Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1963 · Page 17
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 17

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1963
Page 17
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, 4 Movie: "Sons of the"- . * Sarong." Win. Gargaa' 5 Djsign tor Learning - . J Mcme: "Chicken Wagon ', Fway," Spring Byington , " - - : · - - 7:43 , · · 11 The,Christophers · /i; 8:00 AJVL V 4 Mr..Wizard. Don Herbert: "Keeping Thne'.-'i 5 H4palong Cassidy.B.Boyd 9 (Color) From Ground Up II Western Movie ' ·*"!t.'-:'830-V 2 Sky King. Kirby Grant 4 (Color) Ruff and Reddy 5 LeVi Draw. Frank Webb 7 Zoorama (San Diego) 9 Cine Mexjcano (Span.) .·· · · '-8:40 . 13 Sacred Heart; Life Line .I;,. 9:00 A-M. 2 Cap*. Kangaroo with ; pianist Paul McDonough 4 (Cokn) SJlari Lewis Show 5 Skjr Marshal of Universe 7 Adventures of Wm. Tell 11 Movie: "Chiny Brown" · · Jennifer Jones f 46) . , . It FAlrORAMA UTUO-rJ kri *. MUSIC--SPORTS--ORAMA. 4 (Color) King Leonardo ' 5 Mofie: Timberjack," ; Stirling Hayden f 54) 7 Movie: "FBI Gut" Au'. driy Totter. Geo. Brent ^f; 10:00 AM. 2 Alvm Show (cartoons) 4 Fury, Bobby Diamond 9 Movie: Tall in the Sad- , die." John Wayne f 44) -J.r 10-.30 . ,-. 2 Mighty Mouse Playhouse 4 Make Room for Daddy . 11:00 AJH. 2 Ria-Tin-Tin. Lee Aaker 4 (Color) College Report: ·^Semester in Mexico" (Redlands), Bob Wright 7 Top Cat (cartoon) II Tim* Out for Beauty 13 Variedades R. Iglesias '. 11:30 2 The Roy Rogers Show 4 (Color) Exploring. Dr. Albert Hibbs. A -baseball cap" theme introduces number combinations. reasons for curve balls.' crowd behavior, baseball ballet. Paul Frees narrat- . ing animated version of "Casey at the Bat" 5 Movie: "Flame of the Islands," Yvonne DeCarlo 7 Beany Cecil (cartoon) 9 (Color) Movie "Big ; Tree's." Kirk Douglas (*52) 11 Movie: "The Getaway" ' Robert Sterling f 40) . ' tr.12.-00 NOON 2 Sky King, Kfrby Grant 7 Bugs Bunny (cartoons) 13 (Color) Vagabond: "Grand Tetohs." (Start of 6 ftraicht hours of color.) 34 Niebia (dramatic serial) /'£= 1230 2 K jding Room. New , . Hgcpes. How the space )w» is transforming sci- · erfcjf. fiction into fact 4 Tepier '63. Arnold Pike. · "Educating Retarded" 7. Magic Land of Alla-Kazaa 13 (Color) Teledrama: "From ' tbe'Desk of Margaret Tyduig." Maggie Hayes. · Slow poison :·- i.-oo P.M. 2 Robert Trout, News 4 (Color) Existence (agric). ."Be«f Cattle Feedir.g" 5 Moyie "Road to Denver " 7 MyJriend Flicka 9 Ang*I Talk: Warm-Up :;: -MS II Movie "Unholy Partners." Edw. G. Robinson 1:30 2 Tee^-Age Trials, Jerry Duiphy, Del Moore. Career-minded teen-ager \\ inti-social 4 Moiie: "Singapore." Fred MapMurray, Ava Gardne. 