Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 12, 1976 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 12, 1976
Page 9
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o o EVERfONE ON MY TgAW SUPPcNW THlNk'5 WE NEEP BASEBALL CAPS...IJHERE DIP U 6W5 6£T YOUK5 1 WE JUST WENT OVT.ANP BOU6HT'THEM OURSELVES... ,U EXCEPT OVK SHORTSTOP... «:60THI«$ELF A SPONSOR! EOT, 5IR -- TWERE'S~\ , ou' r r T«IS IS MARYUEVp EPPER TOLPWE MOFRT, WP. X I YOU'RE A TROUBLE- ] . KUEW HER IN A SHOOTER. COLLEGE ' I'M HUMTING MY FATHER WHO , ABAHDOWBD /,V)T11ER AMD IK \ WHEM I WAS 5EVEM,OT?.SAWYER. ; WOTHER ALVWVS 5A1D THAT.' BUT 5IHCE SHE D1EP, IT'S BECOME AN OBSESSION WITH ME TO SEE HH FATHER. HE'S MY ONLY RELMNE. U£Li,nmiK I've HAP /tSaiTMilHS/ffKSfMWi't'AL RBIAWIIS TCAH 7AKB KK HOH, TB.L YOU WHKT-LET'S MOCK OFF eon me/ifreKMXff, AND TAKSA 'BOTTLE OF MAO ·mot/no me SIM/HSR, MtACf! THAT WUZ PI LONG, DRflWN-OUT SERMOW, TH 1 PflRSON IT SHORE WUZ!! Ate YOU UM..,m, ASK/ffiMe VOIHAVB OUTOHA roF/u.oor PATB.S/R? SOME FORMS? ' ^- \ / ' MY Eflh,'S RUNNETH OVER \\OMT A COJR-E Cf OLE 6ATS LIKE US TO HEAR IMS pfTfER-PATTER APPROACH1W6 CO5R\TCH-- TWIKJK llU CW.V WAIRS1"Vt.e TOPAV J T H I N K I'll 810 AM ART£RY IF I TRY TO H O U D A 5TKAI6HT PAC£ MUCH LOM6£R -flcltaw It or Not! Northwest Arkonsoi TIMES, Monday, April 12, 1976 « »,, "^*W %%: V?%. vvv\i''Jifc^XWj;'j! niwiiiiiniBiiiiiiiiiiiiM^ FRANCES DRAKE MALE CHAUVINISM IN THE YEAR IJ.75B.C. A STATUE OF RAIAE3OT ESVPT, S COLOSSAL 1HI SKE, WHILE THE FIGURE OF HIS WIFE IS WiV KUEE- HISH HARRIET TUBMAN A SPY FORTHEUMION ARM/W THE CIVIL'WAR FOR WHOSE CAPTURE THE SOUTH OFFERED 4QOOO IN SOLD, REUIt'tO ONUfOO M PAY DURING- 3YEAKS OF .,, MILITARY SeKMCE m\w\mmmmmmmmmmnmmmmmmmmmmmmmnwmm\ LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Man Thinks He's Past Help For Emotions li':.'.- : -|i/!i:'N;ri]iiri|: l .':!iif;;i|,: 1 '':|i|i,-M!:: ;r ;i,i;N;:i.N:i'i !!]!:· .iiii; ;:.·!!-JiiN, 1 ::,!!!;; ?! J contribute enormously to your emotional stability. . , ThereUsno shame in seeking the guidance you need to bring you greater fulfillment and relief f r o m Hie emotional problems that have plagued you M 1 such a long time. /W OVSTEFi RAKEO UP N KKRRA6ANSETT SAY IK) 1940, HAD A SET of- FALSE TEETH 1 am past 45. I has'e always known trial I hav£ many psychological hangups, i have resisted going to doctors about tliem. Now I'm at my wit's eild. Can anyone of nw age s t i l l be helped! Mr. H.F., Te.x- Dcar Mr. F.t · | Arc you sure that, you are! not using your young age of fi as another excuse for not seeking the psychological help that you know you need? I know that there is no age group t h a t cannot benefit from some form of psychological g u i d a n c e . phycliological guidance, psychotherapy psycho-direction. There may he some schools o[ psychoanalytical thought that Your Daily Horoscope b e l i e v e that intensive! -\vhe"n psychoanalysis s li o u 1 d be reserved only for young people. However, .they all agree that "talking out" problems can contribute people n every age group. You obvious!y Iiav* brokcn hrough Ih e rig id ity of yo u r thinking and now realize that you deserve better emotional neln than you have had. Korceps were used lo deliver my child. There are no after effects. Nevertheless T still worry after two months Uial something will show up later. I am a worry wart anyway ' Mrs. B.P.G.. Del. '' Dear Mrs. G:: : . . '* As yon 'may know, forceps a r c specially constructed, s t.r o n g , yet delicate.' iji- slruments which are placed around the head of a delivery easier and '. : 'i the mother seems Jo getting ' tired and ' Ihe delivery is unusually long, the method is safely and painlessly make faster. iiMiniipraiwpiiiiiiQiiiiuiiiiifiM Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR, TUES-, APRIL 13 ARIES (Mai-. 