Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1969 · Page 55
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 55

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1969
Page 55
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AUTOS FOR SALE MB i a cvl. Excel. CEpfc LICENSE SPECIAL FOR **yW.fftf vwn arc\.]Ai. ruK OUR FULL PRICE $1395 LAKEWOOD MOTORS '67 T-Bird $3195 Automotfc tronj., D»r. »teer., Ian- dou too. owr. brakes, owe. win. dowj^mrr. »*li factory olr conn. PEAIRS" BROS. BUICK CLOSED SUNDAYS 15737 Bellllaner Blva. t2£Mll " '61 T-Bird Hdtp. $698 Excellent mechanically, ilr cond., fiH. PWT. steerino brakes, beautiful new tutont blue oaini. Wide ovals. DQN-A-VEE RAMBLER In Bellflower TO 7-7254 IS737 Bellflower at Alondra Blvd. 'M T-BIRO- AIR COND., FULL POWER, black vinyl roof. Extra nice!;; P19A _ JU?S PARKWOOD CHEV. SOS? Lalcewood Blvd. ME 3-0711 '61 T-Bird $299 Full power, air, great buy. HDM 597. CALL NOW SI-OSS Harbor Auto Liquidator; '68 T-BIRD. Fully eaulo. Low miles. $2875 down. Take ovtr J45.50 Dav- ment. ·55 T-BIRD rtitorea, J top!, ill pv Consider cheaper trade. S16 1 '63 T-BIRD hdtp. Beige w/belge Int. M50. Pi ply, Oaan. 596.8JBO. '5 T-BIRD, stereo tape, new balterv S150 830-5756 or »3M747 ·SO T-BIRO, full pwr. Excel, cond. Make beat offer. 425-3377 '55 T-BIRD, xlnt. condition, port- Holes. $1500. 925-5159 all. 6 p.m. AUTOS ItMt SALE IWO TIFUL: LI'C. iLUE 100K OUR FULL PRICE $1795 VOLKSWAGEN MIS SOUTH ST. AT WOODRUFF LAKEWOOD DUTCH VILLAGE _ TO -074l _ "Clearance Salt" '67 T-Bird $2695 4-Or. H«o., Automatic trans. Radio Heater, pwr. steering, cwr. brakes. AIR CONDITION, pwr windows, pwr. seats, etc. Lie 3 SUBURBAN PONTIAC 17639 Bellflower Blvd. BelHIower PH. K7-11S 60 T-BIRD JI99 Bucket seats, auio.. owr. itr. JYR 522 CALL NOW 4374914 Harbor Auto Liquidators '66 THUNOERBIRD Full power* I air. Stk. 31U2U - 52395 JIM GRAY IMPORTS 3S15 Atlantic Aye. 6A 4-0951 '64 T-BIRD. Extra Sharp! SUM LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 4919 Candltw'd QPZ-361 531-07*1 '64 T BIRD, new tires, completely auto., air cond. Excel cond. Call after 7 p.m. wk. days or all day Sun. 433-0058, 232-B2 Junlpero '66 T-BIRD, All power features, tilt wheel, new tires, showroom cond. K375. 438-4689. ·63 T BIRD wh. w/tlk. Int. leatturT fall pwr. S675. 865-8117, 3M-7930. '63 T-BIRD. A-l cond. Fully loaded J900 or best oiler. tl3-?7» 55 T-BIRD, restored like new. Si to appreciate. 433-7221. Dealer. AUTOS FOR SALE I M T-IIRO. FACTORY AIR, V* auto., powtr ttr., RtH, . . , W/blKk he. SVJ-551 ___ B7I5 PARKWOOD CHEV. Mit Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-07«l im Once A Year Sale! '68 VALIANTS COURTESY CARS. 4 to choose Iron). All have auto, trans., etc., not stripped down models. All keot In tic top cond. by our service dent, itace new! SI021 -- =103! -- suit -- IMOJ. YOUR CHOICE AT $1111 LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 4«1» OnJIewood ME4-7S30 63 PLYMOUTH VALIANT SIGNET 2-D*., SPOUT COUK, EXTRA CLEAN, DELUXE R7H7 LICENSE OUR FULL PRICE $795 PLUS TAX 1 LICENSE LAKEWOOD MOTORS VOLKSWAGEN SMS SOUTH ST. AT WO BRAND NEW! '69 VALIANTS Choice ol 4, Ser. S9320 $2088 $149 Down Del. O.A.C. LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 4?I9 Catldlewood ME J-7S30 ·46 VALIANT Slonet 2 dr. HdtO. RH, py/r. «r. f atr