7 Exclusively Outdoors 5 ANGUS'**. CCtTS * IIYE! PAlU JPRJIGJ 13 (Cblor) louche Turtle 2 LAJ Report. Grant Hol- cOErob analyzes the trp- comg LA. elections for the" board of education 7 Challenge Golf: 'Arnold ' Palmer and Gary Player meet Byron Nelson and Ken Ventmi at Pebble Beach 13 (Color) Movie "Brimstone." Rod Cameron f 49 34 Futbol (soccer matches) ' · i» 2 Capitol Hill to California. Guests are Everett G. Burkhaher (D) and Bob WHson (R) 5 Wrestling (repeat tapes) 3 r - 3:00 P3L 2 Repertoire Workshop: ~Wfcea the Guns Begin. Songs and poetry by. and about, soldiers in 6 wars 4 (Color) Agriculture USA. "Firm Power" 7 Professional Bowter* Tour Tennessee Open (Kings- JPCHTJ mciu «i ir cse-ueu Ritij iriuk BiQ Welsh irn"V»tM» at Rancho-La Oenega play- it S40 2 Movie: "Badlands of Dakota," Robert Stack f4l) 4 (Color) Sports International: "Stirling Moss -Portrait (A a Hera" Story of; British sports car rac- tng and the famed driver 5 Chanzin^ Times Novinadas (bullfightj) . ··.i^v'-^WS.": · ' ,':·,-." 5 Inside Sports: Gymnastics ' ' ' ' ' ' . 5 Women's Bowline (Kvtlj '*' 3 (Color) Movie"Come' Next Spring," Ana Sheri- dzn f56) '·' '· N A':"-..:' 430^--' ,-'.' .·- 5 TV Bowling Tournament 7 ABCs Wid« World of ,, Sportc International ski ' f : J^-Tr*v V;':," ^'·^Sjt^CAWUS IN ACTION on channel li. v A Mslt to"Orange Coa it College at Costa Mesa.-,"', ·'-'·' f . ' t · " 40 PJL--THE DEFENDERS c« channel 2. V/alter Abel juests is civic leader who decides a certain -library book is Immoral and seeks its baa, 1 '; : · J ·"; RADIO , un-nw KUS-IUI un-4» UU-IIM uu-iui uu-m uo-tiM HU-ITI uu-iiii. nit-lit - tn-wi · · un-ttt* um-m nu-jiM, UU-IIH xm-in* cn-4M'ua-inr nnv-im U1T-ISH Un-tn UO-IM UOI-WI . · SATURDAY,,MARCH 30, I9«3 couple of .Tirecks' 1 ' back Lawrence Welk had'··touch of flu and couldn't appear on his weekly show. _ * result, there are several postmen around -'.with more than * touch of backache.' 1 ./·::»;'. \ Welk'f fflness- bought 20.- Jen. Norway) r and NCAA wrestling '- championshipi (Kent-Ohio). Via tapes 9 (Color) Movie: "Big Trees," Kirk Douglas f 52) 000 get-wen messages" to him · 5KWPJVL 2 Movie "Cloak and Dagger." Gary Cooper.' LHIi Palmer C46). OSS. : 4 ARTIST'S SHOWCASE . r litinitinal Prlii- - Tfiiilif Harilst, J»m Ifii* Tintr, fiiiml la COLOR SPECIAL . . . Chicago winner of Israel competition I SPECIAL EVEIT tl II r 'A Claris ii Aetiii' l : Oni{« Cenl CiUitt . .Third in monthly series · looks at OCCs schools of .. petroleum technology and data processing ' ' : 530 4 "SURYEI" '13"--C.l.r t LUEUE OF NOME! - VOTERS fiscm lk« CtiJiiiits Bilk 5 Movie "Human Monster " Bela Lugosi f40) I "HOHTMASTER* IT CRAFTS HOBBIES si New time today only, preempting "You're Never Too Old" 3 (Color) Vagabond: "Jamaican ^ Trr i and Calypso" 4 dub de las Optimistas Uncle Sam's postal ser- t- / ..'