21 to Apr. 20} Chance could very well step in now and hand you, on the proverbial silver platter, what all your striving couldn't attain. t\ fine day 1 . TAURUS ( A p r . 21 to May 21) It would bo wise to keep plans flexible. Certain changes of circumstance may call for sudden improvisation. GKM1NI (May 22 to June 21) Fine Mercury influences spur i n c e n t i v e , stimulate gcoc ideas--many of which may he distinctly novel. Capitalize or all during Ibis good period. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Tie patient if you encounle: d e l a y s , and obstacles to you plans, but don't bring thorn o yourself through vacillation irresolution. Step forward wit! confidence. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) , Someone may advance a gel rich-quick scheme. Size him u thoroughly before you eve listen. A "sensational" gai now could prove cosily later V I R G O (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Your innate artistry and for projecting the u n u s u a l - U r n has intrinsic merit stand winners here. Others ca profil- by your exception, know-how. L I R R A (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Something you hear ni a cause you to suspect a bit backstage maneuvering, b don't let it loosen your selfco iricmce. Keep going as y* planned and ignore rumors. SCORPIO {Oct. 24 to Nov. 21) financial mailers govern' by generous influences. You CE low puH off a deal which on seemed hopeless. There now available for UHTTAR1US (Nov. 23 to Dec ) A few "surprises" likely-me which will please, others lich may not. Take the uai lib, ihe good, in your usua nlosophical manner. APRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan i) . . . Don't be disappointed if a Lamicd t r i p "if called off. It ould be for the best. Evening ocial activities promise to be ilivening. Q U A R J U S ' W a n . 21 lo Feb. 10) Don't be too quick lo arrive I conclusions and, even, after you. individual analysis, group t h e r a p y , a n d transactional therapy, all of which can used. You should bv now have been assured that neither you nor the baby were adversely affected b y ,this rather [requeiil procedure. - \ To be sure that you do'rjnt p e r s i s t ill having th£se frightening thoughts T suggest that you discuss this matter with the doctor \vho delivered your baby. ' · \ iiiiiiiiMiiiiraitifiiiiiiraiiiimH^ B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge / Top Record Holder t Mister* 1 Individual -Championship Play) fliMiEiiiinniiiiiiinwwiiiiroiiiiiin^^ ome thought, review lisinlerprelalion of certain again. Luations could nl'ovo costly. ISCliS (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Your planets in fine con- iguralion. Seek top-flight in- estments for-your money, time nd talents. A rewarding [ yon play your cards right. YOU BORN TODAY are ndowert with a fine intellect .i dynamic personality am unusual versatility. You are naturally curious individua would make an outstanding reporter or detective), b u t . y o i u uriosity is not of the petty irying type. Wrtil riends and associates, you ar nclined to be exceptionalt; Lolerant, to l a k e ' a ' ' " l i v e and let live" attitude. Your desire Lo "know" is a scholarly, investigative one--a great asset ~n many professions. There are many fields in which yon can succeed, but notably as a business executive (if you restrain a tendency toward "bossiness"). a i R w . y e r . statesman, scientist (medicine especially) or, in the art world, as a writer, painter, musician, Iheatrical performer.. Birlhdatc of Thomas Jefferson. 