cond. Go!d- blk. vinyl 1oo. Lew miles bucket leoti. Two day iooc»:. *71MA 1427 Long Beacll Blvd. HE 9M1 '63 VALIANT Signet sport coe., R.H, bucket seats, 3 jpd., red. IEZIOI Sham! Sac. S5«. Dlr. 43J- 5»3; GE 00909 AUTOS FOR SALE AUTOS FOR SALE 1 ttftiftft fflftiP*- "' "* INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM NEW ^CORTINA SALE Th« 1969 MODELS are on their way WejMuit Sell Our Remaining Stock'. /T. NOT STRIPPED BUT COMPLETELY LOADED WITH THESE FEATURES: · WtH-H-wtll carpel · Whit* Wall Tir« · 30 Mil*s-ptr-gallon · Package Troy · Inltrior Deccr Group · Exterior Decor Group · Windihield Washers · Fieplration 1 Conditioning · Front Ditc Irt-kci · AeraFI«Vtntilalio · Fltlh Air Healer · 2-Speea 1 Wmdshield Wif.n · All-Synchro 4-Speed Ireni. · Sell Adj. Clulch Iiolei SALE PRICE $ 1786 24/24 Faclory Warrantv I Courtesy Initmment Lignh · f,ii,i Vinyl Seoli I Trim · ttiM km leili We are building a new large service department to terve-ourcustomers better. '44 VAL. 6, stick, RS.H «?8 LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER I 41 caadlew'd s«12, 531-0791. C. BtAfH LV9, t OKki Be A PH 591 1373 RANGHO RAMBLER LONG BEACH tSt'69 uov 10. iSAVt CHOOSl AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, POWER STEERING, RADIO, HEATER, INDIVIDUAL RECLINING SEATS, HEAD RESTRAINTS, EZI GLASS, VISIBILITY GROUP, WHITE WALLS, TRAVEL PACK. SERIAL NUMBER - A9A085B148347 , '66 Chev. J Impalo, 4 Dr. Hardtop. I Air conditioning, 327 V8 I engine, radio, heater, I power steering, auto, trans- I rnitsion. Lic.#RSB485. $ *65 Volkswagen I (2 Dr. Sedan) 4 speed transmission, radio, heater, bucket seats. Lie. # SVX | 790. $ 1039 '66FordGalaxie I 2 Dr.Hordlop.V8 automatic transmission, radio, heater, power steering. Lie. # TBC 714. $ 1390 '67 Ford Ltd. , 2 Dr. Hardtop. Air condi-1 tioning, 390 V8 automatic transmission, Cordova top, radio, heater, power steering. Lie. #TOJ 715. *2282 '67 Opel Kadett Full factory equipped with 4 speed transmission, bucket seats, radio, heater, etc. Lie. # UOA 333. $ 1388 '66 Mustang Hardtop Coupe. Standard transmission, big 6-cylinder engine, radio, heater. Lie. #WAE351. *1269 TRANSPORTATION SPECIALS '65Ramber220 (2 Dr. Sedan). Overdrive transmission, radio heater, overhead valve. $VQO Lic.#NHS841 e f 0 T PRICES ON OUR ENTIRE INVENTORY OF BRAND NEW AMBASSADORS, RAMBLERS, REBELS, JAVELINS AMX'S HAVE BEEN SLASHED TO AN ALL TIME LOW. HURRY NOW AND SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS '62 Rambler American (4 Dr. Station Wagon).Standard transmission, heater. Lie. # I Q W 1 7 0 radio $ 489 ' r $ 195 PLUS TAX LICENSE '65 Corvair Monza Coupe. Radio heater, standard transmission. Serial # $TOO 105375W178179 IQri ALL PRICES ARE PLUS TAX LICENSE. ADVERTISED PRICES GOOD TIL 10 P.M., SUN., FEB. 23. DELIVERS ATRANCHO ON APPROVED CREDIT Financing is never a problem at RANCHO. Payments to fit every budget. J RAMBLER ^2160 LONG BEACH BLVD LONG BEACH Ph. 591-3341 L I Q U I D A T O R S 'M CHEV. FIX24I Of 'Si MMTWC $00 OCPSOJ TT 57 FORD $OO CIB3I2 TT '58 CHEV. NMP043 Wll '5S FORD CPE $00 TT '59 CHEV. HT $00 KIX851 77 59 RAMBLER $00 JFW24I 7 7 57 1/2-TON P.U. $ 149 ^7340 1^7 '60 CHEV. $ 199 C686 177 '60 PONTAIC $ 199 TPP130 177 60 T-BIRD $100 TYR522 177 61 FORD CPE. $100 XIP307 177 63 RENAULT RIZ106 Iff 63 RAMBLER RAL848 M*9i '59 MG ROSTER. $299 '60 VW $ 299 O/M631 $4900 DELIVERS ANY CAR on Approved Credit '61 IMPALA HT $ 299 GFI366 Jkff '61 BUICK HT $799 NZL550 Jk** '61 T-BIRD $999 HDMJ97 frnfl '62 MONZA $900 ORHOOl Mfg 62 CUTLASS $299 '63 DODGE $299 PYB703 Mff '62 CHEV. SS UUR091 CMC532 '63 FORD $400 TUJ247 f f f '63 OLDS $ 499 IEN210 tff '61 VW $ 599 UER114 liff '64 IMPALA CPE. OTU236 9 MM '63 VW $ 799 ODN426 I f M '65 VW $999 WWW PCMISJ '63 BUICK XCE665 $000 WWW '65 FORD $000 PCC940 WWW '65 MUSTANG $000 STK622 WWW HARBOR AUTO LIQUIDATORS LONG BEACH 1540 Lono, Beach Blvd, 432-1914 1091 E. Picific Const Hwy. 591-0553 2100 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. 434-9316 "OVERSTOCK' 7 OVER 97 1961 CHRYSLERS I PLYMOUTH* $99 DOWN CASH OR TRADI OR ANYTHINO OF VALUI Delivers on any of th* BRAND NEW CARS ABOVE in Lang Boach "Plus T» t licinsi OR approve*! crtol'rf 1969 Valiant full factory cqulpoed, Tha '6? Valiant h still iha trun economy con-pact of thft industry. W« offer a «l*ction of 37 in itofV to choosft fro-n. Ser. ^.o. VL2IA9EI30636. $195 ON $63.63 per mo. br36Mol.OAC. '69 Road Runner HOTTEST ONE IN THE INDUSTRY LOADED B;g #383" V-8,' 4 .barrel carburetor, automatic trantnrmsion, black accent itripei,. black vinyl roof, L It head reiu, deluxe radio w/rtar speaker. Hie package, bftltllne mouldings, deluxs wheel covers, tinted wind-- ihield, w/w tirrs. RN21H9EI1903I. S 3195 plus ran and llctnl* 1195* down, $95.89 p«r mo. for 36 mos. O. A.C. '69 CHRYSLER "Town Country" leritit 9 piHtnqtr wnjon in th Indiistrf. Ful toclory equipp.J including igtomolic ttini., powar stttrinq, cleaner air pacVaqe, radio, Imttr, trent I rt«r ml Wts ikli reflectors, pwrtr *« brakei, Imtti 1 winJikWJ, \Mm ·artment, and 15SiI5 white sidtwgll. CM4GK-72MI. J1J7.71 i«r .V. *PLUS TAX LICENSE Week-End Specials On Used Cars '67 CHEVROLET CA.MARO SS. V-8. 4. speed, power tleerinq brakes, radio, heafer, wiw, a f c . (Sar. 7 5 4 8 ) '64 IMPERIAL 2-DR. HT. Full pwr. incl. elec. windowi 2 teati i full Uaiher S l A Q E inl. (WPS069) I V T 3 '66~¥USTANG V-8, auto, frans., heater, etc. J ( S B D 2 4 8 ) '65 PLYMOUTH FURY. A special 4- door sedan with air cond., auto, trans., pwr. itr. I brokel, RtH, $OOC · fc. (Ser. 01 121 TTB ~ '64 RAMBLER WAGON. V-8, automatic tram., hooter, etc. (IIN953) '62 RAMBLER AMBASSADOR. Full pwr. incl. fact, air in this special 4-dr. sedan for th* real economy * minded. (TXT832) '65 CONTINENTAL Loaded with full power, fact, air, ·!*£. windows t i«ah ful| leathe nor. (NGN953) S 2195 power, leather '65 IMPERIAL 2-DR. HT. Full kwr., fcK air, leather interior. A real ipeciall IPGGilll '62 CONTINENTAL LINCOLN. Full factory air, full interior. $ (UUX8401_ TM'64~FORD GAL. SOO HT. A real ipe- cial price. Hai auto, tram., radio, hooter, pwr. lr., brki., wiw tirei. (OSKJ57) '64 DODGE DART 2-DR. Std tram., radio, heater, power iteerir.g, $' etc._(KJK779) "'"65 CHRYSLER 4-DR. SEDAN. This gor. qeous Newport hai atr cond., power steering, i brakes, auto, ironl., radio, heater, $1OOC etc. (PCL609) l«*»«* 19 WAYS TO FINANCE I RAYVIMES CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH IMPERIAL 4201 WILLOW AT LAKEWOOD BLVD. LONG BEACH 426-7301 LOS AN6ELES ORAH8E COUNTY 636-7101 527-2141 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK TILL 10 P.M.

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