·' ' - . · . . · · · · · . · . : . · The orchestra leader's nine an-mail secretaries still are the process of acknowledg- g the messages. Most of the current' fan mail, outside . o f , get-well lotes, is 'directed toward r'elk's dance team, Barbara loyUa and Bobby Burgess of Long Beach, WeDc himself is real high i the local Hartring products. o "have the same spirit" ie dancing youngsters, _ _ .tings would points. · ' DOROTHY PROVINE plays USO. entertainer during "The Gallant Men" at S pjn. today oa channel 7. As an entertainer with the ob Hope Christmas tour for ·jt Armed . Forces in 1961 she had a disconcerting ex 4 lOt WRI6HT * Ij AOOHR MILK FARMS 7 Lawrence WeTk Show Chicago is both the site and theme of show, with bubble machines on each of the ISO tables at the grand ballroom of Chicago's Conrad Hilton HoteL Former champagne lady Jane' Walton is guest 9 Science Fiction Theater 1 Dan Smdot Reports 3 The Ann Sothern Show 34 Estrellas Infantnes 6--03 4 MOBIL OIL Premls * CHIU HEAR! SPORTS . .-. II COLOR ... fclO" 4 WEEKEID WEATHER--Cflor * TOM . FRAIDSEI--»/ LA. ·'. Dipt if Wiiir t Piwir fcIS 4 EzetislT* Iiicnriiw with t COL SHORT! POWERS, Yiici if Mircirjr Astn- - tut Pritria, u 1EWS · COIFEREICE--COLOR! , Fred Wyatt (poGticar) 9 Mr. DA, David Brian I I "Pmtttiir ' DR. KIIOATE" with Lew ATesf41) 13 Frontier Circus. C Wfl!s Circus gets involved with outlaw and dancehaH girl 34 Noticiero 34; Alegrias - 6:43 2 Jerry Dunphy Report 4 Mayor Sam Yorty (polit) · - . · » · 7rfXPJ\L ,' 2 Sea Hunt, Lloyd Bridges. Mike dives to ship's hold with liquid nitro 4 Biography, Mike Wallace. "Sen Joseph McCarthy." Demagogue or patriot? 5 Jeffs Coffie (Lassie) 7 Fight of Week: Rubin Carter vs. Joe Gonrales (middleweight). From Madison Square Garden 9 The Deputy, Henry Fonda. Brothers are robbery suspects 34 Teatro Familiar (drama) 7:30 2 The Jackie Gleason Show with Rrp Taylor, Georgie Kaye. Frank Fontaine. AHce Ghostley and new linger Laura Lane · 4 Sara Benedict, Edmond · O'Bnea. Gusti Huber. Paul Lukas. Woman's confession that she tried tomur dera beloved philanthro- , pist reveals shocking 22- year-old tragedy 5 Yancy Demnger 9 Science Fiction Movie: "Monster from the Ocean Floor," Anne KimbaH f 54 13 (Color) It Is Written "Smoldering East" 7:4S . . 7 Make That Spare, Johnr.y . Johnston (bowling): Pat Patterson vs. Gaudern. Bourdase winner 8:00 PJVL 5 Restless Can. John Payne 7 The Gallant Men. Robert McQueeney, William Rey nolds, Dorothy Provine. Capt. Benedict meets aa old sweetheart at a froat- Ene USO show, and de- · vises a cere for the blood * bombihtirs weakness for M PRO ICE ROCKET : : f ·k Itifii TI. Sn Frudsei " From the Cow Palace (final game of regular . season! Viewers* choice for most valuable Blade - get* his trophy -· ,· 13 It's Country Mask Time started singing for a jousand Air Force men in i auditorium in Greenland. 1 As she f**z, groups of men' began leaving the auditorium. 