Independent from Long Beach, California on January 17, 1975 · Page 18
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 18

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1975
Page 18
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^evil-worshiper now sane enough for murder trial . Devil-worshiper Steve Craig'Kurd, 25, onetime leader, of a hippie-type gang^pf drug users charged with two murders in Orange County, is sane now and can stand trial for the slayings almost five years ago. That was the report Thursday to the Santa Ana: Superior Court, which had committed Hur'd to psychiatric examinations and treatments at state hospitals, but Kurd's attorney, William'.Gamble, challenged the latest findings as he had others. Gamble maintains that Hurd; is "nuttier than a hoot owl" and was'insane at the time Jerry Wayne Carlin, 21, was axed to death in a Santa. Ana gas station robbery, and on the following night when schoolteacher Florence Nancy Brown, 31-year-old mother of five, was seized from her ear and knifed to death. Tho hnHlf «' MT DTM,,.,., 1..U Irfuuj VL I t l i o . J L I l U n l l was recovered two weeks- later in a shallow grave near Ortega Highway in the .Santa Ana Mountains, and evidence indicated it had been mutilated so that parts could be used for "sacrifical rites to Satan" around a campfire. Attorney Gamble charged that, despite psychiatric reports from doctors, Hurd is not able to assist in his own defense because "if he is not heavily sedated, he is irrational." Hurd headed the gang living in the' east Garden Grove area once known as Newhope. Arthur (Moose) Hulse, 17 at the time, was later convicted of the slayings and was sent to prison under a life sentence. Christopher ( G y p s y ) Gibboney, also 17 at the time, fled to Oregon and subsequently lost a long battle against extradition. Then he pleaded 'guilty to second degree murder and was sent to prison for an indefinite term under Youth Authority jurisdiction. Mrs. Melanie Daniels, .31, a Santa Ana waitress, admitted to being an accessory to both murders, and was sent to prison for up to f i v e years./ : Herman H. Taylor, then 18, pleaded guilty to being an accessory and drew a prison term of from two to 20 years. He had been a Lawyer indicted in estate funds case Attorney Roland S. Barcume, 37, of Corona del Mar, was allegedly mishandling an estate for which he was executor, an to stand arraignment Jan. 21 in ,the Santa Ana Superior Court. · The O r a n g e County Grand Jury handed in the true bill a four counts of p e r j u r y , 14 counts of grand theft, one count o evidence,, and one charge of preparing false evidence. He had been executor of the; estate of the late Wilson Laguna Beach, who died recently shortly after Barcume made ou Luther estate was' valued at about $100,000. Deputy Dist-Atty. William Evans, who presented the ca said the charges . grew out of a district attorney's probe into Luther estate. B a r c u m e , w h o h a d practiced law in Corona del Mar for o removed as executor of the estate upon objections of counsel f of Christ Scientist in Boston, the principal beneficiary of L had no legal heirs at time of his death. After he was arrested on the grand j u r y ' s ·charges, Bar his own recognizance pending his plea next Tuesday. Corona's lawyer begins 6-month prison term LOMPOC (AP) -- Attorney' Richard Hawk, who unsuccessfully defended convicted mass murderer Juan Corona, reported to the federal prison camp here Thursday to begin serving a six-month sentence for willful failure to file federal income tax returns: Hawk, 40, of Concord, surrendered at noon and was;admitted for processing.." · Hawk was sentenced July 31, 1973, by U.S. District Court .Judge Stanley A. Weigel, who imposed maximum one-year terms f o r two counts but reduced the confinement to six months. Weigel also put Hawk on three years probation and made psychiatric therapy a condition of probation. He was fined $3,000. He was convicted after a four-day jury trial of failing to file tax returns for 1968 and 1969 when he allegedly had a gross income of $115,174. He was found innocent of two other counts covering 1966 and 1967 when the government claimed he had a gross income of $49,031. Hawk defended Corona in 1972 and the California Supreme Court last Dec. 11 let stand 12 convictions for contempt of court imposed during the trial. S F. policeman guilty of bribe-case perjury SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- A suspended San Francisco police sergeant, William Sisack, was convicted by a federal j u r y Thursday of five counts of falsely telling a grand jury He never took bribes from bar operators. U.S. D i s t r i c t Court Judge .Lloyd Burke set Feb. 7 for sentencing Si- sack, 47, who could receive up to five years and a $10,000 f i n e on each count. Sisack, a San M a t e o resident, had been on the force 25 years. .He was indicted Aug. 29 by a federal grand jury on I lie five perjury counts. The jury had been investigating whether some San Francisco policemen had extorted money from bar owners. The incidents allegedly occurred in 1969-71. Sisack took the witness stand and denied: --That he ever received $300 a month from Max Lipkin, who owns six bars; --That he ever received $200 a month for several months from Dale Austin, who operated Jackie D's Bar; --That he ever received any cash payments from cither of two of Lipkin's tavern operators. Town to honor 'lady of (Gold Rush) night COLOMA (UPI) - To commemorate the anniversary of the Gold Rush, the residents of this Mother Lode community plan to honor prostitute "Texas Ellen" Wilson, who may be sharing her grave with a ttian. Texas Ellen has been dead since 1857, but she will he remembered in the "Ladies of the Goldrush Colcbwtiuli Jaii. 24-2G. Known as a "charitable" woman who would ·'grubstake" miners and help the sick in addition to running the Lone Star of Texas house of delights, LAWMAKER CHARGED Texas Ellen received a "Christian burial," .according to local historians. Her grave, however, received no permanent stone. Attorney Bruce Maclin, who now lives in Bakersfield, said he wrote a newspaper story several years ago disclosing that Texas Ellen's grave was marked by the stone of a John Covin^ton who (lied him"'"°"' Maclin said that unless the bodies were exhumed, there would be no way ol knowing if the bodies lay side by side. STEVE CRAIG HURD Lawyer Fights Ruling witness- against his former buddies in the gang. Pending Gamble's appeal of the, sanity finding, Judge Everett Dickey continued the setting of a trial date for Hurd. SACRAMENTO (AP) Assemblyman John Thurman, chairman of the Assembly Agriculture Committee, was arrested late Wednesday night for investigation of rlrunken driving, police said. Officer Tom Bristow said the legislator's 1975 Cadillac was "drifting all over the road" in downtown Sacramento a few minutes before midnight. Thurman, 55, a Modesto Democrat, was booked at Sacramento County Jail Burglars enter by window, take gems Burglars^vho forced the kitchen window at the home of John Porter, 1155 Chestnut Ave., took jewelry valued at $685, police said Thursday. and released without posting bail pending a hc-aring Jan. 29. . Another powerful assemblyman, John Foran, D-San Francisco, chairman of the Ways and Means/Committee, is awaiting f u r t h e r court proceedings in a Sacramento drunken driving case. 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