3rd Pros.. U.S.A.; Lily Rons, operatic diva. Jorth dealer. Neither aide vulnerable. NORTH 4 U 0 9 3 7 5 * Q 9 4 * A J 8 4 3 ST - EAST 1- - . *A 10 9 6 3 » 7 5 4 5 * J 10 7 3 7 5 , 4 K Q 9 6 2 SOUTH * Q J 6 3 2 » K Q J 8 ? * A K 2 The bidding: North East South West Pass Pass 1* Hass 4* Pass 5* 'Pass 5 V 1'ass 6 * Dble Opening lead-ace of hearts. This extraordinary deal occurred in the final round of . orth-South pair got to sil spades even though they were missing the A-K-x of trumpsl ' Not only that, hut three declarers made the slam 1 . The defll must surely rank as one of the mdst striking examples 'of utter ineffectiveness among top-ranking players ever witnessed in t h e long history of the game. · At one table, t h e · bidding went as shown, in all fairness, it must be said that South'] six spade bid in this scquenco was surely acceptable. From his view, "it seemed extremely ikdy that North had either the ace or king of spades (possibly both ) and either the ace ot arli or a void in hearts. West doubled ami led Hie ace of hearts. Declarer ruffed in dummy, played a diamond la the ace. and returned the queen of spades. West, afraid that declarer had the A-Q-J-x-x of spades and was trying lo put something over on nim, played the king of spades on the queen Crossword By Eugene Sheffer he Reisinger team of [our national championship played in \ T ew Orleans last November. The 100 teams who entered the event had dwindled lo 11 bj the time the sixth and fina" round was reached. At every one of the ten tables where the hand was played, the 38 Ancient port 2 Barcelona oE Rome- cheer 10 Desert in 3 -- in a Asia day's work 42 Golfer's 1 Dissolved . goal - 5 To grope 41 Warlike 6 Fictional ·18 Actress !| MacGraw 40 Above 8 Narrates 50 Preposition 9 Wood 51 Slack thrushes 52 English W English dramatist painter ·53-Trifles 11 Carson, DOWN el »'· 1 Fictional 16 Torme or * dog hero Ferrer Avgi-solution time: 27 min. 20 Operate 21 Mona -22 Bridge bidding system 23 Bright star in Orion U Withered and South wound up making th» slam doubled. , Two other .declarers marie Ina slam on a similar line of pl'ay-- one of them was. doubled and the other was not -- but tli« other seven declarers . quietly went down one in six spades. They all had bitten off m o r a than they could chew PONYTA1L 7 Miss Claire 26 Noted for 8 Narrates her "Bell 9 Wood Song" thrushes 27 Fabulous 10 English bird painter 28 "--Nanette" 11 Carson, 2S European et al. wild cherry 16 Torme or 31 Its capital Ferrer is Calicut 34 Roman 3 35 Educe 37 Kimono sash 38 Oera 3$ Spanish dining hall 40 Shine 11 Leather Flask for oil i! WWII area 45 An ass: comb, form M Filthy place -i-i^ Answer to Saturday's puzzle. IT'S UKS VOSKING FOR S_ MOTHER GOOSE T 75 "Donald, I don't think our romance can stand Ihe strain of your car not running and you being broke any longer'" : 0^ ALL GIRLS JEANS ^ $ 3.00 OFF REGULAR PRICE Wide Election of Guys JEANS SPORT SHIRTS ONLY THE NOW WORLD Northwest Arkansas Plaza

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