1 y the time she was finished, 1 lere was only a comparative handful left. Dorothy admits to a feeling of "panic." But the panic was offset hen Hope, backstage, in- armed her that an alert had xen sounded. The men had o report for duty. Reporting for video with Dorothy tonight wfll be | Chuck MorrelL, a former Long Beach Oty College fullback md Suzy Parker star in the 1953 movie tTen North Frederick" on channel 4. Upright selected on the earn in 1959.: Jfa won't play football with dtizen decides to take active ler--just take her for a jeep part in politics and the de- ide. , iCision brings repercussions * *. * * · ' · . on his"personal life. Pretty 'SEA HUNT." which hasjgood. een making the re-run route' almost as long as "Amos and Andy," is like wine. 13 (CbtaVToixhe Turtle . 34 Noches Tapatias (mnsic) rerybody in his organization his UEI--AutomLn SEN. j. R. MCCARTHY Channel 4 at 7 ter -- even : though there He feels, it he could get haven't been «ny changes. In repeat form. "Sea Hunt' as now Is getting higher ratings than it did when the' initial 1:00 PJrt. utn "«S5erii"(7:S" !*** *^ Kns-Hwi: bSittneien - - ^^ AM. K--Voice el Chine ;--» esters Stutf* fcOO AM. Mtwv: Drit loom,- - . ICCEK-Mm Iran Hour 10*0 AM. UBC-- Ntwv Snortir Snow CIO : FOK-L«« Dan (to l: C£«-- Rotierl ».'«!» KCCI-- iumhffw go up eight run started in 1957. In its 7 pm. Saturday time- slot on channel 2. it is beating all its competition. 5 PJVL "Campus in Action" (II) is a visit to Orange Coast College at Costa Mesa. Dr. Basil H. Peterson, founding president, win tell of the college's Mstory and future plans. The 'schools of petroleum tech- and data processing Ql be featured. 7 PJVL "Biography" (4) looks at the controversial life of the late Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy. 7:30 PM. " Y a n c y Derringer" (5) seeks information on Mississippi gunrunners. 8 PJVL "Ice Hockey" (11) has the LA. Blades meeting the San (Francisco Seals in their last duty scheduled game of the season. AJvL CABC--Km -NewvOreaSporiu Crene view All-Coast 9 PJVL Gary Cooper, Diane Varsi 9-JO 'New Breed"*-(7) follows three crooks who want to dig Aging-the original product up a Jong buried stolen half- pparently has made it bet- minion-dollars. 30 2 The Defenders, E. G. Marshall, Walter AbeL Sam Wananuker. Alexander Scourby. Georgana Johnson. Small town civic leader, as a self-appointed censor, decides a certain .. book is immoral and should not be on the shelf at the library ! · 4 (Color) Joe Bishop Show. Effie retailors Joe/j matador suit for masquerade party to make it too tight 5 Movie: "Fair Wind to Java," Fred MacMurray 34 Cta con Aldo Monti 9.-00 PJL 4 Movie: "10 North Fred-. erick," Gary Cooper, Diane Varsi. Suzy Parker fSS-lst run). Wealthy man seeks escape in a romance with his daughter's 7 Mr. Smith Goes to Wash; ington, Fess Parker, Myrna Hansen. Secret Army documents (football plays) fall into hands of enemy agents in series' final episode. ("Hoote. nanny." a folk music series. debuts next week) 9 (Color) Movie "Big _ IA6C-- C«rttoi fr r^«-- ««. Abr 4 IVM *ee»--**c* 1etie It. "IC^WfiS. Cje^ Anocts VL Housloa I - ..... fM. rut K-Quolioni-Antwen UtC-WenAr? PJVL 4.-00 PJVL . Ten »urmc« mx-- Mewu AnelrsM; KogerCen toner l«:10) KCt*-«ewv Jnceei 4 11 UC-- F1«lr, LM Cook KCC R-- WuMnctiM Rrpiarl ·*." rmf,Lee X--Ten tin., FM HIGHLIGHTS . HarmookaLs at 8 ajn. cc KGLA V . . Percy Faith it 10 am. on KBIQ . . . Tony Mor- rdl ia tnultrplex at 11 ·"·» on KGGK .·..' BilHe Holiday at. noon on KNOB . .'. The Guitars in multiplex at 2 pm. oa KMLA ..: Gerry Mulligan at 4 pjn- on KBIQ ..'. Anita OTtay in multiplex at 6 p*n.| oa KNOB";.. Joan Sutherland in stereo at 8 p'-m. oa KFAC ..'·.' Gordon McRae in mclti- plex at 9 pun. oa KGGK . ' Um MKk, CeM. Sit. WD£NOENT-P«« 'vt. 1 :' edk ox. Sit. Mmk » mj '. r TOP R4NDS V and RADIO 1 TUBES Kl» liafMiit ^Dki Tiiiir .5JJS ioXD BEiCH ilVO. PRE-SCHOOL NURSERY Aon t *n 5 »io». ttn, Frt , Scbrtulrt Pmrim-Hat Undk Ttapli Baptist Church zm t ittk sr. . tCE»--Sp«ctrum USA PJL T V u A- RMX--Socrd (:SQ 00 P3L C^Mewv Saerteide KFOX--SouMHW Deecn KGEH--Aubm Lee I:U I1BC--FlJlr. Lm Cook «x--CemXAKoa 1:31 KKX--Cenina America; irrrsc. Ueoort (5 35) KCCR--lullekn M Fein -- Oick SlltJl. ttt*. IABC-- kr*. KNX-- U ft-Coc* W1r« KFOX-Ttit CmjnlTT ten O BrMI KABC-Jo. Pvnt Shew 11.00 P-M. ITt-- M«mo ttntbu Ore*. KAftC-- V^flU Pinker ·* KNZ-- Nnru Sint Lta Z , «I:H " KA1C-- *t Pmt Vow Sosday* tnmtf ttntet--luuubli U)t Eltctnil* Jtntfci IssKistn ' HA 5-6266 l«1111:11 ItOO NOOX r» Victor Ciena ItU » 1 itcCn: 12*0 MIDNIGHT AcCn r*n UZ-- Music TIDnx IFOX- Hudi QKTTT (k n CCCI-- Owe* W«ld to J grandmother, with younger in danger of . · being sold as a concubine to satisfy her late father's ' . debts * . ' . * · 7 New Breed, Leslie Nielsen 34 Variedades (musical) 10:00 PJVL ','; 2 Gunsmoke^ James Arness, R. G. Armstrong, James Best A father desperately tries to save his worthless son from execution 5 The Ray Anthony Show, with mystical India theme, 13 Jeepers Creepers: "Ghosts on the Loose." Eastside Kids f43) 34 Lucha Libre (wrestling) 10-.30 S "DUEL AT APACHE r; WILLS" Ptll "MIIE OWK EIECUTIOIErT , - wiik Birtiss Mirifltk r "Duel" stars Anna Maria" Alberghetti f57) 7 Lockup. MacdonaM Carey 9 Japan Today: "Paper" 11 Movie: "Long Knife" 2 Jerry Dunphy Report 4 101 WRI6HT KWS--C«!«r * »r 6ALU WIRE CQMPA1T 1 IAMES MASOI Stan It t "THE HIGH COMMAITr 9 Movie Monte Carlo Story," Marlene Dietrich 34 Noticiero 34 (News) 11:15 2 Movie: Two Flags West," Jeff Chandler, Joseph Cot ten, Linda Darnell. Cornel Wilde f50-lst run) 4 DesUu Playhouse "Change of Heart," Robert Middleton. Blind . criminologist risks his life 11 The Ben Hunter Show / Four Negro leaders discuss the "Black-White Problem in America," especially segregation but- side the South . 13 Dan Riss. News 11:45 13 Movie "Saturday's Children." John Garfield f40) 12:00 MIDNIGHT ; 5 Movie "Mine Own Ex- ' ecutioner." B. Meredith . 12:15 4 Movie "Apache Warrior." Keith Larsen ("57) " 12:45 1 MTSTERT THRILLER! : , ; If 'THE HOODED TERROR' stars Tod Slaughter /. 1:00 AJVL 9 Mo^-ie "Purple Plain " i · Gregory Peck (55} / 11 Movie "Crossroads." / Wiffiam Powell, Hedy * Lamarr £41) , 1:15 ;' 2 Movie: "Jack London," / Michael O'Shea, Susan « Hayward f43) 1:43 , 13 Teledrama: -No Man's Road," Dennis Hopper 230 II AH-Night Movies: "Last Gangster" and "Un; guarded Hour" FLAT T1RE1 OUT CF GASt MEED A TOW TRUCK! 24 HOUR ROAD SERVICE tcowr) Movie -Big Vfil«r« R...». TI.I.I Trees, 4 Kirk Douglas rs2) Victory Garage t^J 13 Jukebox Saturday Night 34 Estudio de Pedro Vargas £30 2 Have Gun, WU! Travel, Richard Boons. Bethel Leslie plays a dual role, a Chinese girl and her LOIS 1EACH ILVO. 4JJ-5W LONG BEACH UNITYj Dial-A-Prayer 437-7076 -Anud Ik* Oecl- All You CATS * SPECIAL PURCHASE ·*· CONTINUOUS FILAMENT NYLON CARPET Diif. litcToit fl, mti» *· lerf rtort. Clterc* ceTen. CeTpTcfcT *·»·*.·. .. INSTALLATION * cairn · *'"»"'«' 95 HERRON'S ,?, T , 4I» ORJUSE AVE. IA 4-1(3 1 tAir rtiut -- mw low urrrusr urt Leave It To Larry: ly LARRT MEDEX r HARBOR CHEVROLET "Vint jo* JtJ tcitk Jiptst]!*. A'/c'ett a i a c o c k t a i l - .fl^B^ · l o u n g e vis filled «hen a ceatlj-dressed fellow n ilkej op to the bir and, ia cccn- m i n d i n , Boy Voor New or Used Cor from S J TMERZ \MAS A TIMS. WfH UMOESAMCDUIO UVE WTTHIV HIS INCOME AWO wsrwirr vrucs ' ' EASItST THUS rru. "m » TM. 1190O E. SOUTH ST. UN nr* · -iiTtju- ton«, a d r i n k foe rveryone. The butendei pre- scnted him with * tab for $26 -- after all recipients hij raised thcif rtusa m i u!ute to their Dfw-found btnef«doc. W h e n the psorciosport ez- flitned he vu ( vitHaut ftrndi, the busty birteair hastened his departure _» kh a very cn- cercmocuooi hciVe-ho! The next (Sarordaj), this hile- -jrdl-rid valtej into the f Uce ( «{udi vu completely jtzniced » ih people. Strollisg ever to the bar to aa "extra-help'* b a r t e n d e r , he onfered «fpnU for the house--bet pcihrlsg a fmger at the huslcr bartender it the far end of the bar he shouted, "Doa't qive/tkaf fella any -- fcc gets' fos MEAN whei fc* itarh driiils'lir itarh ThanLi to Mr. and Mn. John Lo»ejoj for this coe. Foils, »ken you »-int that new o» r osed cir, ask for L\RRY ', MIDER -- HARBOR CHEV- X O L E T . GA 6-3341. Cherry. I Ii CM van ·omr K*OL im Iht ( W T K E K Mwv. Lef leleilf Start Kecil i tea I da tiea 139 fake CARE of if! Kiiig md Trf»» Overhaul Anfonatic TransraijjIeB Sill Joe I ti U]*d ' SI 211S C. ANAHEIM MosiS'sSlfJO II ««- te HT he eerrice m *tt tael| Intl«ertaer4 b Witeeee toaiV / fHONI 414-S411 ! i until HIIII IEIXUIIS -C-J-^-J-J-^M IF YOU CHERISH YOUR CAR 2 Toql tort ear ta=ip(et« tiAxmCe tismann nd »fin« · tra*-t itnncf «Udl a My ismtiti. .. · fUCC lOAIt CMS · riKANQNS . i pf A . DL«S \aawtie Traumaaan Sptaalut · . IK. UKT wrr. · u» tun «. our. · n*» tt tmi Another Shipment of.!! Schwinns 1962 models / TERMS rr- WHILE THEY LAST -- !S-Sp«td 24". 24" GW t leyi' Sdiwww. .WEBSTER'S B9.9S 401S E. ANAHEIM I AJ4.4 PJ4. , irtau. 119.95 82.95 72.95 39.95 t LONG IEACH 433-1013

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