TURTHER RESOLVED that tha Board ol Education reearvce th* right to reject *ny and all blda and to withdraw tha properly from «t a ropy of aald resolution In of California, In and publlo placet In tha Dlilrlct, ot Loa Angelea, In the Matter of SCHOOL DISTRICT OF 'LOS ANOELES COUNTT, CALIFORNIA ,-· ELIZABETH HUDSON L. H. BREWER M. A, DUNCAN , W. H. BOTD DWIOHT C. 8IOWORTH Pub. May 3. 10. 17, »57_(3l) L.BJ. 47771 NOTICE OF HEABINQ OF PETITION FOR PROBATE No. LB P1077I In the Superior Court of the Blata · In and for tha County tha Eitala of BLOOD, alao le«f gawk, OM, M, May 17, IfIT INDEPENDENT-P.g. A.2I · Legal Netlca Pitt* of C.llfnrnle. In and for the City or Lone Beach. County ol Loa Angalea. Dated Mar I, 1»I7. /SHOLD /. 6STLT, County Clerk and Clark of tha Superior Court of th* Stale of California. In Md for tha County or Loa Angalee. NEWTON EDWIN NBiW^Uf* FilJ wirt ·PiA/ufc-'j Btaav known « NBWTON E. BLrfOD * known e. N. E. BLOOD, Deceased. I WE GUARANTEE W«Nk M4 Clttk ItHl ftr OM YMT, WOLF'S JEWELRY iiFVi. ·· it* HI 7-5000 · Lagal Notlca Jy E. 8eagfr, Deputy 'ehneen *v Jahniort ' ,' 12 Jarglni Truit Bldg. ·· jOng Beaeh. California . HK 7.2171 Atlarneya far Petitioner. May 11, 1], 14, It, 18, IT, II, 30. U17 (It) L.U.I, Urs til trtt t! Kilty it tti HUNTINQTON HOTEL p *' *4 or A BLOCK LONO , ; 1210 L OCEAN BLVD. , LOU IUCH Tkle kolel rail thnwinfrgn th* bouievart l« toe *eeaii. Two IcoMee. All rtraoie have artvete balhi. wall* lo*wall eerpetlBR. wrltlBR d«lk. tele* 1-n.ft** enrt dally meld eervlc*. Large dlnlBB roam race* the oevaa. Room and rneale 111,00 ween mtth pereen. rbotee eleelu. rrtrae rltM *f beef, roeit tBrkiv. beked VlrilBla nan * eve-TlhlBi rooa to eat Ha belter food anywhere. Phone HB ··1261. ont«Me°wftllle°'c 1 !lb breaatall Itei renlar dtBoera 11.11. CHAI, A. BAKKRTT Owner for GRADUATION Timely Clothes £ Arrow Shirts ' . ·fr Mumingwcar -fa Coop« · ' -fr Sportsman, · Hollyvogue CHAROI ACCOUNTS IP DHIRID P A R K E R K D H L DillinHilt Clttkn (/ rumiihitfi for Mi* , 203 Pine Avc. HE6-1-1-M · It's So much more refceshizuqr DALECARNEGII Anlho ,.. ·He* la Wl« rrlMai art lnflMaa ·**»·" SIM Ihnn" L E A D E R S H I P Otmandi " ' Y O U S P E A K EFFECTIVELY ' aMm7 vMtk *Ll tenant '·· pnltilleeil LUDUS me l» ummii (W eMIll; le *ul wllk i»wk H LEAKING IFFtCTIVILY. AH tntliHn Jli ttuni will ter tnnliit-M InWii Ike OiH Ceneelt CwrH'l* IffKIhe (He.ii*! H1 Hweue Mtliliem M t«*a ettr: i »tllleM UlN A WOVEN frm Ceitl It Ceiil Iw IM fun 41 rMn. A Ntw Cloti Starting Soon Cfll ar Writ. D.y »r Nlftr Dal* CarnagU Count)* HERE'S WHY BURGIE IS A TRULY FINE PALE BEER SH Burgie's / light, golden-clear color and \ long-lasting : snowy-white head. TASTB Burgie's sparkling, satisfying flavor f --it's so much * *h . more refreshing,' H m HI 2'Ui. Tkh InMiq ·«· MiMl la n* I* '»"» petoe *e* ceeliaMM IN frhete aed a m«i; tftrwt r»» ·* latnexd teiMi-i fnm and PrMwIM H I'll When you're having fun together--just the two of you-that's when a Burgie tastes real good! It's so much o , more refreshing. Its clear, sparkling flavor seems, to : : · ! . make whatever you're doing more enjoyable. May to National Tavern Month...enjoy a Burgle at your favorite tavern-the friendliest place In town. lirnnaaMar Imrlal Cera., lea FraMlM, blllenila

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