Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 6, 1976 · Page 54
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 54

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1976
Page 54
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6, Noel in race PROVIDENCE, R.I. (UPI) -- Rhode Island Gov. Philip W. Noel has joined the race for the Democratic nomination to succeed his political mentor, John 0. Pasture, who i? retiring from the U.S. Senate. 1976 LEGAL IVJOTIFF M A f b O F ARIZONA Corporation.Commlsslon "" Pre5ems sha " 1. SVO 1. De CONCINI, Corcwalion C ry ol do of January. 1976. as provided by law « W TNESS WHeREOFTlhave tereun- 1° V'.Tk* 5!? d and atfl *«* the official IfTM 0 i l te, Arl! fi r '?, c ?' ora «» Commls. 5w n 'i?t t h t S e ca P' 0| '" 1he citv ° ( Phoenix. this 15tb day ol January, 197A By That we the undersigned do herebv associate ourselves together lor Ih4 KreL e ,'i','i'iL m i? a . a S°n»r*llon under trie Jaws of Ihe state of Arizona, and do hereby adopt, sign and acknowledge the following Articles ol Incorporation^ ARTICLE I: The names of the Incoroo- ralors and their resoectlve address aS? Stanley L. Barr, 1*16 w Alleohanev Tucson, Arizona, Idamae BaVr. l5l4 vv' Alteahanev, Tucson, Arizona and Dean' son Arliwia Klamath Drive, Tuc., ARTICLE il: The name of Ihe corpora' " " 1 SJMrior """P"" 1 l'f h SaPlm ,L, Cour1 ' ArlTona and H!. SO na K e i I 116 "ower to establish branches, subsidiaries, or divisions in !2 v S'1 te terr lor »' of colonv of the United-Stales, or In any foreign country or place, and to conduct business In all its branches, subsidiaries or divisions, as may be delermlned by the Board of Directors of Barr's Superior Paint and Body Shop, Inc. ARTICLE IV: The lime and commencement of Inls corporation shall be when Ihe Arllcles have been filed in ihe office of he Corporation Commission of the State ot Arizona at its office in Phoenix Arizona and a cerllfled copy thereof Is recorded In Ihe office of the County R£ eorder's in Plma County, Arizona, and the corporation's termlnallon shall be 25 I twenty-five I years Ihereafler with Ihe privilege of renewal as provided by law: ARTICLE V: The general nature of the business to be transacted by Ihe Corporation at any branch, subsidiary, or divl- f Iw, '"..jny stale territory or colonv of the United States, or In anv foreign country or place Is as follows- To conduct Ihe business of a body and M* 1 ?,^! F p fj r ., shop - ir| clud'na but not limited to body repair, fender repair, painting, sanding and detail work both on the exterior aruf Interior of aulomoblles, boats, trucks buses, airplanes, bicycles, motorcycles, railroad cars and engines and also do mechanical work, welding and cutting, soldering, frame straightening and alignment, buying and selling assigning, leasing or olherwise acquiring salvage cars, parts and accessories; to operate a towing and storage service for customers of the Corporation and tor any State, Federal, County or City Governmental ynll, and lor Ihe general public. To hold meetings at anv branch In any state, territory or colonv ol the Unlled States, or In any foreign countrv or Diace, to carry on anv other lawful business whatsoever, to do all and everything necessary and advantageous, in connection wllh and for, the accomplishment ol the foregoing or which Is calculated, directly or Indirectly, to promote the interest of the Corporation, and to do anv or all things herein before sel forth to do Ihe same extent ,as a natural person could do, all upon such terms and conditions as Ihe Board of Directors may determine In furtherance of the preservation and acquisition of caplfal assets and In con- ductlno it's ordinary business the Corporation shall have the following powers: To take acquire, make conlracts, buy, hold, own, maintain, mortgage, exchange, Improve, Insure, and otherwise deal In and dispose ol Improved and unlmoroved real property, personal properly, pose ol improved and unimproved real property. Personal property, to buy and sell commercial paper and other evidences of Indebtedness to loan, invest and borrow money, lo Issue shares ot stock, debentures bonds, notes, conditional sales conlracts and olher obligations and evidences ol Indebtedness and secure the same bv real or chattel mortgages or otherwise or upon such other security or lerms as may be arranged; to, handle, conlrol, 'issue, cancei, rellre and reissue shares of Its own capital stock, lo own, hold, buy, handle, control, vole, sell, guarantee, deliver and olnerwlse deal In slocks, bonds, debentures, and securities of anv other corporation or person. To enter Into partnerships or into any arrangement lor sharing of profits, union ofln- lerest, co-operative, lolnt venture, reciprocal concession or otherwise, with anv person or company carrying or or engaged In or about to carry on or engage In any business or transaction which the company or person Is authorized to car- ,ry on or engage In or anv business or transaction capable of being conducted so as to directly or indirectly benefit Ine company; and lo lend money, to guarantee contracts of, or otherwise assist any such person or company, and to take or otherwise acquire shares or securities of any such company; ana to sell, hold, reissue, with or without guaranty, or otherwise deal with the same. The foregoing paragraphs shall be construed, as Ihe objects, purpose and powers of this Corporation, and it is expressly intended that said obiects, purposes and powers shall nol be llmlled or restricted by reference to or Inlerence from the terms of any other clause, term or paragraph herein contained - A R T I C L E VI: The authorized capital stock ol Ihe Corporation shall be si, 000,.000.00 (one million) divided Info 100,000 shares of S10.00 par value each of common stock. Stock shall be issued when paid for In cash, services, real estate, or personal properly, and shall be Issued as fully paid for and forever non assessable The judgment of the Board of Directors as fo the value of the property or services rendered In exchange for stock shall be conclusive in trie absence of actual fraud In Ihe transaction. ARTICLE Vll: The highest amount of Indebtedness or liability direct, or conll- gent to which this Corporation may al any lime be obligated to or sublecl Itself Is that amount as prescribed by law. ARTICLE VIII: The affairs of the Corporation shall be conducted bv a Board of Directors consisting ol not less lhan two nor more than seven, which shall be elected annually by Ihe stockholders at Ihe annual meeting of the stockholders and shall serve for one year or until their successors are elected and quslllied. The directors need not be stockholders ot the Corporation. The first Board of Directors shall be elected at Ihe organizational meeting of the Incorporalors and such directors shall hold oflice until Ihe annual meeting of Ihe stockholders. ARTICLE IX: The annual meeting of the stockholders shafl be held af the lime and place set forth In Ihe By-Laws, and unless provided otherwise by said By- Laws, Ihe annual meetings shall be held on the third Tuesday of December of each year. Special meetings may be held at such time and place and In such manner as may be prescribed by the Bv Laws of the Corporation. Al Ihe annual meeting, or anv special meeting called for that purpose, these Articles may be amended bv a vote ot the majority of Ihe shares of stock Issued and outstanding and entitled to vote. ARTICLE X: The officers ol Ihe Corporation shall consist of a President, vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer, and such other officers as Ihe Board of Directors may from time lo lime elect. Anv office may be consolidated and held bv one person. The officers shall be elected bv me Board ol Directors at the annual meeting of the Board after the annual meellng of the stockholders and said officers shall hold office for one year and until their successors shall have been elected ana Qualified. The first officers of the Corporation shall be elected bv the Board of Directors at their first meeting alter Ihe Board's election. The Board ol Directors shall have power to adopt by-laws and to change or amend said ,by-laws as may be expedient. Any and all vacancies that may occur In Ihe Board ol Directors or In anv office may be flifed by Ihe remaining directors and Ihe person so chosen lo fill Ihe vacancy shall serve during the uncx- plred term of his predecessor and until his successor be elected ana qualified. The Board of Directors may amend Ihe Articles ol Incorporation by a two-thirds ('*) vote of the Board al anv annual meeting, or at any special meeting called forithat purpose. ARTICLE XI: The private properly ot Ihe stockholders of Ihfs Corporalion shall forever be exempt from all corporate debls and liabilities. ARTICLE XII: DEAN A. LESTER ol Tucson, Plma County, Arizona who has been a bona fide resldenl ol Ihe Stale of Arizona for at least three years, is here- byt appointed the lawful agent of this corporation, to accept and acknowledge service and upon whom may be served all necessary process or processes In any action, suit, or proceedings that may be brought against this Corporalion In anv court of the State ol Arizona, and for all purposes required by law. The Board of Directors ol this Corporation may revoke Ihls appointment ol agent at anv lime and shall have Ihe power to fill anv vactncv In such position. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands this II dav ol November. W5 STANLEY L. BARR. Incorporalor IDAMAE BARR, Incorporalor DEAN A. LESTER Incorporator and statutory agenl (SEAL) STATE OF ARIZONA ' COUNTY OF PIMA The foregoing Articles ol Incorporation were acknowledged before me bv STANLEY L. BARR, IOAMAE BARR AND DEAN A. LESTER Ihls 17 day ol Novcm her, 1975. DEAN A. LESTER, Notary Public My commission expires May 10, 1977 1034)3 ARIZONA CORPORATION COMMISSION Incorporation Division FILED JAN. 15, \17t. .Al Ins «.m. at request of Dean A. Lester, Address: P.O. Box 5746, Tucson, Ar. SSTtt) ByNjth»lle Schaub, Secretary Evo J.DeConclnl Publish: Feb. 5. 6, 7, », 10. ll, |»76 The Tucson Dally citizen T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 55 BICENTENNIAL GREETINGS from al of US toalof growi _ _ _ r " ^*^ ^^ ^P^ ^ta^^ ^^^ /MW| w? want to be your favorite store assorted house plants and succulents 3" pots Wide selection of healthy plants great for brightening up your home. Houseplants in 4" pots 88* 1 gal. Asparagus fern t 88* Cyclamen 77* iH 5 gallon rubber plant 688 Hardy as well as decorative. 5 gal. Scheffellera 5.88 decorative terrariums 488 A mini greenhouse eliminates drafts and is the ideal environment for growing plants. shell hangers 27 A novel look in plant